Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simultaneously Klang cum Maluri

26th June, breezy morning - Few of us represented Biochemistry Group 1 (except G) to celebrate Mr. Chuan's birthday in her hometown, at the same time to lay our fingers on their infamous bak kut teh. All the way to Klang, the 7 of us caught her by surprise and sang retarded version birthday song to mark her be-earlied birthday.

Note that her actual date of birth is 30th June, and 2009 is her 23rd year of life.

Going to catch her by surprise

Mr. Chuan was still in her pyjamas when we surprised her

Card and cake from all of us (G excluded)

Missionaries to Klang

Treat was on birthday girl's cousin

Makan time!

Our activity in her house

Picture sources: Canon Digital IXUS 90 IS (Siau Chien) + Olympus U1050 (Piew)

26th June, tainted night - U6BF finally managed to rekindle after failing Ipoh and Kuala Selangor trip by having simple bbq in conjunction with Len Yi's be-earlied birthday celebration at his future husband's mansion. Well, I didn't know the night was birthday including. All I thought was just another gathering. I was quite surprise too, not just Len Yi.

Note: Len Yi's birthday is on 27th June, she turns 22 this year.

BBQ was so bloody hot

Part of varieties - spare the carsinogens

Birthday girl was in pink

U6BF 四大天王 and 四大天后?

Picture sources: Sony Cybershot Skinny T (KKL) + Fiona's Canon
Yet to receive pictures from other cameras.

Loads of bak kut teh and tons of bbq. 2 cakes on the same day. How to not grow horizontally?

All of all, happy birthday to both of them.

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