Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Wish Comes True - 04 Dec

04 Dec 2007 - The morning started with a bad stomach. The feeling was so bad, I couldn't stand it and I have to go the toilet twice during working hours. Due to that reason, I also took early leave. I really couldn't stand the pain. All because of the "sweet and sour" crab which is spicy I ate last night. And to be frank, I am very lazy to work today. Yesterday I worked from 8am to 10pm. So I pura-pura sakit and left early. This is the only privilege as a part-timer here; come come and go go.

After leaving office at 12pm, I received message from brother Terry. He was on his way back to KL, and will reach Puduraya soon. So, I waited for him, while asking the price and availability of bus tickets to Melaka for our class trip. In the end, I didn't ask about the tickets because he arrived earlier than I had expected.

So, we went to Public Bank to withdraw money. I withdrew RM 1000 (previously I withdrew RM 400 from Maybank). We bought Unrest movie tickets at GSC Pavilion. Then we had lunch together in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, at the most economic set lunch. The movie started at 4.50pm. Unrest is just an average movie. And the seat for the movie is too big for me. Very hard for me to adjust to my suitable seating position. After movie we went to Sg Wang. He was looking for his Eternal Summer soundtrack cd, and placed booking for his Onitsuka Chihiro albums.

The main reason why I withdrew so much money earlier, was because of my new camera. On 8.33pm, I bought the new Sony Cybershot Album-T (T2). At normal rate RM 1399, topping up RM 100 for 3 years warranty, another pouch at discounted rate RM 30.10. So the total is RM 1529.10. Hmm... Actually we stayed at the Sony Centre for almost 30 minutes deciding if buying it was a wise choice or not. And as the result, you have already knew it. Blue colour represents the artistic side of my idol, so does the camera of mine.

I am so happy tonight that I don't think I can sleep well later. After this blog, I will try using my new camera. Another goal of the year is accomplished. Few more goals to go, and there are only a month left. Can Jino achieved all his targets by this year? Let's find out more in the next post of Jino's blog (I hope the next post has something to do with the year wish list).

How's my stomach now, I wonder...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mines International Book Fair - 24/11/2007

24 Nov 2007 marked the day when Rynn came to the Mines to promote the 9th International Chinese Book Fair. The book fair is nothing to me. I don't know how to read Chinese. I reach there after some errand at 4pm. Walk around with Bee Leng, ex-schoolmate + fans of Rynn. When we reach the exhibition hall, the stage wasn't so pack till the few minutes before the arrival of the star Rynn. The new CD was released, and sold at the same place. When I went to enquire about the new CD, the girl told me posters will be given out when a CD is purchased. Woah without any thought I bought the CD, RM 25. Its the concert pretesting version CD. And I got a poster. Hahaha so happy. Eii wait. It's a bit different from the poster I want. Never mind that. It's a poster of him. How do i describe my feeling?

And Bee Leng bought the entrance ticket while me as a student entered for free. We walk around, not really looking at anything else but the CD that I just bought. Woah... The poster is so nice. We walked to the stage, waiting for him to come. While waiting, I saw a counter selling CD and concert tickets. So I went there to enquire more about the concert seating. While doing that, I saw the poster that I wanted long ago. Sony Cybershot Album T poster version!!! Arghh I straight away buy another CD, which is 原点. Hohoho my dream came through. I don't need anyone else to hunt the poster for me. I got it myself!!! After seeing me getting the poster, Bee Leng was left in jealousy, and bought herself the concert version CD, got the Album T poster. Lalala~ We were both so happy...

And the highlight of the day, Rynn was here already. But we waited 5 minutes for him to reach the stage. He parked his car far away I guess. How to describe the feeling I have now? To tell the truth, I almost fell unconscious looking at his smile. He sang the new song, 十分颜色. And his autograph session started after the song. The organizer only allows CD to be signed, not poster or tickets. Haiz. Why so stingy?

While it's our turn, Bee Leng couldn't say anything to him. Too nervous. While me, standard line, 加油. His smile is so soothing and charming. And this time he replied me in mandarin.

The time came to an when Rynn is leaving the hall. So as usual, the book fair was a success, and good luck to him as everyone was leaving the hall with him as well.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

11/11/07 - Berjaya Times Square - Lin Yu Zhong is here!!!

