Sunday, June 24, 2012

A year, ago and after

There are 3 people I always look up. These 3 are the pillars of my decision making. They are also the foundation of characters I always wanted. They are the source of motivation and I find inspiration in their words. I have been telling my bfs how important these people are and how much respect I have on them so that the bfs will not get jealous if I treat them too differently.

I manage to meet one of them, after approximately a year since we last met. A day so memorable I have to blog as soon as I reached home.

It was my fault that I couldn't make it last week that we had to postpone our meet. I deeply apologize.

My heartbeat increased dramatically when I saw you walking from that distance. I was so worried that you refused to come along. Again I apologize for the condition of the car to be this bad. But I swear that I washed it last week!!! It has been unlucky my car had been targeted for bird dungs. Your smile ended my tension when you opened the door. Your greeting was as cheerful as ever.

I didn't notice that hot guy till you highlighted him to my attention. You know why? The guy at Uniqlo was indeed charming but nothing beats the man who walked next to me for the whole afternoon. Believe me or not, I was looking at you the whole time at the same time avoiding eye contact. Despite the ongoing iPhone and Facebook during lunch, I peeped and find you cute while eating.

You endured the cold theatre for the entire movie. I wanted to hold your hands and give you warmth but at the same time afraid you may reject, just like how you reject my jacket. Not sure if you are aware, I have a natural fear that seems to overshadow most men: the fear of rejection. The uncomfortable glasses allowed me chance to take it off and had better view of you. You look cool in the glasses, do you know that?

And then we back tracked to our favourite dessert shop. You shared your secrets that night and you made me curious to explore more about you.

We were back to where we began - your house. My heart stopped beating for that few seconds when we hugged. I truly wish that moment last longer. Do you know? That was probably the second physical contact we had since we know each other. Man's feelings are the purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell. The departing also means we are to meet again.

I don't wish to mention name here but I am very sure you know who you are.

And thanks for cleaning my car lol.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot