Friday, September 19, 2008

ITE. It's the end...

Legendary paper Microbiology cursed 90% of our seniors to fail last sem, and it is now my turn to face the wrath of Microbiology. Rumours of Adelyn's (Microbiology lecturer) evilness spreaded since the starting of the sem. I have used all knowledge that I memorized, all info that I memorized, every word that I memorized. Yes, everything is about memorizing. This is the 1st time I torture my brain that much, to memorize 5 sets of different notes, for the good sake of exam. Memorize Management Principles, memorize Enzymology 1, memorize Metabolism 1, memorize Principles of Nutrition, memorize Microbiology. Total of 5 subjects. Is this the modern education? Why should I memorize everything, when the info can be found from books, from internet? With advanced technology, entering 21st century, we students are still practicing the ancient ways of learning. Memorizing. As if a priest has no paper, he memorizes the whole bible. Well done...

1100 hours sharp, I walk out the exam hall, smiling. It's the relief that makes me smile. Her questions were not as bad as I thought it would be. Theoretically, there should be no problem to pass. But accident might occur, uncertainty is always around. I really hate chances. Probability. Crap.

Therefore, 19 September marks the end of my 3rd semester. 18 months have gone, and there are another 18 months to go. Good bye Year 2 Sem 1. I screw up my studies this sem. If I am lucky enough to pass all papers, I really need to thank myself lol. But if I am unlucky, you guys have to find me in Kampar. I don't even dare to look at my results. It's disgusting and ugly, just like me... Ish!!! What's done is done. After studying hard for the past 3 weeks, isn't it time to enjoy and get back some sleep that I missed? Definitely!!! I am not going to let my 3 months holiday break to be wasted just like that.

Right after 1100 hours Pneumonia Gang + Shiau Li + Bee Ling + Carol went to Times Square. Boys and girls have seperate courses. Boys were in Ampang Superbowl for 4 games of bowling while the girls secretly watch Babylon A.D. Or is it The Other Boleyn Girl? I forget which but they watch tak ajak!!! I terribly suck in bowling makes me the worst player on the ground. Boys and girls meet up in Old Town Kopitiam before entering Neway. It is my 1st time to Neway. I like the food there. The girls are dieting so I have to finish up everything. I enjoy eating more than singing by the way. I have no talent in music, but I still sing a few of my favourite songs in a very "different style" from original - 捉迷藏, 旋律, 空秋千, 远远, 靠岸 and 再见. Neway waiters and supervisor dress up smartly. So cool!!!

The activity ends around 8pm after karaoke. I watch 3 Bleach anime episodes which I missed. I play Diablo 2 at night. Yes Diablo 2. Long time ago punya game I know. But I want to try playing it before Diablo 3 is out... I play Chor D in I have a lot of time to spend now. I am very glad my final exams have ended.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot