Thursday, October 30, 2008


Me? I am a heavy eater animal. Not as much as Vincent or Phakai though. But whenever I look into my pocket, I need to think of what to eat. ‘Coz my wallet is always leaking; I need to think of something which is filling and cheap. Usually I order the cheapest food without drinks. Mix rice with rice and curry – my cheapest meal of all (RM 1.10). Last time in Petaling Street (2004) – rice + tau foo pok (RM 1.50) – the boss even pitied me and gave me free Chinese tea lol. Who else can do like me? If my mum doesn’t cook, I need to eat outside and that’s the headache part. Yea yea, a typical kiamsiap animal, but I still survived. You got problem with that? And maybe that’s why my body shape is as such. Occasionally, there are some times too I am so willing to dig out from my piggie bank to have better food. I had Chili’s, Starbucks, Gasoline and Old Town. I know I know, they are still cheap, nothing special. But for me, they rob my money, and having 1 meal there means I have to skip 3-4 meals in normal days. Whatever. I think there're some times I should have rewarded myself with some satisfaction and sensation of spending money after being kiamsiap for so long.

This month, October, I got my mind screwed up, gone haywire. I noticed, I realized and yet I did it, I spent so much this month. I didn't work this month, but I went to Genting for my birthday. That's not all, spending on friends’ birthday presents? And movies in cinema? There goes RM 300++ (Not really that much, but do you know how much it means for me? Hei, I am jobless!)… I look like pretty beaten up ya? Not yet! I could still stand (crawl if I couldn't walk) and enjoy Madam Kwan in Midvalley (28 Oct)!!! How’s that? Jino in Madam Kwan? It looks like a Chu Chun Hong in Starbucks!!! Woah Jino upgrade already wor~ I can imagine Fiona say so, although she knows that wasn’t my first time there.

Madam Kwan is located on the first floor in Midvalley. We were served and seated. Looking around me, the left table was only 10 cm away from me, both eating nasi lemak. The right table couple eating nasi lemak and soup mee, another 10 cm away. Why do they have such table arrangement? It looked like the whole row of us is sitting on the same table, next to each other. I can even listen to their conversation clearly. WTH? No privacy at all. You know la, the way I eat is so jakoon, so sia sui if they see me eat that way in such clear view... They served us strawberry scented sky juice. I introduced him nasi lemak and nasi bojari, Madam Kwan’s favourites. Anyway the waiter came to take our order.

Waiter: May I have your order?
Me: (Without thinking) 1 nasi bojari. 你呢?

Edwin: Err… Err… (Panic looking at the menu).

Me: 要不要试下他们的 nasi lemak ? 全部人都有叫阿.

Edwin: (Refusing nasi lemak) 我叫 beef rendang ok?

Me: Ok, 1 beef rendang. 2 sky juice please.

Yup, eating with my bf again (if you get what bf means). Nasi Bojari is the Indonesian coloured rice served with asam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried hometown chicken. Beef rendang is probably rice with beef rendang and cucumbers and tomatoes at sides. Minutes later, the waiter put an empty plate on the dining table. Huh? What’s that for? Another minute passed by, and our food was served. Have a look at the food we just ordered.

Nasi Bojari (RM 20.50++)


We stared at the unknown dish in confusion. Edwin was asking me “No nasi?” How would I know? I pointed at the unknown dish, asked the waiter to confirm, he said “This, is beef rendang”. “Oh I see… May I have the menu again please?” and we reordered. I couldn't help but to laughed my ass off. Edwin shamefully ordered nasi lemak this time lol. Told ya... There we go, side dish beef rendang (RM 13++).

Nasi Lemak (RM 14.20++)

I would probably wanted to order sago gula Melaka if the lunch wasn’t that full, ‘coz of the beef haha. I didn’t blame him, anyhow that was the first time he dine here. I just... smiled, and laughed a bit ^^. The food is rather expensive, don’t you think? I paid the main dishes as agreed while he had to cover up the “accident” side dish haha… Yup it’s on my treat. We spent 2 hours there, took my time cleaning up my chicken (not sia sui - not using hand) and licking the plates (sia sui style) before we watched High School Musical 3 – Senior Year. I still think Enchanted and Wall E are way much better...


We had Madam Kwan the previous day, we drove up to Sunway Pyramid for lunch the following day. Guess what’re we having for lunch this time? The story started back last year when gor gor, mum and I agreed to save money for buffet. But we never went. You know why? ‘Coz gor gor got no time, my savings are always used up for no reason, bo lui bo lui bo lui!!! But the good thing was, my mum got fed up. On Monday (27 Oct), me and mum chatted awhile.

Mum: 贤儿.帮帮我.
Me: (still sleeping) 睡觉啦.什么事?
Mum: 你几时要吃buffet?
Me: swt等我有钱先啦.你要几时吃噢?
Mum: 我们星期四吃啦?
Me: 多三天?Har?你还认真的阿?
Mum: 对啦.爸爸星期四不在家,我们可以去吃啊.
Me: 哥哥呢?
Mum: 不要与他.么一次都放飞机.我们两去吃.
Me: 我没什么钱喔.你帮我出一半啦.我就可以去咯.
Mum: 好啦你出20块啦.其他我出啦.
Me: 那就差不多.book位咯.
Mum: 真的要星期四阿?
Me: 你玩我啊?
Mum: 要星期三吗?
Me: swt swt swt你真得很想吃 hor?喜欢你啦.

All this while, my family is quite a Japanese food lover (except my papa). Basically we love sushi (except my papa). We love to eat raw fish (except my papa). There were several times we nastily planned, saved up some money and went for Japanese buffet and some other high class dining places (without papa - sorry he is always left out) ‘coz he doesn’t seem to like all these places. Whenever the waiter comes to us with the bill, we will always think of this question – “What is papa going to eat tonight?”
Pity him, huh? Yea, a bit. But, I get to eat. Hail yeah... He can eat alone as long as I get to enjoy. Wakaka evil me.

The place we were looking for is… SHOGUN!!!
I had been to Jogoya. Yea last year’s story. 2 person for RM 200.50!!! Yea they rob me legally. My mum and gor gor had been there too. For me, the outstanding price is unaffordable. But for my mum and gor gor, they felt cheated ‘coz they don’t get good service and food was ok ok. So we never put Jogoya into our eating list. Jogoya, good to try once, but never twice – my gor gor. I heard that Shogun in 1-Utama and Saisaki in UOA had their reputation decreased ‘coz lack of commitment or some sort. As suggested, Sunway’s new outlet might be a bit better (might be slightly better to increase their new image). And I hope they have the same variety as dinner to be chosen in lunch. Anyway, I get to taste some sushi again. The last time I’ve been to sort was Saisaki last year, for Mother’s Day if I wasn’t mistaken. And also Sushi Station in Sg. Wang for my birthday if that place is counted in as well ^^.

At first we were lost in the Sunway parking lot. I entered the lorry’s loading bay, forced to park in there and parking rate is slightly higher. Bodohnya… Anyway the parking fee is still much cheaper compared to Times Square. The moment I set my foot there, the very first thing I observed was none other than my favourite sushi corner. Good. I saw something there. The 3 of us (Guess who else joined us? My bf Edwin la of 'coz lol) were seated by the waiter at a corner of the restaurant, served hot green tea and a pot of steamboat. The steamboat is one of the new changes they made. They made us had an unwanted steamboat, and it’s those filling type. The environment is dim and nice. Just right to da pao some food back home. But of ‘coz we didn’t, although we wanted to. I made use of the advantage to snap some pics, avoiding attention from the staff. I heard they do not allow photo taking in the restaurant. I had my favourite sushi and sashimi. I LIKE THEM!!! There were a lot of varieties but I did not try everything. When I stood still looking at the sushis, I was counting them. If I were to try each and everyone of them, there would be no room for dessert. The sushi man was never stingy with his ingredients and chucked in a lot of ebi ko into my handroll. I love him so much and never tired to return for more. 8 handroll went down my stomach at such ease. Salmon that melted in my mouth nyam nyam... Don’t feel like explaining much here. If ya wanna know so much, ya gonna taste it yourself. I was very satisfied with the lunch that day, in terms of food, service, environment, and also the price. Lunch buffet is RM 43++ for normal weekdays. Much cheaper if we take lunch, and same variety with dinner. So why bother to pay more, don’t you agree?


Sushis and sahimis


Unwanted Steamboat

Sushis + Sashimi

Unknown complimentary


Handroll soft shell crab + tempura prawn temaki

dessert nestle ice cream + fruit fondue

Guess how much weight had I gained? I ended up gaining extra 2 pounds!!! How do I get rid of it? 24 hours after eating; now I am still full and skipped my dinner. Looks like I’m gonna skip my lunch the next day as well. A buffet meal, save up 2 meals the next day? Malaysian + buffet = super duper full – 2 meals. I think I had eaten enough to make my RM 49.45 worth while. Now I am totally broke and no more buffet till at least next year Chinese New year Shangri La buffet plan ^^v.

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