About Me

While I believe introduction plays the most impact on first impression, I suck at this part.

I've had many names throughout the decades. People know me best as Jino. Unlike many girls on this world, I will not hide my true age. I am 28 this year. True enough, I look way older. And of 'coz, my "manlihood" will prove my worthiness as a true man.

Perhaps a little explanation on my education and job will help you understand me better.

Occupation: Full time son and lover. (edited on 20th October 2015) Part timer in HSBC. Also a part timer teacher.

Random facts about me:
I am ugly.
And have shapeless body.
I adore anyone who is better looking that me.
Perhaps that is the reason I have low confidence.
Why do I hate zoo, you're asking?
It's 'coz I don't like the way people looking at me.
Many times I appear to be shy and quiet to strangers.
I am different if I am comfortable with you.
Personally, I don't believe in god.
That does not mean I disrespect others religions.
I complain a lot on bad food and services.
But in the end I eat up everything be it good or bad.
I was from SK Bandar Baru Sri Petaling.
Moved on to the VI for my proud 7 years.
And finally ended at UTAR.
The plan to move higher than degree did not materialise.
I have not attended Chinese classes.
Please do not simply classify me as banana. I am a high class banana.
You'll be surprised when we speak in Chinese.
With my self acquired Pinyin, I can write an essay as good as a 10 year old boy.
I inherited mild Alzheimer's.
It seems like I always fail to recall incidents as recent as 30 minutes.
Therefore this blog records every memory I recall.
Anyway there's no clinical diagnosis that I have Alzheimer's.
My first destination overseas was to Thailand. Then to Taiwan. Then to Singapore. Then to Thailand again. All in the same year.
The Project 3.55 Adelaide really hit me hard financially 'coz it's an unexpected trip. (added on 20th October 2015)
My promise to FY was to make Canada as my first overseas travel. Obviously I broke it.
Still cannot afford to fly to Canada. (edited on 20th October 2015)
He was kind enough to allow remediation with the Project 55.5. (added on 20th October 2015)
Back in scouts, we had physical training.
10 rounds around the school was easy for me.
10 chin ups was not a challenge.
30 push ups was also acceptable.
After 2004, I never sweat anymore.
Not to mention I hate sports.
I used to like Warcraft and Starcraft.
And also went crazy for Ragnarok Online.
I guess our interests change when we grow.
Just like my passion for 林宇中.
6 years ago I was one of his super die hard fans.
I still like Hitsugaya Toshirou, though.
My pocket money was RM 100 a month.
Which includes paying phone bill (RM 30).
Paying internet bill, photocopied notes and reference books, movies, food.
Except petrol, luckily.
So every attempt to spend on shopping was futile.
Get used to it ya?
But look at me now!
Apple. Seiko. Little Oren. Trips. A new house. (added on 20th October 2015)
The quality of life changes as we move higher to the corporate ladders.
Do you know why I hate sea?
Sea is so unpredictable.
What you think you see is not what it is.
It claims many lives annually.
Most importantly, I can't swim.
I feel short compared to most people, even though I'm probably not.
At the same time I believe short people are cute.
My favourite order in Starbucks is Java Chocolate Chip Frappucino.
I never deny I am hamsap.
I love sleeping naked and waking up when I'm warm and the sheets are cool.
I always believe in love. (edited on 20th October 2015)
Even when 100 people do not believe. (edited on 20th October 2015)
Because I am already in love. (edited on 20th October 2015)
I can tell the whole world that I love being in love. (edited on 20th October 2015)
And it's lucky that I've been loved. (edited on 20th October 2015)
I am cool.
But the surrounding people makes me not.
I have weakness in expressing myself.
Mainly because I don't want to attract any sympathy.
The ego built as a Victorian taught me not to cry.
Hehe I know from experience that crying makes one feels lighter.
I don't know if I will ever have children.
My mum will be so happy if I have one.
I do not have sweet tooth.
Chocolate and sweets are not tolerable.
Depending on the sweetness, desserts are acceptable.
Piano is my favourite because Jay plays a piano in 安静.
Unfortunately a piano is extremely expensive.
Therefore my secondary instrument is violin.
Evan Yo has a glass violin.
But I know nothing about them.
Some are amazed when they learned that I studied Biochemistry.
In fact I am disappointed at myself because I barely survived.
I hate smokers but I smoke four times in my life. (edited on 20th October 2015)
Clubbing is my least favourite choice to hang out.
Because I can never stand in there for more than 5 minutes.
Not to forget, crowded places drive me crazy.
What do they say? Claustrophobia. (added on 20th October 2015)
I may be a kid at heart, yet cynical to the core.
I get very flirtatious all the time.
A smart guy always know how to cover up stories when he curi makan.
You are still reading this? Good for you.

(Major grammatical errors corrected.)

(added on 20th October 2015)
My first relationship was with a girl. 11 months and it ended miserably.
Then 2 months wasted on KC.
Then 1 week with XB and I felt sorry for him.
Next was EK and we lasted 4 years. we had too many differences towards the end.
Finally it was MS who taught me the reality of gay relationship. It took me 4 years to realise.
Fuh! 9 years of continuous relationship. Give me a break.
There is nothing better than time to rejuvenate my lost youth.
I asked several friends on their definition of success.
None of their answers is able to satisfy me.
It's saddening to find myself lost again.
To them, my parents, I am in a way, a failure.
To be on the bright note, I am blessed with a healthy body. Not STD contracted yet.
There is no major wreck in my finance yet.
Most of the mates around are selectively mean yet naturally supportive.
I isolated myself from the Facebook. Honestly I don't know what to expect from doing this.

-Coming soon-

-Trying to hire someone to do the better write up-