Sunday, May 31, 2009

Commemoration of the beginning

The time heads in an unfamiliar direction...

Sitting on my balcony, sipping on my favourite warm sky juice.

Just finished my breakfast and a little couching, and thought of the previous day's events. It was exciting and loads of fun, to say the least.

It was Fiona and her #200 that triggered me to this post I am now writing. It was then I started calculating, coincidentally this is my 100th. Seriously this is really a coincidence.

Unlike Fiona, the idea to write for 100th entry comes last minutely, thus no special idea to commemorate or whatsoever it may do. But there's one purpose of me writing these; it's to commemorate my inspiration of blogging ever since I started to.

At first I started blogging 'coz of... the intention of releasing my anger and depression badly but couldn't find a right way to deliver. Initially I started my blog in Friendster, and then transferred to Livejournal and then here. I've imported the older entries into archive too.

April 13th 2006 was my first post entitled 'When money play its trick' and 'I don't know what is this'. Both were written under extreme depression that I wanted to tell out so badly but could not. Knowing me a person who keeps everything to himself, I don't like to share my unhappiness. I hardly intend to ask for sympathy, avoid looking like one, if you ask why.

If there's anyone influenced me, or introduced the word 'blogging', it has to be Ben or Denise during U6BF, either they realize or not. 'Coz they are both good writers and bloggers. Under certain impression, for me blogging means writing online diary. Diary means discrete records. Solve the maths equation... 'A blog is an online-written detail entries that remain private and have limited circulation among friends and family'; that's the concept I had in mind.

After my 2nd post (which I bad-mouthed the school administration), classmates came to me offering comfort and close talks. I was surprised my posts were widely published in Friendster, not to mention now everyone can read as they please. How blur...

Oops, slightly off track. Yes, back to the blog. Now I've explained how everything began with single-minded intention of 'online diary' it has transformed to any ordinary blogs found outside; to house my life, my thoughts, emotions, to seek solace, etc. I have to say my purpose of blogging has not changed after so many years. Instead it has become a tool to polish my writing skill? Hope it all goes well. Long after, I considered blogging as part of my life, regardless privacy or not. I remembered when I made my 3rd post, I was excited. 'Coz it will be published. At some rate my hands were trembling, thinking of what I should put in my profile and what I would share. Now that everyone can read mine, would it be boring? Would readers find this retarded? But still, I wrote out the longest and probably the most boring entry in my history entitled 'I Not Stupid' inspired by Jack Neo's 小孩不笨. Carefully I watched my grammar the best I could, to look like a good writer, not a retarded at the very least.

At certain level I couldn't escape constant disappearance from blogging, till when my 1st relationship withered I was more determined to put in effort into blogging. Now instead of disappearing, I found myself overindulging. I put in every single crap I could think of into here, be it one-liner thingy, or a hyper-long entry or lyrics of the songs one sings in the bathroom.

Constantly I could feel the building writer's block. Sometimes I have ideas running in my head, but I'm having difficulties putting them into readable words. I even delete them in my mind before typing them down. Perhaps my life's not as adventurous and exciting to blog about? From certain authors' point of view, they feel at least the same pressure as novel writers to produce a quality, readable and full-of-impact entry for their readers. I guess it's a personal assurance of excellence? Have you ever come across the situation where you just stare at the blank screen and wonder what's the next letter to type? Or you delete everything you wrote as draft beforehand, rejecting the entire content? This is the virtual version of writer's block. I always do. As much as I hate myself being cynical, I have plenty to share so far, but cannot decide which comes first and sometimes I cannot escape tight schedules. Blog is like vege; too long in the fridge and they turn yellowish. Let's see how it all unfolds.

I believe blogging is a good way to express ourselves. Sometimes people can read us the way we write rather the way we speak. Verbal and non-verbal communications are not the really me? Yes, so to speak. Don't look down on the power of words. I once thought, if I less update my blog, let's say once a month, eliminate crappy entries and post only meaningful posts, I would impress many people. People would think I am cool, mature, elegant and philosophical. But the feedback was - fool. One says "write to express, not to impress". Soon I started seeing my foolishness. Whether you write as part of profession or as a hobby, there may come a time when your writing feels flat and lifeless. I learn the proper way to channel my content into words, slowly. It's time to lower own expectation, to fit the 'excellent' level of my writing skills. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, low level of ego to impress still persist.

In some corner of my heart I started thinking differently. Some bloggers meet 'coz they share common interests. They even have their own community, be it local or overseas, to hang out together as groups of bloggers. Blogging is also a way to extend our coverage and network, to know more friends. I so wish I could join them, but have to hold the mindset desperately for certain personal principle. Oh, I am contradicting myself, but I cannot elaborate more about this. I've also developed the hobby of reading other blogs; their daily lives, their updates etc, even though they might not/ never know me. For people to read your posts first you must visit their blog. And that's what I am doing in my holidays. I may not be visible or leaving comment all the time, but rest assured I will always remember to read every single updates in my blog lists, to read those who visited my blog.

As Kurotsuchi Mayuri loathes perfection, I wasn't spared being imperfect myself. I made my mistakes along the way of course. No one is able to live in pure bliss. Life is always unfair, up and down, realistic and cruel. Not even me who seems carefree stays the same. Never in this stereotyping community can a human live in his ideal expectation. The important thing is remember the lessons and work on it. Throughout the years, the blog grows with me. And it's very amazing we are still pressing on.

This blog changed my life, literally, directly and indirectly. Big time, indeed. Throughout the 3 years and 48 days of blogging, I have my fair share of bad and good events.

Thus, my 100th post of 'Debris of my mind, scattered everywhere' comes to an end, and it's a tedious one.

Hopefully I do not put anyone into boredom with my own syok sendiri thoughts and so. I was not born a good writer or reader but I do hope that from the blog, I've provided readers with brief impression of who Jino is. I had so much fun writing this post, relaxed, allowing ideas and creativity to flow freely. Think of it as a play date for my brain.

To think out of the box, how many actually reads my blog? You know, I know and the whole world knows.

But hey! What should I write next for my 4th year of Blogiversary?

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Plight, flight & sight - We miss you

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Plight, flight & sight - We miss you

In the end of the trip, we were dead tired and I was not well for few days. The few hours journey back home was back aching. I regret not taking the cable car ride and Legend Park. But then we really cherish this wonderful trip and looking forward the next one.

Throughout the days, I have to play role as an acting accountant. To calculate every expenses for the trip from lodging to dining to entrance fees to transportation. Total expenses for the trip, after 3 rounds of calculation, inspected and approved by both parties, excluding chocolate shopping, was RM 397.90 nett per person. Not really worth the price, I know. But it doesn't matter. Memories and experiences buy everything.

This map is the best, most fabulous asset throughout the trip

Maps and brochures from Langkawi

We had chocolates more than this

The Loaf's membership card + letters

Receipts of all expenses

Martini? No... This is black sand.

Edwin and I are still thinking about Langkawi. We miss the place and hope to have a return visit when Air Asia promotes zero fair again. I promise to make a return next time with island hopping and eagle feeding and more exciting activities, hopefully. Next trip we will be staying in better hotels, dine in specialty restaurants, participate in water sports etc etc; focusing more on vacation quality. Hopefully it's a 4 days 3 nights trip, or longer. Till then, we have to really thrifty and plan our trip well.

I would like to take this opportunity to deliver my appreciation to those who help us in this trip, directly or indirectly. Firstly is my mum for nodding in agreement for the permission to Langkawi. Secondly is KN for his assistance in booking flight ticket using his credit card. Thirdly is Austin for his intel on hotels and contacts. Last but not least is Edwin who accompanied me. Without them, Langkawi is just but a dream.

Flight itinerary

Austin's guidebooks regarding hotels and contacts

For now, there's something more worrying than that, which is the possibility that mum to find out that I misused PTPTN loan to enjoy the trip. Well, she will find out, how soon that matters.

The end and thank you for reading.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plight, flight & sight - Day 3 (21st May)

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Plight, flight & sight - We miss you

He learned his lesson yesterday. He woke up on my second attempt ^^. The resort we stayed in was RM 79 per night including breakfast for 2. Though the food was simple, it's enough to supply energy for our next adventure. If there's a complain, it'll be that their half-boiled eggs were served cold, that's quite disgusting. At first I thought they're hard-boiled egg -.-"'.

Simple breakfast to activate the morning

Eagle Square + Legend Park
Today's plan would be to complete what we were unable to complete the days before. By 9 a.m. after checked out, we left for Kuah Jetty again, this time was along with the cameraman, since we were not able to visit Legend Park on Day 2. Again the morning was greeted by heavy rain and lightning storm. But we're determined. This time round we snapped better view of the eagle, thanks to our cameraman. Luck was not with us, though. Our return to Legend Park wasn't fruitful due to the same reason - maintenance.

We were back, to Eagle Square for better view

Legend Park under maintenance. Shit!

Waited for rain to stop

On the way returning to cable car, we rushed and passed by Kuah town Coco Valley for a very-rush-last-minute chocolate shopping. Watch out for expiry date. They are not cheap for nothing.

Look Out Point
Curious to the Look Out Point along the way to cable car since the first day of visit, we paid the place a visit, just to find out that it's a crappy place to stop by. Another time-wasting venue like Black Sand Beach.

View from Look Out Point. I can see nothing.

At the footsteps of Look Out Point. The rocks were better than the peak!

Simply a reminder to fast drivers; road to cable car can be very curvy and steep

Cable Car
We were so worried that the cable car was not operational due to the rain earlier. Nevertheless we gambled our way there for we had nothing to lose. Upon arrival, we were notified that cable car was down till 12 p.m., or later, depending on the changing climate. Disappointingly we left the ground at 11 a.m. for we had a plane to catch next, we could not wait longer than that. An advice to those who are interested with the cable car; it is best to call the ticket counter before heading there, to make sure it is operating.

The Loaf
The day was still early for us to board our 2.15 p.m. flight, The Loaf popped our head, whilst we had our lunch in The Loaf, intuitively. At first I thought we'd buy 1 or two, just for the taste and experience of tasting the infamous The Loaf. But once we reached there we couldn't hold but laid our itchy fingers on the food. Unconsciously we're at the counter while the waiter handed us the change. At the same time we applied for its membership at RM 10, for some benefits we deem worthy. Our lunch today was nevertheless the costliest meal in Langkawi. The sensation of mouthwatering chicken ham pastry, creamy U-Hu-Hu cheese cakes, aromatic Epi bacons, tender and soft in texture gallette, crispy German potato... Nyam nyam. They did a good job in serving fresh pastries and I like it!

The Loaf

Edwin in The Loaf

Enjoying the ambiance

These much = RM 38.85

Langkawi International Airport
After stomping The Loaf for taking revenge on cable car (both are not related actually), satisfyingly we left for airport back to KL. At noon 1 we reached the airport and handed the rental car back to the respective owner, soon to realize that our flight got delayed to 3.30 p.m.. Smacked my head so hard! I could have catch the cable car! But everything's too late. Here we were, in the airport for 2 hours and 30 minutes for nothing *pissed*.

Langkawi International Airport

Edwin was reading Mitch Albom's For One More Day. Maju sial...

Calculating expenses of the trip and cam-ed whore

The Loaf was not enough. A meal is not a meal without rice, he says.

After checked in, our flight Air Asia AK 5327 was announced delay for another 30 minutes. Haiz... I'd never expected a double delay, and that made me double pissed. I was already freaking tired for the trip. How could they?

Cute acting before flying back to KL

I had a good sleep until their landing woke me up. Again I had the pain in ear and head upon landing. Good thing was, the child who was sitting 4 seats away from my left suffered the same pain. Another good thing was, his papa taught him the remedy. Quite handy I must say, to be honest. I managed to copy and escape the pain. The pain reduced very much. The technique used was: Shut your mouth and nose and blow as hard as you can. "This way you can blow out the air from your head," says the papa.

Giant plasma tv placed at LCCT luggage belt, 'coz they knew we will be bored waiting.
Jamie Scott - 淋雨中

How we came, that's how we're going back. We'd to take the 1 hour bus journey back to KL Sentral and then by switching LRT we made our way home. How I wish I could escape the exhausting journey, to have someone fetch me home right from LCCT. By the time I reached home, clock ticked 8 p.m.. After long days of outing, I definitely need more rest than anyone else.

Stay tune for the finale of Plight, flight & sight.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Plight, flight & sight - Day 2 (20th May)

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Pantai Cenang
Initially the plan was to wake up early 7 a.m. to get ready for beach strolling and beach fun in Pantai Cenang. Knowing him a pig, I estimated 30 minutes delay will do. But who can predict that much? 4 alarms're thrown in, yet it took me extra an hour just to budge him from his slumber *angry*.

A sand castle - not us built

Caught a krabby

Sand art

Reaching the end of the beach

By 9.25 a.m. we're done in the beach and headed back to our rest house to bathe. Besides padlock, my luggage bag gave me another problem; the zip was now broken! It took another couples of ten minutes to fix it, temporary. *angry*.

Restoran Harum
We didn't look down on the breakfast nearby, in fact I'd expected this to happen; they slaughtered tourists for simple breakfast.

Curry chicken + tomato egg + rice (RM 8), roti telur (RM 1.50)

Underwater World
Next we walked to Underwater World, opposite Restoran Harum where we had our breakfast earlier.
Entrance fee into Underwater World for Mykad holder was RM 28 per person. Generally there were a lot of species exhibited but for a simple ton such as me, a simple glance and picture taking of some creatures that I like were more than enough. I got CHEATED!!! There's student price for Underwater World and it's only RM 22!!! Darn I should have shown my student card! Source from Chu - edited and added 31 May 2009

Underwater World, located at Jalan Pantai Cenang

Arapaima greeted us at the entrance

Say hello to Garfish aka Ikan Buaya and Red Tail Cat Fish

In Tropical Rainforest section; Piranha and Greater Flamingo

Macaw and more fishes

This darn attention-seeking bird walked up and down in high speed to draw more cameras towards him, known as Yellow Golden Pheasant

This South African Fur Seal cannot stay still

Rockhopper penguins

In the sub-antartic section, hugged giant penguin

Be warned of their 3D animation, as it's suck and pointless. It was my first time on 3D animation and I had unpleasant experience. A crappy 10 minutes movie explaining about Ctenurella wasn't interesting at all.

Waiting for 3D theatre

MIB in 3D theatre

Seashell display

Clockwise: Sea urchin, stone fish, Patrick starfish, mushroom obor-obor

Waterfall. Nice view?

A Biotechnology student enjoying himself with marines

Sea otter. I like it.

Unknown, but beautiful

Cute nemo playing with coral (my favourite)

Majestic Leafy Seahorse

Well, enough to say, we paid for almost 2 hours and 30 minutes and enjoyed everything in the exhibition hall. Quite worth the time to visit such place, especially when you were mesmerized by their charming fins and scales, I definitely did.

Exiting the Underwater World was the Coco Valley, a place selling variety of chocolates and liquor. My mum said that they offer the best price compared to many other shops. Quickly we grabbed our chocolates according to the list prepared from home and rushed to check in into our hotel. And so, we skipped our lunch.

Twin Peaks Island Resort
We would be staying over Twin Peaks Island Resort tonight. Let me just briefly promote this resort, for they provided us a clean and low rate room. Consisting of 71 chalet type of rooms, the resort is located only 3km from Kuah Jetty and 15km from the airport. Fully furnished with dressing table, decorative lights wardrobe, king sized beds, fridge, TV, air-conditioners, wide-view windows, sofas, coffee table, hot and cold shower and other comforts, their chalets are tastefully decorated and designed to enhance complete relaxation and comfort of yours. I think this should be more than enough.

Twin Peaks Island Resort

Eagle Square + Legend Park
Wasting no time, we rushed to Kuah, the main city of Langkawi for more pictures taking. On the way we threw in another RM 15 of petrol to last till the end of our trip. As we rushed we forgot to bring along our cameraman. Too clumsy... We would be hanging around Jetty Point longer if it did not rain and the Legend Park wasn't closed down for maintenance. What can we do under the rain? You tell me?

Had a refreshing coconut before continuing the journey

Kuah Jetty was going to get hit by thunderstorm!

Self take picture in Eagle Square

Wildlife Park
We proceeded Wildlife Park where we get to see more birds from closer range, to enjoy touching them and feeding them. Entrance fee was RM 12 per person, and there was feeding food sold at RM 6 per packet at the entrance. When you walk deeper, they will sell more food for the animals. Well, not all animals were allowed feeding, 'coz wild animals bite! Ouch... By the time we graced there, the rain had stopped, and it did not even last 10 minutes =.=.

He sat at the entrance all day

They are icons for Faber Castell

Do not miss to take pictures with it

Feeding session

More and more of feeding cuties ^^

Wild birds around the parks. Some names are not known.

Pig-faced ass baboon and Japan koi

Cutest little rabbit. The way he strangle the rabbit will kill it in 5 minutes...

Towards the closure of the park we pleaded for the 'RM 5 and take all you want' photography session

This time Wildlife Park was more time consuming compared to Underwater World, as we spent almost 3 hours walking up and down the park. As if we're out of cage. Camera battery almost dried up too after Underwater World, another 3 hours observation in Wildlife Park caused the camera to beep red light like Ultraman. We had to spend the remaining camera power very wisely and carefully.

Black Sand Beach
We wanted to drop by Galeria Perdana so much (actually, it's just me, not us) but the place was closed early at 5 p.m.. Damn Wildlife Park took us so long. After a smooth and scenic drive, we finally arrived at Black Sand Beach at 6 p.m.. To our disappointment, the beach was filthy dirty and smelly, one can fall and die there if he stays for more than 10 minutes. Other tourists around too complained the same. Shame on you! Wasted my petrol all the way here. But no doubt, their sand was black, I wonder why. We stayed not longer than 10 minutes 'coz we didn't want to die and rot there... Again, shame on you! Why can't they do something regarding this tourist attraction? Anyway we collected the black sand back home.

Black Sand Beach. Can you see the word 'DIRTY'?

Wednesday Pasar Malam
Our dinner tonight was food in night market in Kuah town. Due to tight budget we couldn't afford heavy gourmet anymore, so night market should be fine. By 7 p.m. we took away everything back to resort for more comfy tigers-appetide dinner.

Oily burger goreng (RM 1.20) - Left
Mihun mee goreng + egg RM 2 (Just a filler) - Right

Murtabak and rose syrup RM 2 - Left
Popia goreng RM 1 for 4 - Right

Nasi lemak kukus + bilis + telur + ayam RM 4 (Main dish) - Left
Putu mayong RM 2 (Dessert) - Right

Night activity was limited, and we called it a day very early. But in fact the night was still young, we indeed had some night activity before we dozed off...

Stay tuned for the next episode of Plight, flight & sight.

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