Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Since 9 years ago I started wearing mask.
No one clearly seen my true face behind my mask.
For 9 years I have been watching people from my mask.
And for 9 years I have been hiding behind this mask.

Why must I wear a mask?
You must ask the creator of the mask.
Of why I was born with this mask.
So I act along, to live behind the mask.

What is there to cover with this mask?
Something that you not understand without the mask.
I found my confidence and security from this mask.
But can I fool everyone, with just this mask?

When do I take off my mask?
When we are together, only then I will strip my mask.
"Who are 'we'?" asked you, who have no mask.
We, are people, like me, who wear masks.

Thank goodness my mum ripped off my mask.
Reveal the ugliness she least expected without my mask.
But she quickly learns the natural course of the mask.
Now I can walk freely at home, without my mask.

One wonders how further can I run with this mask?
It starts to shatter; I could no longer hide behind this mask.
Absolutely tired I become, wearing this mask.
Let's hope one day I am accepted as I, not just the mask.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot