Sunday, June 25, 2017


Countdown in hotel with homemade cheese cake

 The usual slurpy chicken rice

 He prayed at Malaysia's oldest Chinese temple

The usual lovely cendol and laksa

The usual Nyonya dishes for lunch

 Enjoyed MYR 8 each ticket with Visa Checkout

 The usual Portuguese dishes for dinner 

 The usual crunchy popiah and overly sweet Nyonya dumpling


 More dumplings but this time was not the usual encounter

And a complimentary ride included in HPBD package

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

To make a living

4) Work
Firstly, they dropped us a New Year present - we were not getting any salary increment. BOO!

A month later, we got our salary increment. Yay~ 
I have to admit that I got the fattest pay this year.

Then they announced that we were all gonna lose our jobs. Shit...

While everyone was busy looking for new jobs... after many had resigned... they withdrew the decision. We got to keep our jobs.

Now, nothing surprises me anymore.

After these fiasco, I could not decide if staying is a right choice. I didn't doubt the group's direction or decision. My career is marred by static progress. It has not been very satisfying for doing the same job for 7 years. I wanna get promoted. I wanna do something different. I don't like to be a people manager. I do not have leadership qualities by nature.

When I was about to give up my job, an opportunity knocked on my door.

You are going to Australia for a month to help out on a project.

I gladly accepted it. I was sure there were people who were happy and envious of my opportunity. My role would change for at least half a year. I am now involved in project instead of managing people. 

Have I mentioned I love sightseeing? 

While my career seemed brighter and more promising, there was only one man who opposed me from going Australia.

And that man was none other than Kizzai.

He was the sole antagonist in this dramatic play. I could imagine his frustration and we were very close to ending our relationship simply because of the large difference in our stands. Don't get me wrong. I love him. But opportunities don't knock twice. I was not ready to compromise this time and I was ready to go through this without his blessing and support.. 

Eventually, he watched me left. He must have realised how stubborn I can be. Fortunately, we didn't break up and I was grateful.

The project was far from completion. Towards the end of my stay in Australia, he dropped by and we enjoyed ourselves. Back in KL, I have a good staff who is able to perform better than me. It is a good chance for her career progression. Hence, I am now relieved from managing a team and focus on the project. I am not gonna complain for at least a few good months.

My Australia pictures are posted here.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Lately I have been melancholic.

For almost a year I have disappeared, I am now writing again. And the first sentence is my negative feeling. Finally, a proper post written in Sydney. There're just too many writer blocks in KL. I find myself suffering time deficiency.

This post is merely an update of my life since my disappearance. If there is anyone who is interested to know more please let me know.

There are many pictures from this blog were not found. I deleted one of my Picasa albums. Trust me, it was unintentional. While I have all pictures safely stored in my hard disk, I simply do not have the leisure to upload them again. Locating the right pictures for the right posts is a task too delicate for me who has poor folder management.

2) #1state1month2016
It was rather stressful to work without play. 5 days of full time and 2 days of part time were very difficult for me. The idea was to ensure I had enough rest every month. After every trip, I anticipated my next trip in 30 days! Seriously, every one in office was extremely envious of my travel plan.

Originally a travel plan for myself, I made it more inclusive ever since Kizzai had entered into my life. Little did I know many moons later we could not agree to the travel dates. I would not want to take leaves on weekend and find replacement for my part time job. He on the other hand would not skip classes on weekdays to risk his popularity among members in the gym.

Eventually, we gave in and compromised to bitter tears and thunderous yells. We managed to cross 12 states in 2016, calling #1state1month2016 a success. Pictures will be shared soon. Just click on the correct label.
  • January : Penang
  • February : Malacca
  • March : Kota Kinabalu , Sabah
  • April : Kota Bahru , Kelantan
  • May : Kuching , Sarawak
  • June : Seremban and Port Dickson , Negeri Sembilan
  • July : Redang Island , Terengganu
  • August : Perlis and Penang
  • September : National Park, Pahang
  • October : Langkawi Island , Kedah
  • November : Ipoh , Perak
  • December : Johor Bahru, Johor and Singapore

3) A rose every month
Money can be better spent elsewhere, but a sweet rose once a month didn't hurt as much as we thought. Guys love flowers as much as girls do. To watch him smile was enough incentive.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Why do I choose to stay?

People make mistakes. I agree.

No one is perfect. Neither do I.

What I do is simply thinking of every good thing you have done for me. You have done a mistake but that is not going to discredit yourself. Not yet. The conscious recurring of similar, is.

I am not as forgiving as you thought. I expect changes in you. And I appreciate if you show appreciation in the relationship.

Do not be ashamed. Do not feel guilty. I never ask you to be perfect anyway haha.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Your birthday... important.

Dear Kizzai,

I could not plan much earlier 'coz I did not know your plan on your birth day.

Celebrate with family. That's your plan and nothing was definite till that day. This was what you said. Not knowing when you were free, where you would be, what time would you finish celebrating with family, yet you were not happy 'coz I had no plan. Stunned...

Anyway I am grateful you spare half a day for us. It took me only an hour to plan, thanks to my helpful colleagues.

Me : Can you suggest me a fine dining place?
DC : A lot. Do you want the ambiance or the food?
Me : His taste bud isn't great. Any food is good for him. Ambiance is more memorable.
DC : Marini is good. Marble is good. Lafit is good.
VT : What is your budget?
Me : No budget. Give me a place and I will call for reservation.

After discussion, we've settled on Grand Hyatt's Thirty8 at 8.30 p.m.. Then I rushed to the nearest salon for my hair cut. Finally, movie reservation.

Happy birthday dear.

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