Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last post of 2013

I could not find a way to make this post any meaningful. I am gonna wrap 2013 with point forms:

1) I still miss the one in Canada. I fail to save and fly there. Feel miserable...

2) Invited Little Oren back to the family. Sent Little Oren for polishing, waxing and coating. Little Oren is now a happy man.

3) My first night shift in December forced me out of house. Lied to my family I had work trip to Ipoh but stayed in hotel.

4) Strongly addicted to Tower of Saviors. Trying to spend more time with lovers and friends.

5) Received appreciation gift from HSBC for 3 years excellent service.

6) Flied my first flight to Thailand, then Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand again.

7) Has not attended gym. Getting fatter these days.

8) Found out that friendship is fragile. One worth MYR 200.00 and another MYR 36.97.

9) Voted in the country election for the first in life. Failed to overturn government. Experiencing price hike and inflation. Life is miserable.

10) I am HIV- and STD free, though you will find it differently in Facebook "About Me".

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The return of the Apple

While you were gone for the past 4 days, I had been dead worried. You were no where to be found. I thought I have lost you, forever.

I can only reply on Wechat and Facebook messenger in cipet while you were away.

Just when I had decided to let you go, you showed me sign you appeared. Battery almost drained empty, 15 miss calls and 138 Whatsapp notification.

You saved me MYR 1699 and forget the Samsung Note 3.

Thanks for coming back.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stunning conversation

Ok this is my 3rd time calling Maybank in the year. All I want to know is the origin of funds. Example 31/  /2013.

Have a good read. 

Jino: I would like to know more about the credit transaction on 31/  /2013.
Maybank: It is money transferred into your account.
Jino: That is so obvious. Where was it transferred from?
Maybank: We would not know. You need to check with home bank.
Jino: How would I know who the home bank with just "SVG GIRO"?
Maybank: It is for you to figure out
Jino: ...

Jino: Then please tell me what "PYMT FRM A/C" on 28/  /2013 was.
Maybank: You can see from your statement.
Jino: If you can read my statement then please tell me what the payment was.
Maybank: You should know. You were the one who paid.
Jino: If I cannot recall?
Maybank: It is for you to figure out.
Jino: ...

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The day I fear most...

... is pay day!!!

Knowing a large amount of funds into your account and aware that the funds will be gone in couple of minutes just scare the hell out of me!!!

Like my boss says... We have never hold that much of money. The country does not hold that much of money. Money is just a figure easily manipulated and illusion in this modern world. And what we mostly do in our entire life is to complete the illusion game.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Annoying customers on Sunday

It had been awhile since I worked on Sunday, I almost forgot how relaxing the day could be provided the system does not fuck up its wires. Every Sunday is peaceful should be a resting day for us who return from endless clubbing the other night.

As a financial institution we should not tolerate any breach of verification on customers' accounts and we all know why. Fraud. Money laundering. Compliance etc.

When lady luck is not smiling, you will know how horrible a Sunday can be.

Jino: Thank you for calling HSBC Premier. My name is Jino. How may I help you today.
Customer: I would like to activate my card. I need the card to book some flight tickets.
Jino: I can activate the card for you. May I ask if you have a telephone banking access code? (The highest form of verification).
Customer: No I don't. (even though she only used it yesterday)
Jino: Or do you have any numbers you would like to try?
Customer: No I don't remember having one.
Jino: In that case I need to run through the verification questions with you in order to activate your card. Is that ok?
Customer: Fine.
Jino: What is your (Question 1)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: May I have your (Question 2)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: What is the (Question 3)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: Which (Question 4)?
Customer: I am not sure. It could be (Answer 1) or (Answer 2) (Both answers are wrong).
Jino: Then which (Question 5)?
Customer: Come on... you tell me the answer. How the hell could I remember that?Jino: How about this? (Question 6)?
Customer: It is around (Answer 3) or (Answer 4) (the answers are no where close).
Jino: Tell me, (Question 7)? (Started to feel suspicious)
Customer: OMG how many more questions do I need to answer? I don't remember!!! Activate my card now!!!Jino: Only by answering the questions correctly the card can be activated. It would be great if you can check some details from your Internet Banking.
Customer: I would like to speak to your manager.
Jino: Unfortunately customer, there is no manager on duty at this point of time.
Customer: See. Now I have answered Question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. What else do you want?
Jino: Excuse me customer, as far as I recorded, the answers you provided are "I am not sure", "How could I remember that" and "I don't remember". These answers are not accepted and you should know why.
Customer: Hey come on. All I want is to activate my card. I am not asking to check my balance or transfer my funds out from my account. All I want is to activate my card.
Jino: If you remember what you answered, the answers you provided are very ambiguous and the margin is not acceptable. With simple "I don't remember" and "Wants to speak to manager" will not help you to activate your card. (I started to get annoyed)
Customer: Then how can I activate my card? (Irritated tone)
Jino: May I suggest to send us a request via Internet Banking for card activation? Or perhaps you may fill in a form and fax to us. Alternatively you can visit any branch for your card activation.
Customer: This must be a joke!!! For fucking shit I need to activate the card now. I am booking the flight tickets now. Just activate the card now and I will take responsibility.
Jino: (Annoyed) Excuse me? With the answers you provided me, which could come from the letter and the card you received, and also a bit of search in Facebook and you would like me to activate the card? I will not joke with you, customer. You are not able to convince anyone that you are the right customer, and there is no way we will activate the card if we are not confident.
Customer: This is just card activation. How risky can that be? I am a Premier customer!!!'
Jino: Premier or not, we will not tolerate when it comes to verification.
Customer: What is your name? I will complain to my Premier Relationship Manager for the bad service you are providing.
Jino: My name is Jino. Please get yourself pen and paper 'coz you may want to note down the reference number and my staff id.
Customer: (Scribble sound)
Jino: Customer. Have you used this card before? Do you know what the purpose of a debit card is? I will explain to you in case you do not know. A debit card's main function is to withdraw money from your account. It can also be swiped to process a transaction. Just imagine an unknown manages to intercept your mail and got on hold your debit card. And he activates the card based on the answers you provided just now. Every day he withdraws AUD 5000.00 from your account, which according to you there is AUD 1M in it. Are you starting to see the idea?
Customer: (Silent)
Jino: I will continue if you don't mind. If there was a day HSBC activated your card based on the verification just now, the bank is putting itself and your money at risk. AUD 1M may not mean much to you but the bank will not compromise on this, even the amount is as little as 1 cent. As a Premier customer, I am very confident you know what I am talking about.
Customer: (Continued to silent herself)
Jino: I can understand your urgency to book the flight ticket but using this card is not an option at this point of time. You may want to consider other alternatives like using other credit card or bank transfer directly.
Customer: Can I key in my access code?
Jino: Unfortunately customer, if you have tried the access code earlier there is no need to go through all these. Your card is now blocked and I will leave a clear note on your profile that we will not activate your card over the phone. Only with few options earlier can you activate your card. We will not proceed with further verification and the discussion is going no where. You know your card will not be activated today.
Customer: (Sigh)
Jino: Other than your card activation, is there anything else I can help?
Customer: (Hung up).

A week later when I monitor her card, the card was already activated at the branch. I have yet to receive complaint directed to myself.

So much service for a Premier customer, eh?

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy birthday to...

1) Little Oren, though he is only a month old.

2) My Alma Mater is 120th years old.

3) My lover is now 25th years old. An iPad for his birthday.

4) My beloved country reached her independence 56 years ago.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Orange is not my favourite fruit. Nor it is my favourite colour.

English name: Little Oren
Chinese name: Oren 仔

Never in my life have I borrowed so much money to buy a thing I thought is not so useful in the past. If my old Saga has not reached her end, Little Oren would not come into picture.

Most will see him like an apple more than orange. Some say Little Oren blushes. Some even commented Little Oren overly sun tanned. Whatever you think about him, he is my Little Oren. He is my partner worth MYR 48000.00 for the next few years.

If you see him on the road, please say hello~

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

He gives me a reason to watch

With just his voice, he is too good to distract me from playing my Tower of Saviors. The moment he sang, my finger stopped moving.

Naturally I locked my eyes on the television screen for few minutes and stared at this cute Chinese boy who sang a song I have not listened to for quite awhile.

I fell in love~

Have to watch the same video and listen the same voice every night to fall asleep...

Other contestants were good but he grabbed my heart away. Awaiting his next appearance.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The fond memories

Mostly we regard friendship as a kind of pastime (no longer confused with past time and pass time I hope). We should admit and realize that friendships are getting less close; geographically and emotionally. We have calls from time to time. We reply SMS and Whatsapp. True. But how much spare time do you have for a quality friendship? Very few are strong enough to make us wish for second chance to meet. 

So you saw me in pasar malam and texted me. So happen that I did not notice any incoming messages and naturally I did not reply. To say that you do not need to have friends like me is not my problem. I may sound selfish, but I have more concern on friends who care and understand me. I don't agree that I owe you a sorry, 'coz it is your fault to have high expectation in the first place. Not to mention I have not met you in person, smart ass~

Right. Now, pasar malam. 

I was at the same pasar malam where I first met you. My, that was four years ago.

I wished you were sitting opposite me, so that I can seduce you with my leg under the table. But you sat on my left. And then I had hard time answering your friend's questions. The time passed so slow it felt like interview session. Perhaps you saw my disappointed face, you then held my left hand and acted casually. You played with my fingers occasionally and I gave your hand slight pressure. You look at me the moment I did that. Little did you know that made me broke more cold sweat yet exciting and my smile could never get any wider that night.

Do you remember this?

I don't know why you like this lok lok so much. Each time we passed by you have never failed to take pictures of this stall. If I remember correctly, it was a lobster ball. I hesitated for a moment, clueless on how to respond. Holding the stick of lobster balls in your hand, you whispered to my ears if I would like to have one. Of 'coz I want. So I open my mouth and you fed me. I will not do this to any ordinary friends. Do you feel the same?

Right after that moment, a man came and said hi.

You: Oh hi dad. Meet Jino.
Jino: Hi dad uncle.

Memories like this cannot be replicated without you around. I hope I am right.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Strawhat Pirates, assemble!

I read the Enies Lobby arc again, cried the nth time for the sake of crying.

Aren't they pretty?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My mum...

... is very hiao recently.

For the first time in her life she studied photoshop and photo editor. What's more? She created a Facebook account and actively posted a lot of pictures - pictures of the foods she cooked.

For a dish which she spent 10 minutes to prepare usually, now she takes extra 10 minutes to decorate...

I have to work my tail off to teach a 50 year old woman photoshop and Facebook. Arghh~

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

2 years ago after

2 years ago, Jino didn't like watching movie in cinema. He chose to download from home and watch from his comfortable couch while his lover hugs him from his side.
2 years after, Jino is ok to spend money on cinema. MYR 3.00 for a bottle of mineral water? Bo bun tui~

2 years ago, there were only 3 reasons Jino will spend more than MYR 50.00 on food; Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Anniversary Day.
2 years after, Jino will find excuses every week and becoming fatter like no body's business.

2 years ago, Jino had 4 tops, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes at a time.
2 years after, Jino had 13 tops, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of long pants and 3 pairs of shoes.

2 years ago, Jino thought that masks are for girls.
2 years after, Jino is looking for affordable facial saloon.

2 years ago, Nokia 2100 was the best.
2 years after, Jino is breaking his head which is better; iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

2 years ago, Jino would pick capsicum out from his pizzas.
2 years after, you can see Jino eating raw capsicum.

2 years ago, Jino tabulated his daily spending to the lowest cents, so he can track his spending power for the next 3 months.
2 years after, he can find money every where. In car, pockets, drawers, under his bed, some one's house. 'Coz he cannot recall how much money he has.

2 years ago, Jino was not afraid of injection.
2 years after, his face turns blue when he sees blood donation drive and health inspection.

2 years ago, Jino would not spend money on games. He earned money from games.
2 years after, he begins to invest in games that does not promise any return.

2 years ago, Jino's driving speed was 40 km/h on a clear highway.
2 years after, he has increased the speed to average 50 km/h.

2 years ago, Jino was very blur and passive.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino was working in the call centre,
2 years after, he is working in the same office.

2 years ago, Jino did not believe in God.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino's purchase decision was based on price.
2 years after, he is very much the same. But the standard has increased.

2 years ago, Jino is fugly.
2 years after, he is very much the same. Some may see him differently.

2 years ago, Jino hated shitake mushroom.
2 years after, he is still the same.

2 years ago, Jino liked formal attire.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino was a pervert.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

2 years ago, Jino has no sexual interest on girls.
2 years after, he has not shown any sign of change.

2 years ago, those who had seen said little Jino was huge.
2 years after, he is very much the same.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summary of Taiwan Trip

Date: 21/05/2013 - 28/05/2013
Destination: Taipei


Flight: MYR 1585.80 Air Asia
Hotel: MYR 1199.93 Dahshin Hotel, Taipei
Cash: MYR 3210.00 to change TWD 30000.00 (exchange rate 10.70)

Click here to view the photos on my Facebook (in progress of uploading). Captions will Chinese 'coz most Taiwanese speak Chinese.

Can't view my Facebook? Add me as friend.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

DiGi? Lowsy.

I have been complaining on DiGi's products and services as soon as my iPhone contract started but it is beyond imagination my relationship with DiGi became this poor. The number I am currently using has been my primary since 2002. It has been 10 years I keep my loyalty with DiGi but everything is ruined in an 8 minutes conversation.

It started with an SMS sent by DiGi around end of May that reads as below: 

DiGi: Ur autobilling is been cancel. Ur overdue RM58.76 pls pay immediately to ensure uninterrupted services.Pay@https://www.digi.com.my/ocs.

I was like... WTF??? They have terrible English to begin with. I asked few friends (I pay their DiGi bills with the same credit card auto billing) and they have no issue with their bills. Of 'coz I attempted to log in to their online customer service, OCS but to see this message: 

You are not allowed to log in. Please try again tomorrow or call DiGi customer service at 016-221 1800.

Feeling irritated, but still cool enough to rationalize myself, I called the above number and spoke to a DiGi consultant after stayed in their IVR for 3 minutes. Her name was Amirah.

DiGi: Selamat pagi. DiGi help desk. Apa boleh saya bantu?
Jino: Good morning, my name is Mr. Lim. How are you doing today?
DiGi: ... Apa boleh saya bantu?
Jino: (Irritated stage 1+1 - insist on English + greeting ignored) I received an SMS telling me that my DiGi bill is overdue and my auto billing is cancelled. Can you check for me please?
DiGi: Are you referring to this number, 016-xxx2733?
Jino: Yes, I am (finally she speaks English).
DiGi: Sir, your auto billing is cancelled by the system. Make your payment as soon as possible and your line is not barred yet.
Jino: (Irritated stage 3 - concern is not addressed) I know my auto billing is not working and I am aware my line is not barred yet but those are not the reason I am calling today. I need your kind assistance to check why my auto billing is cancelled.
DiGi: Sir, we tried to charge on your credit card few times and not successful. The system automatically cancelled the auto billing. Make your payment as soon as possible to avoid any service interruption.
Jino: (Irritated stage 4 - keep asking me to pay) Is it cancelled only for the month of May or it applies on the following months too?
DiGi: Following months too.
Jino: Perhaps you can check from your system, I have few DiGi numbers under my name and the auto billing should happen on the same day, there is a slim chance two went through and another got declined. Don't you agree?
DiGi: You need to check with your bank on why the auto billing is declined.
Jino: (Irritated stage 5 - no solution provided) What other information can you share with me in regards to unsuccessful auto billing. I am confident my credit card is not suspended and the card definitely works fine.
DiGi: Sir, you can pay your bill at DiGi centre and online.
Jino: (Irritated stage 6 - meletup) Are you implying that I should not set up auto billing anymore?
DiGi: Every customer needs to pay for uninterrupted service.
Jino: (Irritated stage 7 - consultant acts like Collections) What's your name?
DiGi: Amirah.
Jino: Listen, Amirah. Do me a favour. My credit card is fine. Do something on your system so that my auto billing works again.
DiGi: No sir we WILL not do it here. You need to go to DiGi centre to apply auto billing again. You can also pay there.
Jino: Excuse me? You CANNOT, or you WILL not?
DiGi: I WILL not.
Jino (Irritated stage 8 - I gave up) Then tell me, how long more till my iPhone contract ends?
DiGi: 03 September, sir. You can cancel the number after 03 September without penalty.
Jino: (Irritated stage 9 - encouraging account closure) That is very nice to know.
DiGi; But you need to pay the bill before terminating the contract.
Jino: I will make my payment later in the afternoon. 
DiGi: Thank you. (call terminated)
Jino: (Irritated stage 10) CCBKNN you!!! I am not done with you!!! Why you hang up???

DiGi sucks.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Overseas Travel - Day 4 (2) of Pleasure

I know I should not procrastinate but when it comes to this part, I know very well that I can finish this post very quickly. The night was still fresh.

His lack of experience was evident when at the entrance he blushed to the receptionist and hid behind me. We handed 300 bath for 2 person and were given a towel each before disappearing up the stairs.

Where were we?
Sauna Men Factory. Google search for more information.

The changing area was similar to the one in KL. Lockers positioned in small alley and we stripped to put towels around our waist. Hold on a second!!! The towel was too small!!! I didn't remember gaining that much of weight. The towel was only good enough to cover my crotch. What the hell? Not too long then a guy walked down to the locker room, we realized he was wearing a pair of green brief.

Oh my gaga... I had never imagined a gay sauna that requires under garment. A total culture shock!!! I wish it was a naked party night but unfortunately it wasn't.

I guessed the management made quite a fortune from foreigners, 'coz my problem was resolved quickly. They sell underwear at very good price and surprisingly now that I look at it, the quality is good!!! I chose one which attracted my attention most; a pair of yellow TooT which I highly believe will not be used the second time. Don't get me wrong. The brief was nice but an extra piece of fabric is not necessary in daily life.

Facilities here weren't impressive. Sauna room, steam room, pool, shower room, private room and dark room were common. There are less than 10 people in the building and yet the only good looking guy here was busy sucking and getting sucked by Thais for few hours. He was from KL and has a big tool. How did I tell? He is my friend from Jack'd and he buzzed me after we left the building. Had we came here yesterday, the night wouldn't be this boring. If I were alone I was confident I will make full use of the night.

Did we do anything there? Nothing. Why?
1) It was his first visit to such gay site and he was nervous with the complexity of the building.
2) He is not an exhibitionist like me.
3) It's too dark and he can't see. Neither can I.
4) He can't even breathe properly without asthma inhaler.

Therefore we then moved on to our next destination where the actual fun began...

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Close up to open out (Part 6)

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The toughest moment

I finally found the time and inspiration to complete my writing. Supposedly this was to be published on Mother's Day in 2009. As life goes, I couldn't find the right piece in my heart that holds discipline to express my thoughts into words. Not really important though. This post is a random mixture of my understanding and perception to my mum whom I love so much.

Since her first encounter with KC, worsen by the phone conversation with his mum (when his mum told mine that KC's gay and warned my mum to be cautious), she had been suspecting and dropping hints. In my every attempt to meet my bf, be it KC or XB, there was need to create lies; white lies or bold-faced lies. All this, to convince her that I was about to meet my friends, to attend gatherings with classmates, more of sort to healthy activities - so that I would seem normal and not an orchestrated exit. Of course gatherings and reunions are bad lies. I can't be attending gatherings every day, right? That was when she started questioning my whereabouts; with who I went out with, how many people I was to meet, and also kept reminding me to come home early. She was a bit too much to call me every hours; with lame reasons each time. It's not something she would likely do in the past, but I can feel that my freedom was challenged.

I lied in everything she needs to know and never unravel the real 'who' I always went out with. Hanson? Ken? UTAR friends? U6BF? If she counted properly, I met Hanson and Ken 3 times a week, U6BF every week. I couldn't be sure if she never see through my blatant lies. But my mum was definitely not dumb to not suspect anything.

From Edwin and his family background, it implied that acknowledging a mum that her son is gay is similar to stabbing her in heart and stewing her liver. Although his story was encouraging, I couldn't gather enough courage to reveal myself. Not during the period I am dependent on her to live my life. I was in the middle of pursuing studies, you see. If I tell her now and so happen that we couldn't work it out, I will have to stop, everything goes to waste and I definitely didn't want that to happen. (Disclaimer: Now = that particular period of time, not now of the writing time) To tell her the truth is unnecessary. I "will" tell her everything in the future when my life is deemed stable. At least that was the plan.

But today (I mean that day), she hinted the clearest indication that she knows everything. Well ahead of the original schedule.

I still remember the previous day I brought him back home to pay my parents a visit and offered him my pillow for the night. I introduced him as Hanson's cousin. She'd been closely observing since the longest time and all the clues lead to the same conclusion. It had to be.

On the night of 16 February 2008 while sending Edwin back home, unpleasantly she called in urgency for my presence. There was something amiss here. She has always been a wise and gentle soul. It's safe to assume that something was wrong, probably she saw the websites I visited, or the movies that I secretly downloaded. But it's something more than those that led to everything exposed.

Upon reaching home I was dumbfounded by what she showed me (picture to the right) and sought my explanation. The surprise stunned me so long that the sound of silence in the room with only both of us could be heard clearly. Deep in my heart I felt angry 'coz she invaded my privacy by ransacking my files and pictures. On another side I was scared of what's about to happen next. Tried to choose the best words to cover up but could not tell out. Every time she stared at me, I looked away. The place felt like a tomb. Situation turned intense but I couldn't help to be total speechless.

"If you're not saying anything, I will start asking" and the next thing I remembered was she asked so many things and talked too much of which I couldn't recall all.
I've seen you doing this (picture above) long time ago. I've no idea to who you wanted to give but now I think I've known.
I could have denied any allegations, simply avoided all conflicts that might stir up unease. If I wanted to, I could deny that the present was for my other friends. But I chose a daring answer by a simple reply "Yes".

To be expected, her tone changed. Red in her eyes, there is long silence between each sentence...
Why are you so close to him?
You can't be meeting your friends everyday as you claimed. You were with him all time, weren't you?
- I nodded
Son, are you gay? - I nodded
What are you doing? Why do you become like this?
Your relationship is not natural. It will lead you to a dead end.

There's no future.
You can't get married.
A normal human is to find a woman, get married and have children.

You live in darkness.

He will cost you your life.

You will be infected by HIV and AIDS.

I have the responsibilities to bring you back to the right path. 'Coz I am your mother.

Do not see him anymore.
- I stood fortified, "NO" was my answer
He is not helping you. He is the devil. He will destroy you. - Was she taunting me? From here on I couldn't concentrate 'coz I was raging
Have you ever dated any girls? - I nodded
She might not be a good one.
Why don't you find another one?
How much do you know about girls?
Who knows the future girl is better than a boy?

Listen to me...
I am your mother.

Have I done anything bad to you before?
Everything I did is to make sure you grow correctly.

I have given you my best.

You have your responsibilities to the family.

Listen to me...
Change. And don't find him anymore.

Is there any mistakes in the way we raised you up?

Tell me where's wrong, so that we can correct ourselves.
Sadly, they were familiar to me on several levels. More or less the same I heard from stories by friends who first came out to parents. So much that I agree, deep inside I was angry at her negative stereotypes. A bolt of pain shot through my heart. I kept quiet during the whole monologue. Felt the boil in me but couldn't counter her claims - choked on my own words. It was so frustrating yet scary. Edwin kept texting me during the conversation but I couldn't reply. This is the toughest moment of a gay man's life.

We stayed in the room for an indeterminate amount of time. In the end of the last line she rose to her feet and we got ourselves buried our heads in the pillows, drifting to sleep. Too emotional and we couldn't move forward. Wrong words are often said in desperation. But I know you couldn't rest well. If not with everything that happened earlier, you could probably sleep soundly. She should be aching all over. I am weak in dealing with pain. So I prescribed time for her.

Ever since you forced my closet door open, I've been getting occasional outburst followed by silent treatments, more frequent overtime. I'd been ignoring her and avoided verbal contact as much possible. Arguments of big or small are spoil the day. There were times I wished she would leave me alone. But I know this was bringing us nowhere. For every argument we had will lead us back to square 1 - I am still gay. I wouldn't have came out to her if she didn't demand the truth. Now she discovered the truth not to her please and then she's been acting like that. She's so distant at times. Many said that ignorance at this point was bliss. It's better to leave her alone than to confront her at square 1.

But I think in long run, we need to solve our conflict anyhow. The truth that I am gay, the fact that I am his boyfriend, the reality that I love him. No more hiding, no more lies, no more excuses. I did not want to see us collapse. I took up my courage to initiate a constructive talk with her during one of the days before my 3rd sem finals. To understand the situation, to use proper words, to analyze at her expression, to time each word correctly, I channeled all my beliefs and ideas of what I had, in hope that she could absorb and digest bit by bit, slowly if not everything at once. With the help of google, these are the words that I gambled my life for. More or less.
I didn't choose to be gay. If I have a choice, I would want not hurt you.
He is not a bad guy.
My sexuality is not resulted from mixing the wrong crowd.
We both know of how much you have sacrificed to raise me up.
I understand homosexual is deem sinful and criticized in your era.
I am aware that you are trying to protect me.
I can feel you.

I want you to know I still can live a bliss life.
But I don't guarantee anything.
I never think of my sexuality as something disastrous.
But I will prove to you that gays will have good outcome too.
Gay relationship is not as complicated as you think it is.
We are the same as you and dad.
Just that we are boys.
I am fully aware of the uncertainties with the path we choose.
Yet I had readily braced myself for the challenges.
It's your call to walk with me or not.

Dating him will not affect my studies.
Instead we will help each other more often.
Why can't you treat him as another son instead to lose a son?
I am your son. I will not abandon you who raised me well for 23 years.
Your son did not grow as a robber or politician to rob and cheat.
Your son do not do drugs.
Your son is not an alien with green feelers and tentacles.
I am still a human.
More importantly, I am your son.
Why do you treat me with such awkwardness?

So what if my friends know?
If they are my friends, they will be as understanding as you to accept who I am.
Even if they don't, I hope you are not one of them.
I am not asking you to accept him as part of our family.
I am asking your kindness to see us and accept us the same as you treat others.
A human.
The society has been open minded.
They start seeing things from different lights.
We're no longer in dark ages.
They don't think the way you are thinking now.
So should you.

I know that you worry but the risks of AIDS are always there.
Do you think I won't get infected if I sleep around with girls?
Chances are the same. Homo. Hetero.
Believe me, I know more than you. I am a Science student.
I won't leave him. He's the one I love.
We're serious in this.
Yes I am selfish.
But I hope that you can bless us and approve us.
'Coz I don't want to let him go.
Please don't force us a life that you know well that I won't be happy with.
If you think we disgrace you, fell free to kick me out.
But I will still prove to you, me and him can still do it together.

I am sorry that the truth has to be cruel.
But it doesn't look like I have a choice.
The fact that I don't like girls is not my choice.
But I am not hurt 'coz this is my nature.
I promise, he is my last.
Only death can separate us apart and I shall prove with time.
Why be sad over unchangeable fact despite having a choice to smile that we are still a family?
If you happen to threaten me with your life, this is my last act as your son.
I really thank you for not doing so 'coz you will really put me in guilt.
No matter how you think, no matter what you do.
I still love you.
Perhaps we had allowed each other enough time to rationalize. That all flowed smoothly. The conversation we had stained upon my life greatly.

She read up materials on net on my suggestion regarding that. She did try exploring our world with intention to understand her son. With my brother's help, she's back to herself. Not only we're in good talking terms again, she started giving signs of acceptance and tolerance. We had lunches and vacations together on occasion. She was supportive which was evidenced by when new bf travelled to Thailand and Taiwan with me. And also his sleep over on occasion in her house. I don't expect more from her anymore. It's not her responsibility to do that. She's kind enough to accept me and not alienate our relationship. I am thankful that she really gave her best for me. You are my best mother I can hope for. To be your son, I am forever proud of.

Happy Mother's Day.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A quick trip to Melaka

Date:  27 April to 28 April

This was a food trip in Melaka and again pictures shall do the talking.

Lwee popiah with pork lard and coriander. 

Our hotel. In Chinese is 纯爱客栈.

 Interior design matches the name - Pure love tavern.

 Baba laksa and wanton mee at Jonker 88.

 Baba cendol and passion fruit ice kacang at Jonker 88.


 Paitee, Anak Nyonya Restaurant.

  Pongteh, Anak Nyonya Restaurant.

Chicken rice ball, Chung Wah. 

 Waited the damn popiah for 1 hour. Melaka Raya pork lard popiah

Nyonya zhang, same restaurant as the coriander popiah.

Melaka has not reached independence!!! Masih dijajah BN!!!

McD Sundae. I still boycott McD. 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Domino's Pizza

Good day Domino's Pizza team,

I had an online order for your Domino's pizza on the 25/04/2013 and the payment through credit card was successful at 05.28 p.m.. The order ID was 8278117.

I am writing this today to respond and convey my customer experience to above transaction.

I was waiting for my pizzas patiently that day. The pizzas were late!!! Nah that's OK, I have no issue with that. Really. All that I care was the pizzas to arrive safely, while they're hot and fresh from oven.

Knowing the rain was not pleasant and to ease things up, I prepare exact change for the delivery man. Two pieces of MYR 10 notes, a piece of MYR 5 note, one twenty cents and one five cents coins. Without a word, he accepted them and walked away.

Do you see where the problem was? It's ok. People as "smart" as I am found out 12 hours after the pizzas were down my throat. I immediately wrote an email to your team and explained my situation. To summarise, I paid with credit card upon ordering and again cash upon delivery. In another word, duplicated payments.

In the email itself I had highlighted that the cash was handed to him and I have no payment receipt from the delivery man. I know you may think that my claim was totally baseless. True enough, if you refuse to return me the money, I cannot complain much and nothing much I can do. My friends, knowing how "kiasu/ kiasi" I am, attempted to make me happy again by bringing me out for dinner. When I felt so hopeless, I receive a call that changed the evening.

Encik Jinq (that's how Domino's addresses me), sorry ya tadi hujan I tak nampak piza tu telah bayar. Nanti I balik pulangkan duit ya?

The delivery man, called me 7 hours after my email. And the hassle he had to go through to return my money exceeded my expectation! And I appreciate his integrity and honesty, though he could simply deny my claim and keep the money safely.

I do not know your name, I did not get from you earlier. Nor can I recognise you from just one glance. But who ever you are, I want you to be recognised by your manager/ supervisor/ person in charge of your good deed. The amount of refund may not be much to anyone, but the value lies in the morality of your staff who took the effort to resolve customer's mistake. I work in customer service and I understand the importance of recognition and compliments to any staffs in any industries.

This incident is a lesson for me. A lesson to tell me that money cannot taint the heart of a good man. Do not get me wrong. MYR 25.25 is not a hoo hah to me and I was about to give up had Domino's not refunded. I am sharing this 'coz Domino's impressed me. A lot!!!

Here, please express my gratitude and congratulation to the delivery man who attended my door house that day. He is the jewel in your group and I do not want him to be left unnoticed. Not to mention a manager who rang me this afternoon and check my satisfaction had done his job good by further follow up.

Kudos Domino's for your excellent pizzas and great staffs. You have left me a wonderful pizza experience, it's beyond the taste of marvelous pizzas. From this point, you have gained a new fan.

Thanks for reading

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's go everyone...!!! Back to the sea of adventure again!!! I came to take you home!!!

Just when the buster call was initiated, the Going Merry made her appearance for the crews desperate escape. The most touching scene in the 707 episodes of One Piece, the ship burial ceremony made me cried the 7th time now, no joke.

And now the Going Merry is "remodeled", in hope to cherish her values; It's all right. I will carry all of you, for a little while longer.

I had a hard time looking for her around KL. It wasn't easy to trust online stores either. Then I bet MYR 147.00 into gundam.my, a site I found randomly through google search. Hesitated as I don't really trust something no one knows, the merchant was unexpectedly very efficient to deliver its good and service. This was evidenced when I received my Going Merry in just two working days. If you are a gundam fan, try this site. I am now a happy man~

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