Saturday, March 28, 2009

It is another race

Besides racing on peace and understanding of humanity, the Earth we live on is racing on another event at the same time - CLIMATE CHANGE.

The very first time I was introduced Earth Hour in Malaysia was 29 March 2008, the same day as Nicholas Teo's first concert in Malaysia. Now can you see how "supportive" Nicholas was to the event?

Being held on every last Saturday of March since 2008, Malaysians had shown low responses to the awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. But this year our country alongside 81 other countries, with more than 350 companies in Malaysia have participated in pledging their support to Earth Hour.

I agree, the history will record tonight as the most beautiful Earth. Main city buildings will turn off their lights, and KL will turn to a dead city. Isn't a scenary without any sign of humanity beautiful?

The Earth can never win as there is no destined winner for the race. But how beautifully the Earth run the race is in our hands - to commit or not to commit. We have all succumbed to development and growth of nations, to the extent we have forgotten the race we must run from the beginning. We must start to realize that we are the one who damage the Earth, thus isn't it our responsibility to reverse the effect as it was before humans first laid their hands to damage the Earth? Who is to blame if we do not start to make a difference?

Preserving and protecting the Earth is our duty not just a day or two, but life duty. Preserving the Earth is not just limited to this hour we anticipated, but is a duty till death. I do not say all my actions are according to what I say, but I concur to the message that Earth Hour is trying to convey - conserve, and preserve the Earth for future generations.

Let's take this as our 1st step in preserving our planet. All you need to do is first to sign up at Earth Hour Website, and to turn off your lights from 8.30 p.m. for an hour on 28 March 2009. Today's activity is not solely to conserve energy and resources, but to increase awareness of the "blind" people as well.

Earth Hour in Malaysia is slowly gaining momentum but is not fast enough. But if we start the race now, we are not too late!!! We can end the race on time together as collective forces, or we will be eliminated as diverse thoughts.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

An unfamiliar friend-stranger visit

I had a bad headache this morning. I last had this feeling when I was upholding the EIC post. Really long ago.

I never have headache. Maybe I have minor headache but I never felt it? Or am I too dumb too have a headache?

Imagine a villain in Gotham is robbing you, and he is using a hammer to knock your head and Batman is not here to save you. It's so hard and pain, you can feel your head throb. Yea that's how I felt 3 years ago, this morning, and now...

Why do I have headache? I don't know. Especially in the wee morning? Reason unknown.

Pain... Pain... PAIN!!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where comes the talent?

Officially 29 days from now is the time to face the war between Biochem Y2S2 students and their finals exam. But how much have I prepared for this war? It wouldn't be hard to estimate, 'coz I know I am still at scratch.

The exam schedule for this semester is the worst that I have seen. Important exams are packed in 3 days and that's like a stab in my neck...

25/4 - Pendidikan Moral
25/4 - Metabolism II (4 credit hours)
27/4 - Molecular Biology (4 credit hours)
28/4 - Genetics (4 credit hours)
08/05 - Cultures and Communication (3 credit hours)

My little tests for all subjects are not satisfactory. Didn't I study hard? Was it me studying the wrong way? Or was it me already at my limit?

Is there anything else besides doing my best? If do my best is the only thing I can do best, I should start to wonder, where comes my talent to do my best? Because my best seems to drain my everything but I gain nothing.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Since 9 years ago I started wearing mask.
No one clearly seen my true face behind my mask.
For 9 years I have been watching people from my mask.
And for 9 years I have been hiding behind this mask.

Why must I wear a mask?
You must ask the creator of the mask.
Of why I was born with this mask.
So I act along, to live behind the mask.

What is there to cover with this mask?
Something that you not understand without the mask.
I found my confidence and security from this mask.
But can I fool everyone, with just this mask?

When do I take off my mask?
When we are together, only then I will strip my mask.
"Who are 'we'?" asked you, who have no mask.
We, are people, like me, who wear masks.

Thank goodness my mum ripped off my mask.
Reveal the ugliness she least expected without my mask.
But she quickly learns the natural course of the mask.
Now I can walk freely at home, without my mask.

One wonders how further can I run with this mask?
It starts to shatter; I could no longer hide behind this mask.
Absolutely tired I become, wearing this mask.
Let's hope one day I am accepted as I, not just the mask.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009






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Monday, March 16, 2009

My name is Jino, I am not Gino

I think this entry can only be understood by UTAR friends who have heard of the 3G - Geli Geli Ghost story.

My UTAR life has reached the 10th week of the semester. This is the only week when none of the test claims any slot for the week. Lucky me, I can have full access of the time for my presentation prep. 2 presentations in a week. I believe I can do it!!!

This semester requires me to do 2 assignments - Pendidikan Moral (PM) and Cultures and Communication (CC) each. I personally think that I had done a lot for the assignments, I don't know how the others think (I am not asking for reward, attention, sympathy, admiration or what so ever. I am not so perasan la.). Neither did I say my members are slacking and inactive, my members had done a lot too. What I worry is, I don't know how useful my works to them. Can it be all useless, deviating from the topic, nonsense and crap? I copy paste a lot. 95% plagiarism. When you plagiarise, it's very hard to edit 'coz their sentences seem to be perfect, easy to understand and I don't know how to change.

Frankly, I HATE these 2 assignments. They touch the topic I hate the most of all things - RELIGIONS!!! I still don't see relation of religions and Biochem. "God" bless me... *Hachiu* Come on la. If it was homosexual, then it fell directly into my stonghold. But too bad my assignments are about euthanasia and wife abuse. Boring... Anyway I tried to do my part as best as I could. I hope they like it and accept (not appreciate) what I had done.

Burning midnight oil to 2 a.m. is not a problem, I was committed and I wasn't working alone. Moonlight warmth the cold night breeze for me. I had my Winamp playlist playing at all time - 林宇中,吴克群,林俊杰。。。And Chang Hoong was with me that night for CC assignment. My gang was with me for PM assignment (I work with my members, not my dad). I call for a meeting is for discussion and slides prep (not for time-wasting lecture, reprimand and complain session over own dissatisfaction). Complaining or fretting over the workload per capita is not my style, 'coz my aim is for the benefit of the whole group. Really, sincerely, I think this way. I don't have the gut to claim the work as my own work, how all of you never appreciate my work, how all of you never help me and so forth. Because I am not that kind of person.

Even if my members give me shit, I would appreciate it 'coz those are the starter of the assignments, be it good or bad. As a leader, it is very natural to ask for a re-do but I didn't. You know why? 'Coz generally I am satisfied with their works. Although in the end I was the one compiling, elongated and came out the prototype, it was considered our effort together. I call this team work. As we call team work, success or demise is on our account.

Imagine all members did their own part, passed everything to the leader, and yet the leader held a meeting after assignment submission just to express how sad she was, how stressful she was, how she wanted to delete all our names from the assignment, how dissatisfied she was over her unappreciated effort, how rubbish our works were, how her dad helped her so much in the assignment, how angry she was when other members went to sing K while she had to work alone.

"You are here 'coz you were absent when we were choosing members. No one wants you so I take you in".
"Jino you are outsider, you wouldn't understand".
"Do you know that the whole assignment, of 2000 words, 1500 are from me? I did this with my dad".
"You know ar? Part that you give me ar. Full of words ar. All crap ar. I don't know what you wrote ar."
"I can ask lecturer to cancel all your names, and you all can do your own assignment. I can, but I didn't do it 'coz I pity you all".
"I know I am good in doing experiment and assignment, but don't ABUSE my abilities".

If you were in the scene, you will be stunned of what she said, like me. Never had I encounter such leader or human dare enough to say like that, so thick-facely said. I didn't feel sad or pity or regret after listening to her. I felt that my time was wasted for those crap.

Her work must be perfect, follow her style, suits her taste. What she did not do were members approach and understanding between members. She doesn't even realize how communication plays an important role as a leader (If I don't even want to be in the same assignment group with her in the 1st place, where comes the mood to communicate?)

Yes. Assignments are tiring. 我精神快崩溃了。After completing both, I still don't see the purpose of doing them. Pointless. But I feel relief 'coz at least something came out.

Although I think I did most of the work (a bit tak malu), from compiling to final touch up, I never felt abused. I did it voluntarily and I did my part. I don't like to praise myself (though, I like being praised sometimes ^^), but I don't even know if my works fit their taste. If the assignment fails, is it our failure together as a team, or is it my failure as a leader? I am not the same as her, a leader who got 37/50 for assignment, yet dissatisfied over her own work (Assignment was group work but she did 99% of it. So it was her work alone). 37/50? Blame yourself la don't blame us...

When we fail, how should I face my group members, what should I do?

Sincerely from my heart, what I care about is the outcome of the assignment, not the amount of effort I put in compared to others. I don't mind if I work more. What I want is my work to be of acceptance, to be useful to them, to achieve agreement and finally the outcome to be shared together as a group. I don't want to responsible for the failure alone... Unlike her, she cared about the marks so much, but she pushed the responsiblity to us, she blamed her members for ineffective progress, yet the truth was 99% was done by her? She can't seem to understand that it was the 99% that failed us, not the 1%. (We didn't fail, just the lowest marks compared to other groups).

The previous leader gave me a feeling of being so useless and segregated, yet it was not my fault! 2nd time working together, and I was disappointed again. Still the same self-centred, too proud of herself, over-reacting, calculative and small gas G. Since that case, I never talk to her anymore. There's no point doing so anymore. Sorry Piew I will never say NO anymore!!!

Though I am a leader (Leader for PM assignment. Got leader is like no leader. All members are also leaders. There's no official leader for CC), I may not be a good leader in your eyes. I know I don't have what it takes to be a leader. I knew it since long ago. I think power sharing leader suites my personality. I don't remember when was the last time I made my last absolute decision. I like to obtain everyone's agreement before proceeding. A Libra is not a leader type, this I agree so much. Follow orders, I like it. It is my nature to be this kind of leader. It is the characteristic of Libra to avoid problems from happening, to undergo steady flow that does not ignite eruption. Peace lover ^^v.

Gino is irrational, emotional, ugly (Jino is also ugly), bossy, thick face and annoying monster. If by becoming Gino I can actually stand as an effective leader but simultaneously lose bonds with its members, to lose respects as a friend, I rather strip the G rank and behave as what I really am, Jino. I really appreciate you guys to call me Jino. I am who I am. Jino does not equal to Gino, Jino does not express Gino's characteristics, and let's hope that Jino shall never become Gino. Otherwise all of your names will be deleted from the assignment muahaha... ^^

Coursemates who do not know the story behind the grudge might not agree to what I think, they pity her and ask us not to insult her. But what is there to pity when I am only an outsider to her?

Actually, did I do most of the works? I don't know, I am not sure and I don't dare to give an absolute answer. I don't intend to boast myself ok?

P/S: I am seriously not fretting or complaining or dissatisfied. I am glad we did it, though there is still 1 step ahead for the end of the journey. Other than G, others should not feel offended. I am sorry if my collection of thoughts hurt you guys. Cheers ^^...

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

林宇中代表大马出征 - 芭堤雅国际音乐节

星洲日报娱乐版 - 2009年3月14日 (星期六)

芭堤雅国际音乐节是庆典,每年都能吸引20万名观众,今年已踏入第八届,并由泰国旅游局主办,今年的音乐节将于3月20至22日在芭堤雅海边举行,这一次出席的歌手还包括了代表中国的金沙,香港的关智斌,台湾的唐禹哲,韩国的SHINEE和少年时代(Girls' Generation),其他的国家还包括了日本,越南,澳洲和察国,当然少不了泰国的代表Chin, Golf & Mike等泰国当红歌手。

(吉隆城13日讯)继去年10月的韩国音乐节及中国国际音乐节之后,林宇中3月下旬将再次代表大马到泰国参加芭堤雅国际音乐节,与来自各国与他区的歌手交流,这是大马歌手首度参与这项年度音乐庆典;而让他兴奋的是,泰国歌手Tae将翻唱他的 《失恋学》,届时两人将在音乐节上以华语和泰语的穿插方式cross over演唱这首歌曲。

林宇中这次获当局相中,除了是因为他去年曾代表大马出席韩国及中国的国际音乐节,也因为他去年与泰国歌手James合作 《青苔》 和 《Pleng Ni》 ,让芭堤雅国际音乐节注意到这位大马歌手的音乐非常具有大马特色,因此今年才会兴起邀请他参加的念头。

林宇中上次到韩国参加音乐节时选唱了 《melodi》 ,展现了语言才华,也让韩国观众知道马来西亚多元化种族的特色。这一次他就选唱了很多中国特色的 《改嫁》 ,让泰国观众了解大妈华文文化和其他中华地区的分别。


与Tae cross over合唱
林宇中这次将和泰国歌手Tae以华语和泰语的方式cross over合唱 《失恋学》 ,他自己对这次的合作充满期待。

其实他这次到泰国除了参加音乐节之外,也会提早3天到泰国出席Tae的发片发布会,当面感谢他翻唱 《失恋学》 。

林宇中表示,第一次听到Tae的泰文片 《失恋学》 是,惊讶于他的声音跟自己很像,就好像是他在唱泰文歌曲的感觉。另外因为泰文歌词是直接翻译他的中文歌词,加上Tae曾经在中国念书,所以很容易就把华人对感情的含蓄表达得很精准,所以林宇中要跟他同台演唱,还真的有一些压力。

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another try, fall in love...

1st try on Spritzer Tinge Fruit Fusion when it was launched last year with Rynn Lim and Marsha Milan as new brand ambassadors. What happen to Daniel Lee? Who cares?

1st tried - bought at 7-11, RM 1.80. But to tell frankly, the taste really sucky. Till then I never bother to try Tinge anymore, no matter how supportive I am to Rynn.

Recently there're new packaging for Tinge with images of them. After seeing them, there're many designs just for 2 types of flavoured drinks. Marketing tactics, and it works perfectly on people like me. So I bought 2 bottles of different flavours.

Knowing the taste, I didn't bother to try them. I was thinking of keeping them unopened as collections (maybe will become limited edition?).

Mum thought they are some kind of mineral water, she opened one, and slightly gave a compliment.

Huh? APASAL U BUKAK? But nice ke? Cuba dulu...
Gulp... gulp... gulp...
Eii not bad wor... What is this? Lemon. Really not bad wor... Sweet sweet mildly, sour sour mildly. Flavour not too strong. Not bad ar...

Mum opened another bottle. As expected, sucks...

Conclusion: Spritzer Tinge lemon is nice and I like it ^^. But fruit fusion... too bad it sucks. Come on!!! Support RYNN!!!

瓶盖 - Tinge 广告主题曲

专属的瓶盖 为瓶口存在
相互的依赖 拥抱的默契是与生俱来
就像我们的爱 百分之百的合拍

我们合起来 一个乖 一个有点坏
一个慢慢来 一个快 龟兔的竞赛
爱 像瓶口套瓶盖 互补的姿态
只要螺旋走在 通往爱 幸福的地带

我们合起来 护著爱 不受到伤害
等装满了爱 就打开 让一肚子的情海
甜蜜著我们每一个未来 永远做你唯一的瓶盖

瓶口套瓶盖 合起来 啦啦啦...

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Friday, March 6, 2009



Biochemistry Year 2 Sem 2 Group 1 2009 剩下不多人. 从22个人之中(有一个不是人来的),在未来两年还可以约出去一起喝茶的只剩下5位。目前还有5位单生朋友啦。多两年就不定咯。虽然是这样,我也会替他们高兴。至少他们找到了爱人,有机会可以白头到老,是种幸福啊。。。

废gang成员当中,只剩下Seng Seng和我是。。。哈哈哈。habis咯。要去喝喜酒都去到pokai咯 ^^。

What's good with GFs? GF suka suka angry, suka suka merajuk, suka suka gila. GF will only find you when problems arise. GFs finds you only when they need your help. GF won't even talk to you when there's no necessary to do so. GFs are small gas. GFs are too calculative. GFs like to waste money on nothing and expect us to pay (may vary from individuals). Is this the GFs that all of us are looking for?

Let me introduce someone more worthy than GFs. Introducing... BFs!!! When you need someone, they will lend you shoulders. When you are in trouble, they will be sitting next to you. When you have nothing to do, they will be here to entertain you. When you have something interesting to share, you will think of them first. When you have extra money, you will think of what to belanja them. BFs touch your soul not just your heart. BFs wont pms for no reason. BFs won't suka suka merajuk or gila. BFs are cincai cincai, uncalculative. BFs are more loyal then GFs. With BFs, we can be ourselves. We hope with and believe with BFs. Some how BFs look prettier than GFs (maybe because of how they treat me). BFs are more important than GFs, regardless of boys or girls. No matter how absurd it may look, I found my BF and my BF haha... Cool, huh? For me, now BF is the most important!!!

A Good Friend will come bail you out of jail, but a Best Friend will be sitting next to you saying... "Damn, that was fun!"

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Freedom of thinking - Freethinker

I can't remember how long it was, but not too long ago that I still remember what he had said to me. I had the whole copy of the conversation saved in my computer (It is automatically saved, I did not do it on purpose. A feature of MSN Plus) but it was so long, I think I had better summarize everything.

One day, an old friend whom I had long lost touch with unexpectedly nudged me. Let's keep his name a secret, not too good to talk bad about someone so openly. Yea back to the story, he approached me unexpectedly one day, though we had really never chat since we departed. I thought the situation would be similar to the moment you are going to make a new friend, asking where's he studying, where's he staying now, what's he up to, bla bla bla of some updates. But I am not good in this, so I was kind of nervous. We tagged along to catch up with each other, till to a point that my temper raised, our conversation turned into argument.

He said that he was busy with his church activities, invited me to join him, and asked me what religion I am. So I kind of proudly answered him - free thinker. Yup I don't believe in God and do not follow any religious rules. Stepping into religious places makes me so uncomfortable. I think he had just joined his Christianity fellowship as he was very eager to elaborate his beliefs but I had no interest in all this. From there, our conversation ran into religious beliefs and conception of ridiculous free thinker should be abolished. "Those who do not believe in Christian, God, Jesus will all end up in hell", "without a religion you are like a lost soul", "you live in your own little world", "come join us, we will lead you"... And the most irritating part of these - "you haven't try, you'll never know". I was like... -.- WTH are you talking? "Come, come. Try Christian..." - pasar malam?

I wasn't mad at him but disappointed. For me, his concern for my afterlife has harboured a grudge against me. Never had I experience such "invitation" or the humiliation of his action. Even the Christian Fellowship in UTAR has not send any people to forcefully recruit members. Counting how much to pay for joining and the benefits after joining him - sound so much like business. I wonder if this is the way people outside doing recruitment.

I see and I believe. I can't believe what I can't see. I can't believe what I can't feel. I can't believe what science had failed to prove. If it was love, I can feel it thus I believe of its existence though I can't touch it. But to ask me to believe in God which existence is unexplained, not scientific proven, is never going to come. I don't believe in ghost too but there's a ghost that you all must know, 'coz I can see this ghost in UTAR everytime I have class. The 3G - Geli Geli Ghost - study in UTAR as well.

If there's really a God in this world, which God is real? For Christian they believe in their God, Muslims believe there's only a God. So whose God is real and which's fake? Or is there any God more superior to another? Or are there so many Gods in this world and that's why this world exist in such chaotic manner?

Racism, disasters, poverty, slavery, sexism, war... Is God behind all these? If God exist, why doesn't the kind-hearted God bless his people to live under its harmonious atmosphere? I can't agree more that all these events are the post-effects of humans selfishness and has nothing to do with God. Self-centered, materialistic, ethnocentric are the nature of people who believe in God of different religion. Because believing in their own religion and races, they thought they have better values, more superior cultures, which then humans begin to diverse into different societies. Living under the same roof, same planet yet because of believing in God, there's so much confusion arising? Whites discriminate blacks; does God create whites more superior than blacks, so that the whites can control blacks? If God is behind this, where're the values that God trying to instil on every human? Respect sial... They have religion, right? Can I say God teaches the whites to discriminate? No I can't otherwise I will get beaten. Pity the blacks.

I learn this situation from my mum's friend. Hmm very hard to elaborate into details, but I try my best here. The decease uncle (my mum's friend's uncle) died recently at young age (42 years old), bitten by a fatal mosquito and died in 3 days uncured. Don't underestimate mosquito. The problem is after his death, not the mosquito. The decease was a Buddhist, while his son is a Christian. So there was argument between the older generations and the son of decease, to either follow traditional Chinese burial ceremony or to convert the decease to Christian and follow Christian way. Cut the story short, the son agreed to follow the older generations' way of doing. But the son also mentioned "I won't pray for him, and I won't remember him as my father 'coz he is not a Christian". After hearing this story, WTF? What kind of ajaran sesat teaching people to forget their own father? The story is true, but the way expressed may be exaggerated ('coz I did not hear this 1st handedly). I don't understand, does God really say that to his people?

I am a free thinker. I think logically. What I consider true must be testable. What theories disconfirm, I couldn't accept. My morality is what my mum teaches me - Kindness, what that does not hurt others, respects and more values that are similar to everyone else. Free thinker does not have a meaning in life. Says who? What makes you think that I am more sesat than those religion-following politicians out there who their meanings in lives are no other than power and money? "Freethinkers see no pride in the blind maintenance of ancient superstitions or self-effacing prostration before divine tyrants known only through primitive "revelations." Freethought is respectable. Freethought is truly free."

I do not oppose any religion, you can do what you want but please don't involve me. If you have a religion to believe, please believe as your life depends on it and behave yourself. I chose not to believe, as I believe the one who're changing the world is us human but not the God. So I respect people and myself rather than God which does not exist in my life. If you want me to believe in him, prove to me and don't talk blindly. I never say their teachings are bad or misleading. The only difference I am from others, is my believe in God's existence. That's all. The purest beings are babies who know nothing bout the outside world, share the joy together as humans, as innocent as ever. If by having religion is going to create a peaceful utopia for all beings, I don't mind believing in one myself. But simply believing does not help. As you can see, the world with different religions and Gods are more than havoc. If by having a religion and to believe in God is for the sake of entering heavenly paradise, then how should I, who do not believe in the angelic heaven or burning hell, react to this? I am not acting justice here, but my heart feel unease because of religion and God.

I may not be purely kind in heart, but I know neither believing in God will make my heart pure. Look at the people outside, look at yourself. You believe in God, right? You have a religion right? How pure are you? How good are you?

The conversation with my old friend turned agony. Feel like blocking him in msn...

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