Saturday, July 28, 2012

Merdeka cum election

Wahai rakyat Malaysia sekalian, marilah kita perhatikan logo Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia ke-55 di bawah. Bak peribahasa, "ada udang di sebalik kuey teow".

Hari Kebangsaan tahun ini siap dengan lagu yang bakal "membangkitkan" kemarahan tidak kurang daripada 10 juta rakyat dari seluruh dunia. Kecewa jika rakyat tidak marah selepas melihat video ini

Hari Kebangsaan 2012 hanyalah hari kempen pilihan raya semata-mata kerana mesej yang dilaung-laungkan tahun ini berunsurkan politik. Janji siapa ditepati? Balas budi siapa?

Nasib baik saya bekerja pada 31 Ogos. Saya percaya melepak bersama kawan di ofis adalah jauh lebih baik daripada menonton televisyen di rumah dan melaung-laung Merdeka yang sudah hilang makna. Melainkan ofis menyiarkan lagu "Janji Ditepati", akan saya bomkan speaker tersebut. 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Core leave IV

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This was an overdue post back in March. The dinner was part of the agendas during the 2 weeks away from work.

It was commemorative of the historic event when he achieved his sole great performance in the past 20 months, we celebrated with a sinful meal.

The menu and the butter I brought back home for mama

 French Dressing Salad and Escargot

Ox Tail Soup

 Russian Chicken and Charboiled Sirloin Steak

The quality and the effect of the pictures aren't appealing, I know that much. We are talking about iPhone and amateur, so don't expect much on the pictures.

The bill wasn't on me. That was the best part of the night!!! But my belly suffered an overload trauma.

p/s: Please note the cleaned plates and bowls were my specialty~

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My phone contact list

I couldn't recall exactly how this question was brought to light, but Ameer definitely inspired me to learn pie chart drawing in excel.

"How many gay guys are there in your friend list?"

To be truth, I would not count till you asked last night. As you suggested, I present the figures in the form of pie charts for your reference.

Out of 166 numbers in my contact list, 10 numbers are duplicated (same person holding multiple numbers). And then they were categorized by genders as per below.
(nb: service providers can be banks, telcos insurances etc)

Explaining the phenomenon of dicks male outnumbers pussies female is simple: I went through my life mostly in a boy school.

To break these numbers down to race does not mean I am racist. I do not select friends. It simply shows my preference and the crowd I mix with.

I get to know friends through many channels. The trend has changed drastically in the past 10 years where exchanging contacts before graduation and send letters through post are out-dated. With the technology these days, you get what I mean?

Not all of the 144 people I know are people I have met. I may have known them for years but we just never meet. Sometimes it is better this way. The 30% are mostly social network friends who share common interest but no chance to meet up yet.

I personally believe not many are interested in below chart, I will present it anyway. It is simply to tell that majority of them are single. ENVIOUS!!! (data is correct at the time of publishing).

Let's be materialistic and analyze their attractiveness. The figures below are generated from numbers of male ONLY (all girls look the same, so they are excluded from the below chart).

Wondering how I define the good and bad? Find below pictures the difference. Average is between the line.

We finally break the numbers down by their sexual orientation. I am not surprised at the numbers though.

If my mama knows the 72% are gay guys, she will not keep quiet. Therefore, Ameer. 72% or 104 people are gay in my list.

If you also wonder how many people of 104 gay guys I have "eaten", please find below pie chart useful.

Yes can be as simple as kissing and hugging. Also include physical contact, nudity, oral and more complicated, full course meal. Too much information provided.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012


The other day in pasar malam we were discussing on the gay applications in the market. And we talked about the idiots among us. These idiots think that they are more "superior" than the rest. The conversation reminds me of another idiot in Recon whom I find him... hopeless.

December 28, 2011
Idiot: what are u into, boi?

JinoJS: Anything

Idiot: tempting
Idiot: Cum control
Idiot: Fisting
Idiot: Bondage
Idiot: Kitohzeme

JinoJS: Just cruising

Idiot: Boi, are u playing a fool here. This site for those who serious in fetishes. Ur a pitiful pup who needs serious discipline
Idiot: just delete ur profile and play some where else.. stupid faker

JinoJS: Too bad then. Bye

The same idiot:

February 29, 2012
Idiot: Suck my dick

JinoJS: No

Idiot: really.. u bitches are all the same.. u want to explore but ur scared. Its pity that becos of pussy boys like u, this website is ruined

JinoJS: Whatever you want to say. I have right to accept or decline whoever i wish to.
JinoJS: Good day and goodluck to you.

Idiot: hahahaha... u don't even dare to accept offers.. I pity ur cowardliness

JinoJS: Words from a coward who doesnt even dare to show his picture.
JinoJS: Good day and happy hunting

Idiot: Lolz.. for what I need to show my pic? I choose my bitches not they choose me.. I wonder if u even dare to pose nude with a cuff or rope tied around ur cute body

JinoJS: Like wise, i choose who to suck me and you dont choose me. Since you dont even dare to show your picture, i guess you dont qualify to even meet up
Jino: Good day and happy weekend

Idiot: are u sure about that?
Idiot: pity that ur such a momma's boy.. you will look nice in a cage

JinoJS: Too bad you have to live a life wearing mask like japanese porn star to meet people.
JinoJS: Goodnight

Idiot: cool rite those masks.. Well, in anything case, ur worst off than me. U will not even dare to be caged

JinoJS: You are not qualified to talk to me, sorry to say. This conversation is going no where. I shall excuse myself and wish you a happy hunting. Ciaoz

The end.

Imagine this idiot is someone you already know and met. Disgusting.

Happy reading.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 years, ago and after

The unmistakable silhouette of you stood out among the crowd. I tried to dress the best I could but things did not work out well. "Dark brown + red + purple" long sleeves shirt paired with a pair of jeans plus my uncombed hair, fortunately, did not scare you away, let alone impress you on first meet.

I was too worried that I couldn't understand your English to an extent I watched Canadian English in Youtube the night before. WTF?! If you speak that way, that's it! I'm gone! But your first greeting was simply cheerful and it broke the ice immediately. When I knew I could understand you, it was a huge relief. Lacking self confidence, you may find me soft spoken (mumbling), said nonsense and no eye contact, most of the time, even now. Worse when I am nervous.

You were probably too excited with your food too. The first food that you were dying to have was assam laksa. Little did you know that the spiciness and sourness of the mee ranked it my least favourite food in my list. It also made me sweat a lot. Of 'coz things were now different, thanks to you. If you feed me shitake mushroom, I have feeling that you will cure my picky eating habit.

Then we talked about things in common. I feel closer to someone when we speak in the same dialect. You felt like a brother to me. Then the singer 林宇中's songs that you like yet you fail to understand the lyrics. Similar to how you hate to spend on others, I am likewise.

Of all the changes, your most prominent influence on me is the way I write, and slightly on the way I speak.

I noe it may sound a bit harsh, but thats d reality of how things r. If v k 2 much of wat other thinks… tat wil bring ruin 2 ourselves…
Compared to...
I know it may sound a bit harsh, but that’s the reality of how things are. If we care too much of what other thinks… that will bring ruin to ourselves…

Spot the difference.

Today we trailed the same path. It was no different from 3 years ago.

Your smile. Your appetite. And your sinister laugh. The same assam laksa, char kuey teow, sugarcane juice, apam balik and salt baked chicken. I am glad you are still the one I know.

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