Saturday, June 20, 2009

Charge up

Feel sleepy every morning in class? Cannot concentrate to what your lecturers babbling whole day? How about severe yawning? Sick of drowsiness and fatigue?

I sometimes always too cannot escape the post-effects of sleeping disorder. But when dire need arises, where I need to alert and stay focus, there is no choice but to overcome myself. Now you wonder why on earth Jino needs to get serious and concentration in the first place? Guess?

Let me leak a hint - it is always at night that I need to be fully energized, so that I am fully operational *wink*.

Well, today I am going to reveal the secret of how Jino gets his energy. Scroll down *roll drum*.

Ta daa...

Made from Colombian Arabica coffee beans which undergo freeze-dry process before becoming granulated instant coffee beans, energy drink company Power Root Alicafe is able to produce such long lasting fragrance and quality premium tasting coffee.

Most of the instant coffee mix comes in powder form, whereas those made from the freeze-dried process are granulated. The freeze-dry process retains the essence of coffee beans as these go through an evaporation process in sub-zero temperature vacuum prior to becoming granulated coffee beans. Thus, such coffee beans are also known as third generation instant coffee, similar to ground coffee in quality and flavour. - sources from The Star newspaper

Actually, Alicafe Premium Gold is not the product that I intend to introduce. Yes Power Root is correct. Not the Premium Gold. I put the poster up for the sake just to relate Power Root with the heart throbbing international spokesperson Raymond Lam. Cool right? There is no reason to not notice his charm, cute and sweet-as-always smile. Woah! Another aunty killer. As an actor and new singer, he's so popular recently with his Alicafe promo and concert in Hong Kong. Wish him all the best in his concert.

Well, come back here please. Let's focus on the particular product that I consume when I need to, shall we? It's by Power Root, no doubt. But isn't coffee I am about to show.

*roll drum*

Power Root first pioneered his business by introducing Power Root Extra Honey Tongkat Ali and Per'I Kacip Fatimah. Of 'coz I don't take Kacip Fatimah, duh? It's Tongkat Ali I take.

Unlike coffee products, Power Root Extra Honey Tongkat Ali (right picture) is energy carbonated drink. The accompanying herbs coupled with attractive packaging made the product very appealing to many male adults. The ingredient is well known for its magical effects for your health and... *ahem* your sexual ability? Or increase duration durability? Perhaps your libido?

Given its effective or not, I will take it every night when I need to for my personal assurance. Not that I am too old that I desperately depend on it, but as enhancer it won't hurt much, will it?

Another advertisement, eh? Nah, I don't get paid for this. Just another sharing with you all. Afterall, I'm not that evil to promote if it's a bad thing, right?

Have you now guessed why do I need to be energized at night? (check the picture again ^^)

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

12th June - She knows

Today is the last day to settle my tuition bill. And finally I did it. My darkest fear has finally come. Guess what happens?

Yup she knows. She already knows. She finds out I spent on PTPTN to Langkawi.
How dare you?
That's stealing.

Do you lend money to your friends?
They are cheaters.
They won't pay back.

I trust you as my son and this is what you do?

I'm very disappointed.
You're using your future money.
You need to pay, know that?

I don't trust you anymore.
Says she, my mum.

Oh yea? Deplorable. I simply stole my OWN PTPTN money. How unpleasant.

Who's willing to come forth and settle my resentment?

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Cycling and bitching. Oops beaching...

Still wondering whether to write a long one for this, or should I make it short and sweet?

Hurdle back to the holidays in May, U6BF's prettiest, most resourceful and most passionate secretary (she's the one and only secretary, and must puji a bit) planned a day hang out to Putrajaya and Bagan Lalang exclusively for dear BFians. A good chance for the us who once studied in the same room to now again rekindle and enjoy the memorabilia.

But why did she have to make it a day after my Langkawi? I was damn tired...

