Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first (maybe not first) little sex experience

Everyone (if there' anyone), this is my first post of such story, so I have made it personal. This story is 100% true, and happened to me only an hour ago. So I thought this will be a good first post. It took me quite awhile to build up courage to share this story with all of you. Don't laugh ok? Although it's not really my first time, but the feeling was. Continue reading at your own risk. The story below contains minor gay sexually explicit adult material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or it is illegal to view gay sexually explicit material in your community, you must leave now. Or if you are below age of 18 years old, you must be accompanied by parents or guardians. If you proceed further you accept full responsibility of your actions.

It was nine past nine when I exited my room door, closing it behind me. I had my old black shorts, bright orange shirt with my phone carefully tucked into my pocket. I stood on my balcony, relishing the exquisite feeling of the misty rain falling over me. After four days of humidity and heat, it was more refreshing than any shower I had felt. I'd have taken a shower anyway before I start my day, but for now the rain was nice. There was enough caffeine in the air to kick start my brain. My mama was in the kitchen, gulping her coffee on the right while newspaper in her left hand.

At the same time, Mike (fictional name) was right next to me. I knew him since last year in Watson pharmacy (Wangsa Maju Aeon Complex branch). He is white (white as not the guai lou white). How should I describe him? White... Snow white... He is not skin fair, but white. And he is wearing white today. I was gently but firmly holding his body in my hand. My mama knew Mike quite well too, and pleased to have him befriended me.

The story started out very sudden, but yet within my expectation, and I wanted it to happen, even though I was standing on the balcony where my mama can watch clearly what we're doing. Mike quickly reached me and I stood there shocked with Mike's sudden move. We stared at each other for a minute, and before I even realize, his proud stick was in my hole already. WTH??? In 3rd floor balcony while mama was only few feet away? I must be very daring to do this openly. I know I wanted it badly since long ago, but never had I imagined to happen so fast, so sudden. He sure caught me off guard.

Me: ***whisper*** Why are you in such a hurry? And why are you skipping the warm up? I am not really ready yet...

Mike: ***whisper*** Oh you are definitely ready. This is not your first time, and I like the weather. We will go straight into the main course, I don't have time for appetizers.

OMG!!! Is this for real? He skipped the fingering part and started straight to the real part. We did it right on the spot. He slowly inserted his hot tool, an inch at a time into my tight hole while I slowly positioned myself on the floor. I shivered with anticipation while the head of his stick passed through my passage. My heart pounded so hard and so fast, I held my breath as much as I could, to not let mama hear what we were doing. Mike's godly stick is incredibly long. It wasn't even half inserted when the head of his stick reached my threshold. Trembling in the agony of his penetration, I had to moan out loudly breaking the silence in the morning. The pain of entering began to subdue, and started to yield the pleasure I had never felt. The sense of pleasure overwhelmed me and left me numb and out of breath. Now I got the right word for this. I was horny!!! Mama was still enjoying her coffee, either she hadn't look at what we were doing, or she knew and pretend to not give a damn.

He moved his way in in slow deep thrust, each more rewarding and more sensual than the previous. He did not make any sound. No shouting, no moaning, no breathing sound or even some sweat on his body. He did it so professionally. I really need to praise him for his amazing skill. Never had I feel this kind of pleasure for 21 years. My pits were all wet and smell strong. It only took few minutes to reach my orgasm. I had lost my mind... "Harder!!! Faster!!!" were the only thing on my mind. Mike knew what I wanted, he fastened his pace and concentrated on his work. I didn't care anymore if mama heard me screaming or moaning. I was so high. I was at my peak and I knew he's gonna do it very soon. OMG!!! He pulled out his stick, still stood there hard, and I felt hot stream of liquid flowing out of my hole. And I saw some brown yellowish thingy sticking on his stick. Yerr dirty... but he did it.

I put Mike aside allowing him to take some rest. I was very satisfied with his skill and his tender touch when handling me. I thanked him for what he voluntarily did for me while he replied with his cold but sweet white smile. As we were lying on the cold marble floor still panting heavily upon my quick orgasm, mama came to my location. "Okay son, why are you moaning so loudly on the floor?"

"I was just digging my ear with this cotton bud, mama..." still trying to catch some breath and turn around to cover my red blushed face.

And next I started digging my left ear with another side of Mike's head.

The few minutes just now was really as if I was having my first sex...

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