Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a leather year

Many would have celebrated 2011 as the year of rabbit. Yours sincerely is a golden rabbit this year too. But I find it amusing to learn something new this morning. A fact. The fact is, new year is a day everyone celebrates; a day everyone yearns to change and prays for luck. My point is - What good is there to celebrate a day everyone's involved when you have a unique moment, a much more important one almost no one else could have celebrated?

2011 marks our leather year.

As simple as I am, every celebration is simplified (to save cost). The day is so unique itself, we do not have sufficient time to do hanky panky stuff. Honestly, as if awesome feasts and a rocking bed aren't enough.

This year, we commemorate the precious moment on the anniversary eve in a village, in a quiet house where only 2 of us are remained. Upon reaching Kampar we had our lunch done in 1 hour.

Jino's chicken chop and sozai's mihun

Finally, the meal is served

Originally we planned to have mihun as lunch and chicken chop as dinner. Oh well, since we're big eaters so we get to grab something else for dinner. The dinner in western corner of Kampar Vegas was expectedly "cheap". In rating of 10, the dinner earned my generosity of 6. If my chicken chop were to be brought into the restaurant, it would have slapped the lamb and the steak by 130 points. No joke.

Hot chocolate and float

"Onion-less" ring

Mix grill of steak and chicken breast with bacon and potato salad

Jusco lamb chop taste better

When the night turned dark and the wolf howls echoed, we began the anniversary "ritual" as William suggested. The night was so peaceful till an sms broke the concentration at 1 a.m.. "Happy 3rd year anniversary!". So spoke the TULS, and so it was written. The ritual was completed 2 hours later with smiles, sweat and firmer muscles with pleasurable backache along.

I love you. You know how strong these words are.

I am now writing this without my much needed sleep. And there is a need to adhere to my new work schedule 5.30 a.m. tomorrow.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot