Monday, November 25, 2013

The day I fear most...

... is pay day!!!

Knowing a large amount of funds into your account and aware that the funds will be gone in couple of minutes just scare the hell out of me!!!

Like my boss says... We have never hold that much of money. The country does not hold that much of money. Money is just a figure easily manipulated and illusion in this modern world. And what we mostly do in our entire life is to complete the illusion game.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Annoying customers on Sunday

It had been awhile since I worked on Sunday, I almost forgot how relaxing the day could be provided the system does not fuck up its wires. Every Sunday is peaceful should be a resting day for us who return from endless clubbing the other night.

As a financial institution we should not tolerate any breach of verification on customers' accounts and we all know why. Fraud. Money laundering. Compliance etc.

When lady luck is not smiling, you will know how horrible a Sunday can be.

Jino: Thank you for calling HSBC Premier. My name is Jino. How may I help you today.
Customer: I would like to activate my card. I need the card to book some flight tickets.
Jino: I can activate the card for you. May I ask if you have a telephone banking access code? (The highest form of verification).
Customer: No I don't. (even though she only used it yesterday)
Jino: Or do you have any numbers you would like to try?
Customer: No I don't remember having one.
Jino: In that case I need to run through the verification questions with you in order to activate your card. Is that ok?
Customer: Fine.
Jino: What is your (Question 1)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: May I have your (Question 2)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: What is the (Question 3)?Customer: (Answered correctly)
Jino: Which (Question 4)?
Customer: I am not sure. It could be (Answer 1) or (Answer 2) (Both answers are wrong).
Jino: Then which (Question 5)?
Customer: Come on... you tell me the answer. How the hell could I remember that?Jino: How about this? (Question 6)?
Customer: It is around (Answer 3) or (Answer 4) (the answers are no where close).
Jino: Tell me, (Question 7)? (Started to feel suspicious)
Customer: OMG how many more questions do I need to answer? I don't remember!!! Activate my card now!!!Jino: Only by answering the questions correctly the card can be activated. It would be great if you can check some details from your Internet Banking.
Customer: I would like to speak to your manager.
Jino: Unfortunately customer, there is no manager on duty at this point of time.
Customer: See. Now I have answered Question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. What else do you want?
Jino: Excuse me customer, as far as I recorded, the answers you provided are "I am not sure", "How could I remember that" and "I don't remember". These answers are not accepted and you should know why.
Customer: Hey come on. All I want is to activate my card. I am not asking to check my balance or transfer my funds out from my account. All I want is to activate my card.
Jino: If you remember what you answered, the answers you provided are very ambiguous and the margin is not acceptable. With simple "I don't remember" and "Wants to speak to manager" will not help you to activate your card. (I started to get annoyed)
Customer: Then how can I activate my card? (Irritated tone)
Jino: May I suggest to send us a request via Internet Banking for card activation? Or perhaps you may fill in a form and fax to us. Alternatively you can visit any branch for your card activation.
Customer: This must be a joke!!! For fucking shit I need to activate the card now. I am booking the flight tickets now. Just activate the card now and I will take responsibility.
Jino: (Annoyed) Excuse me? With the answers you provided me, which could come from the letter and the card you received, and also a bit of search in Facebook and you would like me to activate the card? I will not joke with you, customer. You are not able to convince anyone that you are the right customer, and there is no way we will activate the card if we are not confident.
Customer: This is just card activation. How risky can that be? I am a Premier customer!!!'
Jino: Premier or not, we will not tolerate when it comes to verification.
Customer: What is your name? I will complain to my Premier Relationship Manager for the bad service you are providing.
Jino: My name is Jino. Please get yourself pen and paper 'coz you may want to note down the reference number and my staff id.
Customer: (Scribble sound)
Jino: Customer. Have you used this card before? Do you know what the purpose of a debit card is? I will explain to you in case you do not know. A debit card's main function is to withdraw money from your account. It can also be swiped to process a transaction. Just imagine an unknown manages to intercept your mail and got on hold your debit card. And he activates the card based on the answers you provided just now. Every day he withdraws AUD 5000.00 from your account, which according to you there is AUD 1M in it. Are you starting to see the idea?
Customer: (Silent)
Jino: I will continue if you don't mind. If there was a day HSBC activated your card based on the verification just now, the bank is putting itself and your money at risk. AUD 1M may not mean much to you but the bank will not compromise on this, even the amount is as little as 1 cent. As a Premier customer, I am very confident you know what I am talking about.
Customer: (Continued to silent herself)
Jino: I can understand your urgency to book the flight ticket but using this card is not an option at this point of time. You may want to consider other alternatives like using other credit card or bank transfer directly.
Customer: Can I key in my access code?
Jino: Unfortunately customer, if you have tried the access code earlier there is no need to go through all these. Your card is now blocked and I will leave a clear note on your profile that we will not activate your card over the phone. Only with few options earlier can you activate your card. We will not proceed with further verification and the discussion is going no where. You know your card will not be activated today.
Customer: (Sigh)
Jino: Other than your card activation, is there anything else I can help?
Customer: (Hung up).

A week later when I monitor her card, the card was already activated at the branch. I have yet to receive complaint directed to myself.

So much service for a Premier customer, eh?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot