Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daidomon + Fade To Black

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Daidomon + Fade To Black

October 25 2009

If the title speaks everything, there's no room for elaboration. I assume everyone's dumb, including me, and keep on writing.

Cut the crap short. We have Daidomon for lunch. Yes. Edwin, my mum and me. It's not a rare moment anymore. She voluntarily invited Edwin to tag along for my belated birthday lunch, again. Her presence is the key to what I care the most. The last time we had together was my previous birthday in Shogun. And now this. May I safely assume that she's completely open to him? Can I bring him back and hang around at home as my lover? I dare not think so far but I am already satisfied with lunch. Thank you mum.

Honestly speaking, if it isn't the promotion, the food is never worth the price. Nothing in there to shout about. Or is it me the picky one?

Geisha in Daidomon

Mum then hunts a bag for her Bali trip and her new CNY clothes. Along the way we manage to spot Bleach: Fade To Black, movie 3 from one of the shops in Sg. Wang. It's my favourite anime and we watch at Edwin's house after dropping my mum back to my house.

The collection of Bleach movies.

After weeks of my birthday, I still receive presents. Thank you Piew, Shiau Li, Bui, Seng Seng (who else that I left out?).

Cute version of Hitsugaya from few of them

My birthday finale has finally ended. Shouldn't be expecting anymore celebration till next year.

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