Friday, December 31, 2010

Ruminating on rumination

I am sick of creating new year resolutions. We often set our goals unreachably high, fail again and get stuck in a cycle of resolutions that never resolve. I have these and these resolutions but were mostly left out in the end. This shows how determined I am in changing myself.

Therefore, instead of dreaming on more resolutions, may I take this opportunity to request feedback from you guys? Response on my strength. Areas to change to a better me. Feedback on my negativity. Or perhaps if you have any enquiries in mind, now is the best time to raise them. And I swear to answer them honestly.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My own space

Sharing a bedroom with a sibling can be annoying at times, let alone sharing with your parents. Their mess takes up one half of the room, you can't bring a friend home without them in the way and you can't get much privacy.

Longing for a room of my own since the new house was built, it's no longer a dream. Though the new house ended as a sold property yesterday, the members of the house have unanimously agreed to play own roles in contributing to the current house renovation. In another word, financial contribution.

Well, money doesn't bother me much. 'Coz I am finally getting my own room. Very soon. No more sleeping with parents. No more junks around the house. My own space.

Most importantly, I can sleep the way I have always wished - sleeping naked.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Monday, December 6, 2010


16 October 2010

A quick dinner with few bloggers in Berjaya Times Square Kenny Rogers. I am sure you guys had a hard time choosing the correct cake. Thanks you all.
From Esper, Ichi, Nicholas, Bern and Pikey.

Do you believe we were scolding each other 10 minutes before this picture was taken?

First time cutting a cake


03 December 2010

Someone has turned 22. I would have given him a present if he behaves. But oh well... I am the best present he can ever wish for.

Bee's Tiramisu

What's your wish?


04 December 2010

Just like any other celebrations, we opted for Japanese food as our meal. Located hundreds of kilometers away, this was my 3rd try while sozai had his first. Definitely a great experience to him. These are good foods, I tell you. If oysters are available, make sure you order them.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant

Check out the thickness of Salmon Sashimi here

Soft Kaniko Salad - as crispy as potato chips

One must try the Black Dragon before you leave

Special Dynamite Maki - full of fish

Tamago and Tobiko Sushi

Mussel Clam - too good

 Salmon Skin Temaki - a bit hard and hangus (wasted)

Age Dashi Tofu - crispy on the outside, soft in the inside


My in law's birthday coming soon too. Definitely a huge hole in my wallet already.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


On the way back home from Rawang, we paid a visit to McD drive-thru located near Zoo Negara. It was 6th of November, 1331 hours when we ordered McValue Nugget Meal and a cup of chocolate Sundae. We made a dash home without paying attention to the price till we checked the invoice later in the evening. Instead of RM 9.40, I paid additional RM 3.30 which was quite obviously a mistake.

For many reasons, I could not get back to the outlet immediately. I was well aware that my chance of getting back the money's so slim if I didn't inform them right away. Waited till 28th of November, again we decided to drop by at the same outlet to clarify the mistake. I get to speak to one of the staff, Ayu.

Ayu: Sir, ini staff masa key in dia tak letak value meal. Jadi harga sudah silap.
Jino: So can I have the remaining balance refunded?
Ayu: Tak boleh sir. Sebab ini resit sudah lama, you patut datang balik dan bagi tau kita.
Jino: It's not convenient to drive all the way back here for a few dollars. What do you think?
Ayu: Then kenapa you tak datang awal sikit? Sekarang sudah berapa minggu dah.
Jino: What makes you think that I pass by here everyday? I have work to do.
Ayu: Kalau macam tu at least sir you boleh call number ni dan kasi tau kita. Then boleh kita follow up.
Jino: So you cannot refund me the money?
Ayu: Cannot, sir. Sudah lama sangat ni. Kalau you datang balik hari tu kita boleh kasi balik duit tu.

Have you all already realized what's missing from the conversation?

Jino: I tell you what. The reason I am here to seek either one of the two. Firstly is the refund.
Ayu: Aha... aha...
Jino: I understand that it's my mistake for not checking the invoice before leaving. And you also have the right not to refund. But what I am looking forward the most in my visit today is a word of APOLOGY. Throughout the conversation I can feel that you put all the blame on me. I can't get refund 'coz I did not do this and that. It is not 3 dollars anymore. You have never put yourself in my shoes since there's no sorry from your end that makes me really disappointed. Despite a mistake made by your staff, there is no apology.
Ayu: So sorry sir.
Jino: No, you are not. No worry Ayu, you have not done any mistake. It's a customer who is not satisfied with the customer service you have provided and I will seek a channel to lodge a complain. And McDonald's has lost a small customer. Thank you.

It's hard to recall the conversation as dual languages were used but I tried my best. I've also notify McD this incident through their website in hope the management not only focus on products. Customer service is just as important! A gentle reminder: If you want your complains to be heard, speak to a manager instead.

No more McD for Jino.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot