Friday, December 31, 2010

Ruminating on rumination

I am sick of creating new year resolutions. We often set our goals unreachably high, fail again and get stuck in a cycle of resolutions that never resolve. I have these and these resolutions but were mostly left out in the end. This shows how determined I am in changing myself.

Therefore, instead of dreaming on more resolutions, may I take this opportunity to request feedback from you guys? Response on my strength. Areas to change to a better me. Feedback on my negativity. Or perhaps if you have any enquiries in mind, now is the best time to raise them. And I swear to answer them honestly.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My own space

Sharing a bedroom with a sibling can be annoying at times, let alone sharing with your parents. Their mess takes up one half of the room, you can't bring a friend home without them in the way and you can't get much privacy.

Longing for a room of my own since the new house was built, it's no longer a dream. Though the new house ended as a sold property yesterday, the members of the house have unanimously agreed to play own roles in contributing to the current house renovation. In another word, financial contribution.

Well, money doesn't bother me much. 'Coz I am finally getting my own room. Very soon. No more sleeping with parents. No more junks around the house. My own space.

Most importantly, I can sleep the way I have always wished - sleeping naked.

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Monday, December 6, 2010


16 October 2010

A quick dinner with few bloggers in Berjaya Times Square Kenny Rogers. I am sure you guys had a hard time choosing the correct cake. Thanks you all.
From Esper, Ichi, Nicholas, Bern and Pikey.

Do you believe we were scolding each other 10 minutes before this picture was taken?

First time cutting a cake


03 December 2010

Someone has turned 22. I would have given him a present if he behaves. But oh well... I am the best present he can ever wish for.

Bee's Tiramisu

What's your wish?


04 December 2010

Just like any other celebrations, we opted for Japanese food as our meal. Located hundreds of kilometers away, this was my 3rd try while sozai had his first. Definitely a great experience to him. These are good foods, I tell you. If oysters are available, make sure you order them.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant

Check out the thickness of Salmon Sashimi here

Soft Kaniko Salad - as crispy as potato chips

One must try the Black Dragon before you leave

Special Dynamite Maki - full of fish

Tamago and Tobiko Sushi

Mussel Clam - too good

 Salmon Skin Temaki - a bit hard and hangus (wasted)

Age Dashi Tofu - crispy on the outside, soft in the inside


My in law's birthday coming soon too. Definitely a huge hole in my wallet already.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


On the way back home from Rawang, we paid a visit to McD drive-thru located near Zoo Negara. It was 6th of November, 1331 hours when we ordered McValue Nugget Meal and a cup of chocolate Sundae. We made a dash home without paying attention to the price till we checked the invoice later in the evening. Instead of RM 9.40, I paid additional RM 3.30 which was quite obviously a mistake.

For many reasons, I could not get back to the outlet immediately. I was well aware that my chance of getting back the money's so slim if I didn't inform them right away. Waited till 28th of November, again we decided to drop by at the same outlet to clarify the mistake. I get to speak to one of the staff, Ayu.

Ayu: Sir, ini staff masa key in dia tak letak value meal. Jadi harga sudah silap.
Jino: So can I have the remaining balance refunded?
Ayu: Tak boleh sir. Sebab ini resit sudah lama, you patut datang balik dan bagi tau kita.
Jino: It's not convenient to drive all the way back here for a few dollars. What do you think?
Ayu: Then kenapa you tak datang awal sikit? Sekarang sudah berapa minggu dah.
Jino: What makes you think that I pass by here everyday? I have work to do.
Ayu: Kalau macam tu at least sir you boleh call number ni dan kasi tau kita. Then boleh kita follow up.
Jino: So you cannot refund me the money?
Ayu: Cannot, sir. Sudah lama sangat ni. Kalau you datang balik hari tu kita boleh kasi balik duit tu.

Have you all already realized what's missing from the conversation?

Jino: I tell you what. The reason I am here to seek either one of the two. Firstly is the refund.
Ayu: Aha... aha...
Jino: I understand that it's my mistake for not checking the invoice before leaving. And you also have the right not to refund. But what I am looking forward the most in my visit today is a word of APOLOGY. Throughout the conversation I can feel that you put all the blame on me. I can't get refund 'coz I did not do this and that. It is not 3 dollars anymore. You have never put yourself in my shoes since there's no sorry from your end that makes me really disappointed. Despite a mistake made by your staff, there is no apology.
Ayu: So sorry sir.
Jino: No, you are not. No worry Ayu, you have not done any mistake. It's a customer who is not satisfied with the customer service you have provided and I will seek a channel to lodge a complain. And McDonald's has lost a small customer. Thank you.

It's hard to recall the conversation as dual languages were used but I tried my best. I've also notify McD this incident through their website in hope the management not only focus on products. Customer service is just as important! A gentle reminder: If you want your complains to be heard, speak to a manager instead.

No more McD for Jino.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beauty comes at a price

I tried what Chu had brought back from Taiwan. The feeling's superb. For the first time in my life, I fatt hao to this extent. I'm excited.

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

Main ingredients:
roselle acid:
removes dead cells of skin, improves and prevents enlarged pores.

hyaluronic acid:
stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves skin's firmness and resilience.

gentle nano:
AHAs prolong pore-contracting effects

I tried the red wine mask but have decided to buy the mask above for its effects (though I clearly know those are marketing gimmicks). Guess that I will become a girl for 30 minutes at home in exchange of more confidence on the street as a man. As Kenji said, "the best quality of you is the manly you!".

Selling RM 50 at retail stores, I can now get it at the price of RM 29 through online purchase (credit to Mun Mun). Hopefully I can get the mask by Tuesday. Surprisingly, I did not think twice. No hesitation. I'm obsessed.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Balance of life

Before my work starts I look forward to my lunch time. After lunch, I cannot wait to dash home. Moods vary with Monday blues and thank god it's Friday. I don't like my job. I want to quit.

Oh no I cannot quit! I need money. I want to save. There's no specific reason to save at the moment but I find it depressing to spend my hard earn money. The more I save, the happier I am.

Open up the wallet and it's my source of motivation at work.

Li Ning, 李宁

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I haven't been at work for more than twenty minutes and already my day is going down hill. There are times when hair pulling seems to prevail over other activities in life. Some symptoms to mention that can be noticed are being irritable and tired from not sleeping well, unable to focus and having emotional outbursts. I wish to write more on my work but soon to realize that this is not the place to do so. Not in this post, at the least. 

Unlike my usual routine where I wake up to the work stress, today is different. I wake up this morning with this feeling inside me which I can't explain. Although only 5 hours of sleep, I felt the distinct energy flowing around my body. My heart beats 75 times a minute. Never have I felt this great in the past months.

By hiding my date of birth on Facebook as Ben suggested in U6BF Ayamas gathering 10th May, birthday wishes in Facebook and handphone were drastically reduced as compared with last year. I don't like to stay in the highlight, but needless to say I appreciate the sms and Facebook messages from you all.

A week before my birthday, so zai and I toured to Penang as my birthday celebration. We had nice food, met great guys and most importantly, the xxx session. The video taping would be the best present if my incompetent camera can record a video more than 10 minutes. Disappointed, yeah...

On my birthday, Esper treated a tender grilled chicken chop and a slice of hardened marble cheese cake in Secret Recipe Cyberjaya. Together with the meal were a box of dark chocolate and RM50 Jusco vouchers. His generosity and cordiality put me in guilt. There's no need for such formality anyway.

5 days later, which was a Saturday, so zai and I again had a celebration with Pikey, Bern, Nicholas, Ichi and Esper at Times Square Kenny Rogers. I'm so sorry to put you guys in trouble for I know choosing the right cake was difficult. In honesty, I love the green tea cake.

The next day wasn't a celebration. It's instead a quick breakfast with Pikey and Bern at Sri Petaling where I got on hold Hyorinmaru. A slight touch on the blade and my finger bled. It's sharp.

As I have previously blogged, to celebrate the date of birth is not to celebrate your birthday. Birthday is an event where we express our gratitude and appreciation to our parents. As such, I spent a handful of my salary on Osaka Japanese Restaurant, Klang in a single day. It's very unlike me to spend my money in such trend, but my mum was so satisfied with the oysters and sea cucumbers we had.

Such an eventful month was blogged in one post. Thanks a lot everyone for your participation. I understand the difficulties to read and imagine without pictures but please bear with this. No picture's available as my camera is abducted. To Kampar.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dissertation on my trip to Penang

It's unusual for newbie like me to get annual leave during the final quarter of the year. I kinda feel like I hit a jackpot when I was asked to leave my work for 3 days.

My visit to Penang (02nd to 04th October) was an opportunity to discover and experience the wonders of local food. It is not the food that I enjoyed the most in the trip, however. I am proud to have a friend who's willing to bring me around Penang for food and sightseeing, even though I only asked for a short meet up (personally, I believe he doesn't like people mentioning his name in blogs). With his help, I get to meet few other bloggers (TZ, Shawn and Mark - edited and added 24 October 2010). Hey mates, I am not at all scared to meet older people so worry not XD. And not to forget Jeff, another blogger who toiled his way to bus terminal in the final hour before we departed to KL. I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart. Of 'coz aside from that, I have my beloved so zai who made my days in Penang.

Tune hotel - double room

Haircut in Penang

 Kek Lok Si

Few eye candies here >.<

Going through tough times hiding from my mum, bosses and friends

More pictures can be found in the Facebook. I had my share of fun in Penang and I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did during the weekend.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 September 2010

"Jino. What is your objective here? Do you work here to gain experience? Money? Part time while waiting for studies? To get promoted? Where do you see yourself in this company in the days to come?" asked my line-manager on my 5th day of answering calls.

