Thursday, October 9, 2008

A movie that makes me cry, again

It took me hours to load in youtube. It's not available to watch anywhere online, at least after searching for an hour or so. Bitcommet does not show any progress so I ended up waiting for 17 short clips in youtube to load slowly. From 2 pm I waited till 6. Alas, the time has come, to watch the movie. I don't call myself a movie freak. I watch all types of movies. I am not selective like many people. If it's worth to watch, I will watch. If it's a nice movie, I will watch. I watch anything. Err... To be frank I don't watch chinese movies. Not too often. I mean movies here, not drama so don't confuse yourself. What movie was I waiting? รักแห่งสยาม. Cannot understand? It's Thai, read as Rak Haeng Sayam. In English we call it The Love of Siam. Hmm the trailer looks normal to me but the content does not surprise me at all. 'Coz I roughly knew what the story is all about.

The Love of Siam was in cinema worldwide in 2007 (not sure in Malaysia - didn't notice its existence till now). Director Chookiat Sakveerakul inserted romance love between 2 teenage boys screening in Thailand. This makes the movie so-called gay movie. So what if it's a gay movie? You have problem me watching gay movie? I will watch and rate it. If it's nice I will intro to those who can accept it. If it's not nice I will critic it and talk bad about the movie. You want to know which movie I hate the most, till now I still hate it? And felt that I have been cheated to pay 11 bucks for the movie? It's the chinese movie NARAKA 19!!! So everyone, if you have not watched Naraka 19, don't watch!!! I recommend you The Love of Siam which is 1000x better.

If you think gay movie is disgusting, you are wrong. This is not porn. There's no any explicit scene in the movie that is offensive, unless you are homophobia, that is. This is a movie well played by handsome actors and cute actresses Witwisit Hiranyawongkul (Mew), Mario Maurer (Tong), Kanya Rattanapetch (Ying) and Aticha Pongsilpipat (Donut). Really handsome and pretty, in my eyes. This movie is about love. I don't really know bout the dialogues, but the sub are really simple and easy to understand. Unlike most of the movies, The Love of Siam uses simple conversation when talking with each other, as normal people communicate. No metaphore, no inversion, no special words. Maybe it's just the sub. But the storyline itself is easy to understand even if there's no sub.

The story is about Donut loves Tong, Ying loves Mew, but Mew and Tong love each other. The story starts from childhood best friends, progressed to their teenhood. From friendship to love. The story progressed so slow, no background music, simple dialogues. Sounds so boring but I wasn't bored at all. There are a lot of good scenes, and the story somehow reflects the reality of love, even if it wasnt gay.

One of the few scenes I love the most is when Tong's mama asked Mew to leave her son after she has found out. I understand a mother's feeling of seeing her own son in a same sex relation. By confronting Mew she is trying to protect her son, as she wants Tong to live a normal life. Every mother wants the best out of their son, my mama is not excluded. Grow up happily, work hard, earn money, get married give birth to children and live happily ever after. An ideal dream of all mothers. But how many can achieve this? The only difference between gay and straight I could tell, is give birth part. There's no right or wrong in love. Don't discriminate love based on sex. I know my mama won't be happy if one day I tell her I am gay. No one will. Not even myself... When Tong is decorating the christmas tree with his mama, they talk heart to heart bout the problem. It's not easy for mother to say yes, but what a mother wants to see from her son, is to be happy. This is mother's love. If it's not soon, somehow, someday, mother will accept you for who you are 'coz they love you. It's no easy task but mothers are always understanding.

Mother : Tong can you help me put the ornaments (there are 2 patung kecil) on the tree?

Tong : Is this one good here, mom?

Mother : Just put it around.

Tong : What about this one here instead, mom?

Mother : Just put it on.

Tong : What about the two of these together here?

Mother : Just go ahead, ok?

Tong : What if I choose one and you don't like it? You'll be upset again.

Looking at each other for a moment...

Mother : Choose what you think is best for yourself.

'And they both smiled'

I like how the theme song is brought out into this movie. The lyrics may be simple, but I like it. The purpose, the meaning, and how the song is created. It's meaningful. Having strong feeling towards Tong, Mew wrote the song for Tong, a way to express his love. When he sings, he is looking and smiling only at Tong.

If I said that I wrote this song for you, would you believe me?
It might not be as well-written or beautiful as other songs
I want you to know that you can't write a love song if you're not in love
But for you, I can write this song so, easily
You might have heard hundreds or thousands of love songs
They might be meaningful, but their meanings are for anyone
When you listen to this song, it is written only for you
If you understand the meaning, our hearts will be together, forever

There are so many truths in love
In the past, I spent too much time looking for the meaning of it
But now I know that every time you are near
that if our lives are a melody, then you are the lyrics
that make my life meaningful and together we make beautiful music
Let it be the song. On the way with only your and my voice
That we'll be together for all time
Just like a verse that's in a poem "As long as you love, you still have hope"
Everytime I feel your love shining in my heart, I can see my destiny

Not to forget the last scene where Tong made his decision and also the christmas present.

I can't be with you as your boyfriend. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you.

They might not be together in the end, but their love existed. Their love might seem not normal in our eyes, but that is love. Their love might be stronger than any of ours. There is no right or wrong in love. I am not being supportive here, but they are not wrong. Why must love comes with hurt? I hate to see them cry when their love is rejected. Without realizing, tears rolled down my cheek as well. I admit I was touched by their acting. It's been a long time since I watch movie of such genre. The last one was Eternal Summer, which made me cry too. These 2 are still the best, I recommend all of you to watch as it really worth your time. I really had a hard time watching The Love of Siam.

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