Friday, May 29, 2009

Plight, flight & sight - We miss you

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Plight, flight & sight - We miss you

In the end of the trip, we were dead tired and I was not well for few days. The few hours journey back home was back aching. I regret not taking the cable car ride and Legend Park. But then we really cherish this wonderful trip and looking forward the next one.

Throughout the days, I have to play role as an acting accountant. To calculate every expenses for the trip from lodging to dining to entrance fees to transportation. Total expenses for the trip, after 3 rounds of calculation, inspected and approved by both parties, excluding chocolate shopping, was RM 397.90 nett per person. Not really worth the price, I know. But it doesn't matter. Memories and experiences buy everything.

This map is the best, most fabulous asset throughout the trip

Maps and brochures from Langkawi

We had chocolates more than this

The Loaf's membership card + letters

Receipts of all expenses

Martini? No... This is black sand.

Edwin and I are still thinking about Langkawi. We miss the place and hope to have a return visit when Air Asia promotes zero fair again. I promise to make a return next time with island hopping and eagle feeding and more exciting activities, hopefully. Next trip we will be staying in better hotels, dine in specialty restaurants, participate in water sports etc etc; focusing more on vacation quality. Hopefully it's a 4 days 3 nights trip, or longer. Till then, we have to really thrifty and plan our trip well.

I would like to take this opportunity to deliver my appreciation to those who help us in this trip, directly or indirectly. Firstly is my mum for nodding in agreement for the permission to Langkawi. Secondly is KN for his assistance in booking flight ticket using his credit card. Thirdly is Austin for his intel on hotels and contacts. Last but not least is Edwin who accompanied me. Without them, Langkawi is just but a dream.

Flight itinerary

Austin's guidebooks regarding hotels and contacts

For now, there's something more worrying than that, which is the possibility that mum to find out that I misused PTPTN loan to enjoy the trip. Well, she will find out, how soon that matters.

The end and thank you for reading.

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