Sunday, May 17, 2009

Randomness before my leave (Part 3) - Finale

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Picture yourself at home, cannot go anywhere due to financial restriction. What can you do at home besides blog, Facebook, read Bleach and Conan, and do some painting?

While surfing the net, I spot some advertisements of Starcraft 2 coming out soon. Hmm... It was long ago since I played Starcraft. Without hesitation I installed Broodwar and searched for the sensation I had lost since my secondary school hood. Very fast, I got myself addicted, just like 4 years ago haha... Photon cannon base, mind control, nuke and carriers are my favourite combinations, but only applicable vs computer ^^. I used 3 hours to torture the poor computers, while usually I use 2 hours. Skills really rust with time goes. Now I wonder, when will Starcraft 2 come to Malaysia? I can't wait!

Ghost was nuking

Carriers swept everything

That aside, along the pile of CDs, I found another interesting game which I was so into during my secondary school hood. Introducing: Ragnarok Online - this time is a pirated version that does not charge any fee for playing. Dark Sac the High Wizard is back! From a tiny egg shell novice he grows into a decent High Wizard. Not a bad experience playing with bunch of friends. But I never feel any stupider than wasted so much time and money on this game last time... But it still feels nice casting Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder in PVP.

Dark Sac. How nostalgic.

Huhuhu... Heard of Utopia? It's an old non-graphic war game that existed ealier than year 2000. In the holiday, I too addicted to it, sorry to say. But too sad, I am alone. Click here for more info.

In the holiday I think I want try to recall my nostalgic entertainment when I used to be young...

Now, you learn how'd I spent my holiday so far. But soon, in 2 days time I will leave for Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah. While addiction to games does not affect my organizing and planning ability, they are really suck jobs to do, as a Biochemist...

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