Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Shoji

It's been awhile since I last updated. And so it was another Sunday morning, except that, I am currently writing before the sun rises.

Mun Mun is about to leave the country for 3 good years. Having that said we will not meet anytime soon! Hence we feasted our farewell on Sunway Pasta Zanmai Aburi Salmon and Gyu Shabu sesame pasta with a minor retail therapy and eye candies session.

Next to Pasta Zanmai is Shojikiya, a Japanese food specialty store where I bought my apple cider from. The shop is ever ordinary and I prefer to look at the cute 18 year old staff who, according to Mun Mun, has Tourette's syndrome than hunting for my vinegar. I did not notice at first, but he definitely jerks his head more often than not. I name him Little Shoji. (very pleasing to the ear, isn't it?)

Believing vinegar, when consumed appropriately, is effective in ridding excessive air in the body and aiding bowel movement, I braced myself into what I came for. To be honest I couldn't overcome my shyness.

Little Shoji: Looking for?
Jino: I am looking for your email address (whisper).
Mun: Where's the vinegar?
Little Shoji: Do you want to have this? (pointing at sushi vinegar). Or these? (pointing at apple cider and black vinegar).
Mun: Are these vinegars drinkable?
Jino: (looking at the vinegar labels, do not dare to look at Little Shoji).
Little Shoji: Yes, drinkable. Mostly choose apple cider. Not many can accept the strong taste of black vinegar.
Jino: Can you add me in Facebook? (whisper).

Little Shoji walked off leaving me and Mun Mun to choose. Little Shoji came back to us in less than seconds with 2 bottles in his hands.

Little Shoji: Would you like to try?
Jino: Sure! (I was wondering why did he not ask that question before he took out the sample vinegars. What if we decline his offer? Anyway, I like this part of him and this makes him even cuter).
Mun: He must be darn bored in the shop without customer to have him done this for you (whisper).
Little Shoji: I don't have water to mix with the vinegar, but I'll let you try (while pouring into small paper cups).

As he said. apple cider does taste better than black vinegar. His facial expression when he's observing us tasting the vinegar was truly priceless. If only I have a camera >.<

After exchange of pleasantries, we exited without buying. As much as I hate wasting money, the idea of seeing him was enough incentive. Like a thief in the night, you took away my heart in a night.

Jino: I will return to this shop after hours, then I can see Little Shoji the 2nd time. Great?

Mun Mun shopped his FOS RM48 for 2 tees while I rewarded myself a RM 79 grey-collared semi formal white long sleeved shirt before we headed to Shojikiya to end the day.

To my surprise, Little Shoji's not there when we return. Initially I was very disappointed to find out that Little Shoji was replaced by an ugly specky guy. I almost gave up and left when minutes later, Little Shoji's back! Little Shoji's the same as hours earlier - cute and innocent. Very delighted, I paid RM24.50 and was replied a warm smile none other from him.

All the best in your studies, Mun Mun.

And a very fruitful shopping experience, indeed a memorabilia apple cider.

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