Friday, July 16, 2010

Influenza A, anyone?

It is sad to learn that my baby at home succumbed to Influenza A, said the children specialist. To be on the safe side, similar test was done to his mum and brother who also suffer Influenza A-like illness. As expected, they have also caught up to Influenza A. Since I've never suspected him, I have been playing with the baby all the time. 2 days passed after the discovery yet I find no wrong with my health. There is no sign of prevalence but that does not guarantee anything. Chances are, the virus is still in its incubation period. Hence I made my first move in case misfortune takes place. My first move is to write my death will and it is stored in one of my treasure boxes. To be exact, is treasure box #3. If you happen to come across my death, kindly tell my family about the will ^^.

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