Saturday, November 29, 2008

Work, work and work

I had very little working experience. Yes I do. The only place I had been really working (as of working, not loitering, and get paid for my working effort) was in Wisma Genting, as Customer Relations Officer. I had been working there for few months. From 8 am to10 pm daily, I worked so hard just for the OT and reimbursement claim which more than 50 bucks a day. Though work load is like a mounting mount, I was really happy working there. There're friends next to each other, nice bosses, nice customers to brighten my day. Who knows I ended up spending my entire salary on him alone. He is none other than 林宇中 endorsed Sony Cybershot T-2. RM 1399 for the basic camera package, RM 100 for extended 2 years warranty, and Sony Member (discount RM 1 for every purchase of RM 50). So my blue camera pouch was discounted to RM 39 (original RM 69). During the Perak trip my charger exploded, so another RM 130 spent for new charger (although the exploded charger was under warranty) ended me having a total of 2 chargers. That's how my money was spent. Yes on camera (don't include Perak and Malacca trip ya?). That makes him my baby no. 4.

Last year's mission was considered accomplished. I made plans so that I could buy the camera even before it was introduced in Malaysia. I wonder if there is any plan this year, but of 'coz I couldn't think of any at the moment. This year seems to be a honeymoon break for me, without aim and directions unlike last year. As usual, I have 3 months + of holiday every year end (sem break). UTAR is definitely generous in supplying holidays to its undergraduates. And as usual, as long as I stay at home, mum wont go easy on me, lecture me everyday from morning till afternoon, my income was stopped at once. Anyway whose holiday is longer than mine? Stay at home msn, friendster, facebook, check email, watch Bleach for repeated routine everyday are really boring. Welcome fungus, to Jino's body!!! My holiday was dragged on for 2 months without income, and I couldn't go anywhere but caged in my room (not really my room, is computer room).

Very coincidentally, a friend intro-ed me a job in his office (nature of assignment = email blaster) and the office is based in PJ. Very reluctantly I accepted his offer. Haiz... I thought I had a chance to rest as much as I could before my new semester starts. Pay rate is RM 6 per hour (Little hor? But negotiable). I don't expect much from them, but RM 6 is really... a bit too low la wei. Pay higher la. I am uni student leh don't play play!!! Never mind la. Money ma. But I really don't have the mood to start working la. Damn lazy... I am still in my honeymoon mood : )

Let me briefly describe my job scope for the work. I went to the office on 14th Nov, blur blur sotong not knowing who to look for. After 1 hour of bluring, finally I found the person in charge of me. Then I sat next to him waiting for my work to land on my table. This table originally belongs to a staff on maternity leave, had become my temporary work place. Rather, my hangout hole. After sitting for 2 hours, went and came back from lunch, my table had yet nothing on it. So I automatically asked him for something to do. And then my real work came. Basically, an email blaster is suppose to send email. Abuthen??? So he gave me a list of many many many many resume, and I had to send some information to each and every one of them. Around 1k of them. Easily la. Sap sap sui. Send email only ma. So I sent like usual lor. Multiple emails, subject, copy the contents and send. I finished sending them in just a day. Sounds so easy. YES!!! Very easy. But I received some feedbacks from some of the recipients, I was really fed up. They were harsh and rude. They scolded me for not using BCC. How I know wor? I follow orders only la. What protect privacy and confidential? Who cares bout you? I got my job done and that's it! None of my problem anymore. But those complain emails, I deleted them before anyone sees it (worry I will get scolded XD).

Then the next working day, I followed him to distribute brochures in Kepong area. Har? Email blaster also has to distribute leaflets? Yea lor, my job is not in the boundary of any speculation. Adding that, I did some data entry too. But I am a hardworking worker (puji myself a bit to motivate myself to write more). After I finished my data entry works, they have nothing else for me to do. I start to wonder, am I really needed here? Soon, long enough (about 3 hours), they asked me to call those people in the database, to come to the office for interview. Alamak... PHONE!!! SHIT!!! You want me to turn deaf? My ear is in bad condition and yet you want me to hold the phone and talk for the whole day? Crazy ar you? (of coz I never tell him that la). But what to do? Work ma. Follow orders lor. Takan I say I don't want do this work ma right? How to disobey? No choice but have to pick up the phone, start dialing and ask them to come to the office. But I don't like la. Call people... Malasnya. Telinga sakit la brother... Of 'coz, my cries in my heart was not heard by anyone but myself.

The office here is damn cold. If you enter Snow World before, ya it's that cold. If you go out of the office you can see your spectacles turn blurish and watery. The temperature must have been fixed to 18°C. Fucking cold!!! My fingernails always turned blue. And my hands were frozen solid. Head started to spin, and teeth chattering. Shivering like hell. There's this lady staff, wear sleeveless shirt without any outer jacket, and complain the hot temperature as if it's summer. Raining all the month adds salt to wounds. I wonder if the people here are cold-blooded? Speak of the staffs here, including the one who takes care of me, they are... no comment. No one cares of what I do, no one knows what I do, no one cares how much I do, no one knows me!!! I do more work, less work, don't do at all, no one knows, no one cares. Not even the person in charged will realise I had actually curi tulang for 3 hours active in facebook and minesweeper. What can I say? I have freedom to do anything in front of the computer but restricted movement in the office. I have problem going to toilet coz I need a card to pass by the door. The food here is expensive. A fried rice cost RM 5.80!!! SUPER DUPER MAHAL!!! So I rather wake up 5 am in the morning to prepare my own lunch. And I have to travel by Star and Putra lrt to and fro, RM 7.80 has to go everyday... Haiz... I really can't earn anything from this job. Haiz. Working here is lonely. I am all alone. And I regret accepting this job. Really... And I hope time quickly pass by and I leave this place ASAP.

Then as I work further in this bloody cold office, I found myself to be completely useless. I start to lose my direction here as they have no other things for me to do till the next Tuesday (9th December). So they dig out old files for me to arrange, do some filing job, sort out some old and expired cheques from old ones, call some unimportant character and many little job that does not slightly challenge my intelligence. I am totally bored till I have extra time to add extra posting here. - edited and added 5th December 2008

I tried to approach the person in charge of me, mentioned how I feel of this office and the working environment. Oh no I lied. I didn't tell him how I felt. I asked him whether if I am still needed here, no? Otherwise they can fire me anytime and I volunteerily take the leave without any notice. My brain is anticipating for his reply but after an hour later he came to my workplace and informed me something undesireable. I am needed!!! I asked "Badly?" and he keeps quiet. So I continue my work after Haji holidays, expecting some work load to drop by my table, badly. After the 3 days holiday, I lazily went to work, expecting something more challenging. I was told that I will be doing some work outside the office. But at 10 a.m. sharp, I was told to leave at lunch time as there was nothing for me to do at the moment. Hmm... Should I be sad, or relieve that he called me off? Now is 10.45 a.m. another 1 hour 15 minutes till lunch time, and the end of the day - edited and added 9th December 2008

Today is my last day of work here. After all, they don't really need me. So naturally, eventually, sooner or later, they are going to fire me. My last day is the same like my 1st day of work. Blur, identity unknown, being ignored. I must hurry and finish my task at hand, so that there's nothing more to follow up next time. YIPEE!!! The end of this brain tormenting office... - edited and added 15th December 2008

But no matter how hard is the work, I will not let myself show my face and feeling to anyone ie. merajuk. Unlike you. When you work, you must work up to expectation, must have your own target, know your own capability, but not express your anger at me. Which work is not tiring? Even if you are tired, don't let it affect your mind coz eventually you are expressing your anger at me. Don't tell me you don't know you will be tired after work? Of coz you know. I know you are tired. But don't la say haiz this haiz that as if you are very pity. I don't pity you la. "I know la my office job is sitting and not standing like you." But your job is like that ma. Don't like ma don't work la. Even if you want to express your feeling, want me to lend you an ear, I demand you not to do it in front of other people. It just made me can't react and my words are restricted if you understand what I meant. Hope you understand me lor. Not I don't understand how hard is your job, I understand. But don't make it a big deal coz choose to work and your mum also do the same job as you. If you are in pain, then lekat lah Salonpas. I wish you don't mind me being cold yesterday coz I am not really your punching bag. I expect you to be better than this. Why can't you show me your determination? Why you show me how weak you are? Even your mum say kelian at you. I wonder if my mum will ever say this word at me. Coz what I have always hear from her is "Good la work got money. No work no money and you die in hunger". Maybe we both are raised in different parenthood. The second son and the only son.

I am so sorry if I hurt you. You didn't hurt me, I just felt hurt coz I never expect you can say something like that at me. But what I want to say is really from my deepest heart. 吃得咸魚抵得渴 and don't let small matter get over you... And sorry if anyone of you out there can't understand what I wrote. I don't feel like writing this actually.

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