Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels vs Demons

My last movie was Beverly Hills Chiwawa, with Edwin and his mum last 29th December 2008 Inkheart, 24th January 2009 - edited and added 18th May 2009. After 5 months of missing nice movies in cinema, I finally, reluctantly, stepped foot for the first time of the year, today with Edwin, Xiao Bai and Ricky for Angels and Demons.

Personally I am not a reader of Dan Brown. But the name Angels and Demons never give me any impression near to problems in Catholic churches, murders of cardinals, mysteries and histories of the ancient Illuminati, what? I was expecting something similar to angels of heaven battle with demons from pit hell, they use spells and aura to war for the sake of sin clearance, sort of these, but I definitely missed everything.

Throughout the plot I have no idea of how Langdon solves the mysteries behind the symbols, how each is related to next murder and bla bla bla. I remained blur @@ for 90 minutes. His reasoning entered the right and exited my left ear, unprocessed.

From the movie, I never fail to notice that the Church is afraid that science will surpass the power of god, afraid that science will influence people's faith towards god, thus suppressed the Illuminati to extinction? Did I interprete wrongly? I am confused... I suck in religion and histories...

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