Halcyon 23rd May rendezvoused 10 of us - Ben, Phakai, Phon, Mel, Laushu, Ching Yeng, Soo, Eileen and Kian Ti. And me, not to forget. The day held perfect weather for outdoor activities. Soft solar ray penetrated clouds reached us in mildly scent. Let the wind came and passed, troubles and sorrows blown afar.

For Botanical Garden had an event going on itself, we switched to Wetlands in Putrajaya. Bravo, immediate plan B. Single bikes rented for pro bikers while double bikes for pros fetching noobs, we rode down the lanes for an hour. Hardly broke a sweat. Lunch was on Ching Yeng; she cooked us spaghetti from home. Other activities in Putrajaya was on feet to interpretation centre and nature eye-sipping. The only worth seeing creature was Greater Flamingo by the pond. Hmm... I had seen plenty in Langkawi :P. Langkawi's prettier.

I had to admit the ride itself was pretty uneventful. Dull, plain and messy. I couldn't smell any fragrance of nature, odour of poorly maintained lakes instead. Nothing was entertaining except the laughter and jokes we had along the way. Laushu can never forget the palm tree she had mistaken as banana tree. I still wonder how she did that.

Everyone's ready. Let's go!

Kononnya tak tau cycle?

Eileen and Phakai fast and furious

Laushu and her bike

Mel: Who says I cannot cycle? See me now?

Greater Flamingo pond

Spaghetti and grapes for lunch

Interpretation centre where air-cond was the main attraction

Kampung boy? Haha...

Group photo - banana trees as background

From Putrajaya we screeched into Bagan Lalang near Sepang, navigated by the half-functional GPS. On the way there Ching Yeng was looking for her camera film, a rare and ancient type. We couldn't find it in big cities like Alamanda but spotted it in rural area of Jalan Pelik, Sepang. Pelik kan? So sorry I fell asleep on the way, failed to realize time flew so quickly during the 1 hour journey to the beach.

Just seconds, we could see hunkies stripped into the sea. Either they couldn't stand the heat at the beach or they were so eager to burn down the calories they had from spaghetti; their passion to water peaked their adrenaline to such high level. Although it wasn't a pure soothing walk on the beach with voices of mother nature, the beach definitely had the smells I had remembered in my dreams, and never let me down. Waves knocking on my leg calling me forth. In real, I don't feel so ^^. Slightly exaggerating I guess.

Late evening, 1 hour after our arrival, hundreds of small kids marched in to where we camped. To say them disturbing was unfair, but to say they're annoying was just.

'Aqua-phobia' Ultraman stayed dry and cruised on the beach while others were enjoying their swim and dive and drink salt water. Staring into the vast ocean did help calm me. Been looking afar to indistinguishable horizons. But I see through it. No matter how calm you claim the ocean is, it is unpredictable when the next death will the ocean claim. Who would refuse to jolly in the sea if they had a chance? I just wouldn't, or couldn't.

Despite my camera was the only 'ultimate weapon' to keep myself off water, no one could escape the fate that one must get wet when he's in the beach. Unable to struggle off, the hunkies weightlifted and threw me into the sea. SPLASH, and I was soaked. Cis...

Not wet yet

The hunkies

From left: Ching Yeng, Soo, Laushu, Kian Ti

Sexy boy or ugly girl?

Children from nowhere

Sand art of my signature

Arghh my eyes hurt! Who's the culprit? Scroll down...

Jeng jeng jeng... Bangga punya culprit

All of us - edited and added 12 June 2009

Group photo - edited and added 12 June 2009

Sometimes cameraman also has to pose along to get nice angle

Sunset and silhouette

The next highlight was seafood dinner. Fishy boney shelly seafood, I don't like. My chopsticks fork only targeted fried sotong and kangkung, while I leave the rest under the hungry-an's mercy.

I cannot help but to pity the drivers. Not only they had to stay awake and drive under fatigued but to bear enormous responsible to keep us intact, in complete pieces. They were nevertheless the noblest guys of the day. Back in Sri Petaling where everyone first gathered in the morning, Phakai found his key missing. He couldn't have driven back home if it was not his sister's help to bring the spare key.

