Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daidomon + Fade To Black

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Daidomon + Fade To Black

October 25 2009

If the title speaks everything, there's no room for elaboration. I assume everyone's dumb, including me, and keep on writing.

Cut the crap short. We have Daidomon for lunch. Yes. Edwin, my mum and me. It's not a rare moment anymore. She voluntarily invited Edwin to tag along for my belated birthday lunch, again. Her presence is the key to what I care the most. The last time we had together was my previous birthday in Shogun. And now this. May I safely assume that she's completely open to him? Can I bring him back and hang around at home as my lover? I dare not think so far but I am already satisfied with lunch. Thank you mum.

Honestly speaking, if it isn't the promotion, the food is never worth the price. Nothing in there to shout about. Or is it me the picky one?

Geisha in Daidomon

Mum then hunts a bag for her Bali trip and her new CNY clothes. Along the way we manage to spot Bleach: Fade To Black, movie 3 from one of the shops in Sg. Wang. It's my favourite anime and we watch at Edwin's house after dropping my mum back to my house.

The collection of Bleach movies.

After weeks of my birthday, I still receive presents. Thank you Piew, Shiau Li, Bui, Seng Seng (who else that I left out?).

Cute version of Hitsugaya from few of them

My birthday finale has finally ended. Shouldn't be expecting anymore celebration till next year.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

The not-romantic kayu's 22nd

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Daidomon + Fade To Black
October 12 2009
This isn't something that I could lie about. But do you know I always wish a quiet celebration, be it birthday or anniversary? Being one of the highlights in the crowd is not my style. I dislike the awkwardness being the main character while everyone is watching my movements. I don't like people looking at me.
Surprise isn't something I like for my day. Wouldn't you think a cake is sweeter if we bake it together? Don't you think the present can last longer if we wrap it together? The movie will never be any good without you. The point is, our experience enriches while we stay together. What's good if I only participate after the 4 seconds of surprise over the whole process? You get what I mean? To think that we can bake our cake or prepare our candle light dinner, shouldn't I involve to make it a celebration? Are you saying that a surprise is romantic while cooking together is not? Surprisingly, that's the concept I have about surprise. True, I never deny I am not romantic. If you like surprise so much, I will give you on your birthday XD.
Anyhow, surprise can be sweet, depending on who's the one I am dealing with.
My day started a normal routine. The morning is greeted by 林宇中's new song - 七天追到你, too good to brighten my day. Everyone knows I go crazy for him. Almost banged some cars from listening his song.
I reached uni sharp 10.12a.m. for some FYP works and then left for a hair cut.
Key chain from Greg. Ultraman is not part of present.
In Quick Cut, I requested for 林宇中's songs and I was so glad the lengzai Andrew who cut my hair, entertained my request.
Primary school boy hair
Stayed at his house for hours Facebook-ing and Bleach-ing, finally we left for TGI Friday and Surrogates in Pavilion. Not a big hoo haa bout the taste but the price is definitely a WOAH!!! Of 'coz it wasn't me paying the bill.
DSC01175 - editedJack Daniel's® Chicken & Shrimp
DSC01173 - edited Jack Daniel's® Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chop
I was so close to killing him when a bunch of TGI staffs together with the cake we baked earlier, appeared and sang me birthday song. Taken 250 damage from Hoof Stomp, I did not know where to hide my face. It's embarrassing yet in another corner of my heart I tasted the sweetness of his idea.

Homemade JE chocolate cheese cake
Surrogates - not bad. Doesn't mean very good.
We both knew TGI never serves portion that can stuff us enough. We had more supper in Pandan Indah and that marked the end of my birthday. I am more than glad that you make an effort to celebrate my birthday even though I am occupied with my FYP. Thank you very much. I had arguably the most meaningful birthday ever.

Normal pork ball me and Sarawak Kolo mee
DSC01092 - editedDSC01278 - edited A birthday necklace + card from none other
The next morning I woke up to find myself suffer major fever, flu, sneezing, coughing, headache, sore throat and backache. I doubt H1N1 but I rested at home for a day just in case.
And most importantly thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday, be it Facebook messages, sms or calls:
Aderine Yap, Akmal Arshad, Alan Hor, Alice Chua, An Pei, Arvin Raj, Bee Ling, Cally Cheong, Carol Lai, Chang Hoong, Chiau Thong, Ching Yeng, Chu, Chun Kiat, Danny St James from LA, Denise Chin, Derick Liw, Dexter Loi, Edward Chin, Eugene Low, Gregory Wong, Hanson Wong, Jeff Chuah, Jeffrey Yap, Jennifer Ivy, Jia Hui, Jin Yu, Joelyn Pang, Johnsoon Thien, Justin Jia Jun, Kang Chien, Kar Pooi, Kenji from Vancouver, Kevin Yee, Kian Ti, KN, Koh, Kuhan, Kun Keat, Lam, Li Fah, Lik Wen, Lyon, Meng Zhen, Mohammad Nazreen, Mok, Muzani, Naqiuddin, Nicholas, Peter Wong, Phon, Piew, Pikey, RC, Ricky, Ronald Kumar, Ryan Mak, Ryan Syaoran, See Jeit, See Lok, Seng Khai, Seong Sym, Shawn Sim, Shee Lok, Shiau Li, Sia Soon Chit, Siau Chien, Simon, SK, Suet Yeng, Suzanne, Thiam Seng, Toch, Tsu Wern, Vincent Leong, Wai Kuan, Wai Yin, Wei Long, Wei Lun, Xiao Bai, Yen Ching, Yeow Poung, Yong, Zarif Jamil and Zaril Razak. Yin Koon, Chai Sing - edited and added 16 October 2009, Desmond - edited and added 20 October 2009
It's such a wonder that so many remember my birthday. Credits go to Facebook for sure. Sorry if I've missed out your name, I promise to put it here if I've missed any.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blow job on my birthday

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October 12 2009

The slurry sound when I perform blow job reminds me of the xxx last night.
It may not sound beautiful to others, but it is the sound inescapable during blow job. You will know if you've experienced it.

On my birthday, I blow him hard since morning itself. Casting a gel for FYP and blowing him simultaneously? Tough. Hopefully no liquids contaminate my piece of gel when he comes. Whenever I have chance, I would escape to the uni washroom and blow him away. He oozes so much and rapidly that I quickly run out of tissue supply after few rounds. He resorted me washing off his left over with dirty tap water.

After FYP we've decided to stay in the house till dinner. No doubt he is 'horny' as ever. Imagine his mum sitting 3 feet away, I blow him hard to satisfy his need. The sound made during blow job is so embarrassing but I have no choice if I want to stop him coming. I kept blowing non-stop. His mum doesn't seem to care so we continued from 5 to 7p.m. Very daring, isn't it?

For the rest of the day, he keeps coming and only blow job can I counteract the embarrassing situation. I cannot catch my breath in every blow job I perform. Blow job can be suffering. Yet he comes endlessly without a hint of stopping.

When I am blowing while frying fried rice (imagine how I do it), a few drops of his liquid drip into the wok. OMG!!! *Quickly fry fry to cover* I don't think his mum realizes what she's eating XD.

While I am doing blow job and Facebook-ing at the same time (use your imagination), again he comes and few drops wet his lappie keyboard. OMG!!! *Quickly wipe it away with hands* Now the lappie doesn't look wet anymore ^^.

Occasionally he oozes so much that I could not stop everything. Few drops actually drip into my mouth and naturally I lick. YUCK!!! Salty! Jino you need to drink more water.

Few drops also mixed into Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chop we have for dinner. OMG!!! *Quickly mix the sauce* Darling open your mouth... *Arr*

I think because he comes too much in one day, it is not as slimy and viscous as before when he comes. Now he comes like a tap water flowing and is much harder to blow and handle. I don't drink it. But tissues are limited.

Watching Surrogates in the dark cinema is the toughest moment. I try to blow him softly to avoid attention but that fails to satisfy him. He never stop if I blow soft so I change into a quicker pace. In the end I become the highlight of the movie where everyone glare at me in cursing look.

Why do I have to do blow job on my birthday? Can you stop 'horny' for once?

Damn my running nose. I believe I blow my nose too hard now I suffer some cough, sneezing, fever, headache, sore throat and flu the next day. Damn I am sick.

p/s: Blow here means blow my nose. Don't be dirty.

I am Bo on my birthday




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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The cry of birth

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Do you remember the first day you came into this world? It's a happy event for every parents in the world to cherish the great moment. Giving birth can be the most lovely experience to you and your partner. Of 'coz it's a disaster if you are an accident.

While you were first created from the race to the egg, you probably started blaming the ones who brought you to this uncertain world. In the 9 months entrapment in her stomach, you were kicking hard, begging for release.

When the time was right, you finally came into the world where light reached you for first. Instead of happy being freed, you greeted the crowd in the vicinity - operation room, house, taxi, street, or even toilet bowl; with nothing but to cry out a storm. Your mum who sustained unbearable pain had not cried as loud as you. Your father who had to pay substantial medical fees had not shed any tear. The doctors who had to dig you out from the womb had not complain the long hours of sweat. But. This is the cry everyone was waiting to witness.

A cry of birth.

You came here with nothing but soaked in blood. It doesn't matter to them. You cry the whole day and it doesn't matter. The heavenly smile you smile is the reason everything doesn't matter.

As we grow, we hold grudges. Many wishes and demands are not fulfilled. The toys, snacks, visit, games, tv and play time are not attended. Hate them.

Ever since I was a boy, I was trained to obey rules. And to study hard. I live in a family who does not allow 80% below in exam. Yet my survival is the 'proof' of my effort in academic (I changed after Form 4) but I am never academically interested. My mum did not help explore my talents. How I wish I can play a piano or violin. How I wish I can swim like a fish. I wish I can dance like David Copperfield. Sounds so salah. Oops. The pressure to excel academically weighted on me. What stuff can I do other than studying? But I do not blame her. Little did I know when I was young, that the 'dirty job' was meant to build me a road everyone walks, to a brighter future of opportunity. To a level of acceptance. Thank you for kicking my ass, now I appreciate the knowledge I gained.

In the manner of humanity I was trained to respect disregard the age. Foul words are prohibited in my family. I remembered the Friday in 1998, Michelle's mum complained my sexist attitude in class. Boom! My mum exploded and whipped me with a rubber hose over something I was trained not to do. I held my body in pain as she babbled. In my heart I cursed Michelle's mum for making me miss Flashman and Maskman on RTM1. It's 2009 already. Let the past be past. Now I appreciate my mum in educating me the importance of manners and respect. After all, respect and self-sacrifice are the elements that give my name 敬贤.


All boys grow hair at places and time differently. Compared to others, my mum was late to loosen her grip, holding my quasi-freedom to the late stage of maturation. "Ish! Why do you have to follow me to my friend's house?" "Why can't I do this, go there, buy this etc etc." Sounds similar? You may hate them on first thought. Over time as we grow, their good intention builds the character of who we are. Again I thank my parents for that.

To celebrate the date of birth is not to celebrate your birthday. Rather, it is a date to remind us, of how much our parents had contributed and the sacrifices they made for us. And more importantly their unconditioned love for the cry of birth. All they had done is none other for you. On how are we going to repay them for these, is what we should do on our birthday. Instead of doing birthday wish, you should work hard on fulfilling your parents' wishes.

I am sorry mum I am not able to marry and have children that you wish to see. But rest assured. I will live a happy life without those. I am a grown-up. I am no longer the little boy you can force through the way you want. Allow me to choose my path from here on, ok?

Many thanks to you mum and dad. Happy 22nd Birthday to Jino 林 Jinq 贤 ~



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Monday, October 5, 2009

T'was a Genting Trip

Alright let's be clear. I may not go into hiatus mode as expected. After all, I have my Final Year Project at hands. I need internet access for more info and resources. May I term this partially hiatus
That aside. After a long 20 days of exams, I desperately need to de-stress. Not just me. Every UTAR students should de-stress. DE-STRESS!!! I am finally freed from the curse! The curse which forced GG mode on me for 20 days. Curse you!
Half of us from Biochem Year 3 Sem 1 Group 1 (Piew, SK, Seng Seng, Jia Hui, Bee Ling, Shiau Li, Xiao Wei, Siau Chien, Carol and me) along with Joelyn of Biotech Year 3 Sem 1 as SK's lover and Edwin Koh of Biotech Year 2 Sem 1 as my lover rendezvoused ourselves for shout-out, drinks, walks and sight seeing at the peak of Genting - dated 01 October 2009.
No one bothers bout details. You can check out my Facebook photos and notes if you are interested.
Come back. I made a little promise to myself back in my last visit (on my birthday in Genting last year), that if I ever return to this place again, I will bring him to the Theme Park Hotel garden while facing the vast scenery down the slopes and yell 'I LOVE YOU!'. I did it, though it was just in the balcony of Theme Park Hotel with the same view. Damn the drizzle.
01 October, 2333 hours. Translation: Hao Hao I LOVE YOU!
The trip was a pleasant one. There is nothing better than to hang out with friends and with my beloved. Chilling breeze and thrilling rides. Laughter and smiles in chattering teeth. To celebrate Jia Hui's birthday in surprise. Sounds so perfect. But no one will come across the damages my car suffered from sloping up and down the hill. And also the damages done to my voice box and my heart after all the screaming in theme park. Don't mention the RM 252 leaked out from the wallet within 2 days.
Back in KL, my body does not behave. I feel disordered, be it sleeping, thinking, seeing or breathing. The exam notes forcefully stored in my brain are not deleted. My study table (also my computer table and eating table) is yet to be cleared. Worst, FYP starts right away. Insufficient time to de-stress slips WTF out my tongue!
Regardless, I really enjoyed myself up there. Thanks everyone for the trip.

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