Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 New Year

Another 10 minutes will be the new year. Another year has passed. I am quite satisfied with my achievements for 2007. At least I went for Penang CNY, U6BF Lang Tengah and Melaka trip, Ipoh Perak trip. And also I have collected all my baby's album with autographs, watched his first concert, collected all his posters. Bought a new camera and Body Glove's merchandise. Almost all dreams came true, but I would say 95% of it. Another 5% missed out which include;

a) Unable to own a room of my own

b) Unable to buy the jigsaw puzzle I like

c) Take a picture together with my baby

d) Didn't get all my posters autographed

e) Unable to watch 原点 - The Beginning

f) Become more handsome

As 2008 approaching, there are few more wishes I want to accomplished. It's the motivation for me to complete the year. Only some simple wishes...

a) Baby to come out his new album (15 June 08)

b) Buy baby's new album and get his new poster with his autograph (15 June 08)

c) Watch his 2nd concert (if there is any)

d) Buy Doraemon 3d jigsaw puzzle (it's cute)

e) Create a photo album of baby (consist of all newspaper and magazine cuttings)

f) Go for more trips (Cameron Highlands - 07/05/08)

g) Buy new handphone (my favourite SE K750/ Nokia 7610)

h) Upgrade my computer (get an LCD monitor)

i) Score well in my finals (year 1 sem 2 gpa result 2.8000)

j) Wish can get my own room (either move to new house/ rent a room near UTAR)

k) Get a better mp3 (optional)

l) Memorize all baby's songs

m) Care for friends and they care for me

That are the wishes that I can think of now. There will be more to come as expected. And I hereby wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who is reading this.

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