Smiles, sayonara, ciaoz, bye, see you, waves, kisses, hugs, anything that departed us exchanged - sign of enter-the-dream session. Indeed that day was another remarkable day U6BF had after long term of missing in action. Or was it me MIA?

The next day was another outing to Midvalley with friends. Dude, I need rest! Why is my schedule packed as such?

p/s 1: Photos are credited based on trendy signatures on the pictures.
p/s 2: Yet to receive photos from Ching Yeng's camera. Will update once they reach me. - edited and added 12 June 2009

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Friday, June 5, 2009

5th Sem

First and foremost I would like to share this with you.

It didn't take UTAR long to publish our results in intranet. Well, last sem was the hardest among the four. The toughest part was the hectic exam schedule, so challenging that the students were unable to cope and recover from each paper for the next. To tell long story short, I invested mount of effort but never expect much on the outcome. Transient feelings of anxiety, nervous, dreadful and stress mixed. I was very positive before I clicked, I turned hopeless thereafter. If there's no miscalculation, I should be able to pass. But how beaut it'd be to pass made my balls shrink. Assume the worst situation, I miserably braced myself and call for Ultra blessing. Without major painful wait I checked the web for what I had least expected after 2 years of studying here. Huhuhu... Surprisingly it turned out that 4th sem contributes the highest GPA, CGPA is unexpectedly pulled up. Lucky I never shit my pants out. My friends achieved excellent results too. They were rewarded dearly for their efforts, unlike me. Hang on and move forward!

Following results was commencement of 5th sem. Changing experience of holidays spend-over was common among 'not-so-close' friends. Rather than attempt to spend plenty of saliva explaining here and there, close friends may always stay connected through msn. As we have always known and acknowledge, 1st day means to get off and get laid, 1st June which marked the 1st day of 5th sem was no different.

13 of the Biochem group 1 invaded Berjaya Times Square during their 7 hours interval of classes. Sze Koon, Seng Seng, Piew, Bui Bui, Chiau Thong, Siau Chien, Carol, Bee Ling, Shiau Li, Lok, Chang Hoong, Cally and me seperated into groups of votes, to watch 金钱帝国 in GSC, karaoke in Neway, and then together games in Ampang Superbowl, lunch in Old Town Kopitiam, Uncle Duck and McD. Wonderful uni life isn't it? We started spending on the very 1st day itself. How marvelous more can we be? The day walloped plenty penny but it wasn't a bad day. So much that we gained was the time spent together as friends, especially after the 3 weeks disappearance, the bonds were rebonding.

I did not watch the movie.

Neway has widen the varieties of 林宇中's artworks. Bravo 林宇中! 幸福马戏团 and 瓶盖 are now chipped in! And I have more to choose from ^^. Here comes the new version of 林宇中 by 林敬贤.

Final year has finally come. So is the project. But I am clueless of how to start. This sem's kind of weird to all of us. Classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. While the rest are for resting, you presume? Will I have more time in painting? I personally think the remaining are allocated for projects, that makes more sense. Yet to find out.

1. Immunology - 4 credit hours
2. Projects - 3 credit hours
3. Proteins and Proteomics - 2 credit hours
4. Industrial Biochemistry - 3 credit hours
5. Enzymology II - 3 credit hours
6. Instrumental Methods and Analytical Biochemistry - 3 credit hours

A sudden change of lifestyle is extremely stressful. Isn't it hard to cope fresh environment when you're well adapted to piggie lifestyle? The reluctance to wake up for classes triumphs every morning. I need extended period to recover from my sloth.

Regarding car pork park, looks like I have to watch out for saman and walk to campus everyday. UTAR implemented a new parking sticker system by using computers to choose the eligible students for the limited lots. The balloting was unsuccessful, so said the computer. Only Piew was selected though. Congrat'z and he has to fetch me into campus ^^

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