Monday, October 5, 2009

T'was a Genting Trip

Alright let's be clear. I may not go into hiatus mode as expected. After all, I have my Final Year Project at hands. I need internet access for more info and resources. May I term this partially hiatus
That aside. After a long 20 days of exams, I desperately need to de-stress. Not just me. Every UTAR students should de-stress. DE-STRESS!!! I am finally freed from the curse! The curse which forced GG mode on me for 20 days. Curse you!
Half of us from Biochem Year 3 Sem 1 Group 1 (Piew, SK, Seng Seng, Jia Hui, Bee Ling, Shiau Li, Xiao Wei, Siau Chien, Carol and me) along with Joelyn of Biotech Year 3 Sem 1 as SK's lover and Edwin Koh of Biotech Year 2 Sem 1 as my lover rendezvoused ourselves for shout-out, drinks, walks and sight seeing at the peak of Genting - dated 01 October 2009.
No one bothers bout details. You can check out my Facebook photos and notes if you are interested.
Come back. I made a little promise to myself back in my last visit (on my birthday in Genting last year), that if I ever return to this place again, I will bring him to the Theme Park Hotel garden while facing the vast scenery down the slopes and yell 'I LOVE YOU!'. I did it, though it was just in the balcony of Theme Park Hotel with the same view. Damn the drizzle.
01 October, 2333 hours. Translation: Hao Hao I LOVE YOU!
The trip was a pleasant one. There is nothing better than to hang out with friends and with my beloved. Chilling breeze and thrilling rides. Laughter and smiles in chattering teeth. To celebrate Jia Hui's birthday in surprise. Sounds so perfect. But no one will come across the damages my car suffered from sloping up and down the hill. And also the damages done to my voice box and my heart after all the screaming in theme park. Don't mention the RM 252 leaked out from the wallet within 2 days.
Back in KL, my body does not behave. I feel disordered, be it sleeping, thinking, seeing or breathing. The exam notes forcefully stored in my brain are not deleted. My study table (also my computer table and eating table) is yet to be cleared. Worst, FYP starts right away. Insufficient time to de-stress slips WTF out my tongue!
Regardless, I really enjoyed myself up there. Thanks everyone for the trip.

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