Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing you

There was this particular day when I woke up from my sleep at 3 in the dark morning. Ultraman was suffocating in my hug. When my eyes wondered across the dark room, I saw this beam of light outside the window. It was a helicopter. What was he doing here, I have no intention to find out. After that I could not sleep back!!! Damn. Curiosity got my mind so freshed up. My eyes were wide open. Here I am again, in front of my baby no. 1 - computer. Then I switched on my baby no. 3 - 林宇中 songs and played with my baby no. 4 - Sony Cybershot T-2 camera. Self took a lot in the dark with flash. I had nothing else to do, but to listen to his calm and soothing singing, not to mention alongside my papa's loud snoring sound from another room and also the old baby no. 1's crying (bunyi bising computer).

So I was browsing through people's blogs. From Chu Chun Hong's boring posts to fully emotioned Austin's blog. From all chinese blog An Pei's to Norman's perfect English writing posts. There's only one blog which attracted me to read from its first entry tonight. L6/U6 BF Class of 2005/2006 - Up to now, there are 11k visitors since its first entry in June 2007. Then it reminded me of my STPM life. WOW I actually did STPM, and I passed? I was still wondering how, with only time of 20 days. I think this is my inner potential, huh?

It's been 3 years already. I was together with Li Ling, Kah Loong, Yin Ching, Chu and Denise (and also Fiona, whom I have forgotten *I don't even know actually till she said so - edited Oct 26 2008) originally from BM class. Due to overpopulation, we were altogether shifted to BF. And I could still remember how Yin Ching was making a fuss and arguing with Kali about the timetable. But I think Yin Ching is now very satisfied and thankful to have moved to BF. I too am grateful to be part of U6BF. Members of U6BF 2006 are among the coolest people I have ever known. There were 27 of us from Sri Petaling, SBU, Connaught and of course, VI, we are the close friends with different faces, personalities, attitude, and... and... and... we are quite different.

  1. Wai Loon the chinaman
  2. Vincent - "你 OK 没?" (canto)
  3. PM Kian Ti
  4. Len Yi always do her Maths homework and stressed
  5. Yee the half half ^^
  6. Phon the hunk
  7. Ben walking dictionary
  8. Denise always called me Kinky Jinqy
  9. Fiona always main kejar-kejar with Chu Chun Hong
  10. Soo Soo PTS girl and the youngest in the class
  11. Si Toh sings Mulan Reflection
  12. Li Ling and her instant cooking skill]
  13. Suzanne little buddha
  14. Yin Ching pembesar suara (inherited the nick since primary school - sorry)
  15. Justina - Miss Connaught
  16. Eileen quiet mouse
  17. Yen Ching C cup
  18. Wai Yin ex
  19. Kah Loong my good friend
  20. Chu - Buddha philosophies
  21. Phakai big eater
  22. Melody blur queen
  23. Tsu Wern laushu
  24. Ching Yeng the chef
  25. Ueven missing in action
  26. Raveena and Chitra
  27. ME!!!

27 of us not including other halves - Ben's Li-Shia, Suzanne's Lik Wen and also Kah Loong's Wan Ching. Teachers including Biology Hasnani, Maths KE Leong, MUET Jaya K, Physics Jaya Selvi, PA Sharifuddin (not die yet) and our beloved KALI the chemistry teacher. Bravo to Jino, he can still remember everyone in the middle of the night.

Although I wasn't in class all the time (even if I was, I was sleeping), I could still feel the warmth of you all. Your laughter, cold jokes, Kali's shooting bang bang bang. I still have the details in my mind. "Quite" detail.

If Vi don't know, no one knows.

When in love, makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah.

SBU? Connaught? Sri Petaling? And we stop at VI...

If it's in Mars I don't know. But there's no such thing on Earth 'coz I have been living on Earth longer than all of you.

~ Kali

We played IQ brainless games, we had pot luck, we had cakes, presents, spagetthi, sushi, guitar, Air Supply's Making Love Out of Nothing At All, teasing each other, Kali's banging and shooting all of us till our Prada and Gucci berlobang-lobang, KE Leong whispered to the white board and syok sendiri, Ben wrote his senseless and lame theory on the white board, Chu's English, public speaking in MUET class, class trips to Lang Tgh and Malacca, gatherings for Xmas and CNY and birthday celebrations. I can still imagine the noise level we made despite the stress of STPM around the corner. We were the noisiest in the whole Form 6 block!!! And yet our results were the top. (I mean, most of us). But out worst was still better than many other people. Magnificient!!! How could I ever forget these? It's like a routine, it had been part of our lives. I don't want to forget, and I never want to forget. I wish I can't. I enjoyed being in this colourful class.

2 years had passed. 2 years aren't too long, but not too short either. We still keep in touch, had gatherings, trips, dinners, birthday parties etc etc. The other day Suzanne and I were chatting bout the stuff we did and laughed together. So nostalgic. I was laughing a lot when chatting bout those moments. I was invited to Ching Yeng and Laushu birthday party. They were great. They look beautiful. They had not forgotten this Jino. I get to see you all again. And I get to eat!!!

Ching Yeng's birthday Sept 06 2008 - Jin Yu's camera

Laushu birthday Oct 25 2008

(lastly added - Oct 29 2008)

I am so sorry Laushu I couldn't stay till the end 'coz of some sort of emergency to settle up. You are pretty, and I hope you like what I give you. I hope you enjoyed your day that night. And Happy Birthday to Laushu. And thanks for coming back just for the party. More pics to come from other camera...

But wait. Where's my party? Oh yea I forgot. I celebrated mine in Genting. No one treated me for cakes (my own fault) and so I bought myself a slice of cake 2 weeks after my birthday. WTH? So kelian? Nevermind la, people offer me cake, I pretend beautiful. I am not too fond to cakes anyway, but still? A birthday without a cake... Weird. So I had a slice of Marble Cheese from Secret Recipe. Walao!!! So kiamsiap leh. So small!!! Nevermind la. It was here for the sake of tasting some birthday feel. Anyway I was so satisfied with my birthday, even without cake, without key, but I am still being remembered by you all. My Secret Recipe Marble Cheese - my birthday taste ^^

"Now, if you walk past your friend quickly, can you shake hands and say hello? No. Likewise, molecules at higher temperatures, which have higher kinetic energy cannot form bonds. Because they move too fast. But if you walk slowly, can you shake hands? yes, and you can say hello and form... BONDS!" - Kali, July 2005

U6BF bonds are stronger than ever. I miss you guys and love you guys. MUACKS!!! When anyone of you see me online, say hi to me ok?

The night started to goes off, and the sun is getting into position. When light started to shine into the room, I was shocked to see this 2 things. I wonder what they are...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot