Sunday, September 28, 2008

28 Sept 2008 - Talking on the phone

After yum cha with friend near Leisure Mall, went back home around 12 am. While driving from conaught back home, I was talking on the phone, while driving. Without realizing, a police car was right next to me. Yes next to me side by side and they stopped my car. Oh shit. So unlucky. Arghhh!!! So automatically I took out my wallet, my IC and license for inspection.

Police : Mana pergi?
Me : Balik rumah. Sorry la bang emergency call dari mak...
Police : Kalau mau cakap pun, letak la kat tepi jalan dulu. Kasi IC lisen
Me : Nah...
Police : Woah sudah ada lisen 3 tahun masih boleh buat salah
Me : Ya lor. Bang kasi la chance, 1st timer ni...
Police : Saya memang mau kasi chance, tapi sekarang you buat salah. Saman sekali RM 300 tau, tak boleh buat rayuan.
Me : Saya tau saya tau, jadi jangan la saman
Police : Sekarang musim perayaan. Ops Sikap sedang jalan tau. U tak tgk tv ke?
Me : Saya baru saja habis exam mau pergi enjoy kejap jer. Tolong la bang (fake fake rayu)
Police : U kerja apa?
Me : Student lagi... Tolong la bang
Police : Then U sekolah mana?
Me : UTAR. Study Biochem (I don't know why I have to say Biochem lol)
Police : Bapak kerja apa?
Me : Dia ar. Kerja goreng goreng masak masak kat restoran (lie to him as a very poor person I am)
Police : So sekarang mau saman ke tak?
Me : Bang kasi la chance. (Taking out wallet), tak banyak tinggal ni (I mean cash)
Police : Tau tau, U student lagi bukannya kaya. Kalau saman sekali 300, U bukannya dapat bayar. Nanti bapak pun susah.
Me : Tau bang, jadi jangan la saman.
Police : Then kasi la berapa banyak U mau...
Me : Thank you bang (Gave him 20 bucks)
Police : Lain kali stop kat tepi baru cakap ya? Jangan cakap tepi kereta polis tau? Sudah besar ar belajar la ya hehehe...
Me : Ya ya ya thank you bang. Sudah tau (WTF!!!)

So we drove off, the police went the other side to hunt for more preys while I went back home. So I told my friend bout the story, and sleep. I was so stupid and blur for not realizing the existence of police car lol. On the same night I dreamt about a police giving me my exam's result in police station. So scary...



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Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st day of working - 25 Sept 2008

Promised to work as kuli for Danny Gor's boss for 2 days, I woke up 6 am today. Woke up 6 am to work??? Wow... Where did I work? Ooo it's just Wisma Lim Foo Yong, near Raja Chulan monorail station. So I reached Hang Tuah station at 7.20 am, and walked to Raja Chulan station. Exposing myself to the UV light, I am synthesizing vitamin D which can enhance and maximize calcium ion absorption in my body. Besides exercising, I am saving RM 1.20 too...

I was waiting for gor... 7.45 am, and he was not here yet. 8.29 am, and he was not here yet. Gor had toothache, cried like a baby asked help from dentist before he went to work. So I was alone. I was a bit nervous as I was very new to the working place. I had no idea of my job scope. I was afraid for no reason. I am not the socializing type, so it's natural for me to feel this way everytime I am forced to blend in new environment. So I went up to his office, clicked on the bell, someone came upon to serve me, and so I made myself at home. There were 6 magazines on the table. 2 Komputer Bisnis (Indon version), a wine guide book, a HR Management magazine, a guide book touring Jakarta, and also a fashion magazine. After reading all, it's already 9.30 am. So I was sitting there for an hour doing nothing? I was very shy and blur for not doing anything. I only knew that my job was as a kuli, help to carry things around coz they are shifting their office to PJ. What to carry, what to do? I have no idea...

When Mr Nai the boss asked me to do some works, they were really some minor works. Dismantle computer components and arrange the computers. Not to mention I was chit chatting, eating mooncake, drink ribena, reading newspaper and also walking around doing nothing. As time passed by, money came in my pocket. Am I really making money by doing all this? After lunch I was suppose to follow Mr Andrew to PJ, and helped him to unload some computer components into their new office. So I was thinking, maybe there's some errand I can do up there, and that's why I was needed. I travelled in his err... Toyota don't know what car. Accidentally, I fell asleep in his car lol. Very paiseh leh. Didn't do much yet to be the 1st to fall asleep!!! I clearly understood that I reached the new office at 2.15 pm. After unloading, I wasn't given any order. I don't know whether I was allowed to sit, drink or even sms. I didn't even know if I was standing on the correct spot lol. Perhaps Andrew saw me too bored doing nothing, he asked me to help a lady to change her CRT monitor to an LCD. So it took me a minute to do the job, and there I was. Bored again. I counted the lights on the ceiling, analyzed their carpeted floor, listened to workers' conversation. And till now, I have no idea as what the company's job is.

The clock striked 4.15 pm. Wow... Will I be paid for sitting there for 2 solid hours? Then Andrew drove me back to KL office and bade farewell. See him tomorrow. Back in this office, I felt empty again. It's like I was useless, there's nothing I can do. I was dismissed at 5 pm instead of 6 pm. Should I thank Mr Nai for letting me off early? Yea I should. Otherwise I will be dead of boredom together with RM 9 extra. Doing things as mentioned had me earned RM 67.50. Easy money? I hope tomorrow will be a better day. At least don't pay me to stand!!!

Off I went and I had a date with my bf Edwin lol. Yea bf... He caught me by surprise when he suddenly popped out in front of the office building. Haha so then he treated me dinner in Sg Wang Delifrance. We had Pasta Chicken Bolognese and Ramadhan Festive Treat Beef Arabiatta Combo and an Iced Chocolate. Suddenly treat me so good I also don't know why. We departed after walking around in Sg Wang. Although I did nothing much, but today was a tiring day. I was happy because someone was waiting for me at my workplace, and there's a little surprise too. I like this kind of feeling probably because this was the first time someone was willing to wait for me.

Rootbeer + Iced Chocolate

Soup of the Day + Sweet Canape

Beef Arabiatta + Chicken Pasta Bolognese

Me + bf Edwin

And I put him bf on purpose. Thx ^^

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My notes

messy table full of notes

messy notes ready to kemas

already arrange nicely - my notes for the sem

mind maps to help me memorize

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Friday, September 19, 2008

ITE. It's the end...

Legendary paper Microbiology cursed 90% of our seniors to fail last sem, and it is now my turn to face the wrath of Microbiology. Rumours of Adelyn's (Microbiology lecturer) evilness spreaded since the starting of the sem. I have used all knowledge that I memorized, all info that I memorized, every word that I memorized. Yes, everything is about memorizing. This is the 1st time I torture my brain that much, to memorize 5 sets of different notes, for the good sake of exam. Memorize Management Principles, memorize Enzymology 1, memorize Metabolism 1, memorize Principles of Nutrition, memorize Microbiology. Total of 5 subjects. Is this the modern education? Why should I memorize everything, when the info can be found from books, from internet? With advanced technology, entering 21st century, we students are still practicing the ancient ways of learning. Memorizing. As if a priest has no paper, he memorizes the whole bible. Well done...

1100 hours sharp, I walk out the exam hall, smiling. It's the relief that makes me smile. Her questions were not as bad as I thought it would be. Theoretically, there should be no problem to pass. But accident might occur, uncertainty is always around. I really hate chances. Probability. Crap.

Therefore, 19 September marks the end of my 3rd semester. 18 months have gone, and there are another 18 months to go. Good bye Year 2 Sem 1. I screw up my studies this sem. If I am lucky enough to pass all papers, I really need to thank myself lol. But if I am unlucky, you guys have to find me in Kampar. I don't even dare to look at my results. It's disgusting and ugly, just like me... Ish!!! What's done is done. After studying hard for the past 3 weeks, isn't it time to enjoy and get back some sleep that I missed? Definitely!!! I am not going to let my 3 months holiday break to be wasted just like that.

Right after 1100 hours Pneumonia Gang + Shiau Li + Bee Ling + Carol went to Times Square. Boys and girls have seperate courses. Boys were in Ampang Superbowl for 4 games of bowling while the girls secretly watch Babylon A.D. Or is it The Other Boleyn Girl? I forget which but they watch tak ajak!!! I terribly suck in bowling makes me the worst player on the ground. Boys and girls meet up in Old Town Kopitiam before entering Neway. It is my 1st time to Neway. I like the food there. The girls are dieting so I have to finish up everything. I enjoy eating more than singing by the way. I have no talent in music, but I still sing a few of my favourite songs in a very "different style" from original - 捉迷藏, 旋律, 空秋千, 远远, 靠岸 and 再见. Neway waiters and supervisor dress up smartly. So cool!!!

The activity ends around 8pm after karaoke. I watch 3 Bleach anime episodes which I missed. I play Diablo 2 at night. Yes Diablo 2. Long time ago punya game I know. But I want to try playing it before Diablo 3 is out... I play Chor D in I have a lot of time to spend now. I am very glad my final exams have ended.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

好寂寞 - 15 Sept 2008

歌手:范玮琪 & 光良



Yesterday we had bbq. Unfortunately it was raining, and yet bbq was still on. So I was bbq-ing in the middle of the rain. I was controlling myself, as I dont want to get fat in a night. So I eat very little compared to my normal bbq. Well let me count. 10 pieces of ba gua, 2 chicken wings, 2 hotdogs, 2 chicken balls, 2 sotong balls, 2 pieces of lamb, 1 otak otak, 3 pieces honeydew, a cup of cincau, 15 tau foo pok and 20 satay. So little. And I replenish my water supply to avoid dehydration. And yet this afternoon after lunch, I felt my body as cold as my marble floor. I think I caught flu + fever + sore throat. I can't concentrate in studies. I am very sleepy now. But if I hide under blanket, my eyes will definitely close. I put on my socks, yet still cold. Vision blurred, facing computer to keep myself awake. Nutrition exam is on tomorrow and yet I am still writing here. Notes of an inch thick untouched.

When chatting on msn, I felt a sudden emptiness. Just like 8 months ago when that part ended continued by another great story. My heart's crying for you. We didn't chat much as much as last time. Sms reduced by 8 folds. I feel lonely and yet I do not want to disturb you nor let you know how I felt. You need concentration and I don't want to be your burden. For now, I can only hope, time pass by as quick as possible. Till the time comes, I try to persevere. But the more I endure, the harder my heart cries. Echoed for your return, the cries shunt to my eyes.

I had a nightmare few days ago. The first one was really blur and I forgot most of the details. But I still remember the moment you say "The end this moment, shall be" in a very Star Wars Yoga-tic way... Second nightmare was my ba gua was stolen by some brats while I was tied to a tree for unknown reason. Such weird nightmares, and again I woke up at 3 am where no stars can be found in the sky. When I miss someone to this degree, I felt sick. I am sick of waiting. Why am I so soft? How come I can't even wait for another week?

Another day is the day Anuar promised to be accomplished. Anuar will become PM? Although I didn't put much hope in him, I prefer a change in the government which was ruled by BN for over 50 years, yet Malaysia is still at this level. Malaysia is not a democratic country. If it is democratic, Malaysia will not be ruled by BN for half the decade. Orang Cina hanya menumpang? Itu sebelum Malaysia la brother. 50 tahun dulu. Sekarang sudah panggil MALAYSIA. Bukan Tanah MELAYU anymore. This piece of small land is no longer your Malays solely. Kalau you mau duit saya, kasi la saya benefit? Jgn rompak orang Cina!!! How can those politicians not aware of these? Teressa Kok was detained by ISA, while Ahmad Ismail is free out there loathing and boasting? Where is justice? Justice being clouded by darkness. Interpersonal relationship, benefits, power, satisfaction. Malaysian identity based on skin colour, races and religion. Good job BN!!! That is why I hate politics. Everything is politicized. Even in education...



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Friday, September 12, 2008

12 Sept 2008

已经踏入了考试第五天. 暂时还活得下去. 之前两长试卷总算很成功. 至少写了蛮多字,怎样都好过一片空白. 昨晚是有此以来睡得最好的一晚. 没有被噩梦或自动吓醒. 睡得像只猪,哥电话来都不自醒. 所以今天的心情是特别好. 好精神哦. ^^

上个 sem 早两个小时出门,但还是迟到了半个钟. 恐怕会想上个 sem 一样,9月12日考 Metabolism I 当天就提早四个钟出门. 10点就出发. 但是没堵车,反而很快到大学. 先找 Miao 吃早饭然后去 Bui Bui 伟龙家温习. Bui Bui 煮的 maggie 面好恶心. 没有把照片拍下来. 真的好 wat tat... 因为 Koon Koon 之前被我骗,骗他早去大学,所以我们几个都要早去陪他. 都是我干的好事 ^^

考试前拼命背. 背到妈妈性是什么都忘了. 结果都还不错啦. 整本试卷都写满了字. 时间刚刚好. 考完试过后就去剪发然后去 pool,放松心情. 我还记得那位 liangzai 答应过为了我会播林宇中的歌. 谁知道你们播 SHE 的歌!!! 真讨人厌. 发型还是一样. 不懂能不能梳会同一个型. Pool 时口觉得痒痒,不小心讨论了几个问题. 原来我的答案很多都是不完整的. 从希望变成以往. Haiz... Pool 了两场吃了我很多力. 肚子在搞鬼.

回到家还是要拼命读好下一科. 有整寸垕的 notes 没碰过. 今晚要包通宵赶工,否则明天没得出去玩... 还有两科. 加油吧. 林敬贤!!!

不知不觉,原来我带着戒子都有四个月了. 只应为你而带上他. 美好时间过的特别快. 希望将来我不会有任何理由巴他脱下. 脱下之后就是我的结局.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

第一天考试 - 九月八日

时钟对准三点. 是凌晨三点钟. 就像昨天,前天,大前天一样. 到了时间眼睛自动张开. 然后就像之前一样,发呆发到下一个天亮. 已经很努力去睡了,但我知道我一定会醒来,这次也不另外. 也好啦. 早点醒就可以读多点啊. 还有六个小时就是我考试节的第一张科目. 自信心超低. 看了 past year paper 觉得好害怕. 因为大部分不会做. 很担心接下来会是怎样. 如果我还是在睡眠中, 或许我不会想这样多.

时间过得好慢. 我陪玫瑰聊了很久. 虽然外面很冷,天上没月光,没星星,我的确聊了蛮多. 和玫瑰聊天我代表我是癫的. 这是我们培养感情的方式. 你们别羡慕哦. 原来玫瑰仔要开多另外七朵花了哦... 当我要摸他时... ARGHH!!! 他竟然刺伤我.

天开始亮了. 不知不觉是时候出门了. 起来这样久都没有碰到书. 还有两个小时, 真紧张. 要驾车时候,看到整车都是鸟大便. 可恶的鸟鸟. 要读书大便都没时间了,难道你还要我去洗车吗? 真没良心...

考试两个小时,我之用了一小时. 还有多余时间可以发呆. 突然觉得到 loo and woo 这对 lecturer 好贱. 出题出道这样傻嗨. 真的 beh tahan... 好想一把火烧掉全部 notes. 很后悔没有先烧后喝才去考试... 在车哭了一下,到家了眼泪都快流干.

说多也没用. 主要的是把下个科目读好来. 免得又在后悔多一次. 林敬贤! 你要加油加油加油!!!



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Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Handphone

Last weekend I was in one of the phone shop in Lowyat. I was looking for a phone, coz my old phone is kind of screw up. Anyway I need a back up phone as I start using Digi and Hotlink at the same time. I approach the dealer and here is our conversation (Chinese translated to English pasar):

[Jino] : Boss, how much is Nokia 2100 now?

dealer : What? 2100? Long time don't have liao la... No more no more.

[Jino] : Then, how bout 1600?

dealer : Har? Both oso no more liao de la. Why you looking for second hand is it?

[Jino] : No la, I want new set de. I like both the handphones. No more sell liao meh?

dealer : Long time ago putus jor la. How much is your budget leh?

[Jino] : Around 100 bucks got ma?

dealer : Put in 50 bucks more, buy this 1650 la. Cheap cheap. Back up phone lor.

Then he showed me the model. After checking awhile, it has very normal functions similar to my old 2100 except of the colour and radio and a few other useless features.

[Jino] : Boss, this normal phone why so expensive de?

dealer : New phone ma. Out this year oni de. New model. Very cheap already. You go next shop and see how much la.

And yea, a lot of friends recommend me this shop. So I kind to fond this shop.

[Jino] : Then boss I come back this Saturday ok ma?

dealer : You come back ok la. But come back here oh haha...

And on Saturday 06 September, I bought this phone without much thinking. I have no idea if it is a bit too high in price. For me it is an ok price. So there goes my RM 145, and welcome the new phone Nokia 1650. My 6 year old 2100 can retire now, although it is now used as Hotlink line.

However, after 1 day of using I found that it is very difficult to type and sms. The key pad is too small for my large fingers. And the display is kind of boring. Hope I can adapt to it soon. Sms is my life now...

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少了 - 2moro

One of my friends introduced this mv to me. I found it quite interesting to note that the song is based on the gay relationship of the two actors in the video. I was attracted awhile, so I put it here...

我晓得 电话少了
问候少了 关心少了
见面少了 言语少了
你电话里的 Do Re Mi
我想到 电话少了
问候少了 关心少了
见面少了 言语少了
过度的掩饰局面 会更怀疑
你相簿里的 Fantasy
不爱你 免得我被迫失去
我决定珍惜 爱自己
才称的上勇气 多点想像
多点交会 恣意
我的直觉说着 别孩子气
你演技 傻的可以

The lyrics and meaning are simply understandable. Enjoy ^^...


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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


认识你那么多年,终于有机会更清楚了解你. 我还记得我们的第一次约会. 你迟到. 可是你的笑容和开朗的心态让我很安心.

刚开始和你一起,我犹豫,我有做错选择吗? 应该还是不应该?后来我明白了. 对错不重要. 主要对方珍惜大家,那不就够吗?

这八个月我有笑有哭. 笑时候有你听到我的欢笑. 哭时候也有你的陪伴,让我感到真幸福. 不觉得孤单和寂寞了. 觉得我的存在还有一点意义. 多一个人关心我,真好. 一起度过人生考验是我这一辈子的荣幸. 我相信我们会有更永久的将来. 我是真心,全心全意对待你的. 谢谢你一直以来的关怀. 谢谢你当时没放弃我. 没你就没我,有你就有我. 谢谢你带来的美好回忆. 你送给我的饼,我们一起吃好吗?


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