Friday, October 16, 2009

The not-romantic kayu's 22nd

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October 12 2009
This isn't something that I could lie about. But do you know I always wish a quiet celebration, be it birthday or anniversary? Being one of the highlights in the crowd is not my style. I dislike the awkwardness being the main character while everyone is watching my movements. I don't like people looking at me.
Surprise isn't something I like for my day. Wouldn't you think a cake is sweeter if we bake it together? Don't you think the present can last longer if we wrap it together? The movie will never be any good without you. The point is, our experience enriches while we stay together. What's good if I only participate after the 4 seconds of surprise over the whole process? You get what I mean? To think that we can bake our cake or prepare our candle light dinner, shouldn't I involve to make it a celebration? Are you saying that a surprise is romantic while cooking together is not? Surprisingly, that's the concept I have about surprise. True, I never deny I am not romantic. If you like surprise so much, I will give you on your birthday XD.
Anyhow, surprise can be sweet, depending on who's the one I am dealing with.
My day started a normal routine. The morning is greeted by 林宇中's new song - 七天追到你, too good to brighten my day. Everyone knows I go crazy for him. Almost banged some cars from listening his song.
I reached uni sharp 10.12a.m. for some FYP works and then left for a hair cut.
Key chain from Greg. Ultraman is not part of present.
In Quick Cut, I requested for 林宇中's songs and I was so glad the lengzai Andrew who cut my hair, entertained my request.
Primary school boy hair
Stayed at his house for hours Facebook-ing and Bleach-ing, finally we left for TGI Friday and Surrogates in Pavilion. Not a big hoo haa bout the taste but the price is definitely a WOAH!!! Of 'coz it wasn't me paying the bill.
DSC01175 - editedJack Daniel's® Chicken & Shrimp
DSC01173 - edited Jack Daniel's® Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chop
I was so close to killing him when a bunch of TGI staffs together with the cake we baked earlier, appeared and sang me birthday song. Taken 250 damage from Hoof Stomp, I did not know where to hide my face. It's embarrassing yet in another corner of my heart I tasted the sweetness of his idea.

Homemade JE chocolate cheese cake
Surrogates - not bad. Doesn't mean very good.
We both knew TGI never serves portion that can stuff us enough. We had more supper in Pandan Indah and that marked the end of my birthday. I am more than glad that you make an effort to celebrate my birthday even though I am occupied with my FYP. Thank you very much. I had arguably the most meaningful birthday ever.

Normal pork ball me and Sarawak Kolo mee
DSC01092 - editedDSC01278 - edited A birthday necklace + card from none other
The next morning I woke up to find myself suffer major fever, flu, sneezing, coughing, headache, sore throat and backache. I doubt H1N1 but I rested at home for a day just in case.
And most importantly thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday, be it Facebook messages, sms or calls:
Aderine Yap, Akmal Arshad, Alan Hor, Alice Chua, An Pei, Arvin Raj, Bee Ling, Cally Cheong, Carol Lai, Chang Hoong, Chiau Thong, Ching Yeng, Chu, Chun Kiat, Danny St James from LA, Denise Chin, Derick Liw, Dexter Loi, Edward Chin, Eugene Low, Gregory Wong, Hanson Wong, Jeff Chuah, Jeffrey Yap, Jennifer Ivy, Jia Hui, Jin Yu, Joelyn Pang, Johnsoon Thien, Justin Jia Jun, Kang Chien, Kar Pooi, Kenji from Vancouver, Kevin Yee, Kian Ti, KN, Koh, Kuhan, Kun Keat, Lam, Li Fah, Lik Wen, Lyon, Meng Zhen, Mohammad Nazreen, Mok, Muzani, Naqiuddin, Nicholas, Peter Wong, Phon, Piew, Pikey, RC, Ricky, Ronald Kumar, Ryan Mak, Ryan Syaoran, See Jeit, See Lok, Seng Khai, Seong Sym, Shawn Sim, Shee Lok, Shiau Li, Sia Soon Chit, Siau Chien, Simon, SK, Suet Yeng, Suzanne, Thiam Seng, Toch, Tsu Wern, Vincent Leong, Wai Kuan, Wai Yin, Wei Long, Wei Lun, Xiao Bai, Yen Ching, Yeow Poung, Yong, Zarif Jamil and Zaril Razak. Yin Koon, Chai Sing - edited and added 16 October 2009, Desmond - edited and added 20 October 2009
It's such a wonder that so many remember my birthday. Credits go to Facebook for sure. Sorry if I've missed out your name, I promise to put it here if I've missed any.
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