Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's go everyone...!!! Back to the sea of adventure again!!! I came to take you home!!!

Just when the buster call was initiated, the Going Merry made her appearance for the crews desperate escape. The most touching scene in the 707 episodes of One Piece, the ship burial ceremony made me cried the 7th time now, no joke.

And now the Going Merry is "remodeled", in hope to cherish her values; It's all right. I will carry all of you, for a little while longer.

I had a hard time looking for her around KL. It wasn't easy to trust online stores either. Then I bet MYR 147.00 into, a site I found randomly through google search. Hesitated as I don't really trust something no one knows, the merchant was unexpectedly very efficient to deliver its good and service. This was evidenced when I received my Going Merry in just two working days. If you are a gundam fan, try this site. I am now a happy man~

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Overseas Travel - Day 4 (1) of Pleasure

The plan on Day 4, a bright Monday was to wait patiently till night. The sun was only filler of the day, while the highlight was the eye of the moon in Saladaeng. 

During the day we strolled along Gaysorn, Central World, Siam Paragon, MBK and the giant malls, wasted energy for pleasure enhancement in part 2. Really, there was nothing important in this post.

 Mango rice as breakfast.

 The toilet in Gaysorn is exceptionally clean.

Durians bigger than your 死人头. 

Dunkin donut for free wifi. Thank God finally outdoor wifi!!! 


 Comparing my Baleno and Uniqlo's shirt. 100% same!!!


Dinner steamboat.

Source of energy for part 2.

Supper to replenish energy after part 2.

Damage on Day 4.

Part 2 contains minor gay sexually explicit adult material. Common man languange means 18SX.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The ship that will cross over thousand seas like the sun.

I have reread the Enies Lobby arc for the sixth time. Going Merry has never failed to touch my jelly heart. I have to admit, I cry each time I see the ship burial takes place.

Thousand Sunny will carry on Going Merry's spirit to sail across the end of Grand line.

Built from same Adam wood that Oro Jackson was built from, it was designed by Franky the ship wright and built together with Gale La men.

The most tedious part in building the ship was the fragile stairs on the ship, as evidenced in below picture. Fortunately, the ship was repaired perfectly, thanks to my steady hand and sticky glue. Not to mention the Straw Hat sticker took me 3 hours in toilet to stick on the sail. The 5 part stickers will stick on anything it touches, and can only be removed by soaking into water. Imagine you have done 4 parts and the 5th ruined the sail. Try and error... Wolah~

Really thanks to the person who bought me the ship. Now I have to order a display box made of glass to fit my prestigious future to be Pirate King's ship.

My next target - Japan!!!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Overseas Travel - Day 2 & 3 of Shop and Shoot like a Man

The moon went down slowly in loveliness. At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear; perfect to start the day with hot bed rocking session. Continuous panting broke the silent morning. You wouldn't want to imagine how messy the room was. For more details kindly approach me personally haha.

Looking back, he was addicted to shopping. He had not shopped for the longest time and was easily turned on by the clothes and food in Jatuchak. Honestly, Jatuchak is my another least favourite attraction. Its crowded and stuffy environment are good to make me faint.

The plan at night was to visit DJ Station to quench our thirst for juicy bodies. Unfortunately, the energy loaned during the day had to be paid dearly. Bed vs DJ. Bed emerged victorious. We missed the fun that night.

After hot bed rocking session.

Local breakfast on Day 2.

On the way to shopping haven.

Coconut day.

On the way to shop for porn magazine.

Damage on Day 2

The morning on Day 3 was a replication of Day 2 morning, a longer session. After all, Thailand is a horny place for horny men.

Day 3 was the continuous Day 2 shopping spree. My first experience when I eyed on one of the jeans in Jatuchak yesterday was a memorable one. The shop has no fitting room. We had to cover ourselves with a sarong, slowly removing our pants and put on the jeans, single handedly. And to much annoyance, I had abdomen and legs cramp while trying the jeans, which sent me rolling on the ground.

If I could predict this, I would wear another piece of garment under my pants. Exhibitionist aside, commando goers should wear underwear for convenience.

The second jeans was on Day 3. Epic. This shop, similarly has no fitting room and so I expected him to lend me their sarong. Surprisingly, they have no sarong!!! The Thais, offered to take off my pants and covered my private part with a large board and towel. If they are a bit good looking, I would have accepted their assistance. In the end I bought the jeans without trying. And it fit on me so bloody well.

 Breakfast and lunch.

Green curry and grill pork as dinner.

Hiao with new jeans. 

Damage on Day 3.

Our initial plan at night was to visit Saladaeng streets, the area famous with sex and shows and souvenirs. However the plan was ruined by our fluctuating homones, we ended with 0 dildo, 0 cd, 0 viagra and popper, 0 massage, 0 sex. A wasted Sunday night.

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