Thursday, April 18, 2013

The ship that will cross over thousand seas like the sun.

I have reread the Enies Lobby arc for the sixth time. Going Merry has never failed to touch my jelly heart. I have to admit, I cry each time I see the ship burial takes place.

Thousand Sunny will carry on Going Merry's spirit to sail across the end of Grand line.

Built from same Adam wood that Oro Jackson was built from, it was designed by Franky the ship wright and built together with Gale La men.

The most tedious part in building the ship was the fragile stairs on the ship, as evidenced in below picture. Fortunately, the ship was repaired perfectly, thanks to my steady hand and sticky glue. Not to mention the Straw Hat sticker took me 3 hours in toilet to stick on the sail. The 5 part stickers will stick on anything it touches, and can only be removed by soaking into water. Imagine you have done 4 parts and the 5th ruined the sail. Try and error... Wolah~

Really thanks to the person who bought me the ship. Now I have to order a display box made of glass to fit my prestigious future to be Pirate King's ship.

My next target - Japan!!!

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