Sunday, October 14, 2007

12 Oct 2007 - birthday

Its been quite a long time since this place is empty after the death of Max. Who is Max? Max was the dead cat I killed awhile ago. Cool name for a cat, huh?

12 Oct 2007 - now is the 20th anniversary for my bday. Haha... frens message came flowing in. Sms, testy, phone calls, msn. Haha thx so much all of u. Muacks. But the 2 ppl I nvr expect to wish me were Ka Cheng and Kam Seng lol... Must be Mok. Haha.

Wake up at forgot wat time, go meet KKL at Bukit Jalil LRT. Want go to Sg Wang sing karaoke. There were me, KKL, Chu, Mok and Alan. But no more rooms available. Entah siapa plan sing k nvr book room. So we ended up makan buffet in Sushi Station. From 3 eat till 6 pm. Wow. So full... Perut terlalu buncit d. Too full... Ice cream oso eat a lot. Haha no more buffet in the next 3 months. Then Wai Kuan called and wish me... Kesian her credit talk so long. Pass the phone to every1, chat so long. Haiz... they want belanja me buffet. Haha once a year. A special day lol...

Then we go jln jln makan angin around Time Square, Sg Wang... Mok looked for comics. And I found a key chain of Hitsugaya Toushiro. Wanted to buy, but save money better. Then we walked around here and there... We entered a CD shop, and I saw them grabbing 林宇中 CD. Waa... dun tell me they want to buy that for me. I hav 1 already, siap dengan signature... Then they abandon that and go jln jln again. They enter Body Glove this time. Haha asking me which bag is nice. I told them not to buy me any present. Its good enough to treat me dinner buffet. So they didn't buy in the end. Tis time its 7 pm++...

Chu was going back home to celebrate his dad's bday. Oh yea his dad n mine are the same. We went on Chu's car (in Shaw Parade car park) to go back to VI, where Mok parked his car. "where's my car key?" Mok tanya... We almost wanted to go back all the way back to Sg Wang to look for the key. Then he realized the key might b in Chu's car. Memang pun. Lucky Chu's car wasn't broken in.

We reached VI, and they send me home in Mok's car. Then we went to Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling, to have 2 pieces of cakes. As my bday cake... No candle, no knife, not important. They bring me eat cakes lol... haha. I forgot wat cake d. I am always bad at names. But I like both the cake. Chocolate Indulgence and another dunno wat... Yellow and white colour. Lol doesn't help much isn't it? This is the pic of me n Mok in Secret Recipe. The thing ends quite early. I was tired, and KKL can't go back late. Not to forget I did sms Mr Kali to wish him happy bday as well. We share the same birth date. How can I ever forget?

But thanks to them (Chu, Alan, Mok, KKL) yet again my bday wasn't a lonely 1. Nice frens huh... Yea, cool too. But to think of it. If sing karaoke wasn't disrupted, it will be the same as last year's celebration. Last year me, Mok, KKL and Chu went to Redbox to sing k oso. Hmm... I hope next year is not sing k again lol... Good lord who does not exist.

And forgive my ugly handwriting. It's always ugly, and I nvr bother to decorate it.



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