Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mines International Book Fair - 24/11/2007

24 Nov 2007 marked the day when Rynn came to the Mines to promote the 9th International Chinese Book Fair. The book fair is nothing to me. I don't know how to read Chinese. I reach there after some errand at 4pm. Walk around with Bee Leng, ex-schoolmate + fans of Rynn. When we reach the exhibition hall, the stage wasn't so pack till the few minutes before the arrival of the star Rynn. The new CD was released, and sold at the same place. When I went to enquire about the new CD, the girl told me posters will be given out when a CD is purchased. Woah without any thought I bought the CD, RM 25. Its the concert pretesting version CD. And I got a poster. Hahaha so happy. Eii wait. It's a bit different from the poster I want. Never mind that. It's a poster of him. How do i describe my feeling?

And Bee Leng bought the entrance ticket while me as a student entered for free. We walk around, not really looking at anything else but the CD that I just bought. Woah... The poster is so nice. We walked to the stage, waiting for him to come. While waiting, I saw a counter selling CD and concert tickets. So I went there to enquire more about the concert seating. While doing that, I saw the poster that I wanted long ago. Sony Cybershot Album T poster version!!! Arghh I straight away buy another CD, which is 原点. Hohoho my dream came through. I don't need anyone else to hunt the poster for me. I got it myself!!! After seeing me getting the poster, Bee Leng was left in jealousy, and bought herself the concert version CD, got the Album T poster. Lalala~ We were both so happy...

And the highlight of the day, Rynn was here already. But we waited 5 minutes for him to reach the stage. He parked his car far away I guess. How to describe the feeling I have now? To tell the truth, I almost fell unconscious looking at his smile. He sang the new song, 十分颜色. And his autograph session started after the song. The organizer only allows CD to be signed, not poster or tickets. Haiz. Why so stingy?

While it's our turn, Bee Leng couldn't say anything to him. Too nervous. While me, standard line, 加油. His smile is so soothing and charming. And this time he replied me in mandarin.

The time came to an when Rynn is leaving the hall. So as usual, the book fair was a success, and good luck to him as everyone was leaving the hall with him as well.

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