Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank you for coming back

Everything began when mum cleaned him on Friday afternoon. She took all her pleasure time to open up each and every component in the CPU so that she can clean them properly. It was her idea that the high-pitch, irritating noise of my computer came from the dust-accumulating fans. So, the CPU fans, power supply fan and motherboard fan were all vacuumed to clean.

I must admit she dealt with my baby no. 1 very diligently. But slowly, problems arose.

The first problem he put me on was Mozilla crash in my every attempt to start Restaurant City. In my first thought Mozilla needed some maintenance.

Not long after, Microsoft reported error and required me to shut down. Not just once but every 15 minutes interval.

Moving forward, more and more errors popped out. Examples are IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen and C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\VIRUSD~1\20031203.03 9\0000NAV~.TMP. Don't expect me to understand the alien language, do you? From the symptoms it didn't look like it was Mozilla behind the disease.

Since everything was related to Windows (from my own understanding and point of view), I assume some Windows corrupt thus I tried to format him and start all over again. Before I did, I bought a 160GB portable hard disk at Low Yat to back up my data. On the same Sunday I bought another 512 MB RAM for him under mum's request.

I was anticipating the newly formatted him along the way back home until I tried to format him. I'd never encountered such difficulties in formatting. What's your problem? Kana sai. Can you imagine how frustrating it is if you were trying to format your damn computer since 7 p.m., and you had not progressed an inch even when it was already 2 a.m.? He gave me a real headache 'coz he constantly showed sxs.dll error, led me into restarting him for countless times. I thought my method of formatting computer was wrong but I knew I was right. U lost count of how many times had I tried. Something definitely had to be wrong somewhere in him.

As a future biochemist or high potential toilet cleaner in some factories, I was unable to diagnose his illness. There's no instruction on my text books. Without a professional in computing, it sounds impossible to me. I tried to format the hard disk many times but the process never made it to Windows installation. At least I could still proceed with Windows installation but ended with failure.

The situation remained the same for 2 days. How to not feel sick? Sick of reading the sxs.dll error, my frustration level shot high that I couldn't contain my frustration anymore! I need you! BANG! That was the sound of my tight slap. Why do you have to treat me at time such as this? And instantly, he never allowed me to attempt on Windows installation.

OMG! What had I done? I shouldn't have slapped you. I should not hammer you head on. I am deeply regret for what I've done. Please forgive me?

But he never responded as how I wanted him to. Besides sxs.dll error, I received IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen error in occasion.

His absence for 2 days gave me a lot of troubles yet at the same time I learned to appreciate him as my great partner in life. No matter how you all look at him, the 3+ years old computer is my baby no. 1 I owned. No matter how eagerly my heart wanted to buy a new one, I would not take in my friends persuasion.

We had a good chat while cooling down. It was more to a monologue. Nothing much. Just some stories of our experience together when I first brought him home on 15 November 2005. On how hard I was earning money, serving dim sum to buy him. On how hard we were working hand in hand to complete the school magazine, we didn't sleep for almost 72 hours straight. On how we were suppose to complete all the reports and assignments, without you I cannot do a shit. On how much he was able to provide me entertainment when I was lonely. In that instance, I missed you so much and I wanted you back. I can get a better laptop but I wanted you the most. The most protruding feeling - please come back. Gently I kissed his body and shed my tears.

Lady luck did smile ^^.

While reading Instrumental notes on Monday evening I disassembled the components my mum cleaned the other day. The notes explained the components of UV/Vis spectrophotometer but did not discuss the components of computer. Carefully I reinstalled the motherboard fan, power supply, RAM and hard disks into their respective slots. I had the least expectation when I found out that the motherboard fan was loosely fixed.

I tried Windows installation again and to my surprise he responded to my command this time. Up to now, 20 hours had passed and there's no error message. There's no suitable word to describe my feeling now, as I can only say I LOVE YOU BABY NO. 1!!!

You really came back to me. Thank you.

Yea he is really silent now ^^.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


9th July, 2009. A recorded conversation between me and him.

Jino: Want 2 go Kepong 2molow? We go see lam fung. Got free posters oh.

Lim: Wad time? Cis, now only u noe to find me.

Jino: Around 6 or 7 lor. The thing starts at 8 at metro prima kepong. Want 2 go?

Lim: 2moro i got date wo. Hehehe. U take pic show me lo. No ppl teman u?

Jino: Of coz no la. Where got ppl like lam fung? U dont go i go for wat?

Lim: Ur bf leh?

Jino: He is in kampar la. Want go or not?

Lim: No wonder find me.

Jino: =.= then sorry lor dont want kacau u liao.

I am a fool to try dating you out. Why do you think I will suggest there if it's not you? If you think I am the kind of 重色轻友, go ahead. Jino is very disappointed with the way LIM YEH WAN looks at me.

On the other hand, I always ffk-ed you. I am sorry for that and I seek your apology if you ever felt the way I feel. But I doubt you will come across this muahaha...

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the Bon Odori - 18 July

Hahaha I feel asleep while writing this. Too tired last night.

Ever since its first debut, I hated that series as much as I hated G. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the same as the previous - never up to expectation. The story in whole is way too different from the original Rowling creation. And that is also why I detest everyone who wants to watch it so badly. I told aloud it sucks. I warned its boring. I reminded everyone it's a waste of money. Those people who don't know, they follow the trend blindly and 'enjoy' the sucky Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Then they claim how magnificent it was. I sarcastically applaud their experience. Good for them. But sometimes we can't oppose anything when it comes to fate. No matter how hard my heart wanted Ice Age 3, the desperado never gives up on Harry Potter. And I gave in to Albus Dumbledore instead of Harry Potter after preaching.

The story was just fine, not much battle and action scenes to be expected. I only read the book once and don't have good memory to the books. The whole book itself serves as an intermediate of the next finale and that is why I find it quite dull. But if my memory serves me correctly, the first year students are not allowed to join Quidditch team but in the movie Harry is seen holding a tryout session with the freshmen in the field. Did the movie get the book wrongly? Or was it me wrong? And before Dumbledore is confronted by Malfoy in the Astronomy Tower, Harry is paralyzed by Dumbledore, according to the book. Now, how does Harry hold his wand and ready for Malfoy's counter attack, as illustrated in the movie if he's supposedly stunned? And before Harry is leaving with Dumbledore to retrieve the Horcrux, Harry supposedly hands the remainder Felix Felicia over to Ron or Hermione, either one in case of Malfoy's foul play. But did I see Harry gulped everything in the earlier scene? I think the director modified a lot for his own convenience.

The most remarkable scene in the whole movie, I personally think the best of the 153 minutes was Dumbledore fends off the monsters in the lake when retrieving the Horcrux. I love any character that is wise and powerful. Such as Yoda in Starwars, Professor X in X-Men. In this case, Dumbledore. The scene is covered with fire ring by Dumbledore, despite his weakened body in order to protect noob Harry from danger. Very nice burning flame, that is his last play as the most powerful wizard, that's our headmaster of Hogwarts. Besides that I don't see other good scenes. None. You think newly appointed Potion master Slughorn is funny? Muahaha 'so funny'. Do you see the hatred of the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor Snape to Harry? No he does not show at all. 'Coz there is no mention any of his classes in the whole movie. The director did so badly in squeezing the book into a 2-hours movie, that the movie looks so horrible.

Oh oh oh by the way... there was one good thing Harry brought to us. In the midst of the crowd leaving the cinema hall, we found a RM50 note on the floor, which was used to subsidize car park and lunch later.

We rushed for Bon Odori after nice sleep in cinema. Panasonic Sports Complex was the venue for the 33rd Bon Odori 2009. For the sake of enjoying the Japanese festival for once, we drove more than 24km, up to the very unfamiliar Shah Alam. Arghh!!! MY PETROL!!!

No pics 'coz camera died before the festival started.

The brilliant driver (me) got us there safely. Surprisingly, we did not lose our way there! By the time we reached it's 6p.m., looking for a near parking space is hard. Maybe this is KL's Bon Odori, I see no fun at all.

Firstly I hate crowded area and the place was flocked with Malaysian and Japaneses, all over the place. I found myself suffocating. Ochlophobia? I don't like festivals and countdowns. If it's for 林宇中, I will probably consider XD.

Secondly, entertainment wise, there wasn't any games for us. I expected some traditional Japanese games such as goldfish scooping goldfish or spinning top but we could only spot a huge tent selling rubber balls. The organizer can at least prepare a cotton candy stall or a mask stall which makes the place more Japanese atmosphere. The only entertainment was the boring and repeating traditional dance throughout the 2 hours festival. There's no telling how I behave if Doraemon was there... There's firework in Penang's. Did KL have his? I left early so I wasn't sure.

Thirdly the food sold was not really attractive. Besides slightly overcharge which I care less, the taste was... quite ok la. Considering the food being prepared by students, right?

The day was interrupted at 7 p.m., when he saw someone. And because of that so happen that I saw him too, I cannot help feeling uncomfortable. My heart felt unease. I don't like him. Sorry for being emo. Change topic - weather. Not sure the real reason, the haze was so terrible on that day. Wait! Was it flying sand? Or was it cooking smoke? No sign of raining but the sky wasn't nice that day. My friend says a lot of lengzai lenglui walking around and he enjoyed cruising the place. Unfortunately I was so tired my eyes cannot see anything. Where's the camera!!!

We left the place about 15 after 8 due to unsustainable fatigue. But we had more dinner at Kuchai Lama and to have 烧鸡翼 at Kuchai Road instead going home for rest. This was also the moment I think my spirit rose highest in the day - 'coz of food? Finally 海底燕窝 at Edwin's house and overnight marked the end of 18th July. And... that's not the end yet ngek ngek.

How's Bon Odori? That's my 1st experience for me. Not bad but not a good one either.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jino and his 7th week

I have entered the 7th week of my 14 weeks semester. Half the semester's gone and UTAR is about to repeat the tradition where we students are challenged to perform equilibristics of practical reports and tutorials on the nose at the same time juggle assignments and midterms with gymnastics. I too am not exempted from these challenges. I am already in my 3rd year yet I still fail to adapt to this miserable uni environment.

13 July
Enzymology assignment is handed in today. The good news - the assignment only costs us a week of sweat. And I am greatly satisfied when I merely laid my fingers on it. My job is simply proofreading and compiling their research. Did I mention they had done a good job in providing me chances to slack off? I mean, the language used is so superb that I couldn't see any wrong. OMG you would think that they've copied and pasted. Yea, no doubt they copy paste. Heck, I care no more. The bad news - I didn't contribute much. I personally think that the hardest task in the assignment is not to search for the content but to fill the contribution forms. Imagine your lecturer asks you to tell him what did you do for the assignment and you tell him you just suck up. It's tough to tell him that so we boasted something just for the sake of filling the forms. Describing our contributions would be easy if no marks are allocated for this part. Haiz...

14 July
The night is so intense. Watching the straight fight between PAS and BN in Manek Urai by-election is fun to some extend. The 6th by-election in Malaysia after the 12th general election is being held following the death of incumbent assemblyman of PAS of a heart attack. But the most exciting part end up a big let down as PAS rules at only majority 65 votes. I am expecting more than that puny amount. That aside, I am never on PAS's side. I'm against BN. I am on DAP's side.

My gor's birthday falls on the same day too. Of 'coz its not as exciting as the by-election. I am not in good term with him and we've never talk for as long as I remember.

15 July
FTIR report itself takes away 4 precious days. Probably longer if not with Greg's help (must puji him a bit). Thanks to him, I am able to understand the whole concept, able to clear the misty confusion at ridiculous speed. It was then completed under pressure by deadlines and other in-waiting tasks in list. And I must thank Greg again for making it fast for me. But of 'coz I myself is undeniably smart (must puji myself a bit also) 'coz if I am not, I won't be able to catch his hints, will I?

I was misinformed that there are 2 Immunology reports and 1 FTIR report to be submitted on the same day as my Immunology midterm (15 July). Who's fault? Or is it me who took the wrong message? Anyway it took me so long to find out that midterm is postponed to the following day, FTIR can be submitted on the next day after midterm while Immunology reports are to be submitted the following week. Thumbs up Blur King. I've completed my FTIR report by the time I realize. If I know any earlier, I would definitely have revised for my midterm first.

Oh yeah! Final Year Project result is out! Not the result as in result. Title selection result is out today! Yea I got selected on my 2nd choice Dr. Ng Chew Hee's Inhibition of restriction enzymes by metal complexes. And I should be conducting in pair with Piew if nothing goes wrong. Quite lucky I am not dropped out for 2nd round of selection.

16 July
My Immunology midterm ends in peace. Rest in peace and die in pieces. Though I have a very fond interest in Immunology since primary school but studying under pressure doesn't work. I agree with the lecturer to one point - today's test is nothing but pure brain work. Perhaps she doesn't know how much memorizing irritates me, I gave her a smile confection of curse and hatred. Imagine more midterms are tailing up. CPR please! I am short of breath.

Which week can I excuse myself? I want to drop by Kampar before my study week commences.

17 July
To reward myself in conjunction of upcoming weekends, I declared today as a holiday just for me. How is the day spent? Ermm... Does formatting baby no. 1 count? Besides losing MSN due to error in formatting, I couldn't come out with something that worth more than to sleep through the day. Yea I sleep the whole day to recover from my sleeping disorder. But a day is never enough. I'm sorry I still have Immunology reports and Instrumental assignment to start from scratch.

I suck. I let myself addicted to Restaurant City. I wasted much time during the busy week to max my dish levels and to renovate my restaurant. 5 days are all it takes to reach lvl 20 and is still growing at a decent speed. Oh I need to mention his name here again. Thanks to Greg's donation, my restaurant looks nicer now. His atomic stoves and toilet bowls really of great help. That makes him owns 31% of my restaurant share.

Growing business - currently level 20

On another occasion, I come back to Utopia indulgence. The non-graphic online war game was my favourite 7 years ago. Now I am back! I was supposedly growing at the speed of light when 5 different attackers marched across my province and claimed more than 1000 acres total of land in 3 days. Feel so down TT. They left my province half-crippled.

In an unrelated story, my mum downloaded So You Think You Can Dance. I am not sure which season is this. Probably season 5. I didn't realize that reality contest can turn out to be very interesting. Even the top 20 show great performance every episode. Personally I like Brandon a lot. He can dance gracefully like a girl yet he is masculine! Woah. And I like Mary Murphy and her 38 shout XD. Kind of addicted to this contest as well.

And below are some of the random, candid pics taken by my friends.

Celebrated Soo Ee's birthday in Kaki Korner with bunch of U6BF

Krispy Kreme - I still love Original Glazed

Poking bubbles for CFT experiment

4 lengluis in Immunology lab

Some of you complained that you don't understand my English. Either I am sorry for the rojak English used or I feel sorry for your English comprehension ^^.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Why did yesterday ended that way?

Friday. 3rd of July. Sunny. It's a day I long expected and another day of anxietily waited since month ago. If it's not because I miss you, I couldn't come out with other better reasons.

The day has finally come yet we carve dissatisfaction in our faces when our eyes meet. Many things take their seats along the way back home, including the 'Masupia' we're going to watch tomorrow leave us in despair.

And then I request something dangerous from you today. I know how dangerous it may sound to you, but it's your reaction I least expected. The way you reject me with mysterious secret worries me to hell. Is it my darkest fear of long distance relationship? What is it? You left me in questions.

Then, I finally understood.


I know that's a secret you're trying to protect for friends privacy. But I can't help to feel the distance between us is growing apart. Not just the distance to Kampar. You never do this to me. You will be the one to tell a lot of stories here and there which I don't have reason to feel interested with yet I listen all the time. 'Coz that way we don't quiet down. But at that moment... I go blank. I don't know how to react but keeping silent is my best resort I could come out with. The way you express 'it has nothing to do with us' evoke my quietness - so I will not tell you stories that are not related to us anymore.

I am sorry for the eagerness and curiosity to dig out the secret you wanted to protect so hard. I am sorry I took another sip of nicotine behind your back. I am sorry we're watching 'Masupia' today but not Transformer. I am sorry for the boring and frustrated wake up call every morning. I am sorry for everything happen today.

Why must it be the day which supposedly happy, turned ugly?

Saturday. 4th of July. Sunny. I hope the mood is really as bright as the day is. You know what? After few hours of resting my mind rationalize and wake up fresh. Sorry for yesterday I was emo.

Well, we watch 'Masupia' today. Robots fighting robots. Great sound effects and animation but it lacks facial expression. Though the movie is not exactly of interest to me much, but the 12 hours we spent together in KL is the greatest amongst everything.

I always remind, that romantic season is over. But it's not hard to bring the feel back, especially when we are still loving and willing to sacrifice for each other, right? Why the ruckus of troubles when simple hang out will produce the same result? We do not need to have sumptuous meal. We do not need to give each other presents. Yet I love the way time is spent today very much 'coz it resurrects the feeling of our romantic season back 1 year ago.

My happiness today is beyond description. We have not specifically or specially done anything yet I feel satisfied and overjoy. And finally you submit to my dangerous request. Thanks for everything and I appreciate what you've done for me. I promise to cherish the moment we have as long as I live. Oh, and cintaku bukan di atas kertas~

On and off, we quarrel and I am quite sad for that. But if I can positively twist the thought, it might be another channel of communication to bridge us nearer.

I don't want to lose you and no... it's not a responsibility but an honour for me to uphold.

How glad can I be more, that our day was unlike yesterday which ended in mishap.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simultaneously Klang cum Maluri

26th June, breezy morning - Few of us represented Biochemistry Group 1 (except G) to celebrate Mr. Chuan's birthday in her hometown, at the same time to lay our fingers on their infamous bak kut teh. All the way to Klang, the 7 of us caught her by surprise and sang retarded version birthday song to mark her be-earlied birthday.

Note that her actual date of birth is 30th June, and 2009 is her 23rd year of life.

Going to catch her by surprise

Mr. Chuan was still in her pyjamas when we surprised her

Card and cake from all of us (G excluded)

Missionaries to Klang

Treat was on birthday girl's cousin

Makan time!

Our activity in her house

Picture sources: Canon Digital IXUS 90 IS (Siau Chien) + Olympus U1050 (Piew)

26th June, tainted night - U6BF finally managed to rekindle after failing Ipoh and Kuala Selangor trip by having simple bbq in conjunction with Len Yi's be-earlied birthday celebration at his future husband's mansion. Well, I didn't know the night was birthday including. All I thought was just another gathering. I was quite surprise too, not just Len Yi.

Note: Len Yi's birthday is on 27th June, she turns 22 this year.

BBQ was so bloody hot

Part of varieties - spare the carsinogens

Birthday girl was in pink

U6BF 四大天王 and 四大天后?

Picture sources: Sony Cybershot Skinny T (KKL) + Fiona's Canon
Yet to receive pictures from other cameras.

Loads of bak kut teh and tons of bbq. 2 cakes on the same day. How to not grow horizontally?

All of all, happy birthday to both of them.

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