Saturday, September 26, 2009

A forced hiatus

Streamyx's terminated last June. My another 'hurry' and promptly made decision, out of my anger without second thought. The only reason to bother about Streamyx is the RM 110 debt to be cleared (which I don't think I will pay).

Now that the line's terminated, I survive on Edwin's Streamyx. He's a good boy (puji first). Since he doesn't use the line in KL while he studies in Kampar, I muka tebally grabbed the line and used it as I wish. The bill is sent to his dad, not me. Again I muka tebally do not pay a cent for using his Streamyx. Not that I care though.

Problem always occur when he's back to KL. I have to return him the line 'coz he needs to online and play Restaurant City and Country Story. Without internet, I am a dead bored zombie. I am useless without internet. I am no one without internet. To be honest, I feel happier when he goes back Kampar 'coz by then I can connect to Facebook again (already puji, don't angry please >.<). Although I feel berat hati to let him go, I can't help to have that thought once awhile ^^. The problem do not arise until yesterday.

As of yesterday he came back for semester break. For 3 months straight he is staying here probably do nothing but to online whole day. As the title suggest, I lost the ability to online for free, thus a forced hiatus to everything including Facebook, blog, FYP research, hotmail, Bleach and Conan manga. I have basically lost my entire self. Now is your only chance to surpass me in Restaurant City, don't you think so? Yap Choon Khen XD. Miss the chance and you'll never have another.

Hopefully I can replace my Streamyx with more reliable service. My previous service was Streamyx 512kb at RM 66. I ain't paying more than that just for internet. I ain't paying services that bind me with their contracts as I might need to move house and in case the line's fixed. P1 first came to my thought. But I heard that RM 40 package is darn turtle slow. Optical Communication for my apartment cost RM 200 installation fees and contract of 2 years. I was thinking of DiGi broadband, as I received some compliments from its users. How true can they be, I still need to find out. Any suggestion, anyone?

But now I really regret terminating my 3+ years Streamyx without considering the consequences. Streamyx did not step on my tail. Although Streamyx is not a big hoo haa, I have no problem accessing all pages I wanted to. Yet I terminated it and all blames go to my mum. Therefore from now on I have to retreat from the internet world. Maybe I could use this time to purify my soul from the virtual addiction. Till I find a suitable internet provider service that can fulfill my expectation in terms of cost and speed, goodbye everyone. Hopefully it will not take long. I swear this hiatus is a boring and lonely one.

Whoever wants to contact me please do so via handphone (I totally doubt anyone will pay attention to what I write). Anyway just in case, dial my 016-6xxxxx3 if you need anything.

I humbly return the line to you, the real owner of Streamyx that I am currently using.

Till then, no more late ghost for me.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stop crying

Dear, stop your cry.

If you think that it's a loss Mr. A and Mr. R can't rekindle even though they're loving each other, stop it. You should understand. It's a courtesy that Mr. A does not disturb Mr. R's new relationship. And you should be glad he does not do that. If he ever does that, I will not forgive him for hurting Mr. R, repeatedly.

I believe that when Mr. A told you his part of story, which I have no idea how much he modified, he was updating you his current status. Not to ask you to do little tricks to spoil other's relationship. He is the strong type who will not ask for sympathy. Nor is he a weakling who would tell his friends to take care of his problem for him. Unless I judge him wrongly.

Mr. R had given all the rights and opportunities to rekindle. Mr. A rejected his offer and instead chose to hurt Mr. R. If Mr. A is really loving Mr. R, don't you think he should change his attitude and lower down his ego for the sake of the love he proud of? Mr. R had given all the chances and took all problems to seek his consent but with disappointment Mr. R found a flash love in a bar. After the problems he caused, he is now regretting and told you the story so that you will be sad? Why is he leaving you a shred of sympathy but couldn't lower his ego when facing Mr. R?

I cannot believe the drama king Mr. A. The impression he gave was a complicated and selfish guy. And he still is. I cannot believe it.

After everything he had done, he still cannot find the initiative to have a solution talk with Mr. R but resorting to ons. If he has this thought to begin with, that further proves that he is a complicated, self-centered and full-of-lies type of guy.

Worst of all, everyone around him who cares tried to help him out. Yet Mr. A is not taking any initiative to explain himself, which I find it ridiculous. If he really cares, he should have it done by himself instead dirtying other's hand. If he is waiting for another opportunities from Mr. R, then we as by standers have no rights to interfere in their matters. No matter how much Mr. A means to you, as outsiders of the relationship, we should keep quiet and not directly deal with this matter. Especially in the period Mr. R has a new lover and is seeking stability.

You have no responsible over their affairs, don't you agree? If there's one to hold account for this, all responsibility falls back on Mr. A, not you who has no direct control. Why do you cry over something you have no control? Should I label you kind or penyibuk?

You were once in Mr. A's shoes. Have you forgotten the feel of destroying other's love? I have not forget mine. It's deeply instilled in my heart, as a lesson not to be repeated. I don't want you to have any influence in their problem and make them feel the same way I felt. Do you get it?

Even if you succeed to rekindle Mr. A and Mr. R, what are you going to do with Mr. E? Don't you think the best way is to let nature takes its course? As bio students we believe natural herbs are better than synthetically produced pills. Why can't you understand this and get over your feeling in helping Mr. A ? If you are really helping Mr. A, advise him to talk to Mr. R directly. Let Mr. R decide and don't involve any party from outside. I don't want you to get involved in this matter. Not you to dirty your hands and be the bad guy. Given me, I will prescribe them time. Till Mr. R has not reached stability, I will not slip any stories to Mr. R. Because I believe Mr. R who is trying hard to live a new life, should be left alone. If I afraid Mr. A will lose the last chance to rekindle, I will simply ask him to act alone and not by dragging outsiders.

It's not something I should put in my heart, but no matter how much I said, you will not listen to me. Even if your friends' points are the same as mine, you'd probably absorb theirs, not mine. My words are cliche. My words are not influential. I know it very much. You asked me to talk to your ex to know you better. I cannot believe you actually say that. Probably you are right. I am slow to understand you who were with me for almost 2 years; than your ex who was with you for few months. I do not understand you - you mentioned it 6 times in a month. Do you think I didn't count? I am not romantic. I am a simpleton.

But do not lose your mind to emotions. You may think I am heartless for thinking this way. But I am telling you in the sense of reality. Relationships don't always work the way they do on tv. I am being myself. I am asking you to think realistically. Reality is always cruel. And from my understanding you seem to not want absorb anything you don't wish to hear.

I hate gay circle. Full of complicated, selfish drama kings and queens. That is why I am withdrawing ever since we hold hands, as a form of security for our love.

I thought today's a great day. My ex-gf finally talked to me, and my 2nd ex-bf Mr. X marked 19 Sept as his anniversary. But I can't hold back my tears, seeing you being ignorant of my advise as you choose to drown everyone into the pool. If you think you have the time to think of their problems, why didn't you think of me?

Do as you wish. I am not stopping you. Maybe you are right. If you don't do something, you will regret not doing anything. But for me, you are not the right guy to do the job. It should be Mr. A, not you.

I will not forgive him for making my dear cried in my absence. I hate this fake guy who you care so much.

If you choose to cry, I will have no choice but to stop yours with mine.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Not in the mood to dig out my Morse or Braile code. But enthusiastic enough to do something different. Therefore a 'phonetic' code such as this which does not need plenty of wisdom to decipher, is most suitable for the likes of you XD.

444 26 2266677733.3 8666 3.332844!

77778.883999444664 6255337777 633 7777666 777755533.337999

444 6633.33.3 766677766!

4423 84477733.33 7777337777.7777444666.667777 666333 833355 8666
332777733 6999 77778777337777.7777

222.2555.555 633 2 94466677733!

444 92668 99.99.99!


p/s: Hp codes. Full stop indicates pause

[544466.666] - 2 6266'7777 66.6668 2 6266 8866555337777.7777 4433
5566.66697777 446669 8666 777744666.6668

Friday, September 4, 2009


Time is slipping through our fingers like grains of sand.

Around the corner the final exam is. It is a big relief to finally get to the end of the semester. My mood is not at all impervious to the exam season. Not yet. Not yet.

From my past experience, I know myself too well. Insomnia. Biting Fingernails. These are the significant symptoms I uncontrollably show during my exam crisis. Being positive and persistent all the time are sometimes cliche. I made a stupid bet with Edwin that if I can keep my fingernails longer than 0.5cm by the end of semester, he would treat me Shogun! Conversely Jogoya or Tenji if I lose the bet. A month left for my nails to grow, -0.3mm to begin with.

Based on my experience again, 'visual' aphrodite works well on me. It simply keeps me awake for more than hours than falling asleep in the couch. This natural approach has shown no visible side effects yet, but it is definitely healthier than any medication in pharmacies. All in all it is what every man needs everyday. Do it moderately for a healthy lifestyle XD.

Have a look at my newly arranged timetable for my Year 3 Sem 1 final exams:

Sept 11: Enzymology II
Sept 18: Industrial Biochemistry
Sept 23: Immunology
Sept 28: Proteins and Proteomics
Sept 30: Instrumental and Analytical Biochemistry

Compared to last sem's schedule, I really love this schedule. We have ample of time to flip final revision. I mean AMPLE! But people like me, who do not appreciate time as much as presidents and deans, time is never enough. Lax in discipline, I term this.

My mum invites me for Japanese treat at Xenri D'Garden Terrace - Menara Hap Seng this Sunday, undeliberately. Usually my bro's her target while I am always left out. To be honest I am pretty surprised that I am asked to tag along. Can I safely assume that she's trying to be fair to me? Positively thought, it will be my last joy before I start to feel the sense of fear. So why not enjoy my day with her?

Besides that, on 1st Oct which is the day after my finals cum end of my semester, a planned trip up to Genting together with UTAR friends and my bf is what I anticipated the most.

In the next hour I am forced to change into GG mode. Nothing else but to study and enhance my reading and understanding in all the GGlogy. Till then, I have to cut my time on computer by 3 folds. That's a promise I made to myself.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comtemplation of Merdeka

My midterm unrest was finally put to an end. Tarry no longer I picked up my painting brush for one last time before my finals crisis rings the alarm.

While every Malaysian was patriotically celebrating Malaysia's 52nd independence, little did I do to make the country proud. Corroding under the moonlight, hurdled several sky scrappers and slothfully reminisced the memorabilia was what I did for the night of Independence.

When I was in my mid school, the history text book was very discreetly written. The book did very well to cultivate the nobleness and dedication of the 52 years government to young futures, such as me. I was under impression that BN was the only option available for the government, and Malaysia will collapse if BN ever loses. The multiracial coalition BN had all it takes to rule and serve the country to another heights, to another level and to another future that we all looked upon. And many a times I adored the tolerance of these multiracial parties for the mutual interest of all people, I respect their self-sacrificing effort in maintaining the harmonious atmosphere.

Little did I know that I played right into government's brain wash.

Forget about parents and kopitiam gossips. Internet and newspaper are more than enough to clearly understand the true face of our government, the BN. In fact I always pay attention to politics in newspaper. Mother of all scandals - PKFZ, Altantuya's murder, 2006 AP, 'palace' of Khir Toyo, death of Teoh Beng Hock, ISA, Anwar's scandal, etc etc and more down the list. As if scandals are not sufficient, the popularity of politics even seep through our education system as well as business opportunities. How unsightful. Neither did the government or any politician realize that their political career victimized us, the civilian of Malaysia, young and old, male and female.

It is true that no one is perfect. As much as a scientist loathes perfection, I am not spared being imperfect myself. But we live on a principle to realize our own weak spot and improve from where we fell. Our government is not perfect. Our opposition is not perfect. But what makes me puke is the arrogant and ignorant government which does not admit to their own mistakes. BN has ruled the country for half a century. It is admirable that our country can still progress this far under the corrupted government. We've given you 52 years to change, but we're disappointed. Changes are so minute, it is safe to say they've not change.

Find the justice behind Khir Toyo's escape from punishment in public money misused for his 'palace' and Disneyland scandal, if you can. Yes he is not allowed in any contest in UMNO post. But is that all? Is that the best UMNO can do to bring justice and changes to the party? Why not kick out the biggest traitor from the party? That will help the rakyat a lot. "Saya tidak bersalah, tapi saya menerima keputusan tersebut dengan hati yang terbuka," said Toyo. *Vomit* Perhaps he is a big hit in the party, but shame on him. Shame on UMNO!

Politics. Politics. Politics. Our uni entry is limited by the 'transparent' quota, to ease up and serve opportunities to the Malays. Why must there a quota in the first place? Is the government trying to imply that Malays are stupider than other races that they need the quota for survival? Is it true that Malays are so lazy that they are not competitive enough, spoon-feed by government is a must for survival? I for one do not believe in any of these. But the government makes us to think that way. And I gladly abide by. Sapu arang di muka sendiri.

Try to look back at 9th Malaysian Plan. Recall the RM 10 million New Year bonus in 2008. MCA president Ong Ka Ting was so proud to announce that the government will give out RM 10 million to Chinese schools when he gave out initial sum of RM 6 million to 33 Chinese schools. But what is RM 10 million for more than 33 primary, secondary and independent Chinese schools when Abdullah the 5th PM can grant a special RM 23.5 million allocation to his alma mater, Bukit Mertajam High School? The school alone received a sum even larger than the development funds offered to all 105 Chinese primary schools in Penang, Selangor and Melaka. Yet, Ong Ka Ting was grinning in self satisfaction of what they'd achieved for the Chinese community. My question is WHY Chinese schools, or Indian schools which are in dire need of development funds for new schools are not treated equally?

Do I need to mention ISA here? PKFZ? Or the hilarious story of Altantuya's case swept under the carpet? We can go on but I will definitely not spend my time here writing every scandals and ugly deeds swept under the carpet. We know very well how government runs things. I bet patriotic Malaysians knows better than me in these.

There was once Mahathir introduced Wawasan 2020. One of the vision is to achieve bangsa Malaysia. A Malaysia entity that is representable. An entity that is unique as every Malaysia holds in value. But how possible can the dream be materialized if we are termed babi cina, asked to leave the country as pendatang haram? Bukankah kita anak Malaysia? "Keris ini nak mandi darah Cina!" A very touching, sentimental and eye opening speech by Najib to his delegates but a fearful, troublesome memory to Chinese. Is this Malaysia?

Politics in Malaysia is more than Korean and TVB drama available, in fact much better. It is kisah benar, live and free for all. We can see how grotesque can the politicians be, and how these hypocrites can be kind to pass around gula-gula to woo votes in elections. I sue you, you sue me, I kill you, you kill me, you babi cina, you babi melayu. Babi here babi there. Malaysia is turning ugly. Very ugly. Very unsightful. If they can put down their Ketuanan Melayu, I can guarantee we can focus on building relationship of people, fight the pandemic AH1N1 and solve economic deprivation, effectively.

Eii? My favourite Malay word is none other than babi!

Malaysia is a wonderful country. Where else can you find a country with 16 public holidays a year? Of 'coz, personally Hari Merdeka is no difference with other holidays. I simply can't find a reason to celebrate the ugliness of Malaysia. I still can't find any. I remembered very well my last Negaraku was in 2006's last school assembly. I guess once we've stepped out of school, we are no longer under the influence of government's fake impression.

The 2009 Merdeka theme is 1Malaysia-Keuntungan Didahulukan, Kenaikan Harga Diutamakan. I am lucky this year I'm spared from Merdeka countdown. I hate crowds. Such a good chance is best used to rest at home, cuddle on bed with my loved one and cook a meal or two for your in-law. The simplest Merdeka I had in my entire youth, was in 2009.

So long as the government is not changed, I can only remain as a second class citizen, anywhere. Not even my blood born place Malaysia will accept me as first class citizen. I am no other than other foreign PR. Has the true spirit of Merdeka went up in smoke along with the old generation? What does Merdeka mean to the younger generation? To us? To you? To me? Call me a traitor as much as you want. I am no patriots who will tell around my nationality. If there's anything I am proud of, it is my parents who raised me up well in this corrupted environment. The government needs changes by next general election, either changing from the coalitions internally, or changing entirely by losing the election.

Here, I crossed my leg in silent contemplation of the sky before me. Looking back how far Malaysia has moved backward.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-52.

No point mentioning but still... The end of Merdeka is greeted by a hike of RM 0.20 in petrol. How sad. - edited and added 2 September 2009

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