Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby No. 1

I am sorry my dear, I slapped you so hard.
I am sorry my dear, I didn't treat you nicer.
I am sorry my dear, I never try to understand you.
I am sorry my dear, I never treat you the way I should.
I am sorry my dear, I never buy you new clothes.
I am sorry my dear, I never bathe you cleaner than the rubbish bin.
I am sorry my dear, I never bring you to doctor even when you are sick.
I am sorry my dear, I never appreciate your sweat, till now.
I am sorry my dear, I never give you a proper house.

But no matter what happens, till the death sets us apart, I will never leave you (unless you leave me 1st). We had been together for 3 years. We worked together, play together, had fun together, study together. You are my acquaintance, my alter ego.

I am glad no matter how dreadful I treated you, you are always faithfully awaiting my return. Your return, is one of the best belated xmas present I could ever asked for. Without you, I am more to a bird without wings, a cow without horns, a lion without its mane, a zebra without stripes, an elephant without its trunk, or a man who's unable to shoot.

Please forgive me and thank you for keep standing by my side. Let's us walk the path, together, to the end.

*Baby no. 1, my computer (officially 3 years old on 13 November) was not functioning on his 3rd birthday. I thought he has finally reached his lifespan, and I planned to send him to computer shop for some services. Who knows after a month plus of staying coma, he has return. He came back functioning as normal. Really save my couple of bucks. he needs some services anyway. Who wants to help me had a look at him? I belanja ice kosong ^^*

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot