Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution

Do you still remember how did you celebrate your previous new years? It's practically hard for us since we could not even remember the dinner we had the previous night.

But all I could do with my rusty brain, is none other than memorizing. Be it good or bad. Xmas, New Year. They seem to be none other than ordinary public holidays to me. Time passes by as usual, a cat never barks, sun shines brightly... Nothing unusual even when the year draws nearer to its end. Unless you are talking bout the economy crisis we are facing now, there might be changes either back to the stable line or keep on plummeting. But the 1st agenda that I am anticipated for next year is January 17th by-election in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysia politics can never go any better. But I still want to see changes in the long-dominated BN country. If the alternative coalition wins the Kuala Terengganu battle, we will be expecting an exciting show in the 13th general election.

What am I doing now? Where am I right now? I am at home. My favourite idol 林宇中 is on the stage together with thousands of people in The Curve Damansara to countdown. Isn't it curious to know of why am I still at home, not in The Curve Damansara?

Countdown. Is that what everyone does every eve of new year? As for myself, I started going for such event since 2007. What is so nice to countdown? Countdown in Sg Wang every new year eve is like so common among KLites. What's so nice to countdown? You are sandwiched and soaked with sweat in the crowd, making you so uncomfortable, puke and headache. PA system can even blast off your ear drum from miles away. Everyone is sprayed with spraying party foam as if Malaysia's snowing and then you can see police officers start to spoil the atmosphere. However you get to listen to your favourite artists, but that's all?

I excused myself from attending any special countdown thereafter. 2008 eve was the day I celebrated peacefully, in Sg Siput cyber cafe. But still, no matter large street parties or mini countdown in front of TV, new year will still come and new year will never look back to wait for you. As new year approaches, we should graciously welcome him. Any celebration is nothing more than sore enjoyment without meaning behind it. Imagine we are celebrating happily, bang of fireworks exploded in the sky at the stroke of midnight, shouts of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and cheers, while people in Africa are starving and natural disasters claimed many lives. Not my problem anyway.

So 林宇中 or whoever going to countdown at such large scale party celebration, is not my problem. Not anymore...

How a new year bring any meaning to me, it can only be the past year's achievement or failure. A successful past year is the commemoration of the new year. A failing year comes to grief. Any achievement or failure, responsibility are on the shoulders individually.

Whether we celebrate in a simple manner, or in a large scale event, a new year will eventually come and go. For me, 2008 is the best year that I could hope for, but of 'coz the future years will overwrite 2008 as the best year in my life.

2009 is 5 minutes away. Although I don't pray, I hope my family, my beloved, all my friends, readers or anyone who is somehow related to me to be happy, cheerful, stay positive, smile all the time. Positive thinking is a good lead for a new year. As time goes, we must no longer linger around but focus on growing into more mature individual, regardless amount of effort being put in.

A new year~
A new start~
A new chapter~
A new beginning~
Forget the bad~
Cherish the good~
Wishing all of you a great HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~
May all your wishes come true~

Thank you.

How would a New Year mean anything to you?

My outfit for 2009. Looks like Harry Potter, no?

As I could only identify my resolution indefinitely, what I damn sure is to go on with life, unregretably.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby No. 1

I am sorry my dear, I slapped you so hard.
I am sorry my dear, I didn't treat you nicer.
I am sorry my dear, I never try to understand you.
I am sorry my dear, I never treat you the way I should.
I am sorry my dear, I never buy you new clothes.
I am sorry my dear, I never bathe you cleaner than the rubbish bin.
I am sorry my dear, I never bring you to doctor even when you are sick.
I am sorry my dear, I never appreciate your sweat, till now.
I am sorry my dear, I never give you a proper house.

But no matter what happens, till the death sets us apart, I will never leave you (unless you leave me 1st). We had been together for 3 years. We worked together, play together, had fun together, study together. You are my acquaintance, my alter ego.

I am glad no matter how dreadful I treated you, you are always faithfully awaiting my return. Your return, is one of the best belated xmas present I could ever asked for. Without you, I am more to a bird without wings, a cow without horns, a lion without its mane, a zebra without stripes, an elephant without its trunk, or a man who's unable to shoot.

Please forgive me and thank you for keep standing by my side. Let's us walk the path, together, to the end.

*Baby no. 1, my computer (officially 3 years old on 13 November) was not functioning on his 3rd birthday. I thought he has finally reached his lifespan, and I planned to send him to computer shop for some services. Who knows after a month plus of staying coma, he has return. He came back functioning as normal. Really save my couple of bucks. he needs some services anyway. Who wants to help me had a look at him? I belanja ice kosong ^^*

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Turn back the pendulum. The Memories of Nobody

It looks like the year 2008 is drawing its curtain near to an end. Some flashback just shot my memory pit when I was cleaning my house for CNY. So I picked some of the memories which draw my attention, put them here in honour of preserving them. Here we go, THE MEMORIES OF NOBODY.


I was cleaning up the old photo albums soaked in dust in the cupboard. I came across some of my old friends photos, primary school photos, scouts photos, parents wedding photos, parents childhood photos, etc. When I saw my uncle's family photo in our family photo album (I wonder why it is here in the 1st place), it simply struck my mind. Where's my family photo? After few hours browsing, I could only find one. Only one, I wonder? And that was like 17 years ago. If mention bout my cousins, they are only these cousins who are close to me. At least we chat and play rather than staring each other during CNY. We were once very close brothers but when time passed, puberty reached and we were never the same as 10 years ago. That was long time ago and now we are normal friends.

18 years ago. From left: Me, cousin brother Chun Kiat, gor gor Chen Choong, cousin brother Chun Wei

My only family photo (17 years ago). From left: Me, mum, dad, gor gor


One day I was cleaning up the cupboard full of toys. Toys from my childhood past. I came across many figurines nicely thrown in the cupboard, soaked in dust too. I still remember, Power Rangers Thunder Megazord was a gift from my parents when I was in Standard 5 (10 years ago) when Power Rangers was still the best TV show we had. Then we had Cyber Cops figurines which are 11 years old by now. And the 1st version of Nintendo Game Boy aged 10 years old. They were presents for my outstanding performance in exams. I was once the top scorer in the class. Once and long time ago. Imagine these out of production artifacts are in the cupboard and still in good form. If I put them in auction, how much could I earn?

Thunder Megazord + White Tigerzord + Mega Tigerzord
Cyber Cops. From left: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury

Non-colour Game Boy
There are also plush dolls together with other toys. I remember very well how each of them came to me. I cleaned them up, and wrapped them again nicely. After all, a boy with plush dolls make me looks younger, don't you agree?
My Ultraman is missing!!!


I have this so-called mail box in my brother's room. Briefly describe, it is just a simple box to keep some of my personal belongings. Unlike my treasure box, it holds documents (certs, bills, receipts) rather than souvenirs. I have few other boxes such as old clothes box and 林宇中 box. One day I came across 2 little pieces of blue papers in my mail box. They are read this way:-

One of my true Victorian brothers... Sometimes really don't know why you're so blur - but in the same time damn funny LOL!!! – Phon

Work hard for N&R and the board! An honour having you as an editor and friend. Press on, like a mountain in the wind! – Ben

Moon Cake notes – 2006

I wonder if Phon or Ben will remember bout this. These 2 papers were passed to me together with moon cakes during Moon Cake Festival 2006 in VI. The same 2 papers made me think back of my Form 6 life, again! U6BF, VEB - my purpose of Form 6. Or my Form 6's purpose? I just can't describe how I felt, as there are too much and this little blog space can never fit everything in place.

My VEB committee 2006 + U6BF 2006 - countless joy and tormenting memories


Mum used to be a babysitter for my neighbour's children. My mum used to take care of 2 brother babies. Although she had stopped taking care of them since last year, this particular younger baby always (everyday) drop by my house, to have fun with us (I rather say disturb). Anyway he lives directly next door. And it's very hard to get him on camera... But it's even harder to put the elder baby into camera screen.

Nga Nga Nga *(My name is Ang Guan Ping. 2 years old)* - 30 Oct 2008

Peace. I am Valentine Killer Ang Guan Khai (DOB: 14 Feb 2004)


I had my recent haircut on the same birthday of Fiona and Chu Chun Hong... Silver Cut in Genting Klang.

After hair cut - 22 Nov 2008

Tried to style my hair. OK/ Fail? - 11 Dec 2008


The anticipation and anxiety to meet him was once again fulfilled when he, yes HE, 林宇中 visited The Mines Exhibition Hall for his new released album promo tour. As the ambassador of the book fair, he entertained the crowd on the last day of the book fair (23rd Nov 2008). Of 'coz in the end of the day, he laid his hand on mine, exchanged thanks and welcome courtesy motion.


The book fair was even noisier than any market you have ever seen. As the greatly advertised International Chinese book fair encouraged many Chinese readers to participate this event, as a pure Chinese I was able to brush aside the crowd, read Doraemon and look through some recipe books. You do know why, don't you? I don't know bout the sales, but the 1 week event definitely attracted many people from all around KL.



If I lost you, my love,
I don't know what I'd do~
You're all that I need,
the one I admire~
As time goes by,
I will love you more~

Love never comes if you don't seize the opportunity. Love never goes if you learn to hold it tight, learn to loosen at correct timing. Love is all around. Just like money. It's up to you whether you know how to earn the love or not. And do not blame others for your not-found love.


Love is all around. To the only one I love... Took 10 minutes to complete. Nice bo?


Homosapien = cruel. Imagine these homosapiens who claim these earth their belonging and manipulate the earth resources in any way they wanted to, cannot even show simple sympathy to this new born kittens. Come on, look at them. They are so cute. So tiny. So weak. So hungry. So cold. They can't even open their eyes and they were thrown under the sun? What if it rains? You homosapiens who show no sympathy to other livings don't have right to treat them this way. But I don't give these kitten any damn either, 'coz they are none of my business. I am a homosapien too, right? Muahaha...

Poor little kittens


I am glad there are people still giving me presents for my birthday. Unexpected but very cute oh. But I don't know where to put them. Can give me idea where to hang them?

Libra and Taurus McDao - 2 months after my bday

A pot of rose and stars - a month after my bday


Since CNY is round the corner, I brought mum to Times Square KL to buy some new clothes. It was a tiring day, since we had been walking from 12 noon to 6 evening. She bought a new blouse while I unexpectedly bought a new pair of shoes. As tradition goes in my family, we buy new shoes only when the old pair reaches a minimum age of 5 years. Since my Converse was less than 1 year old and she bought me a new pair, I thought maybe her brain fuse has gone haywire ^^

B.U.M. shoes. Original RM 99.90. Discount 50% to RM 49.95. Nice?



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Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 days holiday for Haji

When we have holidays, and nothing to do, this is what I had found from youtube. And it entertains me ^^

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I would like to take this chance to wish these 2 Happy Birthday as they are my closest and bestest and greatest gift I could ever wish for...

We were celebrating in Look Out Point Ampang for Edwin's birthday 3rd December. It was a clear dark night without stars. We can clearly see countless lights that decorated the whole KL. So what if I celebrated his birthday? Any problem ar? Yes this is directed to you Heng Mok Piew. Ask you come along you don't want!!! Muahaha...

Happy 20th Birthday Edwin!!! (3rd Dec 08)

Then the next day was my baby no. 4's big day. He was with me for a year, serving me loyally and faithfully. So as encouragement for him to continue his service, I cleaned the screen nicely. There's no scratch mark on it's body, a solid evidence of my love to him. I promise to buy you extra battery as friend (before the battery run outdated).

Happy Birthday (4th Dec 2008) baby no. 4 - my camera

My camera, and me!!!

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