Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution

Do you still remember how did you celebrate your previous new years? It's practically hard for us since we could not even remember the dinner we had the previous night.

But all I could do with my rusty brain, is none other than memorizing. Be it good or bad. Xmas, New Year. They seem to be none other than ordinary public holidays to me. Time passes by as usual, a cat never barks, sun shines brightly... Nothing unusual even when the year draws nearer to its end. Unless you are talking bout the economy crisis we are facing now, there might be changes either back to the stable line or keep on plummeting. But the 1st agenda that I am anticipated for next year is January 17th by-election in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysia politics can never go any better. But I still want to see changes in the long-dominated BN country. If the alternative coalition wins the Kuala Terengganu battle, we will be expecting an exciting show in the 13th general election.

What am I doing now? Where am I right now? I am at home. My favourite idol 林宇中 is on the stage together with thousands of people in The Curve Damansara to countdown. Isn't it curious to know of why am I still at home, not in The Curve Damansara?

Countdown. Is that what everyone does every eve of new year? As for myself, I started going for such event since 2007. What is so nice to countdown? Countdown in Sg Wang every new year eve is like so common among KLites. What's so nice to countdown? You are sandwiched and soaked with sweat in the crowd, making you so uncomfortable, puke and headache. PA system can even blast off your ear drum from miles away. Everyone is sprayed with spraying party foam as if Malaysia's snowing and then you can see police officers start to spoil the atmosphere. However you get to listen to your favourite artists, but that's all?

I excused myself from attending any special countdown thereafter. 2008 eve was the day I celebrated peacefully, in Sg Siput cyber cafe. But still, no matter large street parties or mini countdown in front of TV, new year will still come and new year will never look back to wait for you. As new year approaches, we should graciously welcome him. Any celebration is nothing more than sore enjoyment without meaning behind it. Imagine we are celebrating happily, bang of fireworks exploded in the sky at the stroke of midnight, shouts of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and cheers, while people in Africa are starving and natural disasters claimed many lives. Not my problem anyway.

So 林宇中 or whoever going to countdown at such large scale party celebration, is not my problem. Not anymore...

How a new year bring any meaning to me, it can only be the past year's achievement or failure. A successful past year is the commemoration of the new year. A failing year comes to grief. Any achievement or failure, responsibility are on the shoulders individually.

Whether we celebrate in a simple manner, or in a large scale event, a new year will eventually come and go. For me, 2008 is the best year that I could hope for, but of 'coz the future years will overwrite 2008 as the best year in my life.

2009 is 5 minutes away. Although I don't pray, I hope my family, my beloved, all my friends, readers or anyone who is somehow related to me to be happy, cheerful, stay positive, smile all the time. Positive thinking is a good lead for a new year. As time goes, we must no longer linger around but focus on growing into more mature individual, regardless amount of effort being put in.

A new year~
A new start~
A new chapter~
A new beginning~
Forget the bad~
Cherish the good~
Wishing all of you a great HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~
May all your wishes come true~

Thank you.

How would a New Year mean anything to you?

My outfit for 2009. Looks like Harry Potter, no?

As I could only identify my resolution indefinitely, what I damn sure is to go on with life, unregretably.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby No. 1

I am sorry my dear, I slapped you so hard.
I am sorry my dear, I didn't treat you nicer.
I am sorry my dear, I never try to understand you.
I am sorry my dear, I never treat you the way I should.
I am sorry my dear, I never buy you new clothes.
I am sorry my dear, I never bathe you cleaner than the rubbish bin.
I am sorry my dear, I never bring you to doctor even when you are sick.
I am sorry my dear, I never appreciate your sweat, till now.
I am sorry my dear, I never give you a proper house.

But no matter what happens, till the death sets us apart, I will never leave you (unless you leave me 1st). We had been together for 3 years. We worked together, play together, had fun together, study together. You are my acquaintance, my alter ego.

I am glad no matter how dreadful I treated you, you are always faithfully awaiting my return. Your return, is one of the best belated xmas present I could ever asked for. Without you, I am more to a bird without wings, a cow without horns, a lion without its mane, a zebra without stripes, an elephant without its trunk, or a man who's unable to shoot.

Please forgive me and thank you for keep standing by my side. Let's us walk the path, together, to the end.

*Baby no. 1, my computer (officially 3 years old on 13 November) was not functioning on his 3rd birthday. I thought he has finally reached his lifespan, and I planned to send him to computer shop for some services. Who knows after a month plus of staying coma, he has return. He came back functioning as normal. Really save my couple of bucks. he needs some services anyway. Who wants to help me had a look at him? I belanja ice kosong ^^*

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Turn back the pendulum. The Memories of Nobody

It looks like the year 2008 is drawing its curtain near to an end. Some flashback just shot my memory pit when I was cleaning my house for CNY. So I picked some of the memories which draw my attention, put them here in honour of preserving them. Here we go, THE MEMORIES OF NOBODY.


I was cleaning up the old photo albums soaked in dust in the cupboard. I came across some of my old friends photos, primary school photos, scouts photos, parents wedding photos, parents childhood photos, etc. When I saw my uncle's family photo in our family photo album (I wonder why it is here in the 1st place), it simply struck my mind. Where's my family photo? After few hours browsing, I could only find one. Only one, I wonder? And that was like 17 years ago. If mention bout my cousins, they are only these cousins who are close to me. At least we chat and play rather than staring each other during CNY. We were once very close brothers but when time passed, puberty reached and we were never the same as 10 years ago. That was long time ago and now we are normal friends.

18 years ago. From left: Me, cousin brother Chun Kiat, gor gor Chen Choong, cousin brother Chun Wei

My only family photo (17 years ago). From left: Me, mum, dad, gor gor


One day I was cleaning up the cupboard full of toys. Toys from my childhood past. I came across many figurines nicely thrown in the cupboard, soaked in dust too. I still remember, Power Rangers Thunder Megazord was a gift from my parents when I was in Standard 5 (10 years ago) when Power Rangers was still the best TV show we had. Then we had Cyber Cops figurines which are 11 years old by now. And the 1st version of Nintendo Game Boy aged 10 years old. They were presents for my outstanding performance in exams. I was once the top scorer in the class. Once and long time ago. Imagine these out of production artifacts are in the cupboard and still in good form. If I put them in auction, how much could I earn?

Thunder Megazord + White Tigerzord + Mega Tigerzord
Cyber Cops. From left: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury

Non-colour Game Boy
There are also plush dolls together with other toys. I remember very well how each of them came to me. I cleaned them up, and wrapped them again nicely. After all, a boy with plush dolls make me looks younger, don't you agree?
My Ultraman is missing!!!


I have this so-called mail box in my brother's room. Briefly describe, it is just a simple box to keep some of my personal belongings. Unlike my treasure box, it holds documents (certs, bills, receipts) rather than souvenirs. I have few other boxes such as old clothes box and 林宇中 box. One day I came across 2 little pieces of blue papers in my mail box. They are read this way:-

One of my true Victorian brothers... Sometimes really don't know why you're so blur - but in the same time damn funny LOL!!! – Phon

Work hard for N&R and the board! An honour having you as an editor and friend. Press on, like a mountain in the wind! – Ben

Moon Cake notes – 2006

I wonder if Phon or Ben will remember bout this. These 2 papers were passed to me together with moon cakes during Moon Cake Festival 2006 in VI. The same 2 papers made me think back of my Form 6 life, again! U6BF, VEB - my purpose of Form 6. Or my Form 6's purpose? I just can't describe how I felt, as there are too much and this little blog space can never fit everything in place.

My VEB committee 2006 + U6BF 2006 - countless joy and tormenting memories


Mum used to be a babysitter for my neighbour's children. My mum used to take care of 2 brother babies. Although she had stopped taking care of them since last year, this particular younger baby always (everyday) drop by my house, to have fun with us (I rather say disturb). Anyway he lives directly next door. And it's very hard to get him on camera... But it's even harder to put the elder baby into camera screen.

Nga Nga Nga *(My name is Ang Guan Ping. 2 years old)* - 30 Oct 2008

Peace. I am Valentine Killer Ang Guan Khai (DOB: 14 Feb 2004)


I had my recent haircut on the same birthday of Fiona and Chu Chun Hong... Silver Cut in Genting Klang.

After hair cut - 22 Nov 2008

Tried to style my hair. OK/ Fail? - 11 Dec 2008


The anticipation and anxiety to meet him was once again fulfilled when he, yes HE, 林宇中 visited The Mines Exhibition Hall for his new released album promo tour. As the ambassador of the book fair, he entertained the crowd on the last day of the book fair (23rd Nov 2008). Of 'coz in the end of the day, he laid his hand on mine, exchanged thanks and welcome courtesy motion.


The book fair was even noisier than any market you have ever seen. As the greatly advertised International Chinese book fair encouraged many Chinese readers to participate this event, as a pure Chinese I was able to brush aside the crowd, read Doraemon and look through some recipe books. You do know why, don't you? I don't know bout the sales, but the 1 week event definitely attracted many people from all around KL.



If I lost you, my love,
I don't know what I'd do~
You're all that I need,
the one I admire~
As time goes by,
I will love you more~

Love never comes if you don't seize the opportunity. Love never goes if you learn to hold it tight, learn to loosen at correct timing. Love is all around. Just like money. It's up to you whether you know how to earn the love or not. And do not blame others for your not-found love.


Love is all around. To the only one I love... Took 10 minutes to complete. Nice bo?


Homosapien = cruel. Imagine these homosapiens who claim these earth their belonging and manipulate the earth resources in any way they wanted to, cannot even show simple sympathy to this new born kittens. Come on, look at them. They are so cute. So tiny. So weak. So hungry. So cold. They can't even open their eyes and they were thrown under the sun? What if it rains? You homosapiens who show no sympathy to other livings don't have right to treat them this way. But I don't give these kitten any damn either, 'coz they are none of my business. I am a homosapien too, right? Muahaha...

Poor little kittens


I am glad there are people still giving me presents for my birthday. Unexpected but very cute oh. But I don't know where to put them. Can give me idea where to hang them?

Libra and Taurus McDao - 2 months after my bday

A pot of rose and stars - a month after my bday


Since CNY is round the corner, I brought mum to Times Square KL to buy some new clothes. It was a tiring day, since we had been walking from 12 noon to 6 evening. She bought a new blouse while I unexpectedly bought a new pair of shoes. As tradition goes in my family, we buy new shoes only when the old pair reaches a minimum age of 5 years. Since my Converse was less than 1 year old and she bought me a new pair, I thought maybe her brain fuse has gone haywire ^^

B.U.M. shoes. Original RM 99.90. Discount 50% to RM 49.95. Nice?



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Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 days holiday for Haji

When we have holidays, and nothing to do, this is what I had found from youtube. And it entertains me ^^

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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I would like to take this chance to wish these 2 Happy Birthday as they are my closest and bestest and greatest gift I could ever wish for...

We were celebrating in Look Out Point Ampang for Edwin's birthday 3rd December. It was a clear dark night without stars. We can clearly see countless lights that decorated the whole KL. So what if I celebrated his birthday? Any problem ar? Yes this is directed to you Heng Mok Piew. Ask you come along you don't want!!! Muahaha...

Happy 20th Birthday Edwin!!! (3rd Dec 08)

Then the next day was my baby no. 4's big day. He was with me for a year, serving me loyally and faithfully. So as encouragement for him to continue his service, I cleaned the screen nicely. There's no scratch mark on it's body, a solid evidence of my love to him. I promise to buy you extra battery as friend (before the battery run outdated).

Happy Birthday (4th Dec 2008) baby no. 4 - my camera

My camera, and me!!!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Work, work and work

I had very little working experience. Yes I do. The only place I had been really working (as of working, not loitering, and get paid for my working effort) was in Wisma Genting, as Customer Relations Officer. I had been working there for few months. From 8 am to10 pm daily, I worked so hard just for the OT and reimbursement claim which more than 50 bucks a day. Though work load is like a mounting mount, I was really happy working there. There're friends next to each other, nice bosses, nice customers to brighten my day. Who knows I ended up spending my entire salary on him alone. He is none other than 林宇中 endorsed Sony Cybershot T-2. RM 1399 for the basic camera package, RM 100 for extended 2 years warranty, and Sony Member (discount RM 1 for every purchase of RM 50). So my blue camera pouch was discounted to RM 39 (original RM 69). During the Perak trip my charger exploded, so another RM 130 spent for new charger (although the exploded charger was under warranty) ended me having a total of 2 chargers. That's how my money was spent. Yes on camera (don't include Perak and Malacca trip ya?). That makes him my baby no. 4.

Last year's mission was considered accomplished. I made plans so that I could buy the camera even before it was introduced in Malaysia. I wonder if there is any plan this year, but of 'coz I couldn't think of any at the moment. This year seems to be a honeymoon break for me, without aim and directions unlike last year. As usual, I have 3 months + of holiday every year end (sem break). UTAR is definitely generous in supplying holidays to its undergraduates. And as usual, as long as I stay at home, mum wont go easy on me, lecture me everyday from morning till afternoon, my income was stopped at once. Anyway whose holiday is longer than mine? Stay at home msn, friendster, facebook, check email, watch Bleach for repeated routine everyday are really boring. Welcome fungus, to Jino's body!!! My holiday was dragged on for 2 months without income, and I couldn't go anywhere but caged in my room (not really my room, is computer room).

Very coincidentally, a friend intro-ed me a job in his office (nature of assignment = email blaster) and the office is based in PJ. Very reluctantly I accepted his offer. Haiz... I thought I had a chance to rest as much as I could before my new semester starts. Pay rate is RM 6 per hour (Little hor? But negotiable). I don't expect much from them, but RM 6 is really... a bit too low la wei. Pay higher la. I am uni student leh don't play play!!! Never mind la. Money ma. But I really don't have the mood to start working la. Damn lazy... I am still in my honeymoon mood : )

Let me briefly describe my job scope for the work. I went to the office on 14th Nov, blur blur sotong not knowing who to look for. After 1 hour of bluring, finally I found the person in charge of me. Then I sat next to him waiting for my work to land on my table. This table originally belongs to a staff on maternity leave, had become my temporary work place. Rather, my hangout hole. After sitting for 2 hours, went and came back from lunch, my table had yet nothing on it. So I automatically asked him for something to do. And then my real work came. Basically, an email blaster is suppose to send email. Abuthen??? So he gave me a list of many many many many resume, and I had to send some information to each and every one of them. Around 1k of them. Easily la. Sap sap sui. Send email only ma. So I sent like usual lor. Multiple emails, subject, copy the contents and send. I finished sending them in just a day. Sounds so easy. YES!!! Very easy. But I received some feedbacks from some of the recipients, I was really fed up. They were harsh and rude. They scolded me for not using BCC. How I know wor? I follow orders only la. What protect privacy and confidential? Who cares bout you? I got my job done and that's it! None of my problem anymore. But those complain emails, I deleted them before anyone sees it (worry I will get scolded XD).

Then the next working day, I followed him to distribute brochures in Kepong area. Har? Email blaster also has to distribute leaflets? Yea lor, my job is not in the boundary of any speculation. Adding that, I did some data entry too. But I am a hardworking worker (puji myself a bit to motivate myself to write more). After I finished my data entry works, they have nothing else for me to do. I start to wonder, am I really needed here? Soon, long enough (about 3 hours), they asked me to call those people in the database, to come to the office for interview. Alamak... PHONE!!! SHIT!!! You want me to turn deaf? My ear is in bad condition and yet you want me to hold the phone and talk for the whole day? Crazy ar you? (of coz I never tell him that la). But what to do? Work ma. Follow orders lor. Takan I say I don't want do this work ma right? How to disobey? No choice but have to pick up the phone, start dialing and ask them to come to the office. But I don't like la. Call people... Malasnya. Telinga sakit la brother... Of 'coz, my cries in my heart was not heard by anyone but myself.

The office here is damn cold. If you enter Snow World before, ya it's that cold. If you go out of the office you can see your spectacles turn blurish and watery. The temperature must have been fixed to 18°C. Fucking cold!!! My fingernails always turned blue. And my hands were frozen solid. Head started to spin, and teeth chattering. Shivering like hell. There's this lady staff, wear sleeveless shirt without any outer jacket, and complain the hot temperature as if it's summer. Raining all the month adds salt to wounds. I wonder if the people here are cold-blooded? Speak of the staffs here, including the one who takes care of me, they are... no comment. No one cares of what I do, no one knows what I do, no one cares how much I do, no one knows me!!! I do more work, less work, don't do at all, no one knows, no one cares. Not even the person in charged will realise I had actually curi tulang for 3 hours active in facebook and minesweeper. What can I say? I have freedom to do anything in front of the computer but restricted movement in the office. I have problem going to toilet coz I need a card to pass by the door. The food here is expensive. A fried rice cost RM 5.80!!! SUPER DUPER MAHAL!!! So I rather wake up 5 am in the morning to prepare my own lunch. And I have to travel by Star and Putra lrt to and fro, RM 7.80 has to go everyday... Haiz... I really can't earn anything from this job. Haiz. Working here is lonely. I am all alone. And I regret accepting this job. Really... And I hope time quickly pass by and I leave this place ASAP.

Then as I work further in this bloody cold office, I found myself to be completely useless. I start to lose my direction here as they have no other things for me to do till the next Tuesday (9th December). So they dig out old files for me to arrange, do some filing job, sort out some old and expired cheques from old ones, call some unimportant character and many little job that does not slightly challenge my intelligence. I am totally bored till I have extra time to add extra posting here. - edited and added 5th December 2008

I tried to approach the person in charge of me, mentioned how I feel of this office and the working environment. Oh no I lied. I didn't tell him how I felt. I asked him whether if I am still needed here, no? Otherwise they can fire me anytime and I volunteerily take the leave without any notice. My brain is anticipating for his reply but after an hour later he came to my workplace and informed me something undesireable. I am needed!!! I asked "Badly?" and he keeps quiet. So I continue my work after Haji holidays, expecting some work load to drop by my table, badly. After the 3 days holiday, I lazily went to work, expecting something more challenging. I was told that I will be doing some work outside the office. But at 10 a.m. sharp, I was told to leave at lunch time as there was nothing for me to do at the moment. Hmm... Should I be sad, or relieve that he called me off? Now is 10.45 a.m. another 1 hour 15 minutes till lunch time, and the end of the day - edited and added 9th December 2008

Today is my last day of work here. After all, they don't really need me. So naturally, eventually, sooner or later, they are going to fire me. My last day is the same like my 1st day of work. Blur, identity unknown, being ignored. I must hurry and finish my task at hand, so that there's nothing more to follow up next time. YIPEE!!! The end of this brain tormenting office... - edited and added 15th December 2008

But no matter how hard is the work, I will not let myself show my face and feeling to anyone ie. merajuk. Unlike you. When you work, you must work up to expectation, must have your own target, know your own capability, but not express your anger at me. Which work is not tiring? Even if you are tired, don't let it affect your mind coz eventually you are expressing your anger at me. Don't tell me you don't know you will be tired after work? Of coz you know. I know you are tired. But don't la say haiz this haiz that as if you are very pity. I don't pity you la. "I know la my office job is sitting and not standing like you." But your job is like that ma. Don't like ma don't work la. Even if you want to express your feeling, want me to lend you an ear, I demand you not to do it in front of other people. It just made me can't react and my words are restricted if you understand what I meant. Hope you understand me lor. Not I don't understand how hard is your job, I understand. But don't make it a big deal coz choose to work and your mum also do the same job as you. If you are in pain, then lekat lah Salonpas. I wish you don't mind me being cold yesterday coz I am not really your punching bag. I expect you to be better than this. Why can't you show me your determination? Why you show me how weak you are? Even your mum say kelian at you. I wonder if my mum will ever say this word at me. Coz what I have always hear from her is "Good la work got money. No work no money and you die in hunger". Maybe we both are raised in different parenthood. The second son and the only son.

I am so sorry if I hurt you. You didn't hurt me, I just felt hurt coz I never expect you can say something like that at me. But what I want to say is really from my deepest heart. 吃得咸魚抵得渴 and don't let small matter get over you... And sorry if anyone of you out there can't understand what I wrote. I don't feel like writing this actually.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first (maybe not first) little sex experience

Everyone (if there' anyone), this is my first post of such story, so I have made it personal. This story is 100% true, and happened to me only an hour ago. So I thought this will be a good first post. It took me quite awhile to build up courage to share this story with all of you. Don't laugh ok? Although it's not really my first time, but the feeling was. Continue reading at your own risk. The story below contains minor gay sexually explicit adult material. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or it is illegal to view gay sexually explicit material in your community, you must leave now. Or if you are below age of 18 years old, you must be accompanied by parents or guardians. If you proceed further you accept full responsibility of your actions.

It was nine past nine when I exited my room door, closing it behind me. I had my old black shorts, bright orange shirt with my phone carefully tucked into my pocket. I stood on my balcony, relishing the exquisite feeling of the misty rain falling over me. After four days of humidity and heat, it was more refreshing than any shower I had felt. I'd have taken a shower anyway before I start my day, but for now the rain was nice. There was enough caffeine in the air to kick start my brain. My mama was in the kitchen, gulping her coffee on the right while newspaper in her left hand.

At the same time, Mike (fictional name) was right next to me. I knew him since last year in Watson pharmacy (Wangsa Maju Aeon Complex branch). He is white (white as not the guai lou white). How should I describe him? White... Snow white... He is not skin fair, but white. And he is wearing white today. I was gently but firmly holding his body in my hand. My mama knew Mike quite well too, and pleased to have him befriended me.

The story started out very sudden, but yet within my expectation, and I wanted it to happen, even though I was standing on the balcony where my mama can watch clearly what we're doing. Mike quickly reached me and I stood there shocked with Mike's sudden move. We stared at each other for a minute, and before I even realize, his proud stick was in my hole already. WTH??? In 3rd floor balcony while mama was only few feet away? I must be very daring to do this openly. I know I wanted it badly since long ago, but never had I imagined to happen so fast, so sudden. He sure caught me off guard.

Me: ***whisper*** Why are you in such a hurry? And why are you skipping the warm up? I am not really ready yet...

Mike: ***whisper*** Oh you are definitely ready. This is not your first time, and I like the weather. We will go straight into the main course, I don't have time for appetizers.

OMG!!! Is this for real? He skipped the fingering part and started straight to the real part. We did it right on the spot. He slowly inserted his hot tool, an inch at a time into my tight hole while I slowly positioned myself on the floor. I shivered with anticipation while the head of his stick passed through my passage. My heart pounded so hard and so fast, I held my breath as much as I could, to not let mama hear what we were doing. Mike's godly stick is incredibly long. It wasn't even half inserted when the head of his stick reached my threshold. Trembling in the agony of his penetration, I had to moan out loudly breaking the silence in the morning. The pain of entering began to subdue, and started to yield the pleasure I had never felt. The sense of pleasure overwhelmed me and left me numb and out of breath. Now I got the right word for this. I was horny!!! Mama was still enjoying her coffee, either she hadn't look at what we were doing, or she knew and pretend to not give a damn.

He moved his way in in slow deep thrust, each more rewarding and more sensual than the previous. He did not make any sound. No shouting, no moaning, no breathing sound or even some sweat on his body. He did it so professionally. I really need to praise him for his amazing skill. Never had I feel this kind of pleasure for 21 years. My pits were all wet and smell strong. It only took few minutes to reach my orgasm. I had lost my mind... "Harder!!! Faster!!!" were the only thing on my mind. Mike knew what I wanted, he fastened his pace and concentrated on his work. I didn't care anymore if mama heard me screaming or moaning. I was so high. I was at my peak and I knew he's gonna do it very soon. OMG!!! He pulled out his stick, still stood there hard, and I felt hot stream of liquid flowing out of my hole. And I saw some brown yellowish thingy sticking on his stick. Yerr dirty... but he did it.

I put Mike aside allowing him to take some rest. I was very satisfied with his skill and his tender touch when handling me. I thanked him for what he voluntarily did for me while he replied with his cold but sweet white smile. As we were lying on the cold marble floor still panting heavily upon my quick orgasm, mama came to my location. "Okay son, why are you moaning so loudly on the floor?"

"I was just digging my ear with this cotton bud, mama..." still trying to catch some breath and turn around to cover my red blushed face.

And next I started digging my left ear with another side of Mike's head.

The few minutes just now was really as if I was having my first sex...

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Me? I am a heavy eater animal. Not as much as Vincent or Phakai though. But whenever I look into my pocket, I need to think of what to eat. ‘Coz my wallet is always leaking; I need to think of something which is filling and cheap. Usually I order the cheapest food without drinks. Mix rice with rice and curry – my cheapest meal of all (RM 1.10). Last time in Petaling Street (2004) – rice + tau foo pok (RM 1.50) – the boss even pitied me and gave me free Chinese tea lol. Who else can do like me? If my mum doesn’t cook, I need to eat outside and that’s the headache part. Yea yea, a typical kiamsiap animal, but I still survived. You got problem with that? And maybe that’s why my body shape is as such. Occasionally, there are some times too I am so willing to dig out from my piggie bank to have better food. I had Chili’s, Starbucks, Gasoline and Old Town. I know I know, they are still cheap, nothing special. But for me, they rob my money, and having 1 meal there means I have to skip 3-4 meals in normal days. Whatever. I think there're some times I should have rewarded myself with some satisfaction and sensation of spending money after being kiamsiap for so long.

This month, October, I got my mind screwed up, gone haywire. I noticed, I realized and yet I did it, I spent so much this month. I didn't work this month, but I went to Genting for my birthday. That's not all, spending on friends’ birthday presents? And movies in cinema? There goes RM 300++ (Not really that much, but do you know how much it means for me? Hei, I am jobless!)… I look like pretty beaten up ya? Not yet! I could still stand (crawl if I couldn't walk) and enjoy Madam Kwan in Midvalley (28 Oct)!!! How’s that? Jino in Madam Kwan? It looks like a Chu Chun Hong in Starbucks!!! Woah Jino upgrade already wor~ I can imagine Fiona say so, although she knows that wasn’t my first time there.

Madam Kwan is located on the first floor in Midvalley. We were served and seated. Looking around me, the left table was only 10 cm away from me, both eating nasi lemak. The right table couple eating nasi lemak and soup mee, another 10 cm away. Why do they have such table arrangement? It looked like the whole row of us is sitting on the same table, next to each other. I can even listen to their conversation clearly. WTH? No privacy at all. You know la, the way I eat is so jakoon, so sia sui if they see me eat that way in such clear view... They served us strawberry scented sky juice. I introduced him nasi lemak and nasi bojari, Madam Kwan’s favourites. Anyway the waiter came to take our order.

Waiter: May I have your order?
Me: (Without thinking) 1 nasi bojari. 你呢?

Edwin: Err… Err… (Panic looking at the menu).

Me: 要不要试下他们的 nasi lemak ? 全部人都有叫阿.

Edwin: (Refusing nasi lemak) 我叫 beef rendang ok?

Me: Ok, 1 beef rendang. 2 sky juice please.

Yup, eating with my bf again (if you get what bf means). Nasi Bojari is the Indonesian coloured rice served with asam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried hometown chicken. Beef rendang is probably rice with beef rendang and cucumbers and tomatoes at sides. Minutes later, the waiter put an empty plate on the dining table. Huh? What’s that for? Another minute passed by, and our food was served. Have a look at the food we just ordered.

Nasi Bojari (RM 20.50++)


We stared at the unknown dish in confusion. Edwin was asking me “No nasi?” How would I know? I pointed at the unknown dish, asked the waiter to confirm, he said “This, is beef rendang”. “Oh I see… May I have the menu again please?” and we reordered. I couldn't help but to laughed my ass off. Edwin shamefully ordered nasi lemak this time lol. Told ya... There we go, side dish beef rendang (RM 13++).

Nasi Lemak (RM 14.20++)

I would probably wanted to order sago gula Melaka if the lunch wasn’t that full, ‘coz of the beef haha. I didn’t blame him, anyhow that was the first time he dine here. I just... smiled, and laughed a bit ^^. The food is rather expensive, don’t you think? I paid the main dishes as agreed while he had to cover up the “accident” side dish haha… Yup it’s on my treat. We spent 2 hours there, took my time cleaning up my chicken (not sia sui - not using hand) and licking the plates (sia sui style) before we watched High School Musical 3 – Senior Year. I still think Enchanted and Wall E are way much better...


We had Madam Kwan the previous day, we drove up to Sunway Pyramid for lunch the following day. Guess what’re we having for lunch this time? The story started back last year when gor gor, mum and I agreed to save money for buffet. But we never went. You know why? ‘Coz gor gor got no time, my savings are always used up for no reason, bo lui bo lui bo lui!!! But the good thing was, my mum got fed up. On Monday (27 Oct), me and mum chatted awhile.

Mum: 贤儿.帮帮我.
Me: (still sleeping) 睡觉啦.什么事?
Mum: 你几时要吃buffet?
Me: swt等我有钱先啦.你要几时吃噢?
Mum: 我们星期四吃啦?
Me: 多三天?Har?你还认真的阿?
Mum: 对啦.爸爸星期四不在家,我们可以去吃啊.
Me: 哥哥呢?
Mum: 不要与他.么一次都放飞机.我们两去吃.
Me: 我没什么钱喔.你帮我出一半啦.我就可以去咯.
Mum: 好啦你出20块啦.其他我出啦.
Me: 那就差不多.book位咯.
Mum: 真的要星期四阿?
Me: 你玩我啊?
Mum: 要星期三吗?
Me: swt swt swt你真得很想吃 hor?喜欢你啦.

All this while, my family is quite a Japanese food lover (except my papa). Basically we love sushi (except my papa). We love to eat raw fish (except my papa). There were several times we nastily planned, saved up some money and went for Japanese buffet and some other high class dining places (without papa - sorry he is always left out) ‘coz he doesn’t seem to like all these places. Whenever the waiter comes to us with the bill, we will always think of this question – “What is papa going to eat tonight?”
Pity him, huh? Yea, a bit. But, I get to eat. Hail yeah... He can eat alone as long as I get to enjoy. Wakaka evil me.

The place we were looking for is… SHOGUN!!!
I had been to Jogoya. Yea last year’s story. 2 person for RM 200.50!!! Yea they rob me legally. My mum and gor gor had been there too. For me, the outstanding price is unaffordable. But for my mum and gor gor, they felt cheated ‘coz they don’t get good service and food was ok ok. So we never put Jogoya into our eating list. Jogoya, good to try once, but never twice – my gor gor. I heard that Shogun in 1-Utama and Saisaki in UOA had their reputation decreased ‘coz lack of commitment or some sort. As suggested, Sunway’s new outlet might be a bit better (might be slightly better to increase their new image). And I hope they have the same variety as dinner to be chosen in lunch. Anyway, I get to taste some sushi again. The last time I’ve been to sort was Saisaki last year, for Mother’s Day if I wasn’t mistaken. And also Sushi Station in Sg. Wang for my birthday if that place is counted in as well ^^.

At first we were lost in the Sunway parking lot. I entered the lorry’s loading bay, forced to park in there and parking rate is slightly higher. Bodohnya… Anyway the parking fee is still much cheaper compared to Times Square. The moment I set my foot there, the very first thing I observed was none other than my favourite sushi corner. Good. I saw something there. The 3 of us (Guess who else joined us? My bf Edwin la of 'coz lol) were seated by the waiter at a corner of the restaurant, served hot green tea and a pot of steamboat. The steamboat is one of the new changes they made. They made us had an unwanted steamboat, and it’s those filling type. The environment is dim and nice. Just right to da pao some food back home. But of ‘coz we didn’t, although we wanted to. I made use of the advantage to snap some pics, avoiding attention from the staff. I heard they do not allow photo taking in the restaurant. I had my favourite sushi and sashimi. I LIKE THEM!!! There were a lot of varieties but I did not try everything. When I stood still looking at the sushis, I was counting them. If I were to try each and everyone of them, there would be no room for dessert. The sushi man was never stingy with his ingredients and chucked in a lot of ebi ko into my handroll. I love him so much and never tired to return for more. 8 handroll went down my stomach at such ease. Salmon that melted in my mouth nyam nyam... Don’t feel like explaining much here. If ya wanna know so much, ya gonna taste it yourself. I was very satisfied with the lunch that day, in terms of food, service, environment, and also the price. Lunch buffet is RM 43++ for normal weekdays. Much cheaper if we take lunch, and same variety with dinner. So why bother to pay more, don’t you agree?


Sushis and sahimis


Unwanted Steamboat

Sushis + Sashimi

Unknown complimentary


Handroll soft shell crab + tempura prawn temaki

dessert nestle ice cream + fruit fondue

Guess how much weight had I gained? I ended up gaining extra 2 pounds!!! How do I get rid of it? 24 hours after eating; now I am still full and skipped my dinner. Looks like I’m gonna skip my lunch the next day as well. A buffet meal, save up 2 meals the next day? Malaysian + buffet = super duper full – 2 meals. I think I had eaten enough to make my RM 49.45 worth while. Now I am totally broke and no more buffet till at least next year Chinese New year Shangri La buffet plan ^^v.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing you

There was this particular day when I woke up from my sleep at 3 in the dark morning. Ultraman was suffocating in my hug. When my eyes wondered across the dark room, I saw this beam of light outside the window. It was a helicopter. What was he doing here, I have no intention to find out. After that I could not sleep back!!! Damn. Curiosity got my mind so freshed up. My eyes were wide open. Here I am again, in front of my baby no. 1 - computer. Then I switched on my baby no. 3 - 林宇中 songs and played with my baby no. 4 - Sony Cybershot T-2 camera. Self took a lot in the dark with flash. I had nothing else to do, but to listen to his calm and soothing singing, not to mention alongside my papa's loud snoring sound from another room and also the old baby no. 1's crying (bunyi bising computer).

So I was browsing through people's blogs. From Chu Chun Hong's boring posts to fully emotioned Austin's blog. From all chinese blog An Pei's to Norman's perfect English writing posts. There's only one blog which attracted me to read from its first entry tonight. L6/U6 BF Class of 2005/2006 - Up to now, there are 11k visitors since its first entry in June 2007. Then it reminded me of my STPM life. WOW I actually did STPM, and I passed? I was still wondering how, with only time of 20 days. I think this is my inner potential, huh?

It's been 3 years already. I was together with Li Ling, Kah Loong, Yin Ching, Chu and Denise (and also Fiona, whom I have forgotten *I don't even know actually till she said so - edited Oct 26 2008) originally from BM class. Due to overpopulation, we were altogether shifted to BF. And I could still remember how Yin Ching was making a fuss and arguing with Kali about the timetable. But I think Yin Ching is now very satisfied and thankful to have moved to BF. I too am grateful to be part of U6BF. Members of U6BF 2006 are among the coolest people I have ever known. There were 27 of us from Sri Petaling, SBU, Connaught and of course, VI, we are the close friends with different faces, personalities, attitude, and... and... and... we are quite different.

  1. Wai Loon the chinaman
  2. Vincent - "你 OK 没?" (canto)
  3. PM Kian Ti
  4. Len Yi always do her Maths homework and stressed
  5. Yee the half half ^^
  6. Phon the hunk
  7. Ben walking dictionary
  8. Denise always called me Kinky Jinqy
  9. Fiona always main kejar-kejar with Chu Chun Hong
  10. Soo Soo PTS girl and the youngest in the class
  11. Si Toh sings Mulan Reflection
  12. Li Ling and her instant cooking skill]
  13. Suzanne little buddha
  14. Yin Ching pembesar suara (inherited the nick since primary school - sorry)
  15. Justina - Miss Connaught
  16. Eileen quiet mouse
  17. Yen Ching C cup
  18. Wai Yin ex
  19. Kah Loong my good friend
  20. Chu - Buddha philosophies
  21. Phakai big eater
  22. Melody blur queen
  23. Tsu Wern laushu
  24. Ching Yeng the chef
  25. Ueven missing in action
  26. Raveena and Chitra
  27. ME!!!

27 of us not including other halves - Ben's Li-Shia, Suzanne's Lik Wen and also Kah Loong's Wan Ching. Teachers including Biology Hasnani, Maths KE Leong, MUET Jaya K, Physics Jaya Selvi, PA Sharifuddin (not die yet) and our beloved KALI the chemistry teacher. Bravo to Jino, he can still remember everyone in the middle of the night.

Although I wasn't in class all the time (even if I was, I was sleeping), I could still feel the warmth of you all. Your laughter, cold jokes, Kali's shooting bang bang bang. I still have the details in my mind. "Quite" detail.

If Vi don't know, no one knows.

When in love, makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah.

SBU? Connaught? Sri Petaling? And we stop at VI...

If it's in Mars I don't know. But there's no such thing on Earth 'coz I have been living on Earth longer than all of you.

~ Kali

We played IQ brainless games, we had pot luck, we had cakes, presents, spagetthi, sushi, guitar, Air Supply's Making Love Out of Nothing At All, teasing each other, Kali's banging and shooting all of us till our Prada and Gucci berlobang-lobang, KE Leong whispered to the white board and syok sendiri, Ben wrote his senseless and lame theory on the white board, Chu's English, public speaking in MUET class, class trips to Lang Tgh and Malacca, gatherings for Xmas and CNY and birthday celebrations. I can still imagine the noise level we made despite the stress of STPM around the corner. We were the noisiest in the whole Form 6 block!!! And yet our results were the top. (I mean, most of us). But out worst was still better than many other people. Magnificient!!! How could I ever forget these? It's like a routine, it had been part of our lives. I don't want to forget, and I never want to forget. I wish I can't. I enjoyed being in this colourful class.

2 years had passed. 2 years aren't too long, but not too short either. We still keep in touch, had gatherings, trips, dinners, birthday parties etc etc. The other day Suzanne and I were chatting bout the stuff we did and laughed together. So nostalgic. I was laughing a lot when chatting bout those moments. I was invited to Ching Yeng and Laushu birthday party. They were great. They look beautiful. They had not forgotten this Jino. I get to see you all again. And I get to eat!!!

Ching Yeng's birthday Sept 06 2008 - Jin Yu's camera

Laushu birthday Oct 25 2008

(lastly added - Oct 29 2008)

I am so sorry Laushu I couldn't stay till the end 'coz of some sort of emergency to settle up. You are pretty, and I hope you like what I give you. I hope you enjoyed your day that night. And Happy Birthday to Laushu. And thanks for coming back just for the party. More pics to come from other camera...

But wait. Where's my party? Oh yea I forgot. I celebrated mine in Genting. No one treated me for cakes (my own fault) and so I bought myself a slice of cake 2 weeks after my birthday. WTH? So kelian? Nevermind la, people offer me cake, I pretend beautiful. I am not too fond to cakes anyway, but still? A birthday without a cake... Weird. So I had a slice of Marble Cheese from Secret Recipe. Walao!!! So kiamsiap leh. So small!!! Nevermind la. It was here for the sake of tasting some birthday feel. Anyway I was so satisfied with my birthday, even without cake, without key, but I am still being remembered by you all. My Secret Recipe Marble Cheese - my birthday taste ^^

"Now, if you walk past your friend quickly, can you shake hands and say hello? No. Likewise, molecules at higher temperatures, which have higher kinetic energy cannot form bonds. Because they move too fast. But if you walk slowly, can you shake hands? yes, and you can say hello and form... BONDS!" - Kali, July 2005

U6BF bonds are stronger than ever. I miss you guys and love you guys. MUACKS!!! When anyone of you see me online, say hi to me ok?

The night started to goes off, and the sun is getting into position. When light started to shine into the room, I was shocked to see this 2 things. I wonder what they are...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot