Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Wish Comes True - 04 Dec

04 Dec 2007 - The morning started with a bad stomach. The feeling was so bad, I couldn't stand it and I have to go the toilet twice during working hours. Due to that reason, I also took early leave. I really couldn't stand the pain. All because of the "sweet and sour" crab which is spicy I ate last night. And to be frank, I am very lazy to work today. Yesterday I worked from 8am to 10pm. So I pura-pura sakit and left early. This is the only privilege as a part-timer here; come come and go go.

After leaving office at 12pm, I received message from brother Terry. He was on his way back to KL, and will reach Puduraya soon. So, I waited for him, while asking the price and availability of bus tickets to Melaka for our class trip. In the end, I didn't ask about the tickets because he arrived earlier than I had expected.

So, we went to Public Bank to withdraw money. I withdrew RM 1000 (previously I withdrew RM 400 from Maybank). We bought Unrest movie tickets at GSC Pavilion. Then we had lunch together in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, at the most economic set lunch. The movie started at 4.50pm. Unrest is just an average movie. And the seat for the movie is too big for me. Very hard for me to adjust to my suitable seating position. After movie we went to Sg Wang. He was looking for his Eternal Summer soundtrack cd, and placed booking for his Onitsuka Chihiro albums.

The main reason why I withdrew so much money earlier, was because of my new camera. On 8.33pm, I bought the new Sony Cybershot Album-T (T2). At normal rate RM 1399, topping up RM 100 for 3 years warranty, another pouch at discounted rate RM 30.10. So the total is RM 1529.10. Hmm... Actually we stayed at the Sony Centre for almost 30 minutes deciding if buying it was a wise choice or not. And as the result, you have already knew it. Blue colour represents the artistic side of my idol, so does the camera of mine.

I am so happy tonight that I don't think I can sleep well later. After this blog, I will try using my new camera. Another goal of the year is accomplished. Few more goals to go, and there are only a month left. Can Jino achieved all his targets by this year? Let's find out more in the next post of Jino's blog (I hope the next post has something to do with the year wish list).

How's my stomach now, I wonder...

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