"I have something in my mind but it's still too early to disclose. I need more time before I can take my stand. Give me 4 months and I will get back to you."

Certainly, I know what I want from this job. No doubt I will be there in 2 years. Wait till the right time comes and he will know my decision.


It's not easy to forget a person one used to like. A special song dedicated to Nicholas Tang. Is he thinking what I am thinking (if he can understand)?

Imagine I have a habit to save MYR 1,000 every month. Besides spending on food and shopping, is there any suggestions on investment? The amount is very little, I understand. Maybe it's too early to talk about this. Yet I appreciate any recommendation that can put the money into good use.

Credit card
I see credit card in many good ways to improve quality of life and the convenience a card made of plastic provides. At the same time, I observe the hazardous sides of the card which have jeopardized many families. I can't help to wonder if I am sufficiently educated to handle the card. The application form has been filled in as I am seriously interested to obtain one. All that is left is the gut to submit the paper.

September is coming to an end. A wallet which can fit 3.5"X2.5" photo is perfect to grace the month.  Perhaps Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will do a fine job too.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 weeks ago

Date: 21st August 2010
Venue: Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang
Time: Approximately 11 a.m.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st permanent job

16 days. In these 16 days I have been 'fooling' around and been 'fooled' while receiving pay. To those who concern, I am currently working in a bank call centre, located in Cyberjaya. Transport is provided therefore distance is not in question. Some were confused on how Biochemistry is related to banking service. That being said, there is no connection between them. Bioscience does not promise future in Malaysia. To survive in KL is tough, let alone to make a living with my degree. Hence, my job in customer service.

At the same time, I am always alert when it comes to graduate studies. I was once offered a position in UPM, but was then rejected because I cannot comply to both working time. When I have to earn for living, it is natural to consider graduate studies as the second priority. I do not want my degree to go to waste, yet I have no option at the moment.

Back to the title, I am not sure if he plays dumb but there is a colleague who asks me:

Colleague: What do you major at?
Jino: Biochemistry.
Colleague: I know. That is a new course for banking or finance, 'is it'?

That question depressed me. A lot.

There is a rule that restrict handphones in the building. All staff, by all means, are required to keep handphones in the lockers. Imagine 9 hours working without handphone. It is understandable, but is also annoying, agree? That also explains the reason I reply slower than usual. And we have a cafeteria which offers variety of 'food'. We have vege pedas, ayam goreng pedas, tofu pedas, steam ikan pedas, potato pedas. I can only entertain white rice and dhal. KFC is located miles away. Seriously, I start loosing weight on the 2nd week of working.

After an 8-days English assessment upon hiring, I stumbled upon many 'situation' which I never thought are grammatically incorrect. At the same time, we were taught on phonemic codes which help in pronunciation. I am then assigned to Australian credit card call centre. That means I'm gonna be tortured by Aussie.

Now that the English assessment was over, we proceed to process training where we are required to fully master the product knowledge. Due to lack of exposure, I am struggling to comprehend bank language and terminologies. Studying in bank for 2 days has enlightened me. After all, bank is no charity institution. If a lawyer is a professional liar, bank is a legal loan shark. Seeing as so many victims fall into bank's trap and seduction, it is fortunate I do not have a credit card at the moment. Credit, when users are unaware of the limit, is disastrous. Examples set by many credit card slaves on the street. Many lessons to come in the coming weeks.

People like us spend a lot. As for me, switching from prepaid to postpaid has caused me financial crisis. You won't notice how you spend your credit till the statement date comes. As for me, for the 1st time in my life I was about to reach my credit limit this month. While I always scold Edwin on his overused credit, it's a slap on my face when I commit to the same act. RM 128.56 in one month, wei! It's gonna kill me a lot on my 1st salary. I need extra discipline if I were to get myself a credit card >.<.

p/s: If I am quickly running out of credit, I wonder how Khai is doing over there. Maxis sms Digi - unbearable...

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


On the 3rd day of training in HDP, ATTITUDE was the day's highlight as Jo Wan the trainer repeatedly stressed the enlightening word in her unpleasant tone.

"I don't care if you fail the assessment but I at least wish you will walk out this room with the right ATTITUDE."

To whom it may concern:

I was more than happy when you set your goal this semester to 3.000. What get on my nerve is the fact you sleep, watch One Piece, attend meeting and chant to cosmic energy more than the time you spend on studying. You resort to last minute revision and procrastinate to the very end. You are not helping yourself, who's to be blamed? I personally don't believe you can make it through if this is the ATTITUDE you display.

You complained and wanted your laptop formatted. Then you requested my help. You know I don't have much time yet you procrastinate. Instead of spending 3 hours of my available time to make back up data, you slept and did nothing. You know the consequences. Serves you right.

And many other cases when accumulated causes annoyance.

Everyone makes mistakes. But are you the type who learn from mistakes? Rumi the super boss in the organization said "There are 2 types of fools; fools who never make mistakes and fools who repeat mistakes". You may think they are trivial. But throughout the 2 years, there is no improvement I can give credit for. Very quickly, I reached my tolerance limit. My continuous advice did not reach you. Disappointed. You may hate me now but in the end you know that I love you.

Only if you display the right ATTITUDE, this day may not have to prevail...

I am sorry to Nicholas and Carpe Diem for rejecting the meet up today. Let's meet up some other day. So sorry.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Trust and faith are essence of a long distance relationship. Not exactly true to say I lack both, but confirmation tests never hurt. Just to remain on the safe side.

He was informed to welcome me on the Wednesday. Instead I took a morning bus to Kampar on Tuesday (17 August). Only by surprise can his guard be lowered. To reduce chances of eliminating evidence, surprise is a wise option.

Upon entering his room I checked behind the door. Chances of someone hiding behind is high.

Then I allowed his wardrobe ajar. In case there are M or L size clothes or unrecognized underwear among the stash. Who knows if I have enough luck to spot someone hiding in the wardrobe?

Trash bin was thoroughly investigated.

Drawers were unlocked.

Every test shows negative result. A question remains. Is he the loyal and faithful type? Or is he from the genius family who leaves no evidence after crime? Either way, I am satisfied as long as I don't find out. This is how I place my trust XD.

p/s: An overdue post without special activity throughout the stay.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alma mater

I do not know how true it is after I left, but when we were still students, we took the school image as our greatest pride. Unlike many on the streets, our students keep their shirts tucked in after school hours. Neat. Tidy. Smart. This is the first trait of a Victorian.

Any activities organized by Victorians require minimal, very close to no help from teachers. Teachers are present only on the actual day of campfire, contests, trips and meetings. They are not involved in sponsorships, decision making or planning. Clubs and societies in the VI are students-oriented where Victorians work independently, be it in curricular or co-curricular agendas. This is also a significant trait of the VI. Teachers, however, are important when signatures and approvals are needed.

Assembly in the main hall every Monday morning wouldn't be smooth if not thanks to the Victorians in blue shirts and white pants. These authorized Victorians were limited in numbers. With mere 20+ of them in the Prefectorial Board, the school discipline can somehow be 'assured'. Unique? Awesome, I would say. You cannot find this in many places.

My STPM was my busiest year in my life. It really was. I burned midnight oil for 3 months. I sacrificed 3 months of night sleep. I skipped all school classes and majority of Kasturi classes. No I did not sacrifice for studies. A Victorian endlessly supports the school he loves in many ways. I can safely say that I sacrificed my academics while invested heavily on the magazine. Yet I never complain. Never regret. From a silencer who is not known and had no reputation in the eyes of teachers, I was promoted to bear great responsibilities. Being appointed acting EIC of the VEB 2006, there were a lot that I learned in the short few months. From political struggle in the board itself, experience widened to dealing the hypocrites in the school administration. There were stress from the higher rankings, publishers and useless teachers. I had seen people with double faces in the board, in the admin office and in the staff room. As the leader of a board which managed the production of the school magazine, I (with the greatest support from my editors and committee members) had to take care of everything not only the principal, senior assistants, advisory teachers, but also government puppets, non-related teachers, students, publishers, sponsors, security guards and toilet cleaner inclusively. From my 1st editor I understood how honesty is insignificant in reality. I was taught to practice double standard. There were times I was required to sneak in the principal office and steal documents and risked being caught. Government puppets like kaki bodek a lot so I shamelessly be one to satisfy their needs. My secretary was there when I tried to hold my tears. This was where I gained my first touch of photoshop. I started reading and improving my English 'coz I overlooked News and Report Department and Literary Department. WTF? Why did I torture myself so much for my school? 'Coz I love my school. What did I get in the end? Nothing but life experience and lessons. It's worth.

95% of this cover was my design

Oh, those were my history. The past which many have forgotten. Nonetheless, upholding the honour and tasks as an EIC was my only option to repay the school for what she has done for me. My greatest achievement wasn't the STPM but was VEB. All in all, I am still proud to be a Victorian. Once a Victorian, forever a Victorian. I love my school.

VEB production team 2006.

Give a wise man instruction and he will be yet wiser.

Happy 117th Founders' Day.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


 An unrelated photo: Pinky red.

1. Google map to Sunway Giza - Tao.
2. Google map to Bangi - 1st interview.
3. Google map to Wisma - 2nd interview.
4. Google map to Intermark Tower - medical check up.
5. Google map to Cyberjaya - offer letter.
6. Google map to UPM - 3rd interview.
7. Google map to UTAR PJ - convo attire.

7 directions in a month. Google map is very useful, don't you agree? Exploring is fun (I am lying) ^^.

Aiks? My left cheek in the picture macam kena tumbuk dan bengkak >.<.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Close up to open out (Part 4)

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Friendship turned bromance

Have you ever come across the situation where you delete everything you wrote as draft beforehand, rejecting the entire content? I had done so. Rewriting in an hour was easy when emotions flow to no end. Whistling through the raindrops is a bonus.

We were in the same class on several occasions but not until you left comments on my Friendster that your presence was significant. The transition from stranger to acquaintance to friend began with attention - you made the first attempt for the friendship to develop. You remained a low profile boy without obvious p trait and as such, I had hard time determining your sexuality. Or rather, my gaydar was poorly functioning. That wasn't the main concern, I swear.

You were treated as equal as the rest to maintain a healthy friendship. While I was still attached (to KC), I did not expect nor request anything from you. Not to mention I never knew you're one of us, I kept my gayism low to not lose a friend and avoid punches from a straight, just in case. I was hell sure you were not more significant than others in my friends list.

But for awhile things weren't the same.

We knew each other on education level but we moved further. Gradually you shared me your family background, work experience, ambition, emotions, rants and everything else that I need not know yet wish to find out. When you confided your love interest and showed me the girl you crushed on, inside me was tearing.

Coincidentally our working places were arms length during semester part time job. I saw you everyday and we spent many lunches together. You could say it's fate. I believe it was. That wasn't enough to attract me. In an incident, willingly, you shared half of the donuts from your supervisor on your great sales performance. Honestly speaking, you didn't know how touched I was. My first taste on JCo donuts was thanks to you. In that instance, all too certain there was this guy that I was attracted to and I had developed feeling for. That guy, nonetheless, was you, XB.

I couldn't help to over analyze you endlessly and finished as a loser. You touched my hands in the cinema. We chatted all nights. You always stared into my eyes when we talked. You even invited me back to your hometown to do house chores. For the last month your attitude towards me had become even more supportive and caring. I was beginning to feel that you were looking at me in a different way, though I hardly suspect your intention.

Do you like me? Of 'coz you like me, but what are you looking for? You seem to treat me really good but are your intentions the same as mine?

Questions reversed.

Do I like you? Of 'coz I like you, but what am I looking for? Could it be that my feelings for you have grown into something more? I seem to treat you really good but is my intention the same as yours?

I'd been having very strong feelings of attraction and a desire for something more than friendship. The hardest part was deciphering the difference between someone wanting to be friends and someone wanting to be more, I get mixed signals. It was a tough call and I evaluated myself if I was ready to make my move, to take the risk. What's the worst that could happen? The fear of failure, the chance of awkwardness - these are few things that crossed my mind

Nothing could be further from the truth. On your birthday morning you were on my bed, an inch away from me. Your eyes fixed on mine when I adjusted my eyes to the light in the room. Bravely and randomly, without a second thought I pecked you on your lips at the same time robbed your first kiss. Almost instantly I clenched my eyes. We could have heard the pin drop. From the sound of your heart beat I immediately knew you wouldn't beat me. The moment of truth was here.

The confirmation you provided was reassuring but you were not at all happy to learn KC was in our way. Your patience allowed me time to plan and decide what I want. There's no pressure from you. Over time, your voices were my courage to step in the right direction (on how I eliminated KC, read Part 3). Again you prescribed me time. Time to recollect myself after breaking up. I wasn't strong as you think, however I didn't take long.

Almost a month I waited for the both to get ready. The day was 1st January, 2008. Fireworks graced the beginning of our relationship. Here, I thought you were the prince I truly waited for. Sadly, the fireworks did not simply witnessed my new found love. It was also the day someone unexpectedly expressed his love to me. That someone was not you. He was your new competitor.

I wouldn't give him a chance to ruin what I worked hard to earn. At least I thought so. But it didn't go well. We had been through so much together that it hurts just recalling a tiny fraction of the time we spent as a couple. It was at much lamented we ended 8 days later, while I easily succumbed to a new promising love on the 9th. No, you did no wrong. No, we didn't have argument. Yes, my heart had changed. Perhaps you will find that I'm trying to justify my decision to move on. I couldn't come out something better than crying to alleviate my guilt of ending this relationship. I have to sorry for being a jerk and ruined your first love.

What is bromance? Brother romance? Bad romance?

It takes only a minute to get crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Too afraid my heart will change, the reason meeting new friends is my least favourite now is largely due to my inability to control the bromance recurrence and to avoid repeating history of increasing names to my list of exes. Of 'coz, yes to my lacking determination and brittle loyalty.

Hence, the stories of my exes end with this post.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 1st interview

I had my 1st interview in Bangi as a graduate 2 days ago. It's inevitably hard to shake off the fear and worries despite my attempt to calm down. I've written scripts on "describe yourself" at home but when asked, my mind wasn't straight. Rather, I answered what normal people won't speak of such as "this is my 1st interview after graduation" and "I have no experience in this field at all". Then I expected questions such as "why should we hire you?" or "what do you see in the next 2 years?" thrown at me. Instead, they directly asked related to my academic.