11 Nov 2007 @ 1111, was the official launching of Sony Cybershot Album T, and the selling of Rynn's first concert tickets in Berjaya Times Square. Early in the morning, there are many people lining up at the counter waiting for the counter to open. The first 11 customers can purchase the camera worth RM 1399 at only RM 111.10. So cheap. No wonder they start queuing since 23 hours before the sales.

I passed by Times Square at 6am. Woah!!! The queue is really bad. Around 400m i guess. I went to KLCC to get the skybridge visit tickets before purPicture_158 chasing the concert tickets. When I reach KLCC, another woah. Here is much more worse than Times Square. Whole floor is flooded with people. Haha giving up the skybridge, I went back to company to get T100 from Wai Kuan. Want to take Rynn's picture. Holding the camera properly, I walk back Times Square and queue at the long line. Ooops the line is for the camera buyer. And I bodoh bodoh queue there as well. After knowing how malu I am, I lepak alone in Times Square (9am) and the shops are yet to open.

But luckily the performances started at 10.30am. There I watched some performance, dance, interviews and of course Yu Zhong’s singing. Yu Zhong is acting in a new drama A 10-Score Smile (10分微笑) and the day also meant to promote the new drama directed by He Zhi Liang. Yu Zhong also sang a new song, the OST for his new drama. I couldn’t get the name. When it was my turn to get the concert tickets, the posters already finished!!! I was so disappointed. But those who buy camera will get a poster. Forget it, I don’t have money for a camera. I thought I could get the poster definitely.

Now I am so sad and disappointed, I headed back home before it started to rain… I wish someone is kind enough to give me a poster lol… Alamak!!! I forgot to let him sign the tickets!!! How stupid I am…



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Sunday, October 14, 2007

12 Oct 2007 - birthday

Its been quite a long time since this place is empty after the death of Max. Who is Max? Max was the dead cat I killed awhile ago. Cool name for a cat, huh?

12 Oct 2007 - now is the 20th anniversary for my bday. Haha... frens message came flowing in. Sms, testy, phone calls, msn. Haha thx so much all of u. Muacks. But the 2 ppl I nvr expect to wish me were Ka Cheng and Kam Seng lol... Must be Mok. Haha.

Wake up at forgot wat time, go meet KKL at Bukit Jalil LRT. Want go to Sg Wang sing karaoke. There were me, KKL, Chu, Mok and Alan. But no more rooms available. Entah siapa plan sing k nvr book room. So we ended up makan buffet in Sushi Station. From 3 eat till 6 pm. Wow. So full... Perut terlalu buncit d. Too full... Ice cream oso eat a lot. Haha no more buffet in the next 3 months. Then Wai Kuan called and wish me... Kesian her credit talk so long. Pass the phone to every1, chat so long. Haiz... they want belanja me buffet. Haha once a year. A special day lol...

Then we go jln jln makan angin around Time Square, Sg Wang... Mok looked for comics. And I found a key chain of Hitsugaya Toushiro. Wanted to buy, but save money better. Then we walked around here and there... We entered a CD shop, and I saw them grabbing 林宇中 CD. Waa... dun tell me they want to buy that for me. I hav 1 already, siap dengan signature... Then they abandon that and go jln jln again. They enter Body Glove this time. Haha asking me which bag is nice. I told them not to buy me any present. Its good enough to treat me dinner buffet. So they didn't buy in the end. Tis time its 7 pm++...

Chu was going back home to celebrate his dad's bday. Oh yea his dad n mine are the same. We went on Chu's car (in Shaw Parade car park) to go back to VI, where Mok parked his car. "where's my car key?" Mok tanya... We almost wanted to go back all the way back to Sg Wang to look for the key. Then he realized the key might b in Chu's car. Memang pun. Lucky Chu's car wasn't broken in.

We reached VI, and they send me home in Mok's car. Then we went to Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling, to have 2 pieces of cakes. As my bday cake... No candle, no knife, not important. They bring me eat cakes lol... haha. I forgot wat cake d. I am always bad at names. But I like both the cake. Chocolate Indulgence and another dunno wat... Yellow and white colour. Lol doesn't help much isn't it? This is the pic of me n Mok in Secret Recipe. The thing ends quite early. I was tired, and KKL can't go back late. Not to forget I did sms Mr Kali to wish him happy bday as well. We share the same birth date. How can I ever forget?

But thanks to them (Chu, Alan, Mok, KKL) yet again my bday wasn't a lonely 1. Nice frens huh... Yea, cool too. But to think of it. If sing karaoke wasn't disrupted, it will be the same as last year's celebration. Last year me, Mok, KKL and Chu went to Redbox to sing k oso. Hmm... I hope next year is not sing k again lol... Good lord who does not exist.

And forgive my ugly handwriting. It's always ugly, and I nvr bother to decorate it.



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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad day

17 July 2007, Tues - It is proven that this is a bad day for Jino. Yesterday, Mon 16 July don't know sleep at what time, doing report. Hope to wake up and another good day comes.

Wake up at 4, continue to do unfinished report. Ahah... 99% done. Then prepare to go uni. But when going to reach UTAR, I crashed into someone's car. Hmm? How I crashed? I don't like the word crash. I prefer the word knock. How I knocked? I don't know. It just happen suddenly. Haha. Not really a big deal. Just a Kelissa. Her car bumper drop, 'kemek' a bit only. Can settle with money. No sweat. But still, T.T

Very down at first, but ok already after few hours. After the classes, around 6 pm, went to pasar malam buy eggs near my house. After buying eggs, of course plan to go home. But on the way home, near my house, suddenly a cat jumped out out of nowhere. My conscious told me to 'elak'. What happen next? All my eggs fell down from the seat of my car, and all them were broken. Shattered. I went down from the car and noticed that the cat was dead, not moving, blood everywhere. Not everwhere actually, just that the 'usus' come out. OMG!!! Murderer Jino... Sadly, I buried the cat somewhere near my house, and I can see the 'kubur' every time I am in the computer room. Haha... Bad day, bad day…


Bad Day – Daniel Powter
Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day



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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentine's Day

Anggap la 2day is 14th Feb, although it's already 21st... Happy Valentine's Day... She was angry at me yesterday, 'coz something happened. But 2day she is ok already...

She off work at 1.45, so I fetch her. It end up her boss let her go only at 2.45... Babi punya boss. Luckily my car got air cond...

We went to Starhill, makan Jogoya for dinner... We don't really look like Valentines, 'coz there's no flower. Forget bout flower, since she doesn't like flower. She likes kekwa I think, takkan I give her kekwa? Nanti kena marah by Suzanne pulak. I didn't book a place for the dinner, but luckily there's a place for us. So we book, and wait for the time to come. Wait around 30 minutes. Meanwhile we jalan jalan doing nothing but chatting. Suzanne and Chu kacau us with sms. Jahat…

I know Jogoya is not cheap, but I never thought tat I didn't bring enough money... Have to borrow 2 bucks from Wai Yin. Malunya... The food there is nice. Have to say nice. It's nice anyway...

Poor thing we can only stay for 2 hours. The workers there halau us 'coz time over... Tak syok... Kerusi belum hangat duduk sudah kena blah...

Then we went to Time Square. Do what? We took sticker pics. I don't have scanner, if not I will post here ngek ngek...

Then we went back home, duit parking tu pun dia yg bayar. Paiseh... And that's our 1st Valentine's Day... Short day, happy day, memorable day it is 2day.

And I manage to snap 1 pic of myself before I return the camera to my friend.



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Saturday, January 20, 2007

3rd month

Hmm... 17 Jan 2007, we visit Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. We took a ride on the so called ferris wheel (tak tau eja). Before that we went to Maybank. So poh bukak account. Then we ended up being in Titiwangsa LRT station, continue with bus to the lake... 15 bucks per person per ride. 12 minutes, 6 rounds... Wats so special with it? The height I guess... For me there's nothing special. I can see KLCC, housing area, KL tower, and... and... and... I dunno wat I see...

RM 15X2, RM 1.90X2 LRT, RM 2X2 bus, It's all worth the day. Its '3rd month' anniversary hahaha... I was overjoyed on tat day. Afterall it's our 3rd month d, hope this relationship will last long... Tasik Titiwangsa got nothing to do besides the Eye On Malaysia. Head back home...

She wants asam laksa... Pasar malam at Connaught. So we went there... Halfway walking, raining... Both oso basah kuyup... She has 2 work 2molow, if she falls sick, how? Lucky she is strong. No sick. I am the 1 fall sick... Love sick... Miss her so much... Hope 2day can make her feel happy, for wat I had done previous days...

This Monday I gonna send her to work, then go school a while with Ching Yeng... Too bored... Apa boleh buat? Minyak petrol semurah mineral water...
Alamak... gaya tulisan ah pek... Too long never write... Or is this the way I write?

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