Friday, June 5, 2009

5th Sem

First and foremost I would like to share this with you.

It didn't take UTAR long to publish our results in intranet. Well, last sem was the hardest among the four. The toughest part was the hectic exam schedule, so challenging that the students were unable to cope and recover from each paper for the next. To tell long story short, I invested mount of effort but never expect much on the outcome. Transient feelings of anxiety, nervous, dreadful and stress mixed. I was very positive before I clicked, I turned hopeless thereafter. If there's no miscalculation, I should be able to pass. But how beaut it'd be to pass made my balls shrink. Assume the worst situation, I miserably braced myself and call for Ultra blessing. Without major painful wait I checked the web for what I had least expected after 2 years of studying here. Huhuhu... Surprisingly it turned out that 4th sem contributes the highest GPA, CGPA is unexpectedly pulled up. Lucky I never shit my pants out. My friends achieved excellent results too. They were rewarded dearly for their efforts, unlike me. Hang on and move forward!

Following results was commencement of 5th sem. Changing experience of holidays spend-over was common among 'not-so-close' friends. Rather than attempt to spend plenty of saliva explaining here and there, close friends may always stay connected through msn. As we have always known and acknowledge, 1st day means to get off and get laid, 1st June which marked the 1st day of 5th sem was no different.

13 of the Biochem group 1 invaded Berjaya Times Square during their 7 hours interval of classes. Sze Koon, Seng Seng, Piew, Bui Bui, Chiau Thong, Siau Chien, Carol, Bee Ling, Shiau Li, Lok, Chang Hoong, Cally and me seperated into groups of votes, to watch 金钱帝国 in GSC, karaoke in Neway, and then together games in Ampang Superbowl, lunch in Old Town Kopitiam, Uncle Duck and McD. Wonderful uni life isn't it? We started spending on the very 1st day itself. How marvelous more can we be? The day walloped plenty penny but it wasn't a bad day. So much that we gained was the time spent together as friends, especially after the 3 weeks disappearance, the bonds were rebonding.

I did not watch the movie.

Neway has widen the varieties of 林宇中's artworks. Bravo 林宇中! 幸福马戏团 and 瓶盖 are now chipped in! And I have more to choose from ^^. Here comes the new version of 林宇中 by 林敬贤.

Final year has finally come. So is the project. But I am clueless of how to start. This sem's kind of weird to all of us. Classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. While the rest are for resting, you presume? Will I have more time in painting? I personally think the remaining are allocated for projects, that makes more sense. Yet to find out.

1. Immunology - 4 credit hours
2. Projects - 3 credit hours
3. Proteins and Proteomics - 2 credit hours
4. Industrial Biochemistry - 3 credit hours
5. Enzymology II - 3 credit hours
6. Instrumental Methods and Analytical Biochemistry - 3 credit hours

A sudden change of lifestyle is extremely stressful. Isn't it hard to cope fresh environment when you're well adapted to piggie lifestyle? The reluctance to wake up for classes triumphs every morning. I need extended period to recover from my sloth.

Regarding car pork park, looks like I have to watch out for saman and walk to campus everyday. UTAR implemented a new parking sticker system by using computers to choose the eligible students for the limited lots. The balloting was unsuccessful, so said the computer. Only Piew was selected though. Congrat'z and he has to fetch me into campus ^^

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