Interviewer: Do you know what is HPLC?
Jino: Yes, I do. We used that machine during one of our practical lab works in uni.
Interviewer: Then can you briefly describe how the machine works?
Jino: ... (shit) (trying to recall)
Interviewer: Is there mobile phase? Column?
Jino: /nod head. Yea and that machine separates substances based on... (trying to recall again).
Interviewer: Polarity?
Jino: /smile. Yes, polarity.

HPLC is a technique which appeared everywhere in my syllabus but the tension had me not recalled anything. I did my homework but there's no way I could cover 3 years of studies in a short time. HPLC was one that I forgot to read up and I've screwed up as you can see. Then they convert the question to UV spectrophotometer and finally the job scope. When the interview came close to an end, they disclosed the salary of that position which honestly, was a disappointment. I am not expecting much to begin with (Who am I? Only a fresh graduate), but I insisted on the interview so that I can prepare myself better for the future, mentally and academically. This is a good lesson, I did it for experience, better than none at the least. Study before interview!

There's slim chance they will call me again due to my performance. If by chance they ring me up, I have to think double twice as the company restricts employees to work in the same field within 3 years after resigning. That's what I was told. I may misheard.

My ex, XB had succeeded in an interview and will start his job as a customer service officer in Damansara. He introduced me to an agent that links to the same company as his, hoping that we will work together. As a fresh graduate the offered salary is very tempting. However, 10 years of science followed by customer service, to me, is really a turn off.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre- and post-3 kg

The previous night was so heated it is concluded by waking up the next morning, I lacked the much needed sleep. 69, doggy, air runner, amazon, two mountain. Never had I thought he can be this manly after the years of resistance. Of 'coz there were few moments top view was breathtaking. Approximately 2 hours - with that we probably lost few calories. That amount of calories however, were nothing close to compensate the sinful meal we had in later afternoon.

On the way to the destination we drove into many wrong roads. From Jalan Duta we ended in Jalan Semantan and further up, then Bandar Utama, Damansara Jaya, Damansara Perdana. Inherited mum's gene, I could never learn to link the roads together. 1 hour worth of petrol spent but we failed to meet Kota Damansara signboard. As usual, our conversation turned into argument when situation like this rises. On the minute I gave up and issued a Plan B, Sunway Giza was spotted few meters away from us. The rest are explained by 'criminals' in the pictures.

As the title implied, I gained unnecessary 3 kg. But the best part was I wasn't required to pay a single cent ^^.

On an unrelated story, I have added Nuffnang advertisements in my blog. Not knowing exactly how it works, I still hope to earn some side income.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Influenza A, anyone?

It is sad to learn that my baby at home succumbed to Influenza A, said the children specialist. To be on the safe side, similar test was done to his mum and brother who also suffer Influenza A-like illness. As expected, they have also caught up to Influenza A. Since I've never suspected him, I have been playing with the baby all the time. 2 days passed after the discovery yet I find no wrong with my health. There is no sign of prevalence but that does not guarantee anything. Chances are, the virus is still in its incubation period. Hence I made my first move in case misfortune takes place. My first move is to write my death will and it is stored in one of my treasure boxes. To be exact, is treasure box #3. If you happen to come across my death, kindly tell my family about the will ^^.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July has come

The passage of time is not what it seems. Time passes faster sometimes and slower at other times. It speeds when I play games. Time crawls when I read. While I did not allow myself to believe Jino is jobless, I cannot deny them now. Convocation is around the corner of calendar. So many errands to complete for convocation. Payments must be made by the end of the month. Where comes the money, tell me? Jino oh Jino...

The convocation fee is inclusive of 2 guests entree cards, of which I scratch my head hard since last week to figure out who to invite. My parents were not in good terms but I presume both wish to see me in graduation robe. My bf is also dieing to come along but to think that he has to accompany either my parent for long hours terrifies me a lot. Since 'purchasing additional entree card' is not found anywhere in the convocation handbook, I already expect the worst. My mum is my first priority, who should be the second?

There are many blogs I missed since my disappearance. And there's no promise I will leave comment on every blog post I read, but I will make sure I start reading from where I stop. The process might consume more than a week. Of all, the first blog I read is carpe diem's.

Melaka, besides its historical pages printed on books, is also referred as another food haven in the country. Following Lok Mun's request, I had snapped some photos as souvenir purpose when I visited the historic state which gave birth to many sultans in the country. To their knowledge, their ancestors , like ours, are pendatang. The difference is, our ancestors came to work while their ancestors came while escaping enemies and avoiding capture.

Cendol and soursop ice

Took pictures with my 'gf'

Kuih bahulu with kaya filling

Layers of mille crepe at Nadeje Cafe, Mahkota Parade

The Victorians in Melaka zoo


p/s: Missing pictures are chicken rice balls in He Ji Restaurant (和记) and satay celup in Ban Lee Siang (萬里香)

Last but not least, I have re-activated my Facebook but I won't use it as frequent as I used to. Internet is not Facebook. After all, there are many wonders one can do with internet. One of it is reading Naruto.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gain and lost

Couple of months ago, an incident inevitably broke out. I almost lost you but we managed to keep the differences aside and moved on. That was at the expenses of losing interest on Rynn's songs, a rather surprising fact to a die hard fan like myself. His songs hold no meaning to me already. Many a time you requested me to sing. While his songs evaporated on the historical night itself, I couldn't do as you ordered. The very songs which I sang thousand times no longer sink in my brain like they used to. Without a second thought, all his posters and news articles were rid from my treasure box.

Unfortunately, another similar event took place last week. The previous post wasn't sufficiently informative so I might as well clear the mess here. This time as well, Edwin and I are still intact. Difference was, it was the interest to online that the event claimed. Simply put, I don't have the mood to online and this seems to last for more than a week. That explain my hiatus from msn all this while. In addition, my Facebook was deactivated accordingly. No hint that I will make a come back this soon. Undoubtedly, no change of heart but a change in me. Whether it is a good or bad sign is not me or you to decide. I blame no single soul for the change.

A brief update about me. My time is largely spent on Diablo and Diablo II. Hell mode in Diablo II is no joke. Even at level 98, I barely able to stand against Baal. Anyhow, my sorceress cleared her path and ranked herself the Matriarch. OMG playing Diablo at this age makes me so outdated. But it was pure satisfaction extracted when Baal disappeared into thin air. Now it's time to put other characters to test.

I read One Piece, 586 chapters in a month. Amazing, no?

Also, I am still waiting a professor's reply whether to absorb me as his master student or not. It's been ages already. No company approached me for interview. I was like an abandoned cat with despair eyes. If the situation persists by July, I have to force money to flow in.

Few bloggers have privatized their blogs during my hiatus. I don't have right to question and they don't have to entertain me. Who am I? Feel childish if I approach them. I was stunned a while for not being informed. I prefer to think of it only as a misfortune rather than ponder their true reasons. Surely, it is none of my business but it disheartened that I wasn't invited to read. The puzzled feeling... eh eh eh? With full respect I supported their decisions. If I can read that wouldn't be called privatization, right?

That aside, I had my 1st anniversary recently. An anniversary of a friendship. He couldn't coincidentally approach me like that. He must have done his homework properly. I can't be wrong. I appreciate his sincerity very much that we celebrated with sushi. Hopefully we will meet some day.

Cucumber and egg maki

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't want to see you anymore

I had been doing a lot of thinking last night.

The faint weep of dismay danced at the edges of my hearing, kept me from gaining much needed sleep.
Small elements when periodically amassed resulted uproars in the equation.
Chances are, my tolerance knows little bound.
Patience means self-suffering.
So speaks Gandhi, and so it is written.

In my ranting, I had slipped my intention - the title.
We exchanged more tears as we drove home.
After all, it is a break up line I don't wish to tell in contrary.
After what we'd been through.
I devoted every ounce of my being taking care of you.
The title - saying it had been an exercise in frustration.

12 of June, 1752 hours.
Both rings were in my pocket.
You finally left with tears.
Freedom? No more sadness?
I had made the right decision, I suppose.
But this was tearing me up inside as well.

Tragically, Jino became single.

However, the existence and all legends about you have since then been undeniable without exception.
The feeling of sorrow was not all the remains in the 886 days we spent.
Someone once said, a relationship is not about changing anyone to what we want.
Personally, I find true love as something that doesn't happen in an instant.
It is a building process.
It speaks the truth about relationship.

Someone says the relationship we have is immature.
Many don't believe we could last.
My mum tried to separate us.
I introduced you to my friends.
More importantly, you are my bf and my bf.
How could I not recall these moments in the idle night I thought I was thinking deeply?

Why don't you strengthen your heart.
When I believe you have more reasons to stay together than to part?
Your love is not worn out.
Not yet.
'Coz you have made promises. Many promises.
Says he, who enlightened, via msn.

An hour later.
My jelly mind was finally straighten.
Once again I placed my trust.
I believe this love will stand the test of time.
Back on your finger, I placed the ring on its righteous place.
I give my thanks to you. Now I am stronger.

Jino was single, and then attached.

Isn't this story, dramatic?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not so alone

Little did you know, I begin to love quality time for myself particularly the lacking of this somehow draws a great margin of incompleteness and incompetence, from me. Thus, without Edwin sticking his nose around me, I made some suggestion (to myself) on how to spend the time for myself without him, without friend or without family. Not many were supportive though, mostly were critics, I traded them for a moment and a place where I would be left alone and thought to find solace. Hey. Just because you can't stand loneliness, you don't label us insane.

Transport availability and equipments when taken into consideration quickly discarded many options such as waterfalls and jungles. My mum was shocked to learn my last minute plan, more surprised when I revealed my intention to go alone.

Up the peak, what caught my attention most would be the stiff breeze that clouded my vision. I exhaled to have a split second of what's in front of me. And then I couldn't see anything again. For that mystical instant I waited an hour to appear again but sadly it's not likely happening. That was a glimpse of sight I hope to experience again.

But seriously, I never imagined that a simple walk like this was capable of returning series of flashbacks, to when I was still actively attached to KC. Ermm... After all KC was the first to introduce me what Genting was. He made me walked with him and spent unnecessarily when both were barely loaded to feed ourselves. How would I ever forget the RM 150 donation he forked out from my wallet on stupid mattresses? Never had I expected to pay RM 100 for a cheap, blur, 20 shots instant camera. Those unbearable pain!!!

Only good looking guys deserve a place here.

Bukit Jalil to Genting: RM 5 bus (An aunty offered to buy at half the normal price)
Hainan tea O in food court: RM 3.50
2 bowling games + shoes: RM 15
Sundae in McD: RM 4.15
Starbucks: RM 19++
Prince of Persia: RM 12
Waffle: RM 4
Bus to Titiwangsa: RM 6.60

My next target is to hunt Asam Laksa and Char Kuey Teow in Penang, alone. Whether it's happening or not, is another good question.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tormented free

Every person I met through uni had some impact on me, whether they became my best friends, enemies, ex or secret crush. Spending more than 30% of my time there had it turned into my second home and everyone there turned into my second family. We may be inactive most of the time, I loved all the activities and the closeness of everyone. Despite the complains on the canteen food, facilities and lecturers we had, UTAR is nevertheless a choice I made to spend my 3 years tertiary education.

UTAR portal was down when the results were released. The waiting was extremely tormenting but the outcome was the best I'd achieved so far. For some reasons, I managed to pass all my papers even though I had already assumed the worst for Genomics. Sounds like UTAR doesn't want me to be its student any longer, so do I never want to be their coursemate anymore.

I am not important. Ignore me. - Dr. Khoo.
PR lecturer was so annoying that I always have reasons to punch her red nose every time I saw her.
Computer Science and Organic Chemistry were the worst as they pulled down my CGPA damn lot that I began my journey with lots of injuries.
Dr. Anna is my favourite lecturer. She's the prettiest and kindest of all lecturers.

No doubt English was the most relaxing subject offered, with nothing to study.
And I was 30 minutes late for my Maths paper due to pukimak traffic jam on the Friday. Wasn't moving from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., just few steps away from my house. I hate strawberries! Unforgivable.
Pengajian Malaysia was the best, never enter class but scored A in the exam.

The semester I finally understood the importance of memorizing notes. Definitely will fail if I didn't memorize. Memorized 100% for every paper.

Heard of 2k hydrogen bonds between A and T nucleotides? You can't find it anywhere but in UTAR.
If you think that a multiracial country can be built by enforcing ISA, then you are hell wrong. - CC debate.
Kita bertemu lagi dalam rancangan, Jino Talk!

What does a girl have that boys don't have? - Dr. Soon. BRAIN!!! - Seng Seng.
What's the scientific term for lung? Start with the word 'p'. - Dr. Soon. PARU PARU!!! - Anonymous.
Oh yea, 3 midterms for a subject. Stressful. Ridiculous or not?
Photosinsis, fee radical, exponential tam - Dr. Lim, our Bioscience dean, who had left to Taylors. Good luck to Taylors.
If I catch anyone copying, whole class get zero! - Dr. Seaweed.
Connical flank. Retarted stand. I thought they were conical flask and retort stand. Anyway, lecturer drew Nike logo on both answers.

A tree, is a tree lah! With leaves and branches. - Fashion Disaster.
The tips are, study all. - Dr. CB.
I will close both eyes when I mark your paper. It's not like I understand anything you write. - Dr. Not Important.
Is there any pufferfish in Malaysia? - Dr. Seaweed. No! Only in Japan! - Seng Seng.

You know what is magic? You got watch magic show ar?

These were among some highlights I could recall throughout my degree life.

Though it's a second lower class, heck! I've graduated! My next plan is to work my ass out for cash. Goodbye UTAR~ But wait! At a corner of my heart is an overwhelming desire to do masters. Should I? Should I not? I am indecisive, that I agree. Financial is the main concern. Definitely require more advices and options regarding this matter, I need to seek some help. Meanwhile I've spread some resume on the internet, hopefully they hook me up for interviews. Feel free to hook me up for yum cha if you want to. Darn free at the moment.

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