Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jino and his 7th week

I have entered the 7th week of my 14 weeks semester. Half the semester's gone and UTAR is about to repeat the tradition where we students are challenged to perform equilibristics of practical reports and tutorials on the nose at the same time juggle assignments and midterms with gymnastics. I too am not exempted from these challenges. I am already in my 3rd year yet I still fail to adapt to this miserable uni environment.

13 July
Enzymology assignment is handed in today. The good news - the assignment only costs us a week of sweat. And I am greatly satisfied when I merely laid my fingers on it. My job is simply proofreading and compiling their research. Did I mention they had done a good job in providing me chances to slack off? I mean, the language used is so superb that I couldn't see any wrong. OMG you would think that they've copied and pasted. Yea, no doubt they copy paste. Heck, I care no more. The bad news - I didn't contribute much. I personally think that the hardest task in the assignment is not to search for the content but to fill the contribution forms. Imagine your lecturer asks you to tell him what did you do for the assignment and you tell him you just suck up. It's tough to tell him that so we boasted something just for the sake of filling the forms. Describing our contributions would be easy if no marks are allocated for this part. Haiz...

14 July
The night is so intense. Watching the straight fight between PAS and BN in Manek Urai by-election is fun to some extend. The 6th by-election in Malaysia after the 12th general election is being held following the death of incumbent assemblyman of PAS of a heart attack. But the most exciting part end up a big let down as PAS rules at only majority 65 votes. I am expecting more than that puny amount. That aside, I am never on PAS's side. I'm against BN. I am on DAP's side.

My gor's birthday falls on the same day too. Of 'coz its not as exciting as the by-election. I am not in good term with him and we've never talk for as long as I remember.

15 July
FTIR report itself takes away 4 precious days. Probably longer if not with Greg's help (must puji him a bit). Thanks to him, I am able to understand the whole concept, able to clear the misty confusion at ridiculous speed. It was then completed under pressure by deadlines and other in-waiting tasks in list. And I must thank Greg again for making it fast for me. But of 'coz I myself is undeniably smart (must puji myself a bit also) 'coz if I am not, I won't be able to catch his hints, will I?

I was misinformed that there are 2 Immunology reports and 1 FTIR report to be submitted on the same day as my Immunology midterm (15 July). Who's fault? Or is it me who took the wrong message? Anyway it took me so long to find out that midterm is postponed to the following day, FTIR can be submitted on the next day after midterm while Immunology reports are to be submitted the following week. Thumbs up Blur King. I've completed my FTIR report by the time I realize. If I know any earlier, I would definitely have revised for my midterm first.

Oh yeah! Final Year Project result is out! Not the result as in result. Title selection result is out today! Yea I got selected on my 2nd choice Dr. Ng Chew Hee's Inhibition of restriction enzymes by metal complexes. And I should be conducting in pair with Piew if nothing goes wrong. Quite lucky I am not dropped out for 2nd round of selection.

16 July
My Immunology midterm ends in peace. Rest in peace and die in pieces. Though I have a very fond interest in Immunology since primary school but studying under pressure doesn't work. I agree with the lecturer to one point - today's test is nothing but pure brain work. Perhaps she doesn't know how much memorizing irritates me, I gave her a smile confection of curse and hatred. Imagine more midterms are tailing up. CPR please! I am short of breath.

Which week can I excuse myself? I want to drop by Kampar before my study week commences.

17 July
To reward myself in conjunction of upcoming weekends, I declared today as a holiday just for me. How is the day spent? Ermm... Does formatting baby no. 1 count? Besides losing MSN due to error in formatting, I couldn't come out with something that worth more than to sleep through the day. Yea I sleep the whole day to recover from my sleeping disorder. But a day is never enough. I'm sorry I still have Immunology reports and Instrumental assignment to start from scratch.

I suck. I let myself addicted to Restaurant City. I wasted much time during the busy week to max my dish levels and to renovate my restaurant. 5 days are all it takes to reach lvl 20 and is still growing at a decent speed. Oh I need to mention his name here again. Thanks to Greg's donation, my restaurant looks nicer now. His atomic stoves and toilet bowls really of great help. That makes him owns 31% of my restaurant share.

Growing business - currently level 20

On another occasion, I come back to Utopia indulgence. The non-graphic online war game was my favourite 7 years ago. Now I am back! I was supposedly growing at the speed of light when 5 different attackers marched across my province and claimed more than 1000 acres total of land in 3 days. Feel so down TT. They left my province half-crippled.

In an unrelated story, my mum downloaded So You Think You Can Dance. I am not sure which season is this. Probably season 5. I didn't realize that reality contest can turn out to be very interesting. Even the top 20 show great performance every episode. Personally I like Brandon a lot. He can dance gracefully like a girl yet he is masculine! Woah. And I like Mary Murphy and her 38 shout XD. Kind of addicted to this contest as well.

And below are some of the random, candid pics taken by my friends.

Celebrated Soo Ee's birthday in Kaki Korner with bunch of U6BF

Krispy Kreme - I still love Original Glazed

Poking bubbles for CFT experiment

4 lengluis in Immunology lab

Some of you complained that you don't understand my English. Either I am sorry for the rojak English used or I feel sorry for your English comprehension ^^.

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