Thursday, December 4, 2008


I would like to take this chance to wish these 2 Happy Birthday as they are my closest and bestest and greatest gift I could ever wish for...

We were celebrating in Look Out Point Ampang for Edwin's birthday 3rd December. It was a clear dark night without stars. We can clearly see countless lights that decorated the whole KL. So what if I celebrated his birthday? Any problem ar? Yes this is directed to you Heng Mok Piew. Ask you come along you don't want!!! Muahaha...

Happy 20th Birthday Edwin!!! (3rd Dec 08)

Then the next day was my baby no. 4's big day. He was with me for a year, serving me loyally and faithfully. So as encouragement for him to continue his service, I cleaned the screen nicely. There's no scratch mark on it's body, a solid evidence of my love to him. I promise to buy you extra battery as friend (before the battery run outdated).

Happy Birthday (4th Dec 2008) baby no. 4 - my camera

My camera, and me!!!

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