Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Holiday cum Happy Mothers Day (Part 1)

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8th May, UTAR SB003: The second 5 pm strikes, I passed the exam sheet to Dr. Wong who was the exam invigilator on that day and marked the moment HAPPY HOLIDAY with immediate effect!!! I don't care how my efforts result later, I just want to enjoy my limited days the best I could.

But up to now, I never get any good sleep mainly because of pre-exam syndrome: insomnia.

10th May, home: Wee morning of 12 am we discussed on how to celebrate Mother's Day. From satay, sushis, roast duck in Low Yat, suggestions went up to Look Out Point. Result? Home cook food is still the best way to touch one's heart, especially mothers, summed the discussion. Energetically (probably due to insomnia) I reached my hand on all possible equipments and utensils at home.

The next morning my mum flew to Langkawi for her vacation trip. Goodbye...

Right after, we continued as planned, smuggled the equiments and started cooking after mum went for work, as her surprise was the one of many concerned that day. As the main chef kitchen helper of the day I get to order people around to run the kitchen I have to do all the remeh temeh work and washed dishes all the time.

Let me introduce to you my readers, the dishes I'd prepared for Mothers Day. And let me show you how to apply scientific method into daily life.

Title: Jino's Special Spagetthi Bolognese (Maincourse)
Objective: To cook spagetthi bolognese for Mothers Day.
Ingredients (serving for 3-4):
30 g butter
6 Allium sativum L. - garlic, chopped (not 6 cloves, but 6 bulbs)
2 Allium cepa - big onion, chopped
200 g button mushroom, sliced
1 medium size chicken breast, minced
750 ml chicken stock
150 ml fresh milk
Few slices of cheddar cheese
2 tbsp plain flour, stir fried to golden brown
Seasoning: black pepper, salt, sugar and mixed herb to taste

  1. Some butter was melted in a wok and half the amount of chopped garlic was sauted till fragrant.
  2. Chicken breast was added into the garlic and fried till fragrant. Then they were taken out and put aside for later use.
  3. The remaining garlic was sauted till fragrant in butter, while onion was added later. They were sauted till fragrant and then button mushrooms were added for continuous stir fry till aromatic.
  4. The chicken breast was added in for continuous stir fry, to the level which whole house can smell the mixture.
  5. Chicken stock was poured and brought to boil. Slowly, fresh milk was also added and continuously boiled.
  6. Cheddar cheese and seasoning were added to taste.
  7. Fried flour was added to adjust thickness of the gravy.
  8. Substances in wok was dished up and served together with spagetthi.


Picture 1: Jino's Special Spaghetti Bolognese

A lot of garlic and onion were used in this recipe mainly because they have the ability to increase the aromaticity and fragrance to the dish besides contributing to antibiotic and antifungal compound. But please beware of pungent 'garlicky' smell when you sweat.

Chicken stock can be prepared from boiling chicken bones to extract its taste and sweetness without the need of chicken essence cube. A simple chicken stock took only about 2-3 hours for preparation.

Flour played important role as a thickening agent. When heated to boiling, food added with a suspension of flour in water thickens quickly. The same principle was applied here.

Mixed herb used in the cooking was MasterFoods Spaghetti Bolognese, the combination of basil, oregano, garlic, thyme, red bell peppers and parsley, manufactured in New Zealand. 3 years ago I bought it at RM 7 per 40 g but today it is sold at RM 15 for the same amount.

The hard and pale yellowish cheddar cheese used was a manufactured type of cheese which lacked the purity of original cheddar cheese. A RM 20 cheese does not assure its quality though. But if half block of the cheese was used, there must be at least some cheesy pungent smell in the dish ^^.

Did it look like some kind of vomit? Isn't bolognese look like this?

Precaution steps:
The flour must be fried at low fire to avoid scorch (hangus) and careful not to contact with water.
Do not leave the wok unattended under fire to avoid ingredients (especially chicken) scorch.

A dish was produced in the end of the session. The dish was accepted and tested by the main cast of the day - mum. It was rated 60% (I rate it myself). Great loss of marks in appearance aspect.

Read carefully and one wondered "Eh isn't your mum in Langkawi?"

Yes she's in Langkawi, no mistake bout it. Did I mention that the dishes were for mum who is not genetically linked? Ok, I cook for mum who is not my own mum. In other word, some one's mum. Haha I cannot deny mother in law is also my mum, can I?

And I started to get busy with 'don't know what' right after my exam, thus missing in action in msn these few days. Sorry for that.

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