Sunday, June 16, 2013

2 years ago after

2 years ago, Jino didn't like watching movie in cinema. He chose to download from home and watch from his comfortable couch while his lover hugs him from his side.
2 years after, Jino is ok to spend money on cinema. MYR 3.00 for a bottle of mineral water? Bo bun tui~

2 years ago, there were only 3 reasons Jino will spend more than MYR 50.00 on food; Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Anniversary Day.
2 years after, Jino will find excuses every week and becoming fatter like no body's business.

2 years ago, Jino had 4 tops, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes at a time.
2 years after, Jino had 13 tops, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of long pants and 3 pairs of shoes.

2 years ago, Jino thought that masks are for girls.
2 years after, Jino is looking for affordable facial saloon.

2 years ago, Nokia 2100 was the best.
2 years after, Jino is breaking his head which is better; iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

2 years ago, Jino would pick capsicum out from his pizzas.
2 years after, you can see Jino eating raw capsicum.

2 years ago, Jino tabulated his daily spending to the lowest cents, so he can track his spending power for the next 3 months.
2 years after, he can find money every where. In car, pockets, drawers, under his bed, some one's house. 'Coz he cannot recall how much money he has.

2 years ago, Jino was not afraid of injection.
2 years after, his face turns blue when he sees blood donation drive and health inspection.

2 years ago, Jino would not spend money on games. He earned money from games.
2 years after, he begins to invest in games that does not promise any return.

2 years ago, Jino's driving speed was 40 km/h on a clear highway.
2 years after, he has increased the speed to average 50 km/h.

2 years ago, Jino was very blur and passive.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino was working in the call centre,
2 years after, he is working in the same office.

2 years ago, Jino did not believe in God.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino's purchase decision was based on price.
2 years after, he is very much the same. But the standard has increased.

2 years ago, Jino is fugly.
2 years after, he is very much the same. Some may see him differently.

2 years ago, Jino hated shitake mushroom.
2 years after, he is still the same.

2 years ago, Jino liked formal attire.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino was a pervert.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino has no sexual interest on girls.
2 years after, he has not shown any sign of change.

2 years ago, those who had seen said little Jino was huge.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summary of Taiwan Trip

Date: 21/05/2013 - 28/05/2013
Destination: Taipei


Flight: MYR 1585.80 Air Asia
Hotel: MYR 1199.93 Dahshin Hotel, Taipei
Cash: MYR 3210.00 to change TWD 30000.00 (exchange rate 10.70)

Click here to view the photos on my Facebook (in progress of uploading). Captions will Chinese 'coz most Taiwanese speak Chinese.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

DiGi? Lowsy.

I have been complaining on DiGi's products and services as soon as my iPhone contract started but it is beyond imagination my relationship with DiGi became this poor. The number I am currently using has been my primary since 2002. It has been 10 years I keep my loyalty with DiGi but everything is ruined in an 8 minutes conversation.

It started with an SMS sent by DiGi around end of May that reads as below: 

DiGi: Ur autobilling is been cancel. Ur overdue RM58.76 pls pay immediately to ensure uninterrupted services.Pay@

I was like... WTF??? They have terrible English to begin with. I asked few friends (I pay their DiGi bills with the same credit card auto billing) and they have no issue with their bills. Of 'coz I attempted to log in to their online customer service, OCS but to see this message: 

You are not allowed to log in. Please try again tomorrow or call DiGi customer service at 016-221 1800.

Feeling irritated, but still cool enough to rationalize myself, I called the above number and spoke to a DiGi consultant after stayed in their IVR for 3 minutes. Her name was Amirah.

DiGi: Selamat pagi. DiGi help desk. Apa boleh saya bantu?
Jino: Good morning, my name is Mr. Lim. How are you doing today?
DiGi: ... Apa boleh saya bantu?
Jino: (Irritated stage 1+1 - insist on English + greeting ignored) I received an SMS telling me that my DiGi bill is overdue and my auto billing is cancelled. Can you check for me please?
DiGi: Are you referring to this number, 016-xxx2733?
Jino: Yes, I am (finally she speaks English).
DiGi: Sir, your auto billing is cancelled by the system. Make your payment as soon as possible and your line is not barred yet.
Jino: (Irritated stage 3 - concern is not addressed) I know my auto billing is not working and I am aware my line is not barred yet but those are not the reason I am calling today. I need your kind assistance to check why my auto billing is cancelled.
DiGi: Sir, we tried to charge on your credit card few times and not successful. The system automatically cancelled the auto billing. Make your payment as soon as possible to avoid any service interruption.
Jino: (Irritated stage 4 - keep asking me to pay) Is it cancelled only for the month of May or it applies on the following months too?
DiGi: Following months too.
Jino: Perhaps you can check from your system, I have few DiGi numbers under my name and the auto billing should happen on the same day, there is a slim chance two went through and another got declined. Don't you agree?
DiGi: You need to check with your bank on why the auto billing is declined.
Jino: (Irritated stage 5 - no solution provided) What other information can you share with me in regards to unsuccessful auto billing. I am confident my credit card is not suspended and the card definitely works fine.
DiGi: Sir, you can pay your bill at DiGi centre and online.
Jino: (Irritated stage 6 - meletup) Are you implying that I should not set up auto billing anymore?
DiGi: Every customer needs to pay for uninterrupted service.
Jino: (Irritated stage 7 - consultant acts like Collections) What's your name?
DiGi: Amirah.
Jino: Listen, Amirah. Do me a favour. My credit card is fine. Do something on your system so that my auto billing works again.
DiGi: No sir we WILL not do it here. You need to go to DiGi centre to apply auto billing again. You can also pay there.
Jino: Excuse me? You CANNOT, or you WILL not?
DiGi: I WILL not.
Jino (Irritated stage 8 - I gave up) Then tell me, how long more till my iPhone contract ends?
DiGi: 03 September, sir. You can cancel the number after 03 September without penalty.
Jino: (Irritated stage 9 - encouraging account closure) That is very nice to know.
DiGi; But you need to pay the bill before terminating the contract.
Jino: I will make my payment later in the afternoon. 
DiGi: Thank you. (call terminated)
Jino: (Irritated stage 10) CCBKNN you!!! I am not done with you!!! Why you hang up???

DiGi sucks.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot