Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Core leave III

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We may have pledged on many occasions and sweet talked on how "forever" we wanted to be with him. As selfish as humans are, we are never accountable for the words we spew especially when events turn out ugly.

Myself, inclusive.

I am sorry to slap and scold you in the past, yet you endured. I knew you had done your best and gave me everything you have, which I greatly appreciate. You have sacrificed many years of youth and you have minimal complaints. When our relationship became stagnant I immediately deliberated of a replacement, 'coz I was tired of you. You were unresponsive anyway. I choose to let go of you. You may think I am selfish, but you leave me no choice. We are better this way, aren't we?

The only parts of you I could retain were the 120gb and 160gb SATA hard disks.

Thank you for walking this journey together with me till the end. Farewell, my baby number 1.

Rest in peace: 15/11/2005 - 13/04/2012

Now that the old had gone, it's time to give this young chap a brief introduction.

Date of purchase: 13/04/2012

1) AMD Processor AM3 Phenom II 64 X4 955 3.2ghz, 8mb
2) ASUS Mainboard AMD 64 AM3+ S938 M5A88-V EVO
3) Kingston RAM DDR3 4gb PC1333 (2 units)
4) LG Optical Drive DVD-RW SATA 22X
5) Sapphire VGA PCIE ATI 6670 1gb DDR5 128bit
6) Cooler Master Casing ATX Elite 311 (Orange)
7) Xigmatek Power Supply 600w NRP-VC603
8) AOC LED Monitor Wide 21.5" E2241VMA
9) Sensonic Wired DC1100 Keyboard + Optical Mouse

Total: RM 1976

Only after 2 weeks of welcoming him back home that I installed Windows 7, Microsoft Office and other necessary softwares. As a brand new desktop, he is too quiet, sometimes I don't know whether it's switched on or not.

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