Thursday, October 30, 2008


Me? I am a heavy eater animal. Not as much as Vincent or Phakai though. But whenever I look into my pocket, I need to think of what to eat. ‘Coz my wallet is always leaking; I need to think of something which is filling and cheap. Usually I order the cheapest food without drinks. Mix rice with rice and curry – my cheapest meal of all (RM 1.10). Last time in Petaling Street (2004) – rice + tau foo pok (RM 1.50) – the boss even pitied me and gave me free Chinese tea lol. Who else can do like me? If my mum doesn’t cook, I need to eat outside and that’s the headache part. Yea yea, a typical kiamsiap animal, but I still survived. You got problem with that? And maybe that’s why my body shape is as such. Occasionally, there are some times too I am so willing to dig out from my piggie bank to have better food. I had Chili’s, Starbucks, Gasoline and Old Town. I know I know, they are still cheap, nothing special. But for me, they rob my money, and having 1 meal there means I have to skip 3-4 meals in normal days. Whatever. I think there're some times I should have rewarded myself with some satisfaction and sensation of spending money after being kiamsiap for so long.

This month, October, I got my mind screwed up, gone haywire. I noticed, I realized and yet I did it, I spent so much this month. I didn't work this month, but I went to Genting for my birthday. That's not all, spending on friends’ birthday presents? And movies in cinema? There goes RM 300++ (Not really that much, but do you know how much it means for me? Hei, I am jobless!)… I look like pretty beaten up ya? Not yet! I could still stand (crawl if I couldn't walk) and enjoy Madam Kwan in Midvalley (28 Oct)!!! How’s that? Jino in Madam Kwan? It looks like a Chu Chun Hong in Starbucks!!! Woah Jino upgrade already wor~ I can imagine Fiona say so, although she knows that wasn’t my first time there.

Madam Kwan is located on the first floor in Midvalley. We were served and seated. Looking around me, the left table was only 10 cm away from me, both eating nasi lemak. The right table couple eating nasi lemak and soup mee, another 10 cm away. Why do they have such table arrangement? It looked like the whole row of us is sitting on the same table, next to each other. I can even listen to their conversation clearly. WTH? No privacy at all. You know la, the way I eat is so jakoon, so sia sui if they see me eat that way in such clear view... They served us strawberry scented sky juice. I introduced him nasi lemak and nasi bojari, Madam Kwan’s favourites. Anyway the waiter came to take our order.

Waiter: May I have your order?
Me: (Without thinking) 1 nasi bojari. 你呢?

Edwin: Err… Err… (Panic looking at the menu).

Me: 要不要试下他们的 nasi lemak ? 全部人都有叫阿.

Edwin: (Refusing nasi lemak) 我叫 beef rendang ok?

Me: Ok, 1 beef rendang. 2 sky juice please.

Yup, eating with my bf again (if you get what bf means). Nasi Bojari is the Indonesian coloured rice served with asam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried hometown chicken. Beef rendang is probably rice with beef rendang and cucumbers and tomatoes at sides. Minutes later, the waiter put an empty plate on the dining table. Huh? What’s that for? Another minute passed by, and our food was served. Have a look at the food we just ordered.

Nasi Bojari (RM 20.50++)


We stared at the unknown dish in confusion. Edwin was asking me “No nasi?” How would I know? I pointed at the unknown dish, asked the waiter to confirm, he said “This, is beef rendang”. “Oh I see… May I have the menu again please?” and we reordered. I couldn't help but to laughed my ass off. Edwin shamefully ordered nasi lemak this time lol. Told ya... There we go, side dish beef rendang (RM 13++).

Nasi Lemak (RM 14.20++)

I would probably wanted to order sago gula Melaka if the lunch wasn’t that full, ‘coz of the beef haha. I didn’t blame him, anyhow that was the first time he dine here. I just... smiled, and laughed a bit ^^. The food is rather expensive, don’t you think? I paid the main dishes as agreed while he had to cover up the “accident” side dish haha… Yup it’s on my treat. We spent 2 hours there, took my time cleaning up my chicken (not sia sui - not using hand) and licking the plates (sia sui style) before we watched High School Musical 3 – Senior Year. I still think Enchanted and Wall E are way much better...


We had Madam Kwan the previous day, we drove up to Sunway Pyramid for lunch the following day. Guess what’re we having for lunch this time? The story started back last year when gor gor, mum and I agreed to save money for buffet. But we never went. You know why? ‘Coz gor gor got no time, my savings are always used up for no reason, bo lui bo lui bo lui!!! But the good thing was, my mum got fed up. On Monday (27 Oct), me and mum chatted awhile.

Mum: 贤儿.帮帮我.
Me: (still sleeping) 睡觉啦.什么事?
Mum: 你几时要吃buffet?
Me: swt等我有钱先啦.你要几时吃噢?
Mum: 我们星期四吃啦?
Me: 多三天?Har?你还认真的阿?
Mum: 对啦.爸爸星期四不在家,我们可以去吃啊.
Me: 哥哥呢?
Mum: 不要与他.么一次都放飞机.我们两去吃.
Me: 我没什么钱喔.你帮我出一半啦.我就可以去咯.
Mum: 好啦你出20块啦.其他我出啦.
Me: 那就差不多.book位咯.
Mum: 真的要星期四阿?
Me: 你玩我啊?
Mum: 要星期三吗?
Me: swt swt swt你真得很想吃 hor?喜欢你啦.

All this while, my family is quite a Japanese food lover (except my papa). Basically we love sushi (except my papa). We love to eat raw fish (except my papa). There were several times we nastily planned, saved up some money and went for Japanese buffet and some other high class dining places (without papa - sorry he is always left out) ‘coz he doesn’t seem to like all these places. Whenever the waiter comes to us with the bill, we will always think of this question – “What is papa going to eat tonight?”
Pity him, huh? Yea, a bit. But, I get to eat. Hail yeah... He can eat alone as long as I get to enjoy. Wakaka evil me.

The place we were looking for is… SHOGUN!!!
I had been to Jogoya. Yea last year’s story. 2 person for RM 200.50!!! Yea they rob me legally. My mum and gor gor had been there too. For me, the outstanding price is unaffordable. But for my mum and gor gor, they felt cheated ‘coz they don’t get good service and food was ok ok. So we never put Jogoya into our eating list. Jogoya, good to try once, but never twice – my gor gor. I heard that Shogun in 1-Utama and Saisaki in UOA had their reputation decreased ‘coz lack of commitment or some sort. As suggested, Sunway’s new outlet might be a bit better (might be slightly better to increase their new image). And I hope they have the same variety as dinner to be chosen in lunch. Anyway, I get to taste some sushi again. The last time I’ve been to sort was Saisaki last year, for Mother’s Day if I wasn’t mistaken. And also Sushi Station in Sg. Wang for my birthday if that place is counted in as well ^^.

At first we were lost in the Sunway parking lot. I entered the lorry’s loading bay, forced to park in there and parking rate is slightly higher. Bodohnya… Anyway the parking fee is still much cheaper compared to Times Square. The moment I set my foot there, the very first thing I observed was none other than my favourite sushi corner. Good. I saw something there. The 3 of us (Guess who else joined us? My bf Edwin la of 'coz lol) were seated by the waiter at a corner of the restaurant, served hot green tea and a pot of steamboat. The steamboat is one of the new changes they made. They made us had an unwanted steamboat, and it’s those filling type. The environment is dim and nice. Just right to da pao some food back home. But of ‘coz we didn’t, although we wanted to. I made use of the advantage to snap some pics, avoiding attention from the staff. I heard they do not allow photo taking in the restaurant. I had my favourite sushi and sashimi. I LIKE THEM!!! There were a lot of varieties but I did not try everything. When I stood still looking at the sushis, I was counting them. If I were to try each and everyone of them, there would be no room for dessert. The sushi man was never stingy with his ingredients and chucked in a lot of ebi ko into my handroll. I love him so much and never tired to return for more. 8 handroll went down my stomach at such ease. Salmon that melted in my mouth nyam nyam... Don’t feel like explaining much here. If ya wanna know so much, ya gonna taste it yourself. I was very satisfied with the lunch that day, in terms of food, service, environment, and also the price. Lunch buffet is RM 43++ for normal weekdays. Much cheaper if we take lunch, and same variety with dinner. So why bother to pay more, don’t you agree?


