Saturday, June 20, 2009

Charge up

Feel sleepy every morning in class? Cannot concentrate to what your lecturers babbling whole day? How about severe yawning? Sick of drowsiness and fatigue?

I sometimes always too cannot escape the post-effects of sleeping disorder. But when dire need arises, where I need to alert and stay focus, there is no choice but to overcome myself. Now you wonder why on earth Jino needs to get serious and concentration in the first place? Guess?

Let me leak a hint - it is always at night that I need to be fully energized, so that I am fully operational *wink*.

Well, today I am going to reveal the secret of how Jino gets his energy. Scroll down *roll drum*.

Ta daa...

Made from Colombian Arabica coffee beans which undergo freeze-dry process before becoming granulated instant coffee beans, energy drink company Power Root Alicafe is able to produce such long lasting fragrance and quality premium tasting coffee.

Most of the instant coffee mix comes in powder form, whereas those made from the freeze-dried process are granulated. The freeze-dry process retains the essence of coffee beans as these go through an evaporation process in sub-zero temperature vacuum prior to becoming granulated coffee beans. Thus, such coffee beans are also known as third generation instant coffee, similar to ground coffee in quality and flavour. - sources from The Star newspaper

Actually, Alicafe Premium Gold is not the product that I intend to introduce. Yes Power Root is correct. Not the Premium Gold. I put the poster up for the sake just to relate Power Root with the heart throbbing international spokesperson Raymond Lam. Cool right? There is no reason to not notice his charm, cute and sweet-as-always smile. Woah! Another aunty killer. As an actor and new singer, he's so popular recently with his Alicafe promo and concert in Hong Kong. Wish him all the best in his concert.

Well, come back here please. Let's focus on the particular product that I consume when I need to, shall we? It's by Power Root, no doubt. But isn't coffee I am about to show.

*roll drum*

Power Root first pioneered his business by introducing Power Root Extra Honey Tongkat Ali and Per'I Kacip Fatimah. Of 'coz I don't take Kacip Fatimah, duh? It's Tongkat Ali I take.

Unlike coffee products, Power Root Extra Honey Tongkat Ali (right picture) is energy carbonated drink. The accompanying herbs coupled with attractive packaging made the product very appealing to many male adults. The ingredient is well known for its magical effects for your health and... *ahem* your sexual ability? Or increase duration durability? Perhaps your libido?

Given its effective or not, I will take it every night when I need to for my personal assurance. Not that I am too old that I desperately depend on it, but as enhancer it won't hurt much, will it?

Another advertisement, eh? Nah, I don't get paid for this. Just another sharing with you all. Afterall, I'm not that evil to promote if it's a bad thing, right?

Have you now guessed why do I need to be energized at night? (check the picture again ^^)

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