Sushis and sahimis


Unwanted Steamboat

Sushis + Sashimi

Unknown complimentary


Handroll soft shell crab + tempura prawn temaki

dessert nestle ice cream + fruit fondue

Guess how much weight had I gained? I ended up gaining extra 2 pounds!!! How do I get rid of it? 24 hours after eating; now I am still full and skipped my dinner. Looks like I’m gonna skip my lunch the next day as well. A buffet meal, save up 2 meals the next day? Malaysian + buffet = super duper full – 2 meals. I think I had eaten enough to make my RM 49.45 worth while. Now I am totally broke and no more buffet till at least next year Chinese New year Shangri La buffet plan ^^v.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing you

There was this particular day when I woke up from my sleep at 3 in the dark morning. Ultraman was suffocating in my hug. When my eyes wondered across the dark room, I saw this beam of light outside the window. It was a helicopter. What was he doing here, I have no intention to find out. After that I could not sleep back!!! Damn. Curiosity got my mind so freshed up. My eyes were wide open. Here I am again, in front of my baby no. 1 - computer. Then I switched on my baby no. 3 - 林宇中 songs and played with my baby no. 4 - Sony Cybershot T-2 camera. Self took a lot in the dark with flash. I had nothing else to do, but to listen to his calm and soothing singing, not to mention alongside my papa's loud snoring sound from another room and also the old baby no. 1's crying (bunyi bising computer).

So I was browsing through people's blogs. From Chu Chun Hong's boring posts to fully emotioned Austin's blog. From all chinese blog An Pei's to Norman's perfect English writing posts. There's only one blog which attracted me to read from its first entry tonight. L6/U6 BF Class of 2005/2006 - Up to now, there are 11k visitors since its first entry in June 2007. Then it reminded me of my STPM life. WOW I actually did STPM, and I passed? I was still wondering how, with only time of 20 days. I think this is my inner potential, huh?

It's been 3 years already. I was together with Li Ling, Kah Loong, Yin Ching, Chu and Denise (and also Fiona, whom I have forgotten *I don't even know actually till she said so - edited Oct 26 2008) originally from BM class. Due to overpopulation, we were altogether shifted to BF. And I could still remember how Yin Ching was making a fuss and arguing with Kali about the timetable. But I think Yin Ching is now very satisfied and thankful to have moved to BF. I too am grateful to be part of U6BF. Members of U6BF 2006 are among the coolest people I have ever known. There were 27 of us from Sri Petaling, SBU, Connaught and of course, VI, we are the close friends with different faces, personalities, attitude, and... and... and... we are quite different.

  1. Wai Loon the chinaman
  2. Vincent - "你 OK 没?" (canto)
  3. PM Kian Ti
  4. Len Yi always do her Maths homework and stressed
  5. Yee the half half ^^
  6. Phon the hunk
  7. Ben walking dictionary
  8. Denise always called me Kinky Jinqy
  9. Fiona always main kejar-kejar with Chu Chun Hong
  10. Soo Soo PTS girl and the youngest in the class
  11. Si Toh sings Mulan Reflection
  12. Li Ling and her instant cooking skill]
  13. Suzanne little buddha
  14. Yin Ching pembesar suara (inherited the nick since primary school - sorry)
  15. Justina - Miss Connaught
  16. Eileen quiet mouse
  17. Yen Ching C cup
  18. Wai Yin ex
  19. Kah Loong my good friend
  20. Chu - Buddha philosophies
  21. Phakai big eater
  22. Melody blur queen
  23. Tsu Wern laushu
  24. Ching Yeng the chef
  25. Ueven missing in action
  26. Raveena and Chitra
  27. ME!!!

27 of us not including other halves - Ben's Li-Shia, Suzanne's Lik Wen and also Kah Loong's Wan Ching. Teachers including Biology Hasnani, Maths KE Leong, MUET Jaya K, Physics Jaya Selvi, PA Sharifuddin (not die yet) and our beloved KALI the chemistry teacher. Bravo to Jino, he can still remember everyone in the middle of the night.

Although I wasn't in class all the time (even if I was, I was sleeping), I could still feel the warmth of you all. Your laughter, cold jokes, Kali's shooting bang bang bang. I still have the details in my mind. "Quite" detail.

If Vi don't know, no one knows.

When in love, makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah.

SBU? Connaught? Sri Petaling? And we stop at VI...

If it's in Mars I don't know. But there's no such thing on Earth 'coz I have been living on Earth longer than all of you.

~ Kali

We played IQ brainless games, we had pot luck, we had cakes, presents, spagetthi, sushi, guitar, Air Supply's Making Love Out of Nothing At All, teasing each other, Kali's banging and shooting all of us till our Prada and Gucci berlobang-lobang, KE Leong whispered to the white board and syok sendiri, Ben wrote his senseless and lame theory on the white board, Chu's English, public speaking in MUET class, class trips to Lang Tgh and Malacca, gatherings for Xmas and CNY and birthday celebrations. I can still imagine the noise level we made despite the stress of STPM around the corner. We were the noisiest in the whole Form 6 block!!! And yet our results were the top. (I mean, most of us). But out worst was still better than many other people. Magnificient!!! How could I ever forget these? It's like a routine, it had been part of our lives. I don't want to forget, and I never want to forget. I wish I can't. I enjoyed being in this colourful class.

2 years had passed. 2 years aren't too long, but not too short either. We still keep in touch, had gatherings, trips, dinners, birthday parties etc etc. The other day Suzanne and I were chatting bout the stuff we did and laughed together. So nostalgic. I was laughing a lot when chatting bout those moments. I was invited to Ching Yeng and Laushu birthday party. They were great. They look beautiful. They had not forgotten this Jino. I get to see you all again. And I get to eat!!!

Ching Yeng's birthday Sept 06 2008 - Jin Yu's camera

Laushu birthday Oct 25 2008

(lastly added - Oct 29 2008)

I am so sorry Laushu I couldn't stay till the end 'coz of some sort of emergency to settle up. You are pretty, and I hope you like what I give you. I hope you enjoyed your day that night. And Happy Birthday to Laushu. And thanks for coming back just for the party. More pics to come from other camera...

But wait. Where's my party? Oh yea I forgot. I celebrated mine in Genting. No one treated me for cakes (my own fault) and so I bought myself a slice of cake 2 weeks after my birthday. WTH? So kelian? Nevermind la, people offer me cake, I pretend beautiful. I am not too fond to cakes anyway, but still? A birthday without a cake... Weird. So I had a slice of Marble Cheese from Secret Recipe. Walao!!! So kiamsiap leh. So small!!! Nevermind la. It was here for the sake of tasting some birthday feel. Anyway I was so satisfied with my birthday, even without cake, without key, but I am still being remembered by you all. My Secret Recipe Marble Cheese - my birthday taste ^^

"Now, if you walk past your friend quickly, can you shake hands and say hello? No. Likewise, molecules at higher temperatures, which have higher kinetic energy cannot form bonds. Because they move too fast. But if you walk slowly, can you shake hands? yes, and you can say hello and form... BONDS!" - Kali, July 2005

U6BF bonds are stronger than ever. I miss you guys and love you guys. MUACKS!!! When anyone of you see me online, say hi to me ok?

The night started to goes off, and the sun is getting into position. When light started to shine into the room, I was shocked to see this 2 things. I wonder what they are...

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mysterious LOVE

If a duckling grows into a duck,

a puppy grows into a dog,

a kitten grows into a cat,

a piglet grows into a pig,

so where does LOVE come from?

If a duck quek,

a dog woff,

a cat meow,

a pig oink,

so how does LOVE cry?

If a duck swims,

a dog stays watch,

a cat plays ball,

a pig sleeps,

so what does LOVE do?

If a duck eats rubbish,

a dog eats bone,

a cat eats fish,

a pig eats everything,

so what does LOVE eat?

And yet so many admit the existance of love...

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

21岁生日 - 云顶

前四天是林北人生第一次21岁生日.人人只有一次21.也不能贪心的啦.林北第一次庆祝生日是2005年,当林北还在念着Form 6.当时是林北和老鼠合祝的.2006年呢就是班上同学帮林北和卡里老师(Kali)同时庆祝的.2007年有好朋友Mok,Chu,KKL和Alan请吃Sushi Station.也有Ricky请吃Kenny Rogers.

人说21岁生日是个特别的日子.有什么特别林北就不知道. 对林北来说,路还是一样跑.国家政治还是那么乱.也有人开心而难过.林北的生日改变不了什么.2008年10月12日就是林北的21岁生日.虽然今年没有蛋糕,没有金锁匙,但林北得到的是礼物,朋友们的祝福愿和一片美好回忆.今年只有一个人陪林北庆祝,就是Edwin.很多朋友还记得这个不重要的日子.他们还依然发送简讯,Friendster留言和播电话给林北.谢谢你们.

当天林北是在云顶度过生日.现在是下雨天.天气很冷.周围都是雾.而林北这大头虾竟然可以忘了带jacket.林北带了shaver cream但是忘了shaver.幸亏好记得带内裤哈哈哈.坐巴士上到去都已经下午12点.然后排队chek in,吃午餐都已经4点钟.都夜了,只好等到明天才去theme park.整个云顶都差不多走完了.这里拍照那里拍.全部都是自拍的.在Coffee Terrace吃了dinner buffet. Buffet was not up to expectation, not much of variety as it looks. I really crave for japanese buffet in Shogun. Who wants to treat me for Shogun? I am always available for free food!!! 然后呢就去Snow World.也是林北的第一次进冰房. My feet were injured by the cold ice, and keep inhaling icy air distort my respiratory tract temporarily.

下一天就去Theme Park玩.下雨时走去indoor玩,停雨后回到outdoor玩.真麻烦.说真的,真得很冷.Rio Float,Euro Express,Bumper Car,Double Decker Carousel (Merry Go Around),Tea Cup,Flying Jumbo,Antique Car,Dinosaur Land,Pirate Ship,Super Toboggan,Cyclone,Corkscrew,Space Shot和Bumper Boat.觉得很刺激又害怕. 抓住你的手,大大声喊叫出来.从outdoor玩到indoor,大大小小统统不放过.可惜的是Spinner,Flying Dragon和Sg Rejang Flume Ride暂时关闭.玩了Space Shot之后有点不舒服就没有玩Flying Coaster. The weather was really freezing, that my butt and hands were frozen solid. I regret wearing thin shirt without jacket... A mixture of scared and cold when I dragged my heavy legs to the Space Shot. Even before rising up, I was holding his hand and screamed like a dog. The assistants and the visitors might be laughing at me, but I was so scared and my balls shrinked. At last I tasted the free fall with 0 gravity, my butt ached awhile. After the ride, the feeling subdue, and excitement started to flush my brain, and that's when I started to dizzy =.=... And I am no longer afraid of Space Shot!!! I am the CHAMPION!!!


This is my birthday presents haha

Thanks for everything.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Year 2 Sem 1 Final Semester Result is out!!!

My semester final result was released a week ago. I was able to pass all subjects, without failing any. Well done Jino. At least I don't need to go Kampar. If I go Kampar, maybe it can be nice... Many of my friends obtain better results than me, but who cares? I have done my best. It's nothing regretable.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A movie that makes me cry, again

It took me hours to load in youtube. It's not available to watch anywhere online, at least after searching for an hour or so. Bitcommet does not show any progress so I ended up waiting for 17 short clips in youtube to load slowly. From 2 pm I waited till 6. Alas, the time has come, to watch the movie. I don't call myself a movie freak. I watch all types of movies. I am not selective like many people. If it's worth to watch, I will watch. If it's a nice movie, I will watch. I watch anything. Err... To be frank I don't watch chinese movies. Not too often. I mean movies here, not drama so don't confuse yourself. What movie was I waiting? รักแห่งสยาม. Cannot understand? It's Thai, read as Rak Haeng Sayam. In English we call it The Love of Siam. Hmm the trailer looks normal to me but the content does not surprise me at all. 'Coz I roughly knew what the story is all about.

The Love of Siam was in cinema worldwide in 2007 (not sure in Malaysia - didn't notice its existence till now). Director Chookiat Sakveerakul inserted romance love between 2 teenage boys screening in Thailand. This makes the movie so-called gay movie. So what if it's a gay movie? You have problem me watching gay movie? I will watch and rate it. If it's nice I will intro to those who can accept it. If it's not nice I will critic it and talk bad about the movie. You want to know which movie I hate the most, till now I still hate it? And felt that I have been cheated to pay 11 bucks for the movie? It's the chinese movie NARAKA 19!!! So everyone, if you have not watched Naraka 19, don't watch!!! I recommend you The Love of Siam which is 1000x better.

If you think gay movie is disgusting, you are wrong. This is not porn. There's no any explicit scene in the movie that is offensive, unless you are homophobia, that is. This is a movie well played by handsome actors and cute actresses Witwisit Hiranyawongkul (Mew), Mario Maurer (Tong), Kanya Rattanapetch (Ying) and Aticha Pongsilpipat (Donut). Really handsome and pretty, in my eyes. This movie is about love. I don't really know bout the dialogues, but the sub are really simple and easy to understand. Unlike most of the movies, The Love of Siam uses simple conversation when talking with each other, as normal people communicate. No metaphore, no inversion, no special words. Maybe it's just the sub. But the storyline itself is easy to understand even if there's no sub.

The story is about Donut loves Tong, Ying loves Mew, but Mew and Tong love each other. The story starts from childhood best friends, progressed to their teenhood. From friendship to love. The story progressed so slow, no background music, simple dialogues. Sounds so boring but I wasn't bored at all. There are a lot of good scenes, and the story somehow reflects the reality of love, even if it wasnt gay.

One of the few scenes I love the most is when Tong's mama asked Mew to leave her son after she has found out. I understand a mother's feeling of seeing her own son in a same sex relation. By confronting Mew she is trying to protect her son, as she wants Tong to live a normal life. Every mother wants the best out of their son, my mama is not excluded. Grow up happily, work hard, earn money, get married give birth to children and live happily ever after. An ideal dream of all mothers. But how many can achieve this? The only difference between gay and straight I could tell, is give birth part. There's no right or wrong in love. Don't discriminate love based on sex. I know my mama won't be happy if one day I tell her I am gay. No one will. Not even myself... When Tong is decorating the christmas tree with his mama, they talk heart to heart bout the problem. It's not easy for mother to say yes, but what a mother wants to see from her son, is to be happy. This is mother's love. If it's not soon, somehow, someday, mother will accept you for who you are 'coz they love you. It's no easy task but mothers are always understanding.

Mother : Tong can you help me put the ornaments (there are 2 patung kecil) on the tree?

Tong : Is this one good here, mom?

Mother : Just put it around.

Tong : What about this one here instead, mom?

Mother : Just put it on.

Tong : What about the two of these together here?

Mother : Just go ahead, ok?

Tong : What if I choose one and you don't like it? You'll be upset again.

Looking at each other for a moment...

Mother : Choose what you think is best for yourself.

'And they both smiled'

I like how the theme song is brought out into this movie. The lyrics may be simple, but I like it. The purpose, the meaning, and how the song is created. It's meaningful. Having strong feeling towards Tong, Mew wrote the song for Tong, a way to express his love. When he sings, he is looking and smiling only at Tong.

If I said that I wrote this song for you, would you believe me?
It might not be as well-written or beautiful as other songs
I want you to know that you can't write a love song if you're not in love
But for you, I can write this song so, easily
You might have heard hundreds or thousands of love songs
They might be meaningful, but their meanings are for anyone
When you listen to this song, it is written only for you
If you understand the meaning, our hearts will be together, forever

There are so many truths in love
In the past, I spent too much time looking for the meaning of it
But now I know that every time you are near
that if our lives are a melody, then you are the lyrics
that make my life meaningful and together we make beautiful music
Let it be the song. On the way with only your and my voice
That we'll be together for all time
Just like a verse that's in a poem "As long as you love, you still have hope"
Everytime I feel your love shining in my heart, I can see my destiny

Not to forget the last scene where Tong made his decision and also the christmas present.

I can't be with you as your boyfriend. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you.

They might not be together in the end, but their love existed. Their love might seem not normal in our eyes, but that is love. Their love might be stronger than any of ours. There is no right or wrong in love. I am not being supportive here, but they are not wrong. Why must love comes with hurt? I hate to see them cry when their love is rejected. Without realizing, tears rolled down my cheek as well. I admit I was touched by their acting. It's been a long time since I watch movie of such genre. The last one was Eternal Summer, which made me cry too. These 2 are still the best, I recommend all of you to watch as it really worth your time. I really had a hard time watching The Love of Siam.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oct 08 2008

今天呢突然间想起我的偶像林宇中. 28岁开始红起来的他已经发了总共3长专辑. 2005年12月30日发他第一长个人首长专辑,2007年3月30日发淋雨中直到2008年7月10日新专辑干物女. 从 myfm 听到合唱歌 Melodi 之后,就开始慢慢,一点一点对他的歌有好感. 从好感变成超喜欢. 我还记得我第一次去他的签唱会是去年. 觉得很开心. 我发梦都没想到我竟然会沉迷到这个地步. 真没想到... 为什么你这老家伙,年纪那么大了还有这样的魅力呢?真令我羡慕.

突然想起他的演唱会. 虽然第一次演唱会气氛有点冷淡,我认为呢还不错啦. 刚发片第二长专辑就有自己的演唱会. 其实还蛮不错啦. 感觉上就好像看电影. 黑暗暗又没有喊叫声. 全部都静静的坐着赏乐. 演唱会当中有两部分我蛮喜欢的. The beginning and also when Sheila duet with 林宇中 for Melodi. 我觉得气氛最 high 就是这时候. 很怀念当时那一刻...

多1分钟就是第9个月了. 还有机会拉拉手,拥抱你. 这9个月以来我有笑有泪. 解到你的电话让我好紧张噢. 多4天就是我生日. 希望是你陪我一起度过我的21岁. 人开始老了. 没有人会看上我一眼的啦. 除了你,我想不到还有谁可以代替你在我心中的地位. 虽然我曾经伤害过很多人的心. 也不算很多个啦. 但是我对你是认真的. 我对你忠心一片,你别当我痴鬼了线噢...

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

04 Oct - How long can it last?

When you meet someone, and yet so lucky by glance you are attracted. Slowly, a fond feeling build up in your heart depends on individual personality. You feel unease at the initial state. Makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah. You will think of him all the time - Has he eaten? Has he awaken? Is he thinking of you? What is he doing? So miss him. Next is the temptation to action against him. The process is the glorious time of the era. Countless money, time, energy, brain cells and even tears have been invested to yield a successful relation. Hiding the lust, first you give him your first impression, usually a good one. From here on, frequent chatting is the basic way to keep in touch, usually by sms or phone calls. From time to time, you will meet him more often to have lunch or dinner, movies and shopping. You will do anything to make him happy. From spending money to putting down your own ego, as long as you can own him. When mutual understanding is established, personal barrier is lifted. It may be fast, it may be slow. It may take 2 months, or a year. Or maybe 10 years. If catalyst happens to hasten the process and orientation is met, a successful bond is formed, thus relationship is created. The feeling is now expressed in term of love. When he nods his head in agreement, you will definitely too happy to realize how much investment you have put into this relation. Then you will put the particular moment into your calendar to mark down the glorious day and celebrate it as anniversary every year on. This is what we call ordinary love.

Ok, what happen next? Who doesn't wish to have a good life together with the beloved one, and live happy ever after? Snow White's life is the dream for many of us. Met a good prince, brought her out of the suffering life, live happily ever after in their castle, became the queen of the province and cherished by the towns people. But how many of you can achieve this ultimate level of love, in reality? After few months, many will start to get bored and find another target. Fresher it seems. When there's someone distracting you from your relationship, your status is greatly affected. Then the person who destroy the love which was formed with sweat and toils is known as third party. 第三者. 狐狸精. But there's no right or wrong in love, even if there's 第三者 or not. 'Coz love is blind. Love shrouds your mind into blindness and darkness, and you lose your rationale and senses. In another point of view, love is evil and wicked. This is known as the dark side of love. Blind and senseless reminds me of Kaname Tosen's bankai, Enma Korogi. Anyone under the effect of his bankai loses the ability to sense anything around them, except touch (pain). Does the bankai effect similar to love?

I was in love, but it lasted only 11 months. I wasn't that sad because I found out that there are many people having worse experience than mine. Some were together for 2 years and they broke up. Some were together for 3 months but to no avail. There are some still suffering from post love effect. What makes me sad the most is the end of a 5 years love. Not me of course. It's my friend. Hmm... I wonder what is the problem they had to this extent? Is it because they do not understand each other? They argue? Pressure? Misunderstanding? What is there that can break a couple which has been living together for so long? Haiz. Very 可惜... Love has many uncertainty, and I hate uncertainty. Uncertainty is challenging, but it poses risk as well. Uncertainty plays with chances and probability. Anything might happen, even with 1% probability. The doctor can tell the victim's family of 99% successful operation chances. And yet the next thing is they were told that the patient died among other 1%, which increases the figure to 2%. As Chu said, 1% can grow. This is uncertainty. Like it or not, it is unavoidable.

I wonder if the same fate falls upon me, what will happen to me? Can I act cool as if I can ok with it? Can I act as if nothing has happen between the both of us? Can I still face you? I really scared and worry if this happen one day. Although not the first time, but the same pain exists and old scars blemish. I do think of this occasionally. When sweet memories pass by, I have to dry my tears. It's normal to cry, isn't it? I am not a heartless person. I am warm blooded, not cold. My blood is red, not green. Yes I am a guy but I am also a human. Crying is normal for full-of-emotion animals like us. Ok past is past. But if again it happens, I think I will never step into the circle anymore... I really hope I can hold your hands, walk the same path together, and build our future. 白头到老. Both of us... Am I thinking too much? Or should I be happy with what I have now? Yes you are right. 船到桥头自然直... I should be happy and appreciate while we are still together. I have in confidence in you, and myself. Gambateh! Wish all of you out there can find your other half and live happily ever after. Take note it's not Valentine yet.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Clean car - 03 Oct

Do you know how annoying is it to wake up early in the morning when I am having my holiday break? It's super dulan. If it's because of my alarm that wakes me up, I think it's fine. If it's because lunch time has come, I am fine too. But if it's because someone trampled on you while you snore to slumber, how can you not be annoyed? It's paranoid. I told you many times, becareful as I am not like you to have your own room, I am sleeping on the floor, so don't step on me!!!

Haiz what to do? Already woke up. This is the first time I woke up this early for this holiday. So far the earliest la. It's only 10 am wei! Ok lor, I wash my car. How long has it been since I said I want to wash my car? Hmm... I did mention after exam. So it was like a week passed and now I am going to wash my car. Wee~ paiseh paiseh. Walao so long never wash car since April. Huhuhu there's improvement of 6 months. Compared to last time? Wash car every Chinese New Year eve!!! I still remember the last time I washed my car, I was very angry. Play till late night and still don't want to go home. Do you know how worry I was? Don't you know how dangerous it is outside? But what's done is done. I am over it on that day itself. So why bother thinking back ^^ ?

My car is the 8 year old Iswara. Looks older than it supposingly is. Haiz... Seeing it makes me no mood to wash actually. Why do I want to wash my car? Because I beh tahan of the ants in my car. I don't know why there are ants. Not to forget cockroaches in my car! Walao who dare to travel in my car, anyone? How to pikat people with this car? So I have no choice but to wash and clean it. Very clean, clean or selamba clean, given it's cleaned. 1 hour had gone. After washing and drying the car, a bird shit dropped right in front of me. Really du kao lan!!! Kill kao you ar!!! Stupid birds have no other place to poo ar!!! Why always shit on my car!!! Brainless birds... I hate birds.

To change topic, I really wished to see 林宇中's mv for his new songs. The album available now has no mv in it. Is there another version (with mv) coming out? If my imagination is true, I have only cucumber to eat everyday. Probably less than a cucumber. Cd to buy, his concert, Genting trip. Money not enough 3...

These 2 are the only new songs that can be found in KTV so far. 干物女 and 远远. Worth listening and watching. Hope there are more songs in the list. Enjoy...

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

02 Oct 2008 Raya

Hari Raya is brought forward every year. Sooner or later we will celebrate Gong Xi Raya again. Huhuhu we will have less holidays to spend. Now is Raya season. For the first time in my life, I went to Raya open house yesterday. I've been to Deepavali open house, but Malay's open house... this is the first time. I followed Edwin and his family to the open house, right below their house (they live in flat). They served tomato rice, beef, ketupat and curry (I like the curry 'coz its not spicy at all). I prefer satay if it is possible, but obviously there is no satay. We eat and leave, as if we are in some restaurants. OMG so paiseh...

Today is the 2nd day Muslims celebrate Raya. I was so blur, I went to deposit some coins into my account. Found out that they are on off day. I even wanted to go post office today. Haiz. Waste my petrol travelling around for nothing.

Nowadays I wake up around 12 pm. And then take nap again in the afternoon. My mum was sick. I hope she doesn't infect me 'coz I need to stay healthy to go Genting haha. After I woke up from my nap, I saw my mum sleeping. Gor gor sleeping. Even dad was sleeping. Whole family fell asleep at 7 pm!!! Everyone is so tired for Raya season ^^

I know this post is boring as I don't have any idea of what to write but I am still eager to write. So I simply scribble something here and there. What a boring Raya. Cannot go anywhere 'coz want to save up for Genting trip. Cannot simply eat 'coz I am getting fatter. Do some minor chin up and push up and sit up at home. But 24 hours feel sleepy. Can it be African sleeping disease? Tse Tse flies that spread this disease to me?

Lastly but not least, wish all Muslims SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!!! Maaf zahir dan batin... I want green packets